Which are the Cheap Ink Cartridges?

 Cheap ink cartridges

If you cut open an expensive ink cartridge from a big company you will notice that the ink in the cartridges is very less. That is because the size of the cartridges has been increased but the sponge present inside that hold the ink have been reduced dramatically in size. In modern times printers have become a useful and an important accessory for every home and office. People who usually have lots of work that needs a printer don’t go to the printing shop anymore, they instead buy a printer themselves. But that printer runs out of ink after some time, and it needs refilling. That is because the ink cartridge that is put in the printer and stores the ink runs dry. Printers are just like pens, they have inks in a box, which when dry needs refilling, Some printers produce ink cartridges that can be refilled at home, but most of the printers use disposable ink cartridges, that when run dry have to be changed. Ink cartridges usually cost from 15 to 75$ per an ounce of ink. The big shot companies that enjoy a niche over ordinary companies provides its users with expensive ink cartridges. The cartridges have quality inks but they have an extraordinary price and their ability to print pages is very less. So In this scenario people opt for cheap ink cartridges that are for lesser prices and roughly do the same job.

The vendors of cheap ink cartridges make cheaper cartridges because they use low quality materials to make the cartridges unlike the big companies. But this compromise on quality of cartridge gives the sellers the luxury to buy cheap ink cartridges. Some companies write XL on ink cartridges and give a little bit more ink but the price gets more and more. This puts printer uses in a very tough tussle.

So when you are in such a fix, you need to buy cheap ink cartridges that would provide with the same amount of ink and lesser price. But some companies don’t provide its users with the best quality and charges almost the same amount of money as some of the big companies. Moreover there are lots of brands that manufacture ink cartridges which are of different sizes and shapes and are for different devices.  So in a situation like this a person must know what type of ink cartridge is he buying and what ink cartridges suits his needs best. Based on the specifications of the ink cartridge, one can only who what to buy.


Specifications are the qualities and the abilities that a device of machine must possess. When it comes to ink cartridges, they are the types of cartridge, type of the ink, type of the colour of the ink, amount of the ink in the cartridge, quality of the ink cartridge and finally the warranty.

Type of cartridge:

Two of the most the most common type of ink cartridges are the thermal and piezoelectric ink cartridge. Different printers use one kind of the cartridges. The traditional ink cartridges are the thermal ones. They have a metallic inkjet, which gets heated due to the current passed through it, which melts the ink and it is then released through a nozzle and onto the paper. This happens in under a fraction of a second. The piezoelectric inkjets use a crystal. Of which when current is passed, it changes shape and size which forces the ink out of the nozzle and on the paper.

Type of ink:

There are two types of inks used in cartridges. Dye-based inks and pigment-based inks.
Dye=based inks are very stable and they used dying material in manufacturing the ink. The results from a dye based ink are very vibrant and long lasting.  However there are issues like slow drying and blurred images when it comes to dye-based ink. While the pigment based ink cartridges dry fast and produce good results. They are sometimes waterproof which means that they are more long lasting compared to the dye based ink cartridges. Pigment based ink is usually more expensive than dye based ink.

Type of colour of the ink:

Printers come in different types. Some printers print colourful images while other printers black and white images. So before buying a suitable ink cartridge, one must overlook the colour of the ink. Some cartridge companies provides the costumers with different ink cartridges in a single box and deal, while other provide only uni-coloured ink cartridge. Choosing the suitable ink cartridge depends upon the type of the printer you have.

Amount of ink:

Getting swayed away by advertisements and buying ink cartridges that although are very cheap but have a very small amount of ink storage can be quite frustrating. It can be avoided by checking the amount of ink as labelled by the seller on the ink cartridge. It is either written in the form of ml or ounces and sometimes in the form of how much pages the printer can print. Some companies provides its user with small ink compartments but larger print  capacities. So the weight of the overall ink cartridge doesn’t matter but the weight of ink does.

Quality of the ink cartridge:

Some vendors when trying to lower down the price of ink cartridges, they either compensate it by either degrading the quality of the ink or even the material used to make the ink cartridge. A bad quality ink cartridge will not only mess up with the printer but also may leak or even get faulty after a few uses. So before buying an ink cartridge one must overlook quality and put it to a test. Also check the background of the company.

Warranty and customer support:

Some sellers provide its users with a 30 day warranty on the product. Which means that in case of a leak or bad result, the user can return the ink cartridge. Some fake companies don’t provide this luxury to its users. They don’t give the user any warranty or exchange policy if the ink cartridge is of faulty quality. They don’t even give the customer support that a buyer so desires. So before buying an ink cartridge you must be sure about whether the vendor will give you warranty or not.

Based on these specifications we have recommended 10 of the best and cheap ink cartridges.

ESTON 5 Pack Ink Cartridge For HP 564XL Black:

Eston 5 ink cartridge is not made by HP. It is used in Hp products but it is manufactured by eston which uses different quality of ink that it puts in the cartridge. This pack of 5 cartridges comes in 5 different colours which are Black, cyan, pink, photo black and yellow. It is very cheap and stands at just 10.35$. It prints up to 550 pages per cartridge which can be extended.  This cartridge comes with a 1 year warranty and an inexpensive customer support.

