The Best Recommended Graco Crib Hardware Review 2018

Graco Crib Hardware


As the man is growing civilized day by day, his requirements have been increasing. Due to scientific inventions life has become much easier than the past. Everything is getting better in quality and ability. Furniture is one of our basic needs, we can’t do any activity of life without it, we use to eat on dining tables, use beds for sleeping, use study table for reading and writing, use dressing table for makeover and if we are having some kids we must have to buy different accessories for them too. These accessories include cribs, baby cot, walker, baby chairs and tables. A large variety of furniture is available in the market, it has so many designs, colors, and sizes. Furniture is not only fulfill our needs but it also increase the decor of our houses, it is part of fashion to have beautiful furniture in the house and it is also a status’s symbol to keep more expensive furniture in home. There are so many styles of furniture available for example Antique furniture, vintage furniture, Traditional furniture, Art Deco, Shabby Chic, Rustic furniture and modern furniture. These all types are different in quality and cost.

No doubt furniture is very important for us and it is very expensive, so we can’t buy it again and again. So to keep the furniture in its original condition its maintenance is must, sometimes the screws and nuts drop from a table, chair or a crib make them completely useless. We need some hardware kit for their maintenance and to make these things useful again. There are many known brands of hardware are available in the market Graco crib hardware is one of these.

Why do we use Graco Crib Hardware?

There are many reasons due to which we should use these hardware tools:

* Quality:

Their quality is simply the best, the material used in these tools is very durable, high quality zinc is used in them. Their size and shape is also suitable to furniture of any style and age. These nuts tightly grip the furniture and make it even better than the original. These tools are fit to tables, chairs, beds, cribs and everything you have.

*Size and Shape:

Each kit contains more or less fifty pairs of nuts and bolts. They are having different sizes, so they can fit to every type of furniture and cabinets like kitchen cabinets, drawers, cupboards and each and everything. So once we buy a kit we can repair everything.


As these nuts and bolts are made up of zinc material, these are very shiny and when they have been installed in something they give it a new beautiful look and make our furniture more attractive.

Top Most Recommended Brands of Graco Crib Hardware:-

Here we are going to make a review of the top most brands of hardware available in the market, hopefully it will help the customer to choose the best option according to their requirements and satisfaction.

1: Hilitchi Socket Furniture Barrel Screws Bolt Nuts Assortment Kit:

Each kit of Hilitchi contains 100 best quality nuts and bolts that are having hexagon shape and have different sizes. These are made up of zinc plated metal which make them more durable and their drive is hex socket. Each 10 pieces have sizes 35mm, 45mm, 55mm, 65mm and 75mm with 50 nuts. These sets have been arranged in a transparent packing for safety. This kit is compatible for all types of furniture and cabinets. The price range of this kit is in between $ 29 – $ 39.

2: M6 Barrel Bolt Nuts Kit:

Barrel Bolt Nuts kit contains 12 pairs of M6 size bolts with length of 2.48 inches with an Allen key, these are made of high quality iron, its surface is of zinc plating due to which its color doesn’t change and it make them more shiny and durable. The nut has slot design which make its grip more perfect and its threads are very clear. They are very hard and having a standard size so they are fit to all sorts of furniture. Their quality is best and are very suitable to repair the furniture. The price range of each kit is in between $ 7 – $ 20.

3: Flammi 10 pack furniture nut and bolts:

Flammi kit consists of 10 pairs of bolts and nuts with an Allen key. Each pair is made up of white steel with zinc plating, size of each bolt is 60mm and barrel nut with 6mm threaded hole. It is a very high quality hardware compatible for every type of furniture like beds, tables, cribs, and chairs. It is also much suitable for cupboards, kitchen cabinets and drawers. The weight of each kit is 5.9 ounce. Its price range is in between $ 8 – $ 18.

4: Glarks 100 pieces bolds and nuts assortment kit:

Glare assortment kit consists of 100 pieces (50 pairs) bolts and barrel nuts, each bolt has M6 hex socket head. These are made of best quality carbon steel and are very hard and durable. The bolts are available in 5 sizes 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm with 50 nuts having 6mm hole. These are very useful to join all types of wooden furniture such as tables, chairs, bed, cupboards and kitchen cabinets. All the nuts and bolts are packed in a transparent box. Their color is yellow and weight is just 1.1 pounds. The price range of each kit is in between $ 15.99 – $ 22.99.


After discussing different brands of hardware and having a look on user’s reviews we may conclude that all the products discussed above are of best quality. These hardware can give our furniture a new life, we can’t throw our costly furniture if it is damaged but we can repair our furniture by using these hardware tools. Each kit contains a variety of sizes so once you buy a kit you will be able to repair all the damaged furniture and cabinets. So we must recommend that everyone should have any of these kits, it will definitely make your life easy and comfortable. Furthermore these kits are very cheap and each one have a large variety of nuts and bolts so these kits are affordable for everyone.

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