One in All Solution; Broil King Barron 440

 A Comparative analysis; Broil King Barron 440

The Broil King Barron 440 is the phenomena grilling machine that grill your meat brilliantly. Unlike other grilling machines, Broil King Barron is manufactured concretely. It is a gas grilled Barron that contains four main burners complementing by propane grill. Amazingly, Broil King Barron contains side stoves to cook other meals as well like vegetables etc. It is manufactured with the help of cast iron gates, keeping in consideration the solidity of the grilling machine.

Therefore, as in comparison to other grill machines, this is the most reliable one in terms of its validity and performance. Moreover, it is expected that this Broil King Barron will be nominated for Bronze Award on the basis of its unique specifications. It is all in one grill machine that contains stoves with grilling shafts, you can not only grill your meat but can also cook your meal side by side.


The heating system of the Broil King’s 440 range is highly systematic due to cast iron grids which made it extremely heavy duty. Linear Flow valves evenly allocates the power that helps in heating the Barron quickly. Once the grills are heated it cooks and grills the meal as quickly as required and is recommended for cooking of plenty of people.


Grilling Space:

444-sq is confined for the cooking only out of 644-sq. This area is wide enough to feed plenty of people and this range is recommended for those who needs to feed more people.

Manufacturing of Grill:

The amazing thing about Barron 440 is its stoves or burners are dual tube and are made up of stainless steel. On the other hand the grates are made up of cast iron that prevents them from rusting. The design of the burners are very unique, they are designed in a way that heat of the flame passes from the front to the back of the burner and this ensures the even allocation of heat across all the burners. This range contains the casters which help in the proper adjustment and can be removed when the grill is to move from one place to another. The Barron 440 envisaged levers within it which help in maintaining the balance on uneven surfaces. Several other Broil King’s accessories can also be considered like rotisserie kit to enjoy the true essence of grilling and cooking with us.


The stainless steel burners contains the warranty of ten years by Broil Kings. While two years of warranty is provided on remaining parts of the Barron 440. As such machines cannot be purchased on monthly or even on quarterly basis, therefore be smart when you decide to short list the best cooking range for your kitchen.

Support Services:

The website of Broil Kings’ contains the section of FAQ (frequently asked questions) which almost addressed all the questions you need to find answer of. Besides, if you ever wish to coordinate with the customer support services, you can approach through email or via phone.

Specifications Kings’ Barron 440
BTUs 40,000
Area 644-sq
Linear Flow valves yes
Ignition system yes
Flav-R-Wave yes
Oven Cast iron-cannot be rusted
Casters yes

Recommended Broil Kings’ Range:

Following are the top best reviews of the Broil King Barron one must consider while buying a grilling stove for your kitchen.

Broil King Signet 70:

The Broil King Signet 70 is styled with liquid propane with three burners envisaged in it. The price ranges from 548 to 550 $. It is constructed with the help of three stainless steel containing dual tube stoves that provides at most 40,000 BTUs. This helps in burning and heating of the grill quickly that grills the meat rapidly. The rear burners provide 15,000 BTUs along with rotisserie kit that helps in quick grilling of the meat. Area wise this grilling machine occupies up to 635 sq that includes 400 sq area of the specific cooking range. This range can help you in cooking the meal for your guests as many as you can. 70 signet is constructed with the help of cast iron that is not only reversible but a heavy duty grilling giant. The stainless steel contains Flav-R-Wave, a system that helps 70 signet in maintaining the reliability of the consumer. It has a touch sensitive button that is rotatable up to 180 degree containing Linear Flow Valves. The side shelves made of stainless steel can be folded inward. Broil King Signet 70 contains the lite ignition. Last but not the least, signet 70 contains cast aluminum oven that contributes in the allocation of heat and can n ever be rusted.

Broil King Signet 320 Cast Aluminum:

This amazing intervention has been constructed in North America. The price ranges from 498 to 500$. This grilling machine occupies 635 sq out of which 400 sq is confined for cooking only. Broil King Signet 320 made of stainless steel with dual tube. Over all the stoves provides up to 40,000 BTU to enhance optimal performance. Excellently heavy duty made up of cast iron with Flav-R-Wave. Flav-R-Wave cooking range helps in the systematic allocation of heat with its Linear Flow system. The knobs of the stoves provide excellent control of the temperature. This grilling machine is specifically for those who wants control of the machine. Besides, the electric switch ignites the grill instantly without any delay. It contains side shelves made up of stainless steel which helps in the preparation like cutting and stuff. These shelves can be folded and can easily be cleaned up. Moreover, the base provided to save the specifications of grilling material.

Broil King Baron S320:

The Broil king S320 is constructed as a three burner style. It is a natural gas grilled machine whose 30,000BTUs enhances the optimal level of performance by heating the grills speedily. Baron S320 occupies total 440-sq out of which 330-sq is confined for the cooking range only. Excellently constructed with stainless steel that is reversible with cast iron grids which are amazingly heavy duty. Extremely smart grilling machine containing Flav-R-Wave cooking and grilling range complementing by Linear Flow valves with highly touch sensitive control system that rotates around 180 degree. This range contains side shelves made up of stainless steel highly reliable and can be folded with level Q caster that helps in maintaining the balance of grill on the surfaces which are highly uneven.

