Top Most Recommended ASUS ZENPAD S8.0 TRICOVER Review 2017


In the field of technology the most splendid invention is that of the gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, note pads etc. Everyone desires to have them. This is the most attractive invention in a sense that it is very desirable to hold in hands and mostly they are not very expensive. Many people from all over the world can afford it because of its low price ranges.

Another special feature of these gadgets is that they are available in different colors and designs. Being thick or thin according to different colors is another appealing effect of these gadgets that matters a lot.

But it is a common observation that the users of these gadgets face a lot of problems like when these gadgets slips out from the grip of the hand and fall on the ground they are badly damaged and mostly rendered useless for the future. It is a fact that the screen is usually more damage and if not, because of the screen protecting glass, the back part of the gadget is cracked and sometimes broken to an extent that it cannot be repaired for the future use. Another problem faced by these gadgets is that they get tired of the same design and color of their gadgets. It causes boredom for them and when they are not in such a strong financial position to replace the gadgets, they get annoyed. These problems can be solved Tricovers, designed especially for the tablets. They provide extra protection to the gadget through their strong manufacturing. If the gadget slips out of the grip of the hand and falls on the ground, the screen and the back covering of the tablet is still protected from any kind of damage because of these covers. The problem that the users get bored of the design and the color of the gadget and are unable to replace it is solved by the fact that these covers are available in different designs and colors and gives a tablet a new look .


A lot of brands are offering different types of ASUS ZENPAD S 8.0 TRICOVERS with different and unique features. Some of them are mentioned here:

ASUS Tablet Case (PAD-14 TRICOVER/Z580/BK//8/10)

This unique tricover has unique kind of features that makes it very attractive to buy and own.  It has a special manufacturing that is highly desirable. It has two layers of manufacturing. The upper layer is made up durable polyurethane and the second has strong material which, together with the polyurethane guards the screen and different parts of the Zenpad from dust and scratches. This type of protecting covering is highly required these days because of the pollution and dust everywhere. Moreover, this cover is available in different colors providing a wide range of variety a making is easy for the user to choose the color of his own choice. This array of colors allows the users to maintain their personality however they desire to. This brand provides specifications about the width of the cover, they are offering. It measures 0.8mm at the thinnest point. Usually the user complain that the cover’s weight adds more discomfort while holding the gadget since most of the gadgets are very heavy themselves. But of course the cover needs to be strong in order to protect the gadget. So this brand solves this problem by providing a cover that is both strong and thin. So adequate protection is offered to the gadget without increasing the weight of the cover and obviously gadget. Usually a severe problem is faced by the users as to how to position the Zenpad so that one can comfortably watch a movie with holding it in hand and also to type on screen. People usually suffer from neck and back pain because of the wrongly positioned Zenpad. This problem is solved by this tricover through its dual stance folding design which enables the Zenpad to be positioned in an ideal state. Moreover, this tricover provides a very unique help that is we can attach it to anything very safely just because of the magnet used in its layers.

Its market price ranges from 8 to 15 USD.

Fintie ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580C / Z580CA) SlimShell Case – Super Slim Lightweight Stand Cover with Auto Sleep / Wake for 2015 Released ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 Z580C / Z580CA 8″ Android Tablet, Black

This tricover is specially designed for ASUS Zenpad S 8.0 Z580C/ Z580CA 8 inch tablet. This clearly defined specification makes it very easy for the user to choose it for their Zenpad. This tricover is available in variety of colors which are usually bright and attractive. These colors are usually highly required and desired by young girls who like to match the colors of their dresses with that of the Zenpad covers and then this wide range of bright colors enable to do so. Colors and designs effects the price range too. This tricover allows proper closure of the cover ensuring the protection of the Zenpad particularly its screen. It is very easy to handle too because it doesn’t have many pieces rather is made up of just one piece, preventing the front and the back from separating. It is also very attractive apparently as it is very slim and lightweight but that doesn’t makes it vulnerable to damage rather it is very durable and protective with hardback exclusively made up of premium quality PU leather. Furthermore, it has a soft scratch free microfiber interior that adds to the comfort of the users and also provides an additional protective layer.

Its market price ranges from 5 to 15 USD.

ProCase ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 Z580C Case (2015 ZenPad Z580C,Z580CA) with bonus stylus pen – Stand Cover Folio Case for ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 Z580C, Multiple Viewing angles, Document Card Pocket (Black)

This tricover is very specific for its compatible Zenpad model that is 2015 ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580C, Z580CA), and cannot be used with any other model. As far as manufacturing is concerned, it is made up of premium quality leather exterior and interior is of soft texture offering great protection against the daily use. Various colors are available according to the user’s choice. A lot of different styles are also offered providing the buyers with different options. Price range varies with the colors like the tricover of pink color is a bit expensive than that of black or brown color. It offers the magnetic closure too. All the features are fully accessible like the camera, speakers, ports and buttons.

Its market price ranges from 10 to 20 USD.


It is very necessary to take care of the gadgets. It is usually seen that when a gadgets falls on the ground, it is highly damaged. The screen is the most vulnerable part that gets damaged the most. All other parts are subsequently less vulnerable but gets cracked easily, that ruins the outer look of the gadgets.These the special Asus Zenpad tricover that is both durable and apparently attractive and dashing. These tricovers provides immense support to the gadget. The Zenpad is protected even when it falls on the ground. The special manufacturing protects the screen from dust and scratches.  The manufacturing is such that all the features are easily accessible without creating any hurdle and discomfort for the user. It also adds apparent beauty to the device as it is available in various designs and colors. This provides various options for the users according to their demands.




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