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Kitchen is a common need of every house and every house has a kitchen. In kitchen there are various accessories which are important and the most important of them all is the kitchen faucet. Kitchen faucet is used for numerous purposes, to clean dishes, to clean eatables and to even drink water from. There are hundreds of brands that are making fortunes out of just kitchen faucets because they are so important and necessary.  Because they are so important and necessary, they must be in good conditions and they must not be rusty. If they get rusty, you have to change them because you don’t want to compromise on your overall hygiene and also you don’t want your guests to regard you as a careless person, who doesn’t even care about their hygiene. Therefore you have to buy a new product. There are lots of other reasons than just hygiene for buying a new kitchen faucet, like maintaining the décor, improving your life standard and much more. Now that you have determined to buy a kitchen faucet, it comes to choosing the right faucet.

Choosing the right Faucet:

Kitchen Faucets today, have been modernised in so many different ways. Their designs have been innovated to suit the modern décor of the kitchen. There have been lots of new additions to their designs like an extra spring, or bendable neck and multiple sprouts. Therefore choosing the right kind of Kitchen faucet for your kitchen can become hard at times. And why not? There are so many varieties of kitchen faucets which differ from one another on a lot of things. We here are making the decision of choosing the right and the preferred kitchen faucet easier. For that purpose we have reviewed some of the best kitchen faucets present in the market today. Our analysts have reviewed the best faucets and also recommended some of the best product to ensure that every person would understand which faucet to buy. Our review is based on a set of specifications which need to be studied before buying the faucet of your choice.

They are the abilities and qualities that a device, machine or a product has. Determining which kitchen faucet suits your needs the best depends on your preferences. And your preferences are highlighted in the specification section. Specifications basically give a general idea of the capabilities and the outlook of the product to the customer. They are really important and must be checked before buying any product as they allow the user to select the product of their own choice. Moreover if you buy a product without going through its specifications, you would actually land in trouble and that trouble would be of getting the product exchanged in case you have brought a wrong one. When it comes to kitchen faucets, their specifications are, their quality, the material with which they are built, their design, type of sprout, then comes the number of knobs they have, safety of the product and lastly the warranty.

Quality is the first and foremost thing in our list of specifications and it just can’t be ignored because it determines a lot of things. It gives the customers about a general know how of the overall performance and the durability of the product. Because there are so many hungry fish competing in the sea of kitchen faucets, there is a lot of competition among them. In order to survive they have two options, either manipulate the price of the product or make something unique. Now because the big fish are experienced and they have already made so many unique products, the smaller fish are left with no choice but to manipulate the price of the product. And that only seems to happen when they lower the quality of the product. So you must always beware of such counterfeit companies and always determine the quality of the product before buying it.

How can a price of a product be lowered and its quality compromised? The answer is simple and it is that, when a certain brand or company makes their products from cheap quality material they can successfully lower the price of the product. A customer must always make sure that they product they are buying is made from the best quality of materials. There is a lot to choose from, there is stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, bronze, brass and even porcelain. You must therefore have a general idea of how you are going to use the product and then determine which material would be the best for your needs.

Because modern day houses have been modernised, the standards of living improved, therefore the kitchens have been modernised to have an elegant as well a gorgeous outlook and a perfect décor. When that happens, kitchenware and kitchen accessories also need to be modernised. Therefore when buying a product such as a kitchen faucet, you must always make sure that the design of the product would go well with your décor and also get your job done easily. For that purpose there are many faucets having different designs to choose from. For example there are the ones which have long necks, some have bendable or rotatable necks, some have various sprouts and some are the same old classical faucets. Therefore you must always choose the kind of design that would improve the general décor of your kitchen. Also there are certain products in the market that run only one kind of water because of their singular knobs, therefore you must always make sure that the product you are buying suits your needs.

Because kitchen is important and because everyone, even your kids have access to it, therefore you must always worry about your and theirs safety. How can that be assured? Well it is simple. Before buying a kitchen faucet contact the seller and ask if the product they are buying has sharp edges or not, if yes then find another product or ask the seller to file the faucet for you so that it doesn’t have any sharp edges because you don’t want to bruise those small hands. Secondly you must always contact a professional for the installation of the product because faucets are delicate and you might actually break the product by installing it the wrong way.

Warranty of a product is really important, it allows you to check the credibility of the seller and that of the product as well. If you buy a product from a seller that doesn’t provide you a warranty, you can actually land in trouble. And that trouble would be getting the product repaired or exchanged. Therefore you must always prefer a warranty and a good service by the seller so that you can get things done smoothly.

