Here is The Best Lenox Butler’s Pantry Review 2017

Lenox Butler’s Pantry


Food is the driving force for many. People spend hundreds of thousand for quality food and tasty food above of all. Food is actually the primary need of every human being. Humans can live without food for long hours but eventually they face such weakness that they face dire need for food. Hence food holds great importance in every living things life as animal and even plants need food to grow. But the thing in question here is the utensils used to serve the food. It is very important that you select the best utensils for your food due to multiple reasons. Utensils show your aesthetic sense that what kind of personality you have as this plays a vital role in presenting your food and making it more appealing. It is rightly said that you eat food by your eyes first and then by mouth and hence the utensils are significant part in presenting your food. Thereby the selection of your utensils is very important. Presently people go for theme based dinners which can be formal and informal as well therefore it is very important that your utensils are according to both formal and informal dinners. Lenox Butler’s Pantry is one of the many brands for utensils which manufacture quality utensils that are suitable for both formal and informal dining..

Why is it better then other brands?

Lenox Butler’s Pantry have a vast and diverse range of utensils that offers you great feasibility of choice. There are number of things that makes it a more superior priority for buying utensils. Firstly the quality of their material is very high. The material used to manufacture these utensils are various for instance one of their collections is made of stoneware along with that they have a collection which is made of earthenware and even metal alloys as well. The quality of material is of high standard which makes its a standard for many of the people who buy it. Moreover these utensils are durable as well that is they do not get broken or cracked easily. As these utensils do not get cracks hence the food does not set in the cracks which keeps them clean and hygienically safe to use. Hygiene is very important as your health primarily depends upon good diet and cleanliness in your everyday life. Furthermore these can be used in the dishwasher as well on low settings which makes it feasible for you to use as you don’t have to wash them by yourself. After that, these Lenox Butler’s Pantry utensils are microwave friendly as well that is you can use these utensils at lower temperatures in microwave as it is very much safe to use in it. The design and shape of Lenox pantry is unique and very graceful as they have delicate design of utensils and the color scheme for their utensils is very uniquely as well as they are shades of white, ash white, pearl white and many more which look amazing and most appropriate choice for formal and informal dining. The best quality of these utensils is this that the color and design is so distinctive that it can be used in any themed dining and they can go with any kind of decor of your dining room which is a great feature of these utensils. Hence these Lenox Butler’s pantry is durable and of high quality.

Best Recommended Lenox Butler’s Pantry with their Superb Features

Here are few of the utensils from Lenox’s wide collection of utensils which are vibrant and unique.

Lenox Butlers Pantry Gourmet 16-Piece Dinnerware Set. This is a 16 piece set for dinner. It has beautiful design in form of scalloped rim which looks delicate. It is made from stoneware material which is durable. It is surely safe to use in dishwasher and microwave which gives you much ease of use. The cost of this whole set is just $599-$601.

Lenox Butler’s Pantry Gourmet Earthenware Individual Pasta Bowl. Here is a bowl that can be brought in use for multiple purposes that are for pasta, spaghetti, salads and many other things. The material used to make this bowl is earthenware which is again very reliable to use. The bowl as unique design and the shape is beautiful as well. The depth of bowl is appropriate for medium serving. The cost of this bowl is just $19-$21 which is very reasonable.

Lenox Butler’s Pantry Metal Spoon Rest. Now another very distinctive thing from Lenox’s collection is metal spoon rest which is used for resting spoons while you are using them. This is made with metal alloy which is safe to use. Again the shape and design is very peculiar and different from other spoon rests. The cost of this metal spoon rest is just $18-$20 only.

Lenox Butler’s Pantry Gourmet Earthenware Mug by Lenox. Lenox does not have plates only but mugs as well which have the best size to serve multiple hot drinks like tea or flavored teas. The design these mugs behold is attractive. The cost of this mug is $21-$23 only.

Lenox Butler’s Pantry Gourmet Earthenware Cup. This is the Lenox cup which is best for serving tea or coffee in formal or informal dinners or lunch. They would be a great set for breakfast as well. The cost of this cup is just $14-$16 only.

Lenox Butler’s Pantry 15-Inch Rooster Figurine. Another very interesting thing from Lenox’s collection is this rooster figurine which can be used for decorating your dining table or can be kept anywhere in the dining room which would look nice. The cost of this piece of decoration is just $125-$127.

Bottom Line

According to research it has been found that plastic is harmful for your health as it has particles that cause cancer and hence pouring hot food in plastic absorbs those harmful substances from plastic and is transferred to your body eventually. Hence it is recommended that it is better to eat food in glassware or ceramic which is healthy and non-harmful to your health. They keep you away from cancer causing agents. Health is and should be priority of every being and hence utensils can play a vital role in your health therefore it is suggested to buy quality utensils like Lenox Butler’s Pantry utensils which are of good quality and made of safe material that does not harm you in any way.

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