Why Choose a Bluetooth Earbud?

 Best Bluetooth earbuds under 50$

Bluetooth earbuds are the new cool; apple reintegrated the trend by introducing no audio jack in the all new iPhone 7 introduced in 2017.

Now if you lose the earphones provided by apple, you have to opt for Bluetooth earbuds. Amazon.com provides its buyers with the best earbuds from authorised sellers. Who also provide various guarantees for the product to be sold.

After Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth earbuds came to the market of sound products and marginalised the traditional wire earphones. This acclaimed a lot of propaganda from the traditional users. But the new earbuds, oh my are they nifty? You no longer have to settle your earphone cord again and again, moreover the earphones because of the slightest of the cuts on the earphone wire, also no more worrying about the length of the cord, as this botheration is soothed by the Bluetooth earbuds that provide all the solutions of the problems that came with the traditional corded earbuds.

 Proven by research, Bluetooth earbuds come in different shapes and sizes. They use of Bluetooth technology, is in no way harmful to the human health. Besides being nifty and small, they are easy to use and have a very simple machination.
But why choose a Bluetooth earbud?

Bluetooth earbuds are easy to us, you have to connect it to the cell phone, and start listening to music. After first connection, the earbud connects to your phone automatically. Plus because of the long range of Bluetooth connectivity, you no longer have to put the phone in your hand and listen to music. Instead, your friend will turn on the earbuds and voila, there you go.

Then there’s this issue of cord breaking with the traditional earpieces which is solved by the Bluetooth earbuds. You no longer have to change your earphones because of the cord breakage. It is a great deal when it comes to money savings, as they usually last over a year, which is 4 times more than the traditional earphones. And when it comes to design, amazon provides the best and the slickest of the Bluetooth earbuds, that start the trend and are really cool to wear. Even the James bond character has a cordless Bluetooth earbud in his ear. Why don’t you?

Specifications for the best Bluetooth earbud

Specifications are the qualities that a machine you are buying possess. They are the things that you need to consider before choosing the machine of your type. The qualities like weight of the machine you are buying, its shape, how does it look, what is the battery timing of the device, what are the guarantees that the seller is providing, what is the machination of the device, whether the interface is easy to use or not, whether the seller provides customer support or not and lastly, whether it is a good deal for the money you are paying or not?

All these qualities cumulatively are the specifications of the device you are buying. So therefore let’s take a brief look at some of the qualities that an electric weed eater must possess..

Shape of the device:

The Bluetooth earbuds come in many shapes. Some have a large earpiece, while other use a controls everything. The tricky part is the weight of the device. Because of the micro computer in the earbud, its weight increases. So the lighter the device is the better. Usually the ones that have the computer in the hard cord that goes behind the neck are niftier and lighter. As they put the weight on the neck, unlike the ones that have the computer on the earpiece and it becomes tough for the user to manage such weight on his ears.

Battery life:

Battery life is another important feature that the buyer needs to consider before buying an earbud, Different sellers claim different battery lives for their devices. It ranges from 2 hours of music play to 30 hours of music play with one charge. So before buying an earbud one must compare all the earbud’s battery life. Many have lion battery technology, which usually is just for advertising. So it’s important to first discover the authenticity of the buyer, and then compare the battery lives of different devices.


Safety comes before everything. So a buyer must be aware of the proper working of the device. He should be aware that the earbud won’t cause damage to the buyer’s general health and that the Bluetooth radiation is minimum. This can be checked from the seller. Some cheap earbuds cause damage to not only the charger but to the electric socket as well. So before buying an earbud one must check for quality and insulation assurance.


Some Bluetooth earbuds don’t come in with a mic. Mic is a very important specification as you can make calls with the earbuds. Before buying an earbud one must be aware that whether the earbud provides a mic or not?


Different earbuds have different ranges. They usually have a connectivity range up to a few meters. Choosing a device that has the most range is a good option as you can actually listen to music while being in the field and with your phone placed away from you


Customer support is another important thing that matters. When it comes to repairing the device, or needing support in connectivity, a seller might or might not provide these luxuries. So you must overlook the fact that whether the seller is providing you with any guarantees and whether he provides a money back guarantee whether you get a faulty device or not. Because it is really important as it’s your money at the stake.

Some earbuds come in with waterproof and sweat proof technology which is a good feature to have if you are a workout and a gym freak. As sweat after the workout won’t affect the earbuds and they will stay in a good condition. Waterproof earbuds are usually more expensive than the non-waterproof

Earbuds offering noise cancellation are usually better than the ones that don’t give this option to the users. The technology used is nifty and provides the user with the luxury of using the earbuds on call without noise from the outside environment interfering it. Usually the earbuds with Cpx 6.0 noise cancellation are recommended.

