Top Most Recommended Cell Phone Booster Reviews 2017

Cell Phone Booster Review


To best of our knowledge a cell phone booster is a system which is made in such a way that different cables,antennas and signal amplifiers are combined together systematically that wherever the signals are weak they can be placed and the signals captured their could be amplified and transferred to your device so that the strength of the signals on your device is improved drastically making you more efficient as it does not let you miss out on any call or any important message. This even increases the speed of the data as well making communication even easier.


To have a good quality cell phone booster is of immense significance as they do not let you miss out anything important. Whether you are at your office or home this cell phone booster is everything you need if the signals drop in your area. The system it has supports multiple devices and networks at the same time. Varying frequency of these cell phone boosters allow you to more diversity as it can be used in areas where it matches your area frequency. The area these cell phone boosters cover is also variable according to the different brands and models. These signal amplifiers are the best option to boost your signals if you are in basement or wherever and do your tasks without any kind of hindrance. You may continue to use your data at a good speed and make a difference to your life. To achieve your higher goals in life it is very important that you dont miss out any significant piece of information and keep yourself updated with the things going around you without the interrupted connection with world.

Best Recommended Cell Phone Boosters

  1. Weboost Home 4g Cell Phone Booster is an outstanding quality product of weboost. This cell phone signal booster is all you need when it comes to communition that is not broken. This signal booster works best if used for 1-2 rooms or small office. This cell phone booster does not allow the signals to drop while you are seated inside the home or office. This cell phone booster enhances the signals of 4G LTE and 3G upto 32 times making it very efficient and is appropriate for 1500 sq.ft building. This cell phone booster is compatible and supports all the networks present in US, whether it is Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US cellular, Straight Talk and many more. It is not only compatible with networks but the devices as well such as your phones, tablets, notebooks or even the data cards. weboost holds the patents for Automatic Gain Settings which is a smart technology of Weboost that intelligently senses the shortfalol of signals inside and around the building and automatically starts working by providing optimal signals. Weboost is well known and established brand to trust upon as it works hard to get it hands on best and innovative technology.
  2. Phonetone GSM 3G 850MHz Phone Signal Repeater is another big name in the list if you are looking for best cell phone booster. It has amazing features that makes it a quality product. This cell phone booster comes with 2 antennas and also a cable for Verizon and AT&T. The frequency range in which it works best is the 824 ~ 849MHz, 869 ~ 894MHz. The maximum power output it gives is 22dBm while on the other hand the maximum gain it gets is 62db. The I/O Port of this cell phone booster has N-Female on both the ends. The best of this cell phone booster is this that it is FCC authentication certified which makes it more reliable to use. As it boosts the signals of your devices irrespective of which US network you are using it improves the voice quality as well as all types of communication. Phonetone offers 2 years limited warranty to its customers and to maintain brand loyalty it offers 30 days customer satisfaction and 3 months free replacement in case of any irregularity. This is a quality product in which you need to ponder when it comes to buying a reliable product for your use.
  3. AMAKE 35dbi 3G/4G LTE SMA Antenna Booster Outdoor Signal Amplifier is also another good quality product that is available in the market. this cell phone booster has 35dbi high gain 4G antenna which enhances the quality of signals being produced and works on a wider frequency and range so that you may get an access to signals more easily. The antenna comes with a SMA male connector and long cable which can easily capture the signals of 3G and 4G LTE. This cell phone booster comes with vacuum suction cup so that you may install the device wherever it is feasible for you. And SMA connector allows you to connect it wherever you want to easily. Basically with this antenna you can improve the quality of mobile broadband signals you are receiving. Your ease is further elevated by providing you with 2 SMA connectors, which can be installed on the router or other mobile broadband devices and get a higher speed of the signals of your respective network. This is a well established brand on which you can put your valuable money in to gain quality services and products.
  4. SolidRF SOHO 850MHz / 1900MHz Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office is one of the best quality cell phone boosters available. This cell phone booster covers an area of about 3000 sq.ft. This cell phone booster supports majority of the networks that are the carriers of 8500MHz and 1900Mhz. This cell phone booster also supports the 4G LTE service which makes it more compatible accessible. On this device multiple devices can be operated and their dropping of signals can be reduced to a visible extent. This will allow you to have proper and without any break communication. This increases the data rates as well so it increases the speed of the network as well. This cell phone booster is a good choice if the frequency of your area is matched with its frequency and continue your usage of networks on multiple devices whether it is your mobile phone, tablet or data carrds.
