Here is The Best Recommended Bubble Inclinometer Review 2018

Bubble Inclinometer


Inclinometer is a device that is used to measure the range of motion and determine angles of motion. There are two types of inclinometer; Digital and Manual. Digital inclinometer can measure the angle automatically with the click of a button while on the other hand Manual inclinometer which is also known as “bubble inclinometer” is a circular device filled with a fluid. This fluid moves due to gravitational force and it’s movement is measured on 360 degree face dial. The inclinometers are often used to measure the motion of different joints and spines of the body. It is a very useful medical device. The measurement of spine motion required a lot of practice, the patient must stand in an upright posture and the dial should be set on 0 degree. For accurate measurements user must have patience and virtue. These are also use for levelling any surface.

Unique features of Bubble Inclinometer:

These inclinometers are very simple and manually used. These inclinometers have a 360 degrees moving dial having a liquid indicator. These are used to measure the rotation of spine, hips, knees, shoulders neck wrist and elbow. They give very precise results. They can used to measure Flexion and Extension motions. Their size is very small and handy. For measurements inclinometer should be placed near the joints. Some joints have two way motion so their measurements require two inclinometers at a time e.g neck and back joints. The inclinometers are also used in physical therapy and performance training of the athletes. These are also used for leveling of pool tables, cameras toys, shop machines and wood measuring tools. Furthermore these are great tool for physical therapy, physicist, occupational therapist and muscular treatment of the patients.

Best recommended brands of bubble inclinometers:

This article has been created for the convenience of the user to decide a best product for him. We are going to discuss the main features and specifications of all the well known brands of bubble inclinometers available in the market. This review will help the customers to choose the best product according to their requirements and affordability.

1: Aluminium Case Bullseye Spirit Bubble Surface Level Round Inclinometers for Surveying Instruments and Tribrachs, Ø60mm ,Accuracy 15’/2

The above mentioned product is highly recommended because of its design and shape. This inclinometer has round shape, made up of best quality plastic having aluminum casing and lens. It work through push fit method. Its color is Black and white and fluid is colorless. Its size is very small, its dimensions are 3.2 x2.7 x 0.6 inches and it’s weight is just 0.32 ounces. Its sensitivity level is 15’ per 2mm movement, it has high correction level and its reading is very accurate. It is provided with high range of temperature but it should not be used in heavy sunshine. Its price ranges is from 35USD – 45USD.

2: OTRMAX Circular Aluminium Case Inclinometers High Precision Bubble Level – Bubble Degree Marked Surface Level 60mm

The above mentioned product is highly recommended because of its design and shape. It is round in shape having a diameter of 60 mm, its casing is made of high quality aluminum with glass surface. The liquid filled in it is colorless. Its surface is flat and it has a very high correction bubble level which gives very accurate results. Its accuracy level is 15 minuets/2mm. Its measuring range is 1-3 degrees. Its height is just 9.6mm. Its color is black and white, and its weight is 0.8 ounces. Its price ranges between 11USD – 21USD.

3: Atoplee Spirit Bubble Level Caravan Camping Outdoors Surface Leveler (with the magnet, 6pcs)

Atop lees spirit inclinometer is cylindrical in shape, made up of very high quality acrylic and magnet. It is filled with green colour fluid which makes it more easy to use. It is used in cameras, industrial products, medical equipments, wood measuring tools and other accuracy measuring products. It is very helpful to provide an accurate angle. Its size is 47.5 x 18.5 x 13.5mm and its weigh 10 grams. Its price ranges is in between 5USD – 15USD.

4: Spirit Bubble Degree Mark Surface Circular Level Round Inclinometers For Measuring Tool 6710mm

It is round in shape, having a diameter of 67mm, and 10mm thickness. It is made of PMMA material. It is transparent having a Fluorescent yellow-green liquid. It is best for adjusting the level of furniture, toys, cameras, medical devices, desktop and all other places required accuracy. Its surface is straight so it can level the surfaces in all sides, it is also very accurate for levelling stereo tables, pool tables and shop machines. Its price ranges is from 4USD – 14USD.

5: Atoplee Spirit Bubble Level Caravan Camping Outdoors Surface Leveler (rectangular prism,10pcs)

Its shape is just like a prism. It is made of excellent quality acrylic material. Its size is 25 x 10 x 10mm and its weight is just 5 grams. Its surface is made of glass which has 92% light transmittance for clear results. It is compatible for industrial products, medical devices, desktop, cameras, wood levelling tools and all other places in which high level of accuracy is required. It is very helpful to create an accurate angle. For the measurement of accuracy of a surface, you should put it on the surface and adjust the middle position of the bubble inside the spirit level, which means that the surface is on the ground. Its price ranges is in between $5- $15.


After discussing the unique features of bubble inclinometers and taking a brief view of a well known brands of these inclinometers we may conclude that these are very useful for us. Inclinometers are very important tool of high level of accuracy measurements. In medical science the inclinometers are required to measure the motion of joints, these are also used by physiotherapist, and training of athletes. These are also used for leveling cameras, photo frames, tables etc. These are very simple and easy to use, their calculations are very accurate and their size is very handy so we can carry them everywhere with us. Moreover these are not very costly and affordable for everyone. Therefore, this article is worth considering for.

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