Based on these specifications we have reviewed the best kitchen faucets and also done a comparison to determine which is the best kitchen faucet and which product will serve your needs the best.

Moen Arbor Motionsense Touchless One-Handle Kitchen Faucet:

This is one of the most elegant and most exquisite kitchen faucets in the market today. It has a motion sensor which allows the faucet to turn on the water as soon as it senses hand movement. It has a lifetime warranty as well. This elegant kitchen faucet has a stain and fingerprint resist technology which allows you to use it without cleaning it over and over again. It features a duralock to connect to the setting easily. It can be installed in either a one hole or a 3 hole system. This amazing product can be bought in a price range of 200-350$.
VCCUCINE Commercial Kitchen faucet:

This is a commercial use kitchen faucet. It has a very elegant design. And two settings. A single hose and a sprayer. Moreover it is a pull-out sprayer to ensure that you can reach touch areas easily and cleaning with this product becomes really easy. It has a singular lever with which you can control water supply and temperature along with it. The price of this product is optimal compared to the specifications it has and it can be bought for 60-90$.
Everflow 17188 Kitchen Faucet with Spray:

This kitchen faucet has a very traditional design. It comes with two knobs and a wonderful and an elegant design. The knobs are used to control the water supply and temperature along with it. It also has a separate pull out sprayer with which you can clean all those tough areas where reaching is not easy. It has a very elegant and shiny chrome finish. It can be bought in a very cheap price compared to its specification and its range stands at just 20$ to 60$.
KINGO HOME Modern Brushed Nickel Single Handle kitchen faucet:

This amazing product has a very elegant design and a brushed nickel finish.  It has a single handle for temperature and water control. Moreover it has a singular hose as well as a spray sprout options. It has a pull out neck which can be used as a high pressure sprayer. It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied, along with a lifetime replacement warranty. The price of this product is optimal and it can be bought at 30-70$.
Best Commercial Stainless Steel Single Handle Kitchen Faucet:

This product has a single handle which allows you to control the temperature and also the water supply. It has a very easy one hole installation. The brushed nickel finish makes it extremely durable product. It has a pull out sprayer which makes cleaning extremely easy. The price of this product is optimal and it can be bought at a range of 50$ to 100$.
LORDEAR Single Hole Brushed Steel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet:

This kitchen faucet has a single hole installation which is quite easy. It has a brushed steel finish which makes it extremely durable. Moreover it has a pull out sprayer which makes cleaning easy. It has a 360 degree rotation as well which makes cleaning even easier. The price of this product is extremely optimal and it can be bought for 60-100$ range.
Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Leland Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet:

This is one of the most exquisite products available in the market today. It has a great design. It comes with a diamond seal technology which makes it extremely durable. Moreover it has a magnetite hose, which can fit back in easily and without giving you much trouble. The easy touch rubber holes, allow you to clean the calcium and lime deposits with just one touch. The price of this product is optimal and it can be bought in a price range of 100$ to 250$.
Ufaucet Oil Rubbed Bronze Solid Brass Pull Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet:

This is one of the best products present in the market today. It has a very good design, and easy to use interface as well. It has a sprayer hose and a steam hose. It has a solid brass built which allows it to be extremely durable. it has a oil rubbed bronze finish which makes it an elegant product. The price is cheap and it can be bought for just 30$ to 70$ range.

Product description Moen Arbor


VCCUCINE Commercial Everflow 17188 Kingo Faucet
Weight 5 pounds 6.6 pounds 3 pounds 4.6 pounds
Motion sense Yes No No No
Handle One One Two knobs One
Pull-out sprayer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price 200-350 60-90$ 20-60$ 30-70$


There is a variety of Kitchen faucets that we can choose from, some of them are the ones which have singular handles while others still have the classical two knob system. In order to choose which product will suit your needs the best, you have to first determine your preferences and then choose the product of your choice. But one thing is sure and it is that because kitchens were modernised, kitchen faucets have been too. Their designs have been innovated to give the best experience to the buyer and also the inclusion of pull out sprayers is the best thing a faucet can have. But the traditional faucets are a good choice as well for normal houses and simple kitchens. Lastly, you must always be concerned about your safety and take all the precautionary measures like, checking the product for sharp edges, checking the credibility of the seller and contacting a professional for the installation of kitchen faucet.

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