Top Most Recommended Travel Adapter Converter Review 2018

Travel Adapter Converter


Mobile phones and other ICT (Information communication technology) devices like tablets, laptops etc. when introduced were very costly and only well off people were able to afford them, but as the competition increases in communication technologies, the prices of these devices start decreasing, so people of developing countries also start using them, and as the usage increases the landline phones and desktop computers usage become decreased, now a days people prefer to have a cell phone while going outside their houses. So the mobile phone which are a luxury item in past become a necessity now.  As the usage of mobile phone increases the manufacturers started offering more and more advanced specifications which includes huge memory, HD cameras and long lasting batteries but as these specifications made the usage easy it creates some difficulties also which includes battery drainage. The battery consumption increases so it is the dire need to have a charger all the time. Charging of ICT devices is easy when a person is in office or at home but the problem starts when someone is going outside especially abroad because the voltage and chargers work differently in different countries. A person may need a travel adapter converter whenever he is going outside the country.

ICTs made life and communication easy and the wireless age made it possible to make the world Global village, we can now communicate with anyone at any time with the help of ICT devices and we can get any information with in a second. But the problem starts when we face the shortage of battery of these devices specially while traveling, so the use of a best travel adapter converter is the best choice to cope up with battery shortage issue. Travel adapters are capable of providing different kinds of plugs which can fit any kind of outlet and can adjust the voltage according the need of the particular device.

Specifications of travel adapter converter

Specifications of travel adapter converter are as follows:

Voltage converter

Travel adapter converters are capable of convert the voltage of any area regarding the demand of current device. So with the use of travel adapter converter a person is able to charge his devices safely while travelling outside the country.

Multiple devices charging

Travel adapter converters are capable of charging up to 7 devices at a time. This specification made the use of travel adapter converter more important because it provides a chance to charge all of your devices simultaneously. It not only saves your time but also your money and it provides a chance to get connected and get in touch with your loved once all the time.

Safety purpose

Travel adapter converter provides complete safety to your devices, which means it’s totally safe to charge your devices by using travel adapter converter. Travel adapter chargers provides up to 2 years warranty which proves that they are totally safe to use. Along with the warranty this product provides complete heat, short circuit, current and load protection.


Travel adapter converter provides slim and compact sizes which are ideal to take with you anywhere. It is very easy to be packed and carried out. It is very light weight.


Travel adapter converter can be used worldwide. It can be used in all countries as it has inbuilt functions of converting all countries voltages according to the need of the particular device.

Above mentioned specifications highlight the Excellency and need of travel adapter converter while traveling around the world.

Best Recommended travel adapter converter with their Key Features

There are many brands of travel adapter converter; some of them are given below with their highlighting features.

BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 220V to 110V Voltage Converter with 6A 4-Port USB Charging and UK/AU/US/EU Worldwide Plug Adapter

It provides solution to all of your problems as it is capable of converting voltage of all countries to the voltage of devices inbuilt voltage that is 110 V in US. It makes the charging of your devices safe while traveling outside the country. It is capable of charging 7 devices at the same time, which means it can easily saves your time, it has 4 ports of charging and one output that is 6A. It offers a warranty of 24 months which is more than enough and it offers complete safety regarding current, short circuit, load of electricity and heat. The hardware is upgraded that provides complete safety to the health of your devices. It has a compact size, a power cable that can be attached which is of a length of 5 foot and this feature enables us to take this device easily with us. It provides three different adapters which can be used internationally and they are capable of supporting outlets in 150 or more countries worldwide. The price of this product ranges from 29 to 49 USD. This product is available in an upgraded color and offers a discount on selected products when you buy it.

BESTEK Travel Adapter 220V to 110V Voltage Converter with 6A 4 USB Ports and UK/AU/US/EU Plug Adapter

It has a unique technology of converting the voltage according to the need of the device and it can be usable worldwide. It is totally safe to use and provide a warranty which ensures the health of the devices. It is very compatible and available with a bag which makes it easy to carry out this travel adapter along with you. It is capable of charging more than 7 devices at a time. The price of this product ranges from 32 to 52 USD.

USB Wall Charger, BESTEK 35W 4 Port International Travel Adapter and Converter Smart Technology with US UK EU Plug (US/AU 2 in 1) White

It is very powerful that it can charge 4 tablets at a very high speed and in same time and this device is offers a maximum output. It is equipped with advanced technology which can control and provide exactly needed current. It has a range of different adapters which makes it possible to be used in more than 150 countries. Amazingly this product is available with eighteen months of warranty. It is totally safe to use and is capable of controlling temperature, current and over charging issues. The price ranges in between 10 to 24 USD.






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