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                                       Cricket Wireless Reviews

Cricket wireless is a United States based telecommunications company which sells broadband devices, sim cards, network connections and even cell phones under contracts. It was basically a part of leap wireless. But then At&t bought leap wireless and with that cricket wireless’s ownership went to them. But cricket wireless since it came, has built a huge name and has lots of customers in the United States of America which are so impressed that they don’t want to change their sim cards. There are many reasons that could explain the customer’s attraction towards cricket wireless in such a way, some of them are that cricket wireless has extremely cheap calling rates, affordable contracts for smartphones and an enhanced customer service along with evasive connectivity.

There is a huge catalogue of products from cricket wireless. They sell sim cards and sim kits which basically put you on the cricket wireless network. They also have separate fill ups or recharges with which you can recharge your sim card and enjoy using the service. Then they also have some broadband devices, with which you can connect to the internet at extremely cheap prices. They also provide their customers with smartphones from top companies on the basis of a yearly or monthly contract, which becomes extremely affordable for every person.

Before buying a product it is really important to check its specifications. Because cricket wireless has different products therefore the customer must first know their preferences. After that they should move to buying the product. But before buying any product from any company or brand, no matter how big its name is, its specifications must be checked.

Specifications are abilities and qualities that a device, machine or a product have. Specification help the customers determine the capabilities of the product. They also help the users ensure the overall know how of the product along with having a general idea about the credibility of the product and that of the seller. Specifications are very important when buying something, because if you buy a product without checking its specifications, you might actually land in trouble and that trouble would be to get the product replaced in case you have bought the wrong one.

Quality is the first and foremost specification. It has a direct relationship with the durability and the performance of a product. If a product is made with exceptional quality materials, it is supposed to have a great performance and extended durability. But a product with low quality would only mean that the product would lag in the future and might also become faulty extremely soon.

Durability of something is dependent on the material of the product. If the material is good, the product will be durable and it would last for longer than compared to products with a bad quality. Therefore you must always ensure that the product you are buying is durable and would last for the time you need it to last.

Performance of something can be checked only by using it. But there are other ways that can give a general idea about the performance of a product. They are the materials used and the design along with the quality of engineering. A product with all these aspects being exceptional would tend to perform better.

Warranty of a product is really important. It determines the credibility of the seller along with giving a general idea about the quality of the product. A product with a warranty on it must be preferred than a product without a warranty because a warranted product can be replaced easily without seeing much trouble.

Based on these specifications, we have reviewed cricket wireless.

Recommended products:

Cricket BYOD 2.0 Wireless 3-in-1 SIM Card Kit – Prepaid – Black:

This 3 in one sim kit from cricket wireless allows you to transfer or to come to cricket wireless. It also gives you the option to come to cricket wireless by keeping your number as well. They don’t have any hidden charges or any contracts on this sim card activation kit. It has an extremely cheap price and it can be bought in a range of just 2-5$ price.
Cricket Wireless Complete Starter Pack: Nano SIM Card:

This sim kit is in nano form but it also has micro and standard adapters. It allows you to transfer to cricket wireless. It is suitable for people who want to use it as a replacement sim card, or for travellers coming to the united states and even people who want to keep their numbers but want to shift to cricket wireless. It can be bought in a price of just 2-10$.
Apple iPhone 5s 16GB Space Gray – Cricket Wireless:

This apple iphone from cricket wireless has the same specifications but it has a cheaper price because it is an unlocked phone which could be made possible if you avail the contract. It can be bought in a price range of just 136-156$ which is extremely cheap.
Cricket Refill Card $70 Cricket Wireless Refill Card $70:

This is an easy fund adding method to your account. All you have to do it is buy this product, follow the given instructions and you can enjoy you services from cricket wireless. It has an optimal price and it can be bought in a price range of just 70$ to 90$.
Cricket Wireless Alcatel OneTouch Flint 4G LTE:

This smartphones from Alcatel has the ability to run on extra fast 4g and LTE networks with great speeds. This cell phone is refurbished to make sure that it looks and performs like new. It has a very cheap price and it can be bought in a price range of just 50-70$.
Cricket Refill Card $50 Cricket Wireless Refill Card $50:

By refilling this 50$ card the customers and users can enjoy the unlimited calls and texts package from cricket wireless. They can also surf on the internet at faster speeds. It is only compatible with cricket wireless and it can be bought in a price range of 45-65$.
Cricket wireless is an emerging telecommunication company whose service is growing every day in the united states. The packages and the products they offer are exceptional and they are made in such a way that every person would benefit from them.


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