Monoprice Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

                         Monoprice noise cancelling headphones

In this world full of noise pollution, music is something that allows people to relax and let go of their feelings. But due to excessive noise pollution listening to your favourite music is not so easy with outside interference ruining it for you. In these moments, noise cancellation headphones come into play. They have an active noise cancellation System which allows them to cancel out most of the outside noise effectively. But due to the high demand of noise cancellation headphones, there are many brands which are manufacturing them. So they in order to effectively lower down the price of their products lower down or compromise on the quality of their devices. In such cases, a degraded headphone would not only mess up with your music but also would get faulty very soon. Monoprice when it comes to noise cancellation headphones has an obvious niche on other brands. Why does monoprice enjoy that niche? Because they provide the best quality headphones along with a very good customer support and a credible warranty on the product.

Noise cancellation headphones come in two type, either they are wired or they are wireless. The wireless headphones use Bluetooth connectivity to effectively connect to the phones and computers. These headphones because they have a noise cancellation function on their interface use a battery which is either removable or fixed and needs charging. Monoprice uses the help of other companies like Sonic solace to further enhance the qualities of their devices. And this is what makes them an international best seller. They have the ability to cancel out almost all of the noise. You can hear to music or listen to call while using a lawn mower or even watching a soccer game in the stadium.

We have reviewed and compared 2 of the best models from monoprice which are wired and wireless with 2 of the best headphones from other credible brands. Our review is based on the following specifications.

Specifications of a device or a machine are its abilities to perform jobs and the qualities it possesses. When it comes to noise cancellation headphones, it is their ability to cancel noise, frequency it intercept, type of the headphone, quality of material, interface and finally the warranty of device.

There are two types of noise cancellation headphones. Ones that come with a wire and the others that are wireless. The wired headphones generally have the inline mic and controller on the detachable cable while the headphones that are wireless have the mic and the controller on the headphone. The wireless headphones are a good choice if the user doesn’t want traditional cords and wants to enjoy music freely with a good range. But generally wireless headphones consume more battery as compared to the wired ones as the wireless runs on Bluetooth which consumes good amount of power.

Many brands in order to lower down the price of headphones manipulate the quality of their products. They use degraded materials which although give a shinier and a stylish outlook, aren’t durable and don’t work effectively. But monoprice clearly makes products from quality materials which not only last longer but also produce the best music quality. But It is important to check the quality of the product before buying it. Style does matter but a compromise on the quality matters more.

These headphones use active noise cancellation system which is used to cancel out almost all the outside noise. Some brands use cheap quality noise cancellation systems which don’t effectively give you the noise free sound quality that you want. The noise resistance depends from device to device. But monoprice usually produce the best noise cancellation system with collaboration with some of the notable international sound companies. Some of the  headphones from monoprice come with a bass boost amplifier which further reduce the noise and add that extra bass to your music.

Frequency is the ability of a headphone to intercept music in Hz. It is usually from 20Hz to 20KHz. But some brands when they produce defective headphones, it automatically lowers down their frequency. It is important to check the frequency of headphones before buying.

When buying an electronic device an interface is an important thing. Usually low quality brands make interfaces that have loose or weak buttons and they fall of easily but monoprice ensures it durability and quality.

Wireless headphones usually have a lesser battery life as compared to wired ones as wireless headphones run on Bluetooth which can consume lots of power too. Monoprice headphones have a normal battery life, some brands offer a larger battery life but their performance as compared to the monoprice ones is not upto the mark.

Some sellers don’t provide warranties for their products. And in those cases the buyer has to go through a lot of trouble in order to get their devices repaired. But Monoprice provides its customers with limited warranties on the product along with money back guarantees incase the customer is not satisfied with the product.

Based on these specifications we have compared and reviewed two of the best headphones by Monoprice with 2 other credible brands. First we reviewed wired monoprice and then in the second part we reviewed monoprice wireless headphones.

Monoprice Comfortable Over the Ear Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

These earphones from Monoprice are made with tempered plastic. They are really comfortable to wear and they come with adjustable size controller. It comes with an active noise cancellation system(ANC) which uses four microphones to allow the user to reduce the ambient outside noise by up to 15dB. Moreover to further reduce the noise and give the user the best bass experience Monoprice included a 5 watt amplifier in these earphones which allow the user to get an extra and a large bass boost of 10dB. The ear pads are designed in such an articulate manner that they further drop down the outside noise. These earphones from Monoprice have 3 options on their interface, which are an ANC(Active Noise Cancellation) mode which allows the user to hear noise free music. A bass mode, which allows the user to get that extra bass boost for his music and lastly the off mode, which conserves battery life and allows the user to use this product as simple earphones. These headphones from Monoprice a powered by 2 AAA batteries which allow the user to hear extraordinary music for up to 20 hours without outside interference. It is not a wireless product so it uses a cord which needs to be attached to the computer or the cell phone. The 4.6 foot long audio cable has an inline controller and a microphone as well. This controller on the headphones allow the user to adjust the volume to their liking, they can pause and resume audio playback with the controller. Moreover The user can advance to the next track or go back to the previous track and even the start of the current track. It can also terminate and answer calls. It has an auto shutdown technology, which pauses the music when you receive or listen to a call. It has a very good price of 79.99$ compared to its abilities and qualities.
H501 Active Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones, Over-ear Headphones