Recommended Bluetooth earbuds:

We have analysed a few earbuds and chosen the 10 best among them. They are analysed on the basis of the specifications they provide and the authenticity of the seller. The final say is the user’s who is going to do a cost and benefit analysis first. Following are the recommended earbuds.


­­­This cheap but good quality earbud comes with CV 6.0 and Dsp techs which are used in noise cancellation. It is also sweat proof and has battery life of up to 5 hours. It has only one colour and that is white. It is a good deal for money, it is also sweat proof. And has the computer installed at the hard cord which makes it lighter. It also has a warranty of 18 months, which means that in case of malfunction, it will be replaced by the company.

NMPB H12 Wireless Stereo Headset

This Bluetooth earbud is made of silicone which makes it a good insulator. It also has a good battery life of 7 hours, along with a good range. The seller also provides a good warranty of 2 years. It also has options for switching songs and changing volume on the device itself.
It also comes in with three pieces of soft earplugs of different sizes and shapes

TREBLAB J1 Bluetooth Earbuds

This HD Bluetooth earbud is made with a cutting edge technology. It has an advanced Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX technology. It has a very good battery life of 9 hours. It provides the user with the options of multi connectivity. It is also sweat proof and water proof. It enhanced music quality is claimed to be the best in the market. It also provides a 2 year warranty for the users. It has a range of 38 feet, which means that u can listen to music from 38 feet away from your phone or computer.

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

These Bluetooth earbuds have the waterproof and sweat proof Ipx 7.0 technology. They provide the user with a battery life of up to 8 hours on calls and music play along with a standby time of 240 hours. The product is charged fully within 1.5 hours. It has a CVC 6.0 Noise cancellation technology along with Bluetooth 4.1. The seller also provides a 1 year warranty for the product and a 30 day no questions asked return policy as well.

Otium Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headphones:

These in ear earbuds use ipvx 7.0 technology for better quality. They are the best to be used by iPhone and android smartphones. They have a battery life of up to 8 hours. They also have a charging light indication which saves a good deal of energy.

ZEUS SPORT Bluetooth earphones:

These nifty and stylish earbuds come with waterproof and sweat proof technology with a rating of Ipx 4.1. It comes in two stylish colours, red black and white blue. It has a range of 33 feet. It has a Bluetooth V4.1 tech and also comes in with Cvc 6.0 noise cancellation feature. It has a universal connectivity. It comes in with a battery life of up to 8 hours. It uses polymer battery which is easily charged in under 2 hours. The seller provides a warranty of 30 days.

Joyful Heart JH-100:

Jh-100 is comfortable and secure to wear due to its design. It provides the user with a good battery life of 6-8 hours with one hour of charging. It comes in red and black colour and is the best to be used in gym and while doing sports. It has a universal connectivity and can connect 2 devices simultaneously. It also has a warranty of 1 year with 30 days return policy without any questions asked.

Phaiser BHS-730:

It has 8mm speaker that provide with a powerful bass. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 which is perfect for connectivity. The bullet-shaped Comply T-400 M memory foam tips provide Total Isolation from external noise. They come with noise reduction in the mic due to the t-400 technology. They have a sweat proof technology and provide a lifetime warranty if the earbuds get damaged due to sweat.

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones:

These sport earbuds are really comfy to wear and are very lightweight. They just weigh 0.46 Oz. They come in with a Csr chip that provides the best experience for music play. These earbuds have a battery life of 6-7 hours on music play and are fully charged in 2 hours. They work within a great range of 33 feet.


The range of these earbuds is up to 38 feet. It uses aptx technology for best music quality. It is water resistant and has an impressive battery life of up to 9 hours with only a charge of 1.5 hours. It also uses sound amplifiers to further boost the quality of sound. It has a lifetime warranty.

Product name



Range 38 feet 33 feet 34 feet 38 feet
Battery life 9 hours 8 hours 7 hours 9 hours
Warranty lifetime 30 days 1 year 2 years
Price 39.99$ 31.91$ 36.96 $ 38.35$

Why choose a Bluetooth earbud over a traditional one?

Because these earbuds use Bluetooth technology, which means that they are wireless. Which in turn solves all the problems related to cords, like broken cords, cut cords, short circuits and much more. Secondly they are a good deal when it comes to cost and benefit as they usually last longer than the traditional earpieces. Third reason to choose a Bluetooth earbud over the traditional one is that they are really cool in outlook and are the new trend. And fourthly, because most of them are sweat proof, they can be used during workouts and running.


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