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Home is the place where you feel most secured and comfortable. It is very important that you take care of your essentials. Home is purely home when you have the best of the things for your own use. Dwellings are incomplete without people. Sometimes you feel home with certain people rather then material. But to survive this life it is very important that you satisfy all your thirst. Water is the most significant element of our life. It gives you the motivation to live your life. Water plays a vital role in everybody’s life. However the level of water’s availability is decreasing at an alarming rate due to multiple reasons like global warming and melting of glaciers. The access to clean and pure water is extremely difficult. There are various third world countries that still face this problem of clean water. People walk hundreds of miles to get water irrespective of the fact it is clean or dirty. To solve this problem of water to some extent Halsey Taylor has taken a stance. They produce water coolers in a wide variety with various styles, designs and finishes. These water coolers give you clean water with refrigerator system. However there are not only water coolers by Halsey Taylor but drinking fountains, bottle fillers, water chillers and their essential parts.


Halsey Taylor works hard to get the standard quality of their line of products. They have a huge team which keeps an eye on the quality of range of products. They have a team that gives their hard work and puts in their creativity in the research and development of products. Halsey Taylor has developed water coolers for the ease of people as they have features that help you get pure and clean water in your home and office as well. These water coolers or other products from their range are best for indoor and outdoor purposes as they are built to last longer. They are made of strong material that is mixture of metal and steel which works great. These water coolers have refrigerator system that gives you access to cold water in scorching heat that satisfies your thirst. These water coolers give you lead free water that is good for your health and the planet as well. The structure of these water coolers consist of filtrex system which prevents large impurities to enter the cooler. These water coolers are appropriate for using in schools, medical centres, offices and wherever there is big influx of people. Furthermore, whatever machine you use in your life it requires maintenance and hence Halsey Taylor offers the parts of water coolers, water fountains, bottle fillers and water chillers. They give you the genuine parts of their range of products which will not harm your other products. They produce quality products which have a good life period which saves up your cost and keeps you away from frequent replacements. Halsey Taylor takes care of their customers by providing them with best customer care services which includes before and after purchase of the product and answers the queries of its customer. Halsey Taylor is a renounced brand that offers water solutions to you at your required venues. It is not confined to water coolers rather it has a wide range with their spare parts so that you can keep your things running. Another very important point regarding their loyalty and hard work is this that they have a certification as a proof of their standard quality of their products especially water coolers that give you lead free water. Moreover their range of products are highly environment friendly which makes them socially responsible as they keep the environment factor as their priority as their products do not harm the atmosphere in any way.

Best Recommended Halsey Taylor Parts and Their Purpose

Halsey Taylor has a wide range of products and they produce their accessories that is parts to replace the old ones if they get damaged or worn off.

Push Bottom Assembly, For BFC Series. This is a part of Halsey Taylor product which is a push bottom assembly which includes many other things as well that can be used for replacement. The cost of this part is $129-$131.

Chrome Bubbler Kit, 3/8 In Connection. This is another spare part which is a bubbler kit that can be used for replacement. It is of good quality as the name of origin speaks for it that is Haley Taylor. It costs about $28-$30.

Halsey Taylor 31513C CNTRL-COLD. Here is another spare part that is made by Halsey Taylor which is basically a cold controller and can be of great use if the old one gets damaged due to any of the reasons. It costs $24-$26.

Elkay 31513C Cold Control Thermostat for Various And Halsey Taylor Water Cooler. Here is another spare part which is a thermostat for water coolers. Due to extensive use they may get worn off hence these can be replaced easily and make your coolers work. This costs $24-$26.

Halsey Taylor 35839C CNTRL-COLD (G.E.). Here is another cold controller available that can be used if the life of the old one is finished. It is by Halsey Taylor which speaks of its quality and reliability. This costs $28-$30.

Bottom Line

Water is extremely important for health but it has to be noted that the water has to be pure and clean to stay healthy. Dirty water causes diseases which can be prone to death. A major chunk of infants and children die due to unavailability of clean water. Hence it is very important that we take a step forward and use these Halsey Taylor water coolers, water fountains and chillers for filtering and chilling of water. They have smartly structured and designed their line of products that you get more features in just one product like their water coolers filter the water and simultaneously chill the water as well. Thereby Halsey Taylor plays a vital role in availability of clean water as they provide the mediums to get the water easily in those venues where there is high traffic of people. Above of all their products and parts are available in affordable prices that help you save on your budget due to less need for changing of parts.

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