Canon Fine Cartridge PG-240XL/CL-241XL with Photo

This ink cartridge is manufactured by Canon. Which does not compromise on the quality over price of the product. This is a very expensive product and is for 54$. But when it comes to the capacity of this printer it wins over other. It comes with two types of ink cartridges, a colourful and a black cartridge. It uses new Chroma life 100 ink which is used to produce crispier and more quality prints of anything. It has the ability to print 50-76 photos.
Skia Ink Cartridges ¨ 20 Pack:

When it comes to buying ink cartridges in bulk Skia takes the lead. In this pack of cartridges skia gives 20 ink cartridges at just 14.95$. They also provide a warranty of 1 year. These ink cartridges are used to take quality prints because they come with skia ink. Capacity is not given.

Lexmark high yield 100XL ink cartridge-Black:

This quality ink cartridge has the ability to print up to 510 pages of paper. This ink cartridge comes in black colour only. It uses Vizix ink technology which produces clearer and crispier images. The seller doesn’t provide its users with any warranty whatsoever. The price of this products stands high at 28.50$ but it doesn’t compromise on quality and amount of ink in it.

HWDID Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 60 xl:

This ink cartridge by HWDID is a replacement for the HP 60 xl. It comes in a pack of 2 ink cartridges. One cartridge is in black ink while the other is in colour ink(pink). It is very cheap at just stands at 18.90$. It is half the price of Hp 60xl. It also prints effectively upto 600 pages with the black cartridge and an impressive 400 pages from the coloured cartridge with ink volumes upto 18 and 16ml respectively, The inks are ISO-9001 and MSD verified.

Inkjetcorner 5 NEW YELLOW Printer Ink:

This pack of inkjetcorner ink cartridges has 5 Lc75y yellow cartridges. On each shell there is a warranty of 2 years which means that incase of any leak or breakage you can return this cartridge to the seller. The volume of ink this cartridge is equal to that of oem.
Set of 24 pack LC75 High Yield Compatible Ink Cartridge:

This pack of ink cartridges is manufactured by Generic. It has 24 coloured and black ink cartridges. It has 12 black, 4 yellow, 4 cyan and 4 magenta ink cartridges. It has a very good quality and can be bought at as low as 12.93$. It has a warranty of 1 year.
Epson T220120-BCS DURABrite Ultra Black & Color Combo:

This pack of ink cartridges from Epson comes in two types. A black ink cartridge and a coloured ink cartridge. Epsom doesn’t compromise on the quality of ink or of the material so the product of this price is high and it stands at 35.01$. The ink capacity is the same as 220xl.
Valuetoner Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 61XL:

Valuetoner ink cartridge are remanufactured be used instead of the ink cartridges by Hp, especially HP 61XL. These ink cartridges are cheaper than the ones produced by Hp. They have a price tag of 23.49$. They are tricoloured and come with black and colour ink cartridge. The black ink cartridge has the ability to print 480 pages while the colour ink cartridge can print upto 330 pages. They come in black, cyan, magenta and yellow colours. The seller provides its user with a 100% satisfaction warranty of 24 months and a valuable customer support.

E-Z Ink (TM) Compatible Ink Cartridge Replacement For Brother LC203 XL:

This pack of 5 E-Z ink cartridges comes with 2 black and 3 tricolour (Magenta, Cyan and yellow) ink cartridges. It is used as a replacement for the brother LC203 Xl ink cartridges because they are more expensive than these. The produce quality and crisp prints. The price of this pack of 5 E-Z ink cartridges is just 15.98$. It has the ability to print 550 pages through the black ink cartridge and 550 pages from the coloured ink cartridge. It is Iso-9001 verified.

Product Description ESTON-HP 564XL Canon Fine Cartridge PG-240XL Skia-Ink Cartridges Lexmark high yield 100XL ink cartridge-Black:


HWDID Replacement for HP 60 xl:


Type of ink 1 black 1 black, 1 colour 20, 12 black and 8 tricoloured 1 Black 1 black, 1 color
Capacity 550 pages 50-76 photos Not specified 510 pages 600 pages and 400 pages respt
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year Not specified Not specified
Price 10.35$ 54.35$ 14.95$1 28.50$ 18.95$

Final Verdict:

Different ink cartridge brand provide their customers with various types and qualities of ink cartridges. When buying an ink cartridge one must be sure about their needs and specifications because cartridges come with various kinds and uses. Buying the suitable ink cartridge is important and primary. Cost and benefit analysis is the second most important thing that must be in the mind of the user before buying a product which means that the buyer must be aware of the ratio of yield to the price. Then compare it with the other models. So the cheapest ink cartridge would be the one that is made of good ink, it’s ratio of yield to the price must be better than the other models and finally whether the vendor is providing any warranty or not.


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