Here is The Top Recommended Hopscotch Mat Review 2017

Hopscotch Mat


It is very important for children to have some physical activity to make them stronger, sharper and healthier as physical activity makes them more active in their lives. Today’s generation is more oriented towards technological items let it be mobile phones, tablets, laptops, play stations, X-Box and what not. They are more attracted towards these things which makes them more of couch potatoes and lazy as well. Such technological appliances are not only making these children obese and unhealthy but also affecting their life altogether. Their vision is affected adversely due to long hours of viewing these tablets, mobile phones, or laptops. The rate of metabolism is low due to sitting all the time which in turn leads saturation of fats and increasing your weight. Hence an attractive and active physical game for children can be hopscotch. The history of hopscotch is quite old as children of most of the generations have played this game in one form or another. People know this game by various names according to their native language. There is as such no requirement for playing this game that is negligible tools are needed to play this game. Furthermore there are certain rules to play this game which are very few. Kids enjoy playing this game as it can be played as many kids as you want as there is no specific prerequisites to play this game and the number of children is not bound.

Why is it better than other games?

To play hopscotch you need to make the structure of it but these hopscotch mats make this task easier for you that these mats have complete structure of the game and can be used wherever you like that is indoor or outdoor. This hopscotch game is better than most of the other games as it does not require a whole kit or set of tools to play like ludo or cards. Furthermore playing this game makes you physically active which is very important for children to stay active and make their metabolism faster while on the other hand other such games and technology makes them lazy and leave an unhealthy impact. The cost of this game is zero and buying this mat is just a one time cost which is minimal as compared to play stations which are expensive and have a risk of getting damaged hence they require care and maintenance. This hopscotch mat allows you to play this game inside and outside of the house no matter what place you choose and what time you like to play at, it is available at all times.


It is very important that you choose a hopscotch mat wisely for your child. The mat has to be chosen wisely due to the reason that while playing this game children might fall while jumping from one block to another hence the mats have to be of good quality and soft as well. Hence these hopscotch mats are made of material which is non-slippery and durable. These mats have a non-skidding back so that there is extra safety for your child. These mats have the image of the hopscotch game which is colorful and attractive to kids. These mats are neutral that is they are irrespective of gender as they can be used for playing by both girls and boys. The mat is washable which makes it even more a reliable product for kids as it can be cleaned as it is hygienically safe as well. These mats are made of high quality foam which is durable and built to last longest. The most significant characteristic of these hopscotch mats is this that they behold a theme that is an educational theme, you can make learning a fun task for children as kids like colorful things and love to play games hence you can teach them numbers through this game and make them active as well. These hopscotch mats are made of material which is environment friendly and does not harm the health of the child. Furthermore these mats are made of foam so that if the child falls while hopping they are not hurt as the foam used to make these mats is of very good and high quality.

Best Recommended Hopscotch Mat with their Key Features

Here are few of the mats which have various designs and structure with other features for children. You can choose the best one for your child.

Hopscotch Playmat Foam Interlocking Puzzle Floor Mat – 10 Large Number Tiles (12″ by 12″ Square Blocks). Now this a mat which is colorful and of a moderately big size for children. It has 10 large number tiles and another feature they behold is this that they are puzzle mat hence it will sharpen the child’s intellect as well. The cost of this mat is $14-$16.

Tumbl Trak Brianna Beam and Hopscotch Mat Combo. Here is another option of hopscotch mat which is distinct from other numerical hopscotch mat as this is made for long jumps. It enhances the physical strength of the child essentially. The cost of this mat is $554.

Frozen Foam Hopscotch Play Mat (8 Piece). Kids love cartoon and movie characters and this is a hopscotch mat for the lovers of frozen. It has 8 pieces which need to be interlocked. They have frozen theme imprinted on it. The cost of this mat is $14-$16.

Ryan’s Room Hopscotch Foam Mat. This is another hopscotch mat with 10 pieces that are colorful and soft as well for providing safe surface to the children to play hopscotch. The cost of this mat is just $12-$15.

Disney Finding Dory Foam Hopscotch Mat (8 Piece). Here is another hopscotch mat for the love of Disney’s movie Finding Dory. It has vibrant colors which is durable and easy to clean as well. The cost of this mat is just $12-$15.

Final Words

This classic game has been taken to another level by introducing variety and options in it. The game can be played on these mats now which are soft and durable. Simultaneously they are colorful which attracts the children most. To play this small bean bag play pieces are also provided if not you can make by yourself at home easily. This is not a source of fun for children but learning as well. This allows children to be more active and healthy and that also at a very affordable and reasonable price.

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