Broil King Sovereign XLS:

The price ranges from 9000 to 11000$. This range of Broil King made up of four stainless steel containing dual tube with stoves. These dual tubes provides 50,000 BTUs to increase the performance to the maximum level by heating the grill speedily. Amazingly, the front stoves are provided 10,000 BTUs while rear stoves are provided 18,000 BTUs with rotisserie kit is given this range more uniqueness. As in total area this range occupies 1000-sq while 600-sq is confined by the cooking and grilling range only. 600 sq ft is enough to cook the meal of guests. The range is constructed as a touch sensitive system can be rotatable up to 180 degree with linear Flow valves. This range is made up of 9mm stainless steel cooking range complementing Flav-R-Wave range. Sovereign contains side shelves as well which can be folded easily. It contains the large wheels with Q casters that help the range in maintaining the balance of the grill even on uneven surfaces. This is complemented with the electric ignition known as Sure-Lite Ignition style. Cast aluminum supports the equal distribution of heat which prevent the oven from getting rusted. The Broil Sovereign is manufactured carefully in North America with limited warranty.

Broil King Signet 20:

The Broil King Signet 20 contains 40,000BTUs with the primary stove that is highly heavy duty, made up of grids containing cast iron. The Broil King 20 is constructed with stainless steel having Flav-R-Wave grilling and the cooking range which helps in the distribution of heat as well as in enhancing the optimal output by heating the grills and stoves quickly. As in total area the Broil 20 occupies 635 wide range out of which 400-square only is confined to the cooking and grilling range. The base contains the oven made up of cast aluminum enclosed in the stainless steel.

Broil King Signet 90:

The price ranges from 617 to 619$. The broil range 90 made up of three stainless steel containing dual tube stoves which ensures the supply of 40,000 BTUs to enhance the optimal level of performance through heating the cooking and the grilling range as quickly as required. The side stoves are provided with 10,000 BTUs while rear stoves are provided with 15,000 BTUs complementing with rotisserie kit which enhances the uniqueness of the Broil Range 90. Over all the Broil 90 occupies the 635-sq wide area out of which 400-sq is confined for the cooking and the grilling range which is enough for the preparation of meal for several people. Broil 90 is excellently a heavy duty range made up of cast iron with stainless steel Flav-R-Wave range. Its Linear Flow Valves system is rotatable up to 180 degree consists of highly sensi-touch control system. This range is equipped with side shelves as well and these shelves can be folded. In addition to this, these shelves are beneficial in cutting and working while grilling your meal. The whole range is just one tick away as it contains the Sure-Lite Ignition range. The base contains the oven that is made up of cast aluminum which is equipped with the equal allocation of heat to all the burners. The oven is highly reliable as cast aluminum prevents it from rusting.

Broil King Monarch 340:

The price ranges from 448 to 450$. The Monarch contains three stainless steel burners witj dual tube helps in enhancing the maximum level of output by providing the heat up to 30,000 BTUs. The stoves at the side of the range are provided with 10,000 BTUs which gives this range a unique quality in cooking and grilling the meal as quickly as required. Space wise this range occupies 520-sq area wide out of which 330-sq is confined for the cooking area only and this area is enough to cook the meal for several individual at one time. It is highly efficient as it is a heavy duty range made up of cast iron. The stainless steel system is equipped with Flav-R-Wave with Linear Flow valves that can be rotatable at 180 degree containing Sensi-Touch system. This system helps in controlling the temperature as requires. To start handling the Monarch range is just one tick away as it contains the Ignition system that is electrical. The base is equipped with the oven that is made up of cast aluminum which prevents the oven from rusting.

Comparison Chart between Broil King’s 440 and 320 Range:

Following is the chart showing the main specifications which differentiate each of the range from the other.

Specification Baron 320 Baron 440
Style 320 Cast Aluminum Liquid Propane 440
Size Three Burner Four Burner
Color Silver and black Black
Oven yes Stainless steel-cast iron
Area 635 644-sq
Linear Flow valves yes yes
Stainless steel, Flav-R-Wave yes yes
BTUs 40,000 40,000


On the basis of its style, size and specifications the Broil Kings’ 440 has been the most recommended grilling and cooking range as its cooking area is wide which provides you the enough space to cook for plenty of people. Besides, its handling is just one tick away due to its specialized electrical ignition system. Moreover, the base is equipped with oven made up of cast iron which prevents it from getting rusted. Nonetheless, the Barron’s is equipped with stainless steel heavy duty, dual tube which ensures the even allocation of heat across all the burners from rear to front.

This help in the cooking and the grilling of the meal as quickly as required. Therefore, if you are planning to choose the best cooking and grilling range than you are at the right place. Broil Kings’ 440 is one in all cooking and grilling range. Its side shelves helps in cutting stuff while its casters helps in maintaining the balance of the grill in uneven places.

Therefore, don’t rush into buying this amazing deal, have a look at our aforementioned products and so their reviews. This article is intended to  educate you about the specifications of the best Barron 440 for your outdoor activities. This is the best deal for your outdoor enjoyment plans.

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