Here is The Best Sim Adaptor Kit Review 2017

Sim Adaptor Kit

With the advent of technology everything is getting smaller. From personal computers to laptops and from laptops to mobile phones the main concept is to develop small user-friendly devices. To help achieve smaller size in mobile phones, reducing the size of gears is of utmost importance and one such gear is sim card. Many new smartphones require Nano or micro sim card which creates hindrance for many users, therefore sim adapter Kit is the best option to obtain desired size of your sim. This article provides you knowledge of sim adapter kits available for online purchase. It narrows down your vast available possibilities into the top most suggested and reliable choices of sim adapter kits.

Top Most Recommended Sim Adapter Kits

The sim adapter kit provides you a best way to adjust your sim size as per your requirement. If you cut your sim incorrectly it’s an irreversible damage therefore, sim adapter kits provide you a finest solution. These sim adapter kits are very handy and gives you any anticipated size of the sim whether it’s a Nano, micro or standard. After considering many customer reviews and by using many different sim card adaptors kits the following products are henceforth the best one so far.

5in1 Nano Micro Sim Card Adapter Kit with Sander Bar and Tray Open Needle

It is one of the top option available for purchasing the product online. It serves the purpose completely for every individual. This 5 in 1 Nano Micro sim card adapter Kit renovates the Nano sim to micro sim or standard sim card, and micro sim card to standard sim card. It switches easily from one device to another device for different users. This product is entirely rescindable. High quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and polycarbonate plastic is used in this product. The excellence of material provides ultra-light weight to the product. The sim card adaptor kit assures its quality and do not need any kind of extra tape to hold sim card. The seller provides replacement warranty or stress-free money back in case of any ambiguity. This product offers 100% satisfaction to its customers.

Product features include the following:

  • Nano sim to micro sim adapter
  • Nano sim to standard sim adapter
  • Micro sim to standard sim adapter

Before buying this product, you should note that this sim adaptor kit can only convert sim into larger size and not into smaller size which means standard sim cannot be converted into Nano or micro sim card.

This product packaging will include following:

  • 1 sim card folder
  • 1 needle
  • 1 Nano sim card adapter
  • 1 micro sim card adapter
  • 1 standard sim card adapter

This product is very reasonable and it will serve its purpose entirely by converting the size of your sim card for any chosen smartphones.

Media Devil Sim devil 3-in-1 SIM Card Adapter Kit (Nano / Micro / Standard)

It a great sim adaptor kit available on internet. The customer reviews of this seller are very positive. The product assurances 100% quality. Its 40% cheaper than best buy’s version i.e. unbeatable price. Semi devil sim adapter kit can convert the Nano sim to micro sim or standard sim card, and micro sim card to standard sim card. This product is highly changeable due to which it eases the conversion of sim card. It’s a very precise kit for converting modern sim which is small into larger sim when you want to use older out of date phone. Media devil sim adapter kit is well-matched with all other manufacturers such Samsung, HTC, Apple, Huawei, Sony, Nokia, OPPO, Google Ericson, LG etc. This product highly recommend that you should use this sim adapter kit for built-in pre-cut sim card. The seller of this products offers 100% satisfaction to their customers.

Item features include:

  • Nano sim to micro sim adapter
  • Nano sim to standard sim adapter
  • Micro sim to standard sim adapter
  • Easily reversible
  • Every adapter in this package is CNC machined for accuracy
  • Includes a stick pad which is semi adhesive to place sim card firmly in mobile
  • Perfect for converting small sim card into larger sim card

Item contents include following:

  • 1 Nano sim into micro sim adapter
  • 1 Nano sim into standard sim adapter
  • 1 micro sim into standard sim adapter
  • 1 sim ejector needle

Media devil company is a very well reputed company it was awarded UKTI’s 2011 business innovation award for its excellence. They have the best reputation score on amazon and they guarantee their products for several years.

Sim Adapter Kit 3-Pack (9 Total Adapters: Nano to Micro, Nano to Regular, Micro to Regular) with SIM Extractor (Black)

This package is a value pack which include 9 sim adapters and 3 sim extractors, this package is one of the best one available online. These adapters are of perfect size. This adapter will convert a micro sim card into standard size sim card. These adapters are compatible with many other manufactures such as Nokia, Apple, Sony etc. The sim extractor that is available in this package helps profoundly in extracting sim from your device.

The features of this item are:

  • Nano sim to micro sim adapter
  • Nano sim to standard sim adapter
  • Micro sim to standard sim adapter
  • Sim extractors for extracting sims

This package includes:

  1. Ø  3 Micro into standard sim adapters
  2. Ø  3 Nano into standard sim adapters
  3. Ø  3 Nano into micro sim adapters
  4. Ø  3 extractors for sim extracting


This article is designed to give you best knowledge of sim adaptor kits. These kits fulfill customers’ demands and guarantees their quality. It is not mandatory to waste your time by going on mobile street shops, the fastest and most recommended way is by using these sim adaptors kits.  They offer you a time saving solution to your sim problems. Sim Adaptor Kits are increasing popularity with the passage of time. It works wonders for any kind of phone. These sim adaptor kits are completely reversible and can switch easily from devices to devices for different users.  Either you want to use iPhone or switch to android the sim adaptor Kits is all you need to obtain any size of your sim.

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