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                                      Total Wireless Review

Total wireless is a USA based telecommunication company which is a sub brand of TracFone Wireless. Total Wireless is a Mobile Virtual Network operator (MVNO) that uses Verizon’s CDMA network. Before early 2017, Total Wireless products were only sold at Walmart. They are now sold at other major retail stores such as Target and Dollar General. They offer several different rate plans starting at $25/month, and all plans include unlimited talk minutes and texting. Data is also available on plans starting at $35/month for 5GB of data. Before May 2016, only 3G phones were sold and supported by Total Wireless. In May 2016 Total Wireless gained support for Verizon’s 4G network, and started selling phones with that support on its own website (as well as Walmart’s website. Moreover total Wireless has also some signature cell phones which it sells along with the sim cards. They also have mobile hotspot softwares which allows one user to share their internet through their cell phones.

Total Wireless is getting a lot of fame lately and that is merely because of three things, the first one is that the service and reception total wireless has is unparalleled, the second thing that boosts the business of the company is the Customer Support they provide their customers, and the third thing which is good about them is that the plans they offer are absolutely worth it. They provide unlimited calls and text messages in just 25$/ month and also they provide 5GB data for an additional 10$ which makes the price go at 35$. If we try to look at things and observe them analytically we will come to the conclusion that they have the best packages to price ratio. We here are therefore reviewing some of the products from Total Wireless to check whether the company is worth it or not. Our review is based on three sections, in the first one, we will cover Sim cards and data plans, in the second we will cover mobile hotspot from total wireless and lastly we will try to review the cell phones being sold by total wireless.

Sim Cards and packages:

There are important specifications for sim cards and they are reception and compatibility. Total wireless provides its customers with service in all of the United States. So that means it has a great reception. The next specification is compatibility. Different cell phones have different compatibility to network. Some of them run CDMA while others run Gsm. Total wireless only works with CDMA that too from Verizon. But they have different sizes of sim cards like nano, and micro and standard size sims. Some of the Simcards and packages are listed below.

Total Wireless Universal CDMA Sim Kit:

So this sim kit has a 3 in 1 operation. It has only CDMA network compatibility so this means it is not going to work with GSM models. The second thing is that it has a standard sim, a micro sim and a nano sim along with it. So this means that any 3g or 4g enabled cell phone can run this sim card. This is just the sim kit and the plans are sold separately which can be bought from any good store. The price of this sim kit is low and can be bought for 3-9$.
Total Wireless CDMA 4G LTE Nano Sim Card for Smartphones:

This pack includes one nano sim. It can be used with smartphones which run on nano sim. But it has a 4g Lte capability so all the phones having 4g will be able to run it on this sim. It only works with Verizon smartphones like iphone and Samsung etc. This is just the sim card so it means there is no service or any package included. Its model number is TWAPIPHCSIMKITV2. It can be bought in a very cheap price range of just 6-9$.
Total wireless packages:

There are different packages of total wireless. The most important and commonly used two are the unlimited data and voice plan, which can be bought for 25$. The second one is the one having unlimited calls and text messages and a 5GB data plan as well, which can be bought for just 35$. There are other packages which cover multiples lines and their prices vary based on the usage. The link to 35 dollar plan with unlimited voice and texts and 5Gb data is given.

Total Wireless mobile hotspot:

So this device basically is a mobile hotspot or a router which uses Total Wireless network and converts the data to Wifi to let multiple users use it. It is not contract based. This hotspot is a UNIMAX U240c, it has a 3 hours battery life, and it can be charged easily. It has a really good interface which is simple and easy to use. It can be bought in a price range of 40-60$.  Now we have covered the sim cards and the mobile hotspot from Total wireless, we would move to other products.

Total Wireless Smartphones:

Total wireless has different smartphones which have been made in such a way that they work with total wireless. They are contract based and sometimes they also are contract free. Total basically works with Verizon smartphones, so they cover models from Samsung, LG and Zte. A brief review of one of the smartphones from Total Wireless is given below along with the link.

Total Wireless – LG 238C Prepaid Cell Phone – Black

This is one of the smartphones that Total wireless sells. It has a 1.3 mega pixel camera, also it has a 2.3 hour talk time and a 7 day standby battery. This is just a smartphone, so no package or plan is included. It is 3G enabled. It can be bought in a price range of 40-60$.

Total wireless is an emerging telecommunication company and it is one of the fastest growing networks in the US. Their ability to provide great call and text plans along with data for an inexpensive price, their customer support and lastly their network reception is what makes them great. They suit all types of people and their packages are designed in such a way that they fulfil the needs of their customers. But the final choice is of the user. If they want to buy a network, which gives them great packages, a great reception and cheap prices, then Total Wireless is the right company for them.


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