Which is the Best Electric Weed Eater?

Best Electric Weed Eater

If you are looking for the best electric weed eater than you are exactly at right place. We are providing you the best information about the specifications and advantages of best electric weed eaters. With the advent of fall, electric weed eater’s demand rises phenomenally.

Best Electric Weed Eater
                         Best Electric Weed Eater

Therefore, with the increase in the trimming work or your job of trimming, the best electric weed eater is your foremost requirement. Moreover, comparatively electric weed eater are cost ineffective than gas weed eater. The best thing is all the best manufacturers of electric weed eaters provides you the best of all plus gives you warranty for minimum a year to repair in case your weed eater started creating problems in its performance.

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A best weed eater is the one that can get your job done in half time the gas weed eater can done. Besides, environmental factors ought to have keep in mind. In order to have peaceful relations with your neighbors you need to choose the one that is the most environment as well as user friendly. Now, what kind of electric weed eater you need to buy depends upon your requirement and the level of comfort that whether you are comfortable with corded weed eaters or cordless weed eaters.

Your requirement and the size of your yard also matters. The size of your lawn will help you in deciding the battery and power you need to get that job done. Small yards can be done within  one battery but a larger yard requires more. Besides, the level of work matters also. Level of work refers to whether you are searching weed eater for your professional requirement or for domestic chores.

Qualities of a Best Weed Eater:

The best weed eater can be assessed according to the following specifications. The best weed eater for you is also dependent upon your requirement like the size of your yard, level of work and off course your budget limitations.

Qualities of a Weed Eater
                    Qualities of a Weed Eater


If the eater is designed in way that is easy to carry for you as well as convenient to handle is the best     weed eater. Always consider its       weight and design before selecting the weed eater. Your arm length also matters, you need to select the one that can be adjusted according to the height and the arm’s length of the user.

Battery Life:

Your level of work is significant in determining the duration of time in which your work can be done. Likewise, the duration of time will determine the type of battery you need. Like if you have smaller yard, your work can be completed within one battery but if your yard is larger than your preference will be other way round.


The design of shaft is very significant as its width and edge matters the most. As the sharpest edged weed eater will get your grass trimmed sharply. Therefore, the sharper the eater the more preferable it will be.


On the other hand, its width is another important factor that needs keen attention. So, always look around for that shaft whose width covers the larger area of grass to be trimmed. These two are the important things you need to consider when you are buying a new weed eater.


The best manufacturers always the ones who provide you the machine with warranty. Therefore, you should be going for that product whose warranty is guaranteed by its manufacturer. This will make you trust your machine and ultimately the manufacturer. The biggest advantage of warranty is that you can repair your weed eater from your manufacturer whenever it gets problematic in performing the job. Besides, reliability is an important factor this adds into the credibility of manufacturer that matters the most because weed eaters cannot be purchased daily. This is a long term choice and therefore you need to take decision while keeping the warranty thing in your mind.

Environment Friendly:

Weed eaters ought to have the one which is environment friendly as keeping in mind the peace of your neighbors should be your foremost concern. Besides, your weed eater should be smart enough to get your grass trimmed within no time.

User Friendly:

The most important thing is to consider the friendliness of the devise whether that eater can be handled easily or not. Handling means it should not be that heavy that a user won’t be able to carry it along. Secondly, it should not be that technical that a lay man cannot understand that how to use it.

Safety Measures:

Safety comes first. Therefore, whenever you decide to buy a weed eater always prefer the electric one as it contains less danger than that of the gas weed eater. Besides, the two types of electric weed eater i.e. corded and without cord both depends upon your level of comfortability with the eater. If you are not comfortable with the corded one then it will be challenging for you to work with corded weed eater. On the other hand, the cordless weed eater provides you the level of ease in getting done with your trimming job as soon as possible. Do not forget to wear gloves and proper dress while trimming and cutting your grass.

Safety Measures
       Safety Measures

This job requires specific dress; don’t wear your casuals while doing this job as this will ruin your wardrobe. Wearing mask is the important thing for your health. Any debris can injure your face. Do wear glasses because a debris can injure your eyes and this will create long term problem for you. Keep your weed eater away from the reach of children as this is dangerous for children to play with this. When using the electric weed eater especially the one with electric connection keep others at least 50feet away from you. Do not let passersby get affected or injured by your trimming job. Keep the shafts safely and out of reach of children as shafts contains sharp edges which are the most dangerous for children and for elders as well.

Safety Checklist
Gloves Yes
Clothes for trimming Yes
Mask Yes
Glasses Yes
Keep away from children Importantly
Keep all 50ft away Yes

Don’t forget to make sure that you are done with the above check list before using your electric weed eater. This check list will help you in taking serious safety measures in order to avoid any type of mishap in the surroundings.


