Here is The Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket Review 2017

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket


It is the natural process that weather changes with time. Every person witnesses four weathers that are summer, winter, autumn,and spring. It is very important that every person equips itself with things that help you survive in that weather. Winters and summers are those two weathers that require most of the preparation for surviving it. Winters in different parts of world have different intensities hence it is very important that you equip accordingly. Winters are cold, freezing and chilling in different areas. It is very important that you keep yourself warm and comfortable so that you don’t fall ill in such a weather where you can enjoy it to the fullest. To keep you warm and fight the cold feet the best solution to that can be Sunbeam quilted fleece heated blankets which work phenomenally and are warm and comfortable. Talking about the brand which has been providing solutions for decades in the field of household items that are bedding, home environment, and even kitchen appliances. They offer quality goods that are comfortable, reliable and durable. The brand is trusted by so many families that it is the priority for them to buy the good for their home.

Ordinary Blankets Vs Heated Blankets

Now a days people run short of time. They are always in hurry and want everything ready at their disposal. The ordinary blankets are not that warm and take time to warm up as they keep you warm after taking heat from your body. While on the other hand the heated blankets get a connection with the power output and then warm up your bed for you so that you feel comfortable as soon as you get in your bed. The ordinary blankets have much weight as compared to heated blankets as they have to warm up your body from their own capacity and your body heat whereas the electrically heated blankets are light in weight as they produce heat with the power connection.

Peculiar Features

This Sunbeam quilted fleece heated blankets are extremely useful in chilly cold winters as they work optimally. the performance they give is highly regarded by many of its consumers. They take less energy and give a more impacting output of heat as they are so efficiently designed to that they are environment friendly as well as take care of energy conservation. They use non-hazardous low voltage for your safety and energy efficiency. This altogether reduces the power bills as well as you maintain the central thermostats on lower setting. Furthermore these electrically heated blankets are very ease to use due to their back light heat controls that give you accessibility to its controls. It has the analog type of control which allows you to set your blanket at ten different heat settings depending upon your need. Moreover this blanket is made of microplush polyester which keeps you warm and cozy and most importantly it is washable as and that also in machine and you can use the tumble dryer for drying the blanket quickly. Another very significant feature this blanket beholds is this that it has an auto-timer shutoff function which turns the heating of blanket off after a certain period of time and that is maximum of 3 hours. This feature not only saves up your energy but also keeps you safe from any hazardous situation and accident. This heated blanket is appropriate for the use with infants as they can be set to different modes according to your choice and even with pets. These blankets are manufactured in China which is the cheapest manufacturer of goods and hence the cost of these blankets is very much affordable. Moreover these blankets come under 5 years of warranty which speaks about the loyalty of brand with its consumers. They give you satisfactory before and after sale services which makes their customers happy. These blankets are very much comfortable for the use as they have the proper wiring which keeps you safe and comfortable. The wiring does not act as an obstacle while you use this blanket. The blanket is conveniently soft and good material.

Best Recommended Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket

Here are few of the best ones recommended for you so that you can have a more deeper look at them.

Sunbeam Heated Electric Blanket Quilted Fleece Royal Dreams Newport Blue King. This is a quality blanket which has different levels of heat settings that allow you to warm up yourselves. The cost of this blanket is $99-$101.

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket with EasySet Pro Controller, Twin, Extra Soft Super Warm Plush Electric Blanket, Blue. Here is another blanket of 100% polyester which is soft and safe to your skin as well if it comes in contact with it. This fleece blanket comes with a controller. This is available in just $51-$53.

Sunbeam Heated Fleece Electric Blanket, Twin Size, 10 Hour Shut Off with a 6 Foot Cord, Off White. This Sunbeam heated fleece electric blanket is made in USA. It is soft and comes under a 5 years warranty. The cost of this blanket is $46-$48 which is very much affordable.

Sunbeam Heated Quilted Fleece Electric Blanket – Extra Soft – TWIN – Seashell. Here is another option available to you which has a beautiful color along with Thermofine technology which is efficient and takes care of energy conservation and heat settings. It has a 10 hour auto shut-off settings. There are 5 different heat settings.The cost for this blanket is $62-$64.

Sunbeam fleece heated blanket-full size. This a full size blanket that is extra soft and easy to use. This even has 5 heat settings though it does not have the auto shut-off setting. It is appropriate for extreme winter season. This costs about $89-$91.

Bottom Line

When you feel the cold breeze of winters and the need for warmth rises these Sunbeam quilted fleece heated blanket is best solution to that. They fulfill your need by just a simple connection with power rather then heaping on extra blankets for warmth. These blankets are the modern form of warming your beds and come with extra features that enhance your comfortability as well.

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