Here is The Best Recommended Seat Lift Review 2018

Seat Lift


Body comfort is the basic human need, if we sit in an uncomfortable manner for some time this will result in whole body disturbance. We spend more of our day time in sitting position during our whole life time so it is necessary to have a comfortable sitting chair. It is also notable that the sitting position is very much important regarding our health point of view. Wrong sitting position can lead to bad health or bones problem. So a perfect sitting posture is necessary which is only achieved by having a perfect chair.

Different chairs available in market are made up of different materials and can provide a comfortable sitting posture but for long uses it is not ideal. Sitting for hours on chairs can cause different bone issues and other health problems. The patients of arthritis or other joint and bone problems are suggested to use chairs that are eligible to be lifted. Seat lift is one of the best options in this regard, because chair lift makes it possible to easily stand from the sitting position whatever the chair is. Chair lifts are used not only for ordinary chairs but it can also be used in kitchen and even bathroom chairs.

Seat lift is basically a liver which is eligible of moving the seat of the chair and makes it comfortable for the user; seat lift gives a comfortable seat cushion. Seat lift is ideal for the persons having back bone issues and other joints and bones disorders.

Specifications of seat lift

There is a lot of variety available for seat lift in market with different Specifications. These seat lifts are manual, which means it doesn’t needs any charging or batteries to be operated. Manually it will move according to the body postures and make it possible for the user to stand from a sitting position. Seat lifts help its user to be active. It can be said that because of the seat lift the user become more active than any other ordinary seat user. It also makes the user independent that means a person using seat lift chair is not dependent on something else for standing up, he or she can easily stand up without any exertion or tension. It is self-powered. It is made up of gas springs that make it possible to change according to body posture, when a person wants to stand up the gas springs push him upward and allow him to stand up easily from a sitting posture. Slow releasing of gas springs make it comfortable for the person to change the posture. Seat lift is eligible to provide assistance for persons with bones problems especially critical joint problems, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis etc. it provides assistance to anyone who has low body strength in upper or lower body parts. It is an ideal thing for the patients of bone problems especially for those who go through an operation and are advised to take complete rest, so they have to use a comfortable sitting option that is only achieved by using seat lift chairs. Seat lifts are ideal for the persons who are responsible of moving patients from one posture to another, so with the help of seat lift he or she can easily move his patient from chair to bed.

Best Recommended seat lifts with their Key Features

There are many types of seat lifts available in market; some of them are given below with their highlighting features. The detail will give you a chance to understand the seat lift more deeply and to choose the most appropriate one according to user need.

1:Carex Upeasy Seat Assist Plus, Portable Hydropneumatic Lifting Seat, with Support for Up to 340 Pounds, Provides 70% Assistance


It’s price ranges between $75.99-$80. It makes its users active and it helps people to be more independent as it provide a complete comfort for changing the posture, user can easily be stand up form a sitting position. Batteries or any other energy source is not needed for it to be operated. It is manual in use and it is comprised of gas springs that are hydro-pneumatic so it allows its users to stand easily and these springs are slowly released when its user start standing up. It not automatic that means it will only lift when needed; auto lifting can cause muscular pain so because this seat will only lift when needed so it can reduce any muscular problem and the muscular strength of the user is maintained. It is ideal for patients of arthritis, joint problems, Parkinson’s disease, bone problems. It provides strength to weak people and allows them to stand without any extra exertion. It is also helpful for people who are caretakers of patients as it provides assistance while transferring the patients.

2: Carex Upeasy Power Seat, Portable Electric Lifting Seat, with Support for Up to 300 Pounds, Provides 100% Assistance

It’s price ranges between $109.39-$120. It is electric, which means it is electrically operated. It is portable. It is very light weight that will increase its mobility. It is ideal and provides complete assistance to people with a weight of 300 lbs. or more. It is available with waterproof and washable covers that make its cleaning easy. It can provide a gentle lift and it cannot push the body forward that makes it easy to lift the body and it provides a very gentle and soft assistance for standing up. It has two handles that are ergonomic, and they provide help to go outside or move within the house.

3: Carex Health Brands Premium Power Lifting Seat, Black, 20 Inches

It’s Price ranges between $184.95-$200.It is made up of polyester, that material makes it more soft and comfortable. This product is imported or can only be produced in America. It is eligible to provide 100 percent lift to those with a weight of 300 lbs. or more. It is flexible, and it can be adjusted according to body need, that means you can set it on the position that is more convenient for you. It has a large switch; it allows the user to choose the appropriate height and the set the lift there. It has a removable cushion which has three layers in it, and it is made up of memory foam that makes it extreme comfortable.


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