Here is The Best Recommended Canon T6s Body Review 2018

Canon T6s body only


Photography is an art, many people do it as a hobby and many people make it a profession. It is a science which make a person show his creativity and sense about nature. The first camera was invented in the beginning of nineteenth century, probably in 1800 a British inventor named Thomas Wedgwood has captured the first photo that was just a shadow. The first permanent image was produced by a French inventor in 1822 but it disappeared during further coping. Later on in 1827 the first surviving photo was taken. In start photos where black and white only, with the passage of time it has been moderated and this industry grown very quickly during twentieth century. Tremendous development has been made in the invention of camera. The safety film was first introduced by Kodak in 1908. The term negative and positive has been used, negative images formed first and then developed into positive photographs.

Than in 1981 Digital photography has been introduced, it gives a new way to the field of photography , images has been appeared on computer screen , these images can be seen on the screen and their print can also be taken. A large variety of cameras are also available in the market which have different features and versions. In the start of twenty first century cameras are introduced in Mobil phones which make photography more interesting, taking selfies is a fun. Smart phones have been given the opportunity of taking pictures to every one. Cameras are of many types for example movie camera, digital camera, security camera, mirror-less lens changeable camera and webcam etc.  Movie cameras are used to make movies, security cameras are used for security purposes, webcams used to make a video call. Lens cameras are used for typical photography, these cameras have many functions like megapixel, zooming, editing etc. Camera man handles the camera by creating different angles and light effects. Photographer made versatile pictures with so many varieties.Canon T6s Digital cameras are very useful for photography, these cameras have been equipped with many special functions and made beautiful photographs. We are not only able to make pictures with this camera but we can also send these pictures to anyone because thin camera has WiFi enabled.

The main features and specifications of the Canon T6s Digital are listed as follows.

Canon T6s Digital body only is a camera having so many excellent features and gives tremendous quality pictures. Its pictures look like natural and original. It has a mode for taking live pictures, elegant burst pictures and movie pictures. It has many features.

24.4 megapixel APS-C (CMOS) sensor:

Canon T6s Digital SLR has 24.2 megapixel color display which helps to make elegant and beautiful pictures. It has high resolution and it is ISO sensitive so it can make good quality pictures in different lighting situations. It is very easy to handle you can confidently use it and feel it as a fun.

Canon DIGIC 6 image processor:

Canon T6s Digital SLR is equipped with a high quality image processor which gives high quality pictures, due to improved light sensitivity it is use to take pictures in dark, it has mp4 format so it is compatible for android phones and tablets. It is very useful for making still pictures as well as videos.

 Built In Wi-Fi:

It is provided with WiFi, so for downloading pictures from social media, or for sending pictures to other WiFi devices it has given a number. We can see the pictures of this camera on laptop or mobile by wireless connection. We can send or share pictures online.

Built In NFC:

Built in NFC That is near field communication, help it to transfer pictures to the smart phones, for the transfer of pictures and videos just click the canon T6s camera and the transfer is done.

Remote shooting and wireless printing:

As this camera has wireless connectivity, so it can connect with smartphones and tablets, we can rather control it with phones. We have given a variety of capabilities in this camera such as shooting mode, AF frame mode and continuous shooting.

Best recommended brands of canon T6s:

Here we are going to describe the most popular brands of Canon T6s that could be the best choice for the consumers, they can choose any of these according to their requirements.

1: Canon EOS Rebel T6s Digital SLR (body only) WiFi enabled

It is suitable for iOS versions 6.0/6.1/7.0/7.1/8.0/8.1, Android smartphones versions 2.3.3/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4 and the android tablets versions 4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4. It may have data charges. We can download canon camera app to or android phones and take pictures from social media.Canon EOS Rebel T6s Digital camera makes videos with full HD display, it focuses fast and kernels focuses even if the object is running. It makes videos of mp4 format which are very high quality and easily can be send or upload. We are free to make a lot of tremendous videos. By using the feature of digital zoom, videos can be zoomed from 3x to 10x, which help the photographer to give different angles in shooting. It is helpful for the photographer making documentaries on wildlife, no matter the animals are far away photo can be taken and it is useful to capture the pictures of harmful wild animals.It is available in black color and its size is 5.2 x 3.1 x 4.4 inches. And its weight is 1.25 pounds. It is not very heavy so is can easily be taken and handled. Its screen size is 3 inches. It can make 5 continues shootings. It is not very costly its price ranges is in between $ 520.90 to $ 550.90.

2: Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR with EF-S 18-55mmIS STM Lens WiFi enabled:

It is black in color with 3 inches screen, it can take 5 continues shoots. Its dimensions are3.07 x 5.2 x3.98 inches. It has automatic range of ISO from 100-12800 which can be expanded. Its weight is 1.22 lbs and it has 24.4 mega pixels color display. Its price range is in between $ 699.00 – $ 799.00.


At the end we may conclude that the canon EOS Rebel T6s is a good equipment for photography, it is very easy to handle and makes beautiful pictures. It is very small in size and very easily carried. Its functions are really amazing and makes photography a fun for the user.

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