  5. Cisco systems is a leading brand in the world of cellular and network technology. They also offet Cisco AT&T Microcell Wireless Cell Signal Booster Tower Antenna. This cell phone booster is of one its own kind due to its unique features. This booster supports and enhances the signals of voice and 3G data for 3G/4G/LTE mobile phones let it be of different brands like apple,blackberry,andriod or windows. It is vitally easy to set up as they have provided a user guide manual to keep you on track while setting it up. However you should keep in mind that you have an A&AT account as it does not support third party carrier. The device has indicators upon it which keep you informed with cell signals, GPS signal, Internet connectivity and power. This device is eligible enough to work at home or office wherever your need is. The design of this cell phone booster is of fabulous quality and beholds flashing features.
  6. Mingcoll is another brand in the world of technology which offers cell phone booster. This version of Mingcoll’s Cell Phone Amplifier Verizon 4G/LTE Band is of great interest to the users of technological world. This cell phone booster enhances the signals of any wireless device if it falls in the range of its frequency that is Downlink: 746-757MHz and Uplink:776-787MHz. This cell phone booster is developed for Band 13 Verizon 700MHz 4G LTE. This cell phone booster comes with the FDD Signal booster Repeater and Panel Antenna kit. It is feasible to use it wherever you want to, it could be your home,office or even an apartment etc. This cell phone booster is FCC authentication certified and Mingcoll offers a years manufacturers warranty that makes it more reliable and durable choice to make.
  7. Proutone 62db GSM CDMA 850MHz Cell Phone Signal Repeater Booster Kit with Indoor Whip Antenna and Outdoor Yagi Antenna for Home or office use is another quality cell phone booster availbale to you. This cell phone signal booster tries its best to enhance the signals of all the majorly known networks to make good quality calls,messages and use data with a great speed. This cell phone booster covers an area about 2100 sq.ft and about 50 simultaneous users of this booster. This enables an uninterrupted communication for you. It is not at all difficult to install this cell phone booster as they have provided an English user guide manual. This cell phone booster package includes indoor and outdoor antennas that provide you with better service and signals. Proutone offers 30 Days customer satisfaction, three months free replacement and a years warranty to its valuable customers to create a loyalty bond amongst them.
  8. ByOne Indoor Cellular Antenna, Multiband Panel Antenna for GSM/3G/4G Cell Phone Signal Boosters and Repeaters for alll Carriers and WIFI/WLAN Point to Point Use, N-Female connector is the solution for your dropping signals in home or at work. The installation of this exceedingly vital product in your required place will not let you miss out any of your important calls or messages. This cell phone booster is of high frequency range so that you can match your areas varying frequency with it. This cell phone booster is made of quality ABS and sealed with all weather conditions operation capabilities. This cell phone booster has multiple choice for you for its installation as it can be mounted on the wall or pole as they have provided with such accessories to do so. 1ByOne offers you a years warranty so that they can develop a good relation with its customers and provide with full satisfaction.
  9. This is another model of Cisco System’s Cell Phone Booster. The high quality of this brand allures the purchaser to itself. As it beholds great features. It supports multiple devices like Iphone, Blackberry Windows Phone atc and multiple networks. This feature of this cell phone booster makes it more compatible as compared to other cell phone boosters. It is quite simple to install this device as they have provided a user guide manual. This devices also beholds the feature of indicators which keep on informing you with its operational capabilities in different conditions and environment. This device is appropriate to use it at home or office depending upon the place you need this at. Hence it is a smart choice to make.
  10. SureCall is another top brand in the world of technological innovations that its best quality products and services speak for its creativity and credibility. This cell phone booster boosts the signals so that there is interruption your significant messages, calls or data. This supports all the North American Cell Carriers. The area this cell phone booster covers is about 2000 sq.ft which is enough for 1-2 rooms of home or office. This does not only increases the strength of the signals but extends the battery life of all cellular devices allowing you to use them for a longer period of time. The best feature of this cell phone booster is this that it has omni-directional antenna that fully tries to capture the signals from all the sides. The diversity of this product can be assessed from its capability of stranthening the signals of multiple users at the same time. SureCall tries its best to provide you with the best experience with its quality products. Hence it is a smart choice to make to go for this cell phone signal booster.

Final Remarks

As the time has evolved it has become necessary that you equip yourself with the best of the products or tools to keep yourself going on track. Products like cell phone booster is very much important in those areas where the signals of different networks drop and to amplify them a cell phone signal booster is required. Hence different brands have introduced different versions and models of cell phone booster making a wider range of cellphone booster available to you. Above are mentioned some best cell phone boosters of different brands that may match to your need and requirement. Using a good quality product is always a good option to be cost effective in your life, as one time investment in efficient and good quality product is a smart choice to make.

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