Most Recommended Sony Cassette Recorder Review 2017

Sony Cassette Recorder


Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational amalgamation with several diversified businesses that includes consumer and professional products. The company is known to be among the top manufacturers of electronic products. Sony has several groups like Sony pictures, Sony entertainment, Sony Mobile, Sony Music and several others. Sony has always been appreciated for creating its own unique products and coming up with new technologies rather than adopting standards of other manufacturers. According to the marketing language, Sony can be named as an Innovator.

One such innovative product that Sony came up with was the “Sony-Tape” in 1950. It used reel-to-reel technology to record cassettes. Later in 1958, Sony came up with an easier to use technology in which an encased tape was simply inserted into a player and upon pressing a button the sound could be recorded. By 1966 these became so popular that Sony increased its production in response to the increasing demand. In 1980’s the demand for cassette tapes altogether fell due to the introduction of CD’s. Recently, there has been a revival of the audio cassette and recorders because several independent record labels are choosing this method for music releases to take advantage of the low-cost and to avoid the hassle of sharing music over the Internet and paying huge prices.

Why use Cassettes and Cassette Recorders nowadays?

It’s one of the heavenly, overlooked signals of the 1990s: squeezing the “play” and “record” buttons all the while, and after that “stop” at the correct opportune time, to make a mix tape. As is staying a pen inside a tape gap to rewire a tape gone amiss. Much like vinyl, there is a sentimentalism to the experience of sound tapes that no CD—not to mention MP3—can ever imitate.

Presently, 20 years after they were made about out of date by CDs, another age of audience members are falling for the careful appeal of sound tapes. As technology keeps on changing it is eminent that one thing will replace another and so on. Everything has a boom period and then something else becomes its successor. So is the case with cassettes. But all things said and done, there are still people who like to enjoy music for what it’s worth. They like to feel, they like to touch, they’re sensitive and they’re old school. Several people feel that with all these new technologies coming in like iTunes, apps like Sound cloud and Saavan, a lot has been lost. And so cassettes and recorders still are very much alive for many people. Tapes give performers a moderate approach to pitch their work to fans– for the most part for around five bucks apiece– and help take care of their expenses out and about during a time when gushing eminence checks will scarcely top off the gas tank.

Best Recommended Sony Cassette Recorder with its Key Features

Sony has several varieties of cassette recorders to suit the customer’s requirement. Here are a few of them that have been narrowed down for your best understanding. So don’t just miss out on these options as these are the best picks that we have selected for you.

Sony TCM-150 Standard Cassette Voice Recorder: Here is a standard cassette recorder that has one button recording with up to 25 hours of battery life with AA batteries. It has a built-in microphone along with 38% larger playback sound. The most prominent feature of this recorder is that it has a clear voice recording system. Its price ranges from $73 – $75.

Sony TCM453V Full Size Audio Cassette Recorder: This cassette recorder has a sleek black color with front speaker. It gives the option of playback control and automatically shuts off after recording. Its price ranges from $30 – $32.

Sony M-470 Microcassette Voice Recorder: This recorder records at a speed of 1.2 or 2.4 centimeters per second. It has built in mic and speaker and it runs on 2AA batteries or an AC adapter. Its price ranges from $348 – $350.

Sony M-560V Microcassette Voice Recorder: Here is a smart recorder that records only when audible sound is present. It has a 30 hour extended battery life and a built in microphone. Its price ranges from $77 – $79.

Sony TCM-929 Pressman Desktop Cassette Recorder with Automatic Shut-Off: This is a modern cassette recorder with a built-in microphone as well as a microphone and earphone jack. It is fully automatic and releases buttons in play and recording to save battery after recording is finished. It runs on 4AA batteries or the adapter that is included in the pack. Its price ranges from $177 – $179.

Sony Stereo CD/MP3 Cassette Boombox, AM/FM Radio, Cassette Recorder, Headphone & Auxiliary Jacko, Black – Includes a 6 FT Aux Cable: This boom box is best if you want extended features along with cassette recording. It playbacks AM/FM, CD-R/RW and MP3 CDs with shuffle and program functions. It also has an Aux cable and battery life up to 19 hours. It’s portable and best to take to a party or to a beach. Its price ranges from $68 – $70.

Sony ICDUX560BLK Stereo Digital Voice Recorder with Built-in USB: It Records in MP3/LPCM with a high sensitivity s-microphone. It has Up to 4 GB of built-in storage, expandable via micro SD (SDHC/SDXC) cards. It’s Focus and wide microphone modes suits lectures or meetings. Its price ranges from $71 – $73.


After doing research, we have found that the best sound recorder for a great many people keen on catching gatherings, addresses, correspondence, and in-person meets is the Sony UX560. It recorded the most comprehensible sound of the considerable number of recorders we tried and offers the most helpful accumulation of highlights: It is rechargeable by means of USB; it has an intelligible, illuminated screen; and its menu framework is the simplest to explore. It can be concluded that for people who love to listen to music on cassette players or record labels who want to record their tracks in the old school way, these cassette recorders by Sony are a win win. They are portable, easy to use, and give a long battery life. Therefore, this article is worth considering for that is created on the basis of well researched material.


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