Here is The Best Area Rug 5 Feet x 7 Feet Review 2017

Area Rug 5 feet x 7 feet

Getting bored of your home? Does your concerned area need a pick me up? or maybe you want to buy an area rug but afraid you might get ripped off by online purchase…Relax! You are at the right place to get all your answers. After many thoughtful deliberations on customer reviews, research and experience of personal usage of the product, this article will help you with versatile and trustworthy choices for buying your area rug.  An area rug is the best multi tasker for your home decor, it gives your interior a chic fell transformation. It adds uniqueness to your home by fulfilling your available vacant space.

Top Most Recommended Area Rugs

These rugs are recommended on their excellent quality and varied styles. Buying products online can be very challenging but these rugs offers highest quality and can be purchased on a very reasonable price. Determining quality of an area rug is a very complicated task but if you use all your senses you can gauge the quality and find an area rug that suits your style and is an appropriate investment.

Persian-Rugs 5 Feet x 7 Feet- Area Rug Modern Carpet, Gray

Area rugs comes in all sizes, shapes, and color but Persian rug in size 5 feet x 7 feet is the best area rug soulmate for your space. It’s exquisite modern designed rug offers the finest quality. The rug is made of high quality polypropylene, this material is chemical solvent resistant which will prevent this rug from staining. This area rug is machine woven. Affordable and refined rug is made in turkey.It is also budget friendly and can make a huge difference to your home floor in a very affordable price All neutral tones of grays and squared pattern in the rug will enhance the beauty of your area. The softness of this rug can be felt under your feet, it will give your home the coziness that you desire. This antique low pile modern rug is the best choice for adding style to your interior. Durability, shape, size, pattern and texture are the things you are looking for in this product. It will adorn the floor of your modern home with its enduring pattern. You can unify your color scheme with this gray Persian area rug. It will bring traditional elegance to your room. The gray tones offer a wide range of possibilities to your area.

Product care requires regular vacuuming to maintain its attractiveness. Spot cleaning can be done with mild detergent and water. This rug is not recommended for machine wash.

Rug shop Modern Floral Circles Design Area Rug, 5′ x 7′, Blue

This floral circle design area rug is best to add floral elegance to your house. It is perfect for your office, home, dining room or living room. The blue tones in the rug adds coolness to your environment. Its 100% polypropylene with jute backing which increases the longevity of the product. The plush of this rug is very soft and gives very calm feel to your feet. This rug will naturally fight stain and bacteria. This rug provides modern design and bold colors. It’s a perfect addition for your home specially for overfilled areas such as if there are kids and pets in the surrounding. It adds grace and uniqueness to the empty space in your room. It’s also fade resistant and guarantees durability for years. Round leaf pattern in this rug adds individuality to its texture.

Product care instructions include consistent vacuuming and spot cleaning. This area rug is not for dry clean.

Strata Squares Blue Purple Fuchsia Yellow Orange Modern Geometric Hand Carved 5×7 (5’3″ x 7’3”) Area Rug

This is one of the best area rug available for online purchase. It’s a multicolored, geomatric patterned rug that will bring a new perspective to your home interior. The overlapped design of yellow, blue, fuchsia, marigold, orange and purple brings vibrant hues to your empty space. These solid tones colors like yellow, orange and blue will add chic effect to your sophisticated style. This geometric inspired vibrant pattern will give an eye-catching appeal to your area. It’s the best choice for dining room, bedroom, living room or any given space in your Home. This product offers handmade sensation at machine made price. The hand carved geometric pattern adds a 3D effect to your chosen space. Its material is 100% air twisted polypropylene, which is easy to clean and fade resistant. The 100% polypropylene gives thick plush 0.5” height, that add extra softness to this rug. 0.5-inch plush height is ideal for homes with pets and children or any high traffic areas.  Its powered loomed in turkey, which is known as one of the best country for manufacturing carpets. This rug adds a refresh start to your area and gives an incredible gentleness feel to your feet. The back of this rug is 100% jute which is safe for wooden floors. This rug is made to last for years, its extreme durability is guaranteed. You can use this area rug to add bold focus in your room. The net weight of this item is 19 pounds which can be handled easily.

The product care can be maintained by regular vacuuming. This product is stain resistant which helps in increasing durability for many years.


This article is premeditated to help you find the perfect match for your vacant space. These area rugs bring softness under your feet which elevates a welcoming feeling in your friendly environment. It is not necessary that an area rug should match everything in your room but it should go with the tones of your furniture and surroundings of your rooms. These rugs will work effortlessly with any kind of furniture. You can place these area rugs anywhere you want whether it’s for enhancing beauty by adding a focal point to your room or by increasing coziness to your room environment for playing board games in family room. The synthetic material of these rugs adds extreme smoothness to the texture and also guarantees to be stain resistant and fade resistant. Online purchase can be very tricky but if you buy from the right source it can save your time as well as you can have the best product at your doorstep in just one click.


















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