Never use a machine without reading its manual carefully. Therefore, whenever you are going to buy the weed eater always read its user manual first in order to avoid any mishap. Manual will also guide you about the handling, safety and maintenance measures about your weed eater.

Best Weed Eater Qualities
Shafts Sharp edged/width
Power/Battery Perfect
Shape Versatile
Warranty Guaranteed
Environment friendly Hundred percent
User friendly yes
Manual  (A must read book)

Comparative Analysis of the Best Weed Eaters:

Following are the few best weed and the most recommended weed eaters for your yard;

Black & Decker LST136:

By now the best electric weed eater have found to be the Black & Decker LST136. Its Shafts are wider enough to cover the larger area of the grass to be trimmed. Moreover, its power command system helps you in adjusting the level of power in hard surfaces of grass. Its wider shaft saves decrease your energy consumption. Above all, it is engineered in a unique style that is convenient for a user to handle. It is by now one of the stringent weed eater that help you in cutting and trimming the grass even from hard and tough surfaces or edges. Its battery made up of 40V MAX containing Lithium Ion that enhance the life of the battery. Automatic Feed Spool enhances the productivity without any hindrance. Amazingly, this eater can easily be converted into trimmer with just an OFF button of the shaft. The price ranges from 110.69 to 130.69.


On the other hand, RYOBI is a versatile trimmer in cutting and trimming all kind of grass and edges. It contains shaft that can be rotated to adjust the length and the direction to cut the grass from the edges and from the tough surfaces.

Both are the aforementioned weed eaters are the cordless ones. This will help you in reaching out to those places where corded weed eaters cannot reach easily. On the other hand, this will release the burden of electric connection. The most amazing thing about both the best recommended weed eaters is that they have adjustable shafts. Therefore, you can adjust the shaft according to you height and arms’ length.

Most Recommended Weed Eaters

Following are the most recommended weed eaters;


In order to get done with the trimming work in less time and your lawn is small than this devise suits you the best. Remington weed eater not only is fast but also convenient to handle that is user friendly as well as speedy in flourishing the shape of the yard. This weed eater can be handled easily as its handle can be rotated to 180 degree that makes the trimming of the lawn convenient and fast for you. Remington weed eater contains dual line comprising of 14-inches length with 0.065 inch line that ensures best trimming of your lawn. The shafts can be adjusted easily with the height of the user and can be easily stored for further usage.

Green Works-25223-Cordless Batteries:

The price of this weed eater ranges from 275 to 280$. Green works contains 40V battery containing Lithium Ion with two batteries enclosed in it and a charger. The shaft is 19inch long in length. The lever is single that contains 7-positions height adjustable from 1-1/8 inch to 3-inch.


Green works is a 3 in 1 package comprising of the rear baggage for reuse, can release raw material at any time with mulching. The front wheels are of 7-inch long while the rear wheels are 10-inch long, making this machine convenient to handle with encouraging results.


The price of Toro weed eater ranges from 120 to 123$. A handy machine that is convenient to carry along anywhere a user needs to. The shaft is 24 inches in length with the cutting blade containing dual action. This weed eater can trim the branches which are 5/8 inches thick. This means that this weed eater contains the lot of capacity to handle the heavy and thick grass within no time. The handle can be treated at 90 degree to the vertical side cutting. Toro is a cordless weed eater contains lithium-ion battery. It can reach up to 8 by 8 inches length by 36inches wide. The most amazing thing about this weed eater is that it contains the warranty of two years. The users can rely upon the manufacturers for two years. This makes this device desirable in terms of its manufacturers’ reliability.

Lawn Master-GT1313:

The prices ranges from 43 to 45$. As it names implies that this machine is a master in shaping your lawn within no time. This weed eater contains 4.2amp motor which help in getting done with the trimming work within one run time. The shaft contains a dual line comprising of 13-inch long blade with built in cord retainer. This weed eater is retractable that is the trimming has become convenient with retracting built cord retainers and retractable directions.  Above all this device is handy for the user and safe for the surroundings.

Black Decker-LSTE523:

This machine contains the power drive transmission to enhance the torque which will help in trimming the grass through sidewalks. It can be converted into wheeled edger from the trimmer. This machine starts working with one push button. You can extend the run time or enhance power with the help of 2-power control this power booster is helpful in eliminating frustrations in outdoor work.

Conclusively, the best weed eater is the one that suits your requirements. Your requirements include the size of your lawn, your type of work that is either professional or for daily chores. Lastly, the most important requirement is your budget. Your budget is the foremost requirement in selecting the best weed eater for your yard.



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