Top Recommended Nike Strike Soccer Ball Review 2018


Nike is one of the highly recognized, multi-national sports company. One of their amazing sports products is the Nike strike soccer ball. They are releasing soccer balls which are made up of the new materials that intend to provide more accurate flight. The Nike soccer balls are built with 12 panel designs that are used for true and accurate ball flight. It includes a two year stitch and shape guarantee as well. The soccer balls are made up of a spherical shape having the core of the ball prepared of a material that is generally cotton batting. The center part of the soccer ball is covered by a multi strand yarn. There is a synthetic cloth cover that is made up of double knit polyester.  The cover is comprised of two cloth pieces that have various designs and patterns embossed on it. This gives the ball an appearance of a standard soccer ball. Generally, the balls have a same size, constant spherical shape and functional characteristics. But they may vary as in those who cannot kick comparatively hard balls for instance kids and physically weak persons; they can get softer and lighter ones and having a lower value of its elastic restitution. The Nike strike soccer ball is recommended for the sports lovers as it deals with the following problems which other conventional soccer balls have. These are:

The conventional soccer balls are not good for indoor use. The reason for this is that they can break the windows of the house or whatever place you’re playing it at and can damage other delicate objects as well. Thus they require an extensive amount of space to be played at as they move quite far when kicked. Moreover, when the soccer ball is thrown or kicked towards the player at a considerably high velocity, it gets difficult for the learner, who is not used to playing with soccer balls, to have control over the ball. So it gets tricky for the beginner to catch and have hold over the ball that is being kicked at him. The conventional soccer ball can result in causing pain or sever physical injuries f they are strike hard at the player’s face or other delicate parts of his/her body. Small, weak children who have sensitive body are more likely to get hurt because of it as they do not have a good coordination and control over the ball. Also, another major problem is that these local soccer balls are filled with high amount of air only. So once the hollow flexible chamber of the ball, that is the bladder, gets punctured; the ball thus becomes useless. All these problems are very well tackled by the Nike strike soccer ball as it has amazing aerodynamic properties. They are softer and lighter having a lesser coefficient of elastic restoration so that they can be used to play in a relatively smaller area, without damaging the fragile objects that are present around the place. Thus the chances of breakage will also be lessened. Moreover, the Nike strike soccer balls are best to be used by the people who are highly interested in playing and learning soccer and becoming pro in this game. These soccer balls are better than others as their construction involves better material and structural composition. They consist of twelve standard pentagon shaped and twenty standard hexagon shaped panels. The inside of these soccer balls is made up of a latex bladder. This allows the pressure to be put on the ball so that it moves easily and covers required distance according to the force applied to it. The panel pairs of the soccer ball are stitched along the side of the edge either manually or with the help of a machine. The size of the ball may vary but a regular, standard ball has approximately a diameter of 22 inches for a regulation size 5 ball. According to the laws of games that are set by the International Football Association Board, the rules state that a size 5 ball should have a circumference of 68 to 70 cm and the weight of the ball should be in the range of 14 to 16 oz. The pressure inflated inside the ball should be 0.6 to 1.1. One can find these specifications are very well confined in the Nike strike soccer balls.

To efficiently play soccer and get hold over the ball, a soccer training device is also required. It consists of a soccer ball along with a harpoon fitting the ball. It has a cord connected to its one end of the swivel and its free end passes through a tube which is carried by a waist belt. This waist belt is worn by the player, around the waist. It also comprises of a handle which allows the player to control the distance between the ball and the player as he uses the apparatus to play the game.


  • The ball must not have a circumference of more than 28 inches and less than 27 inches.
  • The weight of the soccer ball must be from 16 ounces to 14 ounces and it should not exceed 16.75 ounces after its use.
  • The ball must be spherical in shape.
  • The outer composition of the ball must be leather or approved synthetic.
  • Color of the ball may vary.
  • The pressure inflated in the ball should be from 8 to 15 psi.


  1. This soccer ball is great for use. It has an authentic Nike soccer gear guarantee. The size is 5 and the price of this ball is $49.87 only. It has a visual power graphic for better ball tracking and a durable rubber bladder which gives it great shape and consistent feel.
  2. This soccer ball has a textured casing that provides a great touch and feel. It a strong, unbreakable bladder and 12 panels design for accurate ball flight. It is of size 5 and costs $18.99 to $51.09 only.
  3. This is a high quality soccer ball with great weight and bounce features. It has a unique texture which helps the player maintain control over the all. The cost of this ball is $30.


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