Here is The Top Most Recommended Surefire X400 Green Review 2017

Surefire X400 Green


Surefire is a brand that offers a wide collection of various things like flashlights, weapon lights, head lamps, wrist lights, helmet lights and search lights or spot lights and much more. It is brand of loyalty and quality with its products of standard quality. It does not only focus on such products but its has collection of other products in its periphery such as phones cases, batteries, apparels, sound suppressors and much more things that can help you in different ways. From their huge collection of Weapon Mounted Lights (WML) here is this Surefire X400 green light laser which works phenomenally. It has a great impact where it is directed. This laser light has impressive white-light illumination which is distinctive from other brands and the green laser light has aiming capabilities which are appropriate for the rail-mountable package which is highly recommended for close to medium range engagements whether it is in law enforcing institutions, military use or self-defense applications, it is the most appropriate and best laser light for your guns irrespective of the fact that they are handguns or long guns.


This Surefire x400 ultra green laser light is extremely great at work due to its amazing features and capabilities. The specifications this laser light beholds are amazing as this LED light generates 600 lumens of bright white light that shines amazingly due to the Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens which produces a tight beam of light and also gives off extended reach which gives off light in the periphery as well so that you can aim on point and accurately. This laser light is capable of producing tactical level light which makes it the most appropriate option for military purposes and also for law enforcing agencies. The laser light works so amazingly that it is more then enough to spellbind the aggressors dark-adapted vision for as long as 1.75 hours with the use of one set of batteries. The batteries it runs on are highly efficient and give a remarkable time for running. It uses 2 batteries that are 123A which is of high quality and best for night time use. In this model of laser light it uses 5 miliwatt laser sight which is located below the primary light which is capable of giving 505 nM green laser beam. The green laser is best for using at night time as it is more visible then red light to the human eye which is why many of the trackers use green lights for the follow-ups. Moreover this laser light has the structure and mechanism which works optimally which is by Nylok screws which characterizes the lasers aiming adjustment mechanism they do not back out from the effects of recoil which means that this laser light less frequently requires the need for re-zeroed setting. The operation of this ultra x400 green laser light is quite is easy as there is a facile switch which is located at the back of the body that is under your control with the use of just one finger. You just need to simply press the switch on either of the sides for turning it on momentarily but to keep it activated you may flip it up or down. There is even a separate switch for multiple purposes that are switching on the white light only which is present in this laser light second it is used for turning the white light on at the very same time when the green laser light is turned on, thirdly that very same switch is used for activating the laser sight only and lastly this switch is used for turning the entire x400 ultra off. The ultra x400 is so mutifaceted in nature that it can easily be attached to pistols or long guns due ti its special design of T-Lock mounting system which makes quick attachment or detachment from either the universal or picatinny rails. The body of this ultra x400 is made with high strength aerospace aluminum which is Mil-Spec hard anodized for superior toughness and corrosion resistance. There is even an O-Ring and gasket sealed so that the dust and moisture does not enter it. This is the most superior and wise choice to make for the reason that this ultra is built to last for longest time and the batteries it includes have a shelf life 10 years morever this is made with such material which is capable to survive in any waether condition and the structural design it has is most powerful yet very versatile.

Best Recommended Surefire X400 Green with its Key Features

Here are few of the suggestions for your better and deep understanding.

SureFire X400 Ultra Series LED WeaponLights w/ Built-in Laser Sight, TIR Lens. This is a Surefire Ultra x400 weaponlight which has green laser which has indestructible vison quality. It has precision and is compatible with pistols and long guns. It costs about $607-$610.

SureFire X400 Ultra 6V Universal 600 Lumens Green Laser, Black. Here is another one which has high visibility of 5Mw of green laser sight which works competitively. It is optimal for close to medium range applications. The price for this one is $699 only.

Surefire X400 Ultra Long Gun WeaponLight w/ Green Laser with 2x Extra Surefire CR123A batteries and Alliance Gadget Keychain Light. Surefire has a huge collection of weapon lights and this is one of them that has a maximum output light of 500 lumens. The tactical runtime for this light is 1.5 hours. This is even weather proof which makes it even a better option. This is available in just $711 only.

SUREFIRE X400U-A BLK 500LM W/LSR.. Here is another Surefire x400 weapon light which is made with strong aerospace aluminum and impact resistant polymer which makes it a more reliable option as its quality speaks of its durability. It comes with a set of batteries. This costs about $711 only.

Bottom Line

This Surefire Ultra X400 green laser weapon light is remarkable tool that acts as an add on to your short guns, pistols or long guns and not only that it increases their versatility altogether. It is affordable product which is very high quality and durable as well. The focus and pointing capabilities it beholds are amazing.

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