Top Recommended 4 HDMI Video Card Review 2018

4 HDMI Video Card


Multimedia and movie making is getting importance day by day. Films and movies are very best source of entertainment. These movies can be played on Projectors. These projectors can show a large and clear moving pictures with sound. The movies has been made on different occasions and parties. This is the best way to keep good memories. Movies making industry has been expanded tremendously. A large variety of movie making instruments are available in the market. Movie makers get training for this art. People use to see entertainment movies to make them relax.4 HDMI Video card is a device to play movies. It is also know as Projector. Now a days a large variety of projectors can be seen around us. Let’s see some of the important features of projectors.

Unique features of 4 HDMI Video card.

4 HDMI Video card is a very high quality multimedia. Their size is very small and can easily be carried anywhere. Their picture quality is best having very bright colors. They have very clear and loud sound. Their electricity consumption is less than other instruments. These can be attached with iPhone, laptops, TV, and DVDs. They are all enabled to connect to WiFi, browsing, YouTube and online videos can be played on them. They have also Bluetooth, wireless and USB connectivity. These projectors are ideal for outdoor camps, parties and watching any match. We can share data like photos or music by these projectors. These are very lovely gift to be given at any ceremony to our love ones. These have very handy size. These projectors have very bright colors display and a very large screen to show the images.

Best recommended brands of 4HDMI Video card.

Here we are going to discuss the specifications of some well known brands of 4 HDMI Video cards so as to felicitate the users to choose the best product for them according to their demands and affordability. Besides demand these are worth considering for in terms of not only quality but due to their cost effectiveness as well.

1: ALOFOX A313 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector, Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector Support 1080P HDMI USB SD Card VGA AV for Home Cinema TV Laptop Game iPhone Android Smartphone with Free HDMI Cable

It has beautiful design and very small size. It is best for watching any movie or matches. We can also share pictures by it. It has built in speakers, and it can also attached with Mac, iPhone, laptops, PC, DVDs etc. For best watching experience 130 inches size is ideal, whereas the distance of 2 – 2.5 m is required for the best pictures. This Projector is environmental friendly, it consumes electricity 70% less than other devices and it is equipped with smart LED bulb which saves energy and long lasting. It has one year warranty of parts repairing and two months replacement and money back guarantee if the user is not satisfied. Its brightness is 1500 luminous, its projection size is 32 ~ 150 inches and ideal distance is 1.4 ~ 4 m. Its contrast ratio is 3000: 1 and Aspect ratio is 16: 9 while its power consumption is 55 W. Its color is black and weight is 3 pounds. Its price ranges is in between $ 95 – $ 105.

2: TOUYING M9 Mini Projector HD 3D DLP Max200″ Home Video Theater 3500 Lumens support 2K/4K Wireless WIFI Bluetooth Android System Game Office iPhone Multi-screen Sharing HDMI USB SD Card AV Black

This Projector gives cinema experience at home, its picture quality is excellent. Its brightness is 3500 luminous, its contrast ratio is 5000:1 while 200 Max big screen. Its light have 30000 hours life, it has traditional video capability. It has built in android 5.1 system. It has one year warranty and refundable or replaceable in case of any dissatisfaction. It can also connectable with WiFi. It has Bluetooth, HDMI, USB and wireless connectivity. Its price ranges is from $ 490 – $ 510.

3: CANGSIKI Android 6.0 100 ANSI Lumens LED Portable Smart Mini Projector, Home Theater DLP Pocket Video Projector Support 4K 1080P UHD HDMI USB TF Card for Home Cinema/TV/Laptop/iPhone Android Smartphone

It is upgraded to 100 ANSI Lumens, it’s contrast ratio is 2000:1, it is 50% more brighter than other led lights , it is full HD Projector, it has inbuilt 6.0 android system. It can connectable to WiFi, we can browse, YouTube, videos, and photo sharing. It has big screen. We can connect it with our laptops, play games and enjoy has 5000 mAH battery, it is best for outdoor camps, parties and a very nice gift for friends and family. It has a wide screen size of 120 inches. This is an outdoor projector having very bright display and beautiful colors. It has one year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. Its price ranges is from $ 255 – $ 265.

4: TENKER Upgrade +10% Lumens 4.0″ LCD Mini Projector, Portable Home Theater Projector 170″ Display, Support 1080P HDMI USB SD Card AV VGA for TV Laptop Game Smartphone Includes HDMI Cable

This Projector has a very nice cinema effect, having 50,000 hours lifespan. It is best for home entertainment in the darkroom. Its resolution is 800 * 480. It has very powerful fan which reduces noise and give clear voice. It can display images between 32 x 176 inches. It is compatible with laptops, TVs, tablets, iPhone, multimedia, USB flash drive and smartphones. It has 3 years warranty. Its price ranges is from $ 105 – $ 115.


After discussing different brands of projectors we may conclude that these are very important source of entertainment. These are best for watching movies and football matches. These projector can show crystals clear image and perfect sound. Their display is very bright and colors are very fresh. People who have been using these projectors are very satisfied, user’s reviews shows that their working quality is best. These are very nice gift for friends and family. Their size is very small and handy these are very easy to be carried around. These can be attached with our mobile, laptops or tablets etc. We can also share pictures and videos with these projectors. These are very easy to handle. Therefore, if you are looking for the best 4 HDMI Video Card then surely this article is worth reading which provides you with the top most recommended quality products as well as credible manufacturers that you can always trust.

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