This H501 stereo headphones cost just as much as its counterpart from Monoprice which is just 79.99$ It too has a detachable audio cord which includes an inline microphone. It’s active noise cancellation system has the ability to cancel noise up to 22dB, which is 7 dB more than that of Monoprice 112231. It uses a singular removable AAA alkaline battery that has the ability to last for more than 50 hours of music play. But there are certain regions where these headphones lack way behind than the one from Monoprice. They don’t have 3 options; they just have a noise cancellation option and an off mode. Moreover they don’t provide the user with the extra bass boost that its counterpart from Monoprice is providing. It also lacks universal compatibility that is its detachable inline MIC is just made for IOS and apple devices.

Product Description Monoprice 112231 H501
Noise cancellation dB 15 dB 22 dB
Interface 3 options, Bass, Anc and off 2 options, Anc and off
Bass boost Yes, up to 10 dB No
Universal compatibility Yes No
Adjustable headband Yes Yes
Design 9/10 7/10
Battery Life 20 hours, 2 batteries 50 hours, 1 battery
Price 79.99$ 79.99$

In design and in bass boost monoprice has the upper hand but H501 has a better battery life with single battery and a more noise cancellation size. But monoprice’s bassboost and its intensive quality ensures that it produces better results, it uses a very complex technology that uses more battery life as compared to the H501. So in wired headphones monoprice has the upper hand. Now because of Bluetooth applications headphones too have shifted to wireless. So many brands offer quality headphones. So we will do another comparison of wireless Monoprice headphones with another from a very good brand.

Monoprice SonicSolace Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Monoprice 11619 uses Sonic Solace active noise cancellation system(ANC) to deliver the best of the music quality. It reduces almost all the noise in the background. It has a generous audio playback of up to 16 hours on simple mode without active noise cancellation and up to 8 hours of continuous music play with the option of active noise cancellation enabled. It comes with a fix 320mAh lithium-ion battery that can be charged in just 3 hours due to the fast charging technology. They have big earpads which cancel out the remaining noise. Although big in size, they have a a very lightweight which allows the user to carry it on their heads without any trouble whatsoever. They have 40mm drivers with neo dymium magnets which have a total sensitivity of upto 105dB. It has a Bluetooth 4.0 technology which allows this device to be connected universally. It has from 20Hz to 20KHz frequency. Its compact design makes it a really brittle device and the seller also provides a warranty of 1 year. Moreover if the user is not satisfied with the product in any way the company will take it back and give a full refund on the device. It has an audible indication of low battery status. It has a very low price of just 69.99$ compared to the qualities and abilities of this device.

Cowin E-7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

These stylish earphones from Cowin cost the same as their counterparts from Monoprice. Their sleek design makes it one of the most stylish earphones. They have a frequency sensitivity of 20Hz to 20KHz just like their counterparts from monoprice. They have a better battery life of 24 hours to 30 hours of continuous music play. They use Lithium batteries to power up their devices. These headphones have Active noise cancellation with 75dB. They have adjustable earpads and a very comfortable design. The seller provides a warranty of upto 18 months in case of any electric fault in the device. They have 40mm large aperture drivers but they don’t have the neo dymium magnets for bass boost.

Product desciption Monoprice 11619 Cowin E-7
Head band Adjustable Adjustable
Battery life 16 hours 24 hours to 30 hours
ANC 105dB, with sonic solace 75dB
Drivers 40 mm with dymium magnets 40 mm without dymium magnets
Warranty 1 year and 30 days money back guarantee 18 months but no money back guarantee
Price 69.99$ 69.99$

Final Verdict:

In wireless headphones even, Monoprice has the clear upper hand. They have lesser battery lives because they use complicated technologies that need more battery in order to work effectively. The sonic solace system in Monoprice enhances its ANC(active noise cancellation) system by a large extent. The use of neo dymium magnets ensures better music quality.

So all in all monoprice has the best noise cancelling headphones present in the market. They have best quality headphones that are more durable and harder as compared to other devices. They run on the best softwares and hence allowing the user to get the best listening experience. So if you are here to buy Noise cancelling headphones, whether wireless or wired, choose the Ones from Monoprice as they have the best features and provide the best quality headphones.

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