Swiss Army Knife Tools Review

                                       Swiss Army knife tools 

Are you an adventurer and need a product for your trip or for camping that has various tools and is durable enough to be used in the outdoors? Well you are in the right place. As this review is all about Swiss Army Knives.  Swiss Gear knives enjoy a niche over other brands in so many departments of every day accessories and commodities. And why not? The products from Swiss gear are not only durable but also made from the best quality and they get your job done easily as compared to other brands. Some brands when they are trying to compete with top brands like Swiss gear, they have to either reduce the price of their product or to make their products better than the original brands like Swiss gear. But making a better quality product than Swiss gear is not an easy feat and it can’t be done as Swiss gear army knives are designed in such a way that they are the best. Moreover these knives from Swiss Gear come in so many different type of functions that allow a user to enjoy quality products that would serve different purposes. These tools from Swiss Army knives serve various functions and they are designed in such a way that they will perform lots of tasks and hence allowing the user to enjoy a tension free time. The tools include Blade, Nail File, Serrated-edge Scissors, Can Opener, Cap Lifter, Large and Small Screwdriver, wood saw, Phillips Screwdriver and many more. The amount of tools and functions depends upon the kind of knife you are buying. Swiss Gear once went one step further and they produced THE GIANT. That knife was integrated with all the tools that could be found in pocket knives. The purpose of this knife was to show the Company’s dedication towards satisfying its customers and also to tell them that Swiss gear is the best company in the world when it comes to making quality multi-purpose pocket knives.

There are many brands that produce Swiss army knives and the most notable among them are Victorinox and Wenger. Both these companies started manufacturing knives in almost the same time period.  But Wenger was integrated into Victorinox in 2013, but it still manufactures its own products which are sold under the name of Wenger. This indicates that there must be a variety of these products. Yes there is a variety. These knives differ from one another on their purposes, quality, style and lastly their vendor. Choosing the best knife depends upon the preferences and the requirements of a user. There are multiple sub brands under Swiss gear, so choosing the right type of Swiss gear knife is a difficult task. We tried to review some of the best Swiss gear knives, in order to determine which knife would be the best and which would pass our review. Our review is based on a set of specifications. So before comparing and reviewing the products here are some of the specifications of Swiss gear knives.

Specifications of a product helps users determine which product serves them the best. They are the abilities and qualities of a device or a product. Choosing a device without checking its specification can cause a lot of trouble to the user. In order to avoid from the trouble of buying the wrong product and getting it replaced, one must therefore always overlook the specification of a given product. In case of Swiss gear knives, its specifications are, the quality and durability of the knife, the product design, Comfort, the functions it has, safety, its weight and lastly the warranty on the product.

Due to the high market of Swiss Gear knives, there are many brands that tried to copy their designs and started making their own. To compete with the knives from Swiss Gear, they had to either make their products with better features and functions as compared to their competition, the Swiss Gear. But that couldn’t happen as Swiss gear is an international company which has been producing knives for so long. So in order to stay in the competition and to beat Swiss Gear, they started to cheapen the overall quality of the product. But this cheapening of prices reduced the quality of such brands. Swiss gear doesn’t compromise on the quality of their devices, their products are made with the best quality of material that can be seen by the company’s total worth and the market value of their products. Moreover their products are made in such a way that they can work in extreme conditions as well and that could only happen when the quality of the product is exceptional.

Swiss Gear knives are crafted in such a way that they are supposed to catch the eye. The designers of these knives make brick unturned to make that happen. Swiss gear not only makes their knives durable and of top quality, but they design it to the best. Their designs are perfect and look good in every hand and on every occasion. So you must not worry about the design of the knife as it has been carved to perfection by the set of their designers, hence making the device look the best while allowing you to perform numerous functions.

There are times in our lives when we need products that can do lots of things and have lots of tools. Swiss gear has a long history of making such products. One such product from Swiss gear is The Giant. The giant from Swiss gear is basically a knife that has all the functions and tools that could be in a pocket knife. That knife shows the dedication of Swiss knife towards the satisfaction of its customers. There are various products under Swiss Gear that have different and various functions. Choosing the best one depends upon the usage and the preferences of the user.

What good is a knife that has so many functions, has a very good quality and is durable but has got no comfort while using it? Well Swiss gear knives have solved that problem, their knives are designed in such a way that they are the most comfortable to use and they fit every hand easily, moreover due to their integrated grips and best quality materials they don’t even leave marks on your hands.

Who Is not concerned about their safety when working with sharp cutting tools? Every person is and why not? These knives if not used with precaution can be a danger. Swiss knives in order to ensure the safety of their customers have made their products in such a way that they can lock during function, moreover you don’t have to worry about the product snapping or closing between your fingers as it has been made with the best quality of materials, moreover some products from Swiss gear have patented lock blades which further enhance the overall safety of the user.

Due to different functions and nifty tools, the knives from Swiss gear tend to weigh a lot. But that is a wrong perception. They don’t. They have the best weight to function ratio, and their devices are made with such materials that they can weigh lesser than ordinary products present in the market of knives today.

In modern times there are not many sellers that provide their customers with a warranty. But traditionally speaking a warranty is something that determines the credibility of the seller and also defines the overall quality of the product. Some products from Swiss gear especially those from Victorinox provide their customers with a lifetime warranty.

Based on these specifications, we have selected a few of the best knife Swiss army knife tools and we have also reviewed them and compared them with a few other products as well.

Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clip 580 Swiss Army Knife:

This Swiss army knife has 7 implements and 8 functions. It comes with a nail clipper as well so if you are looking for a knife that cuts both food and other items along with nails than this is the best one for you. It has a very cheap price of 10-30$ compared to its specifications, this is a very cheap product. Because it features 1.75″ Blade, Nail File with Nail Cleaner, Nail clipper, Lever Design Serrated-edge Scissors, Key Ring, Tweezers, Toothpick. Moreover it comes with a very good warranty of about one lifetime against defects.
Victorinox Swiss Army EVOgrip 18 Knife:

This small knife from Victorinox can be bought for just 23-43$ . It has a very lightweight of just 3.2 ounces. Moreover it comes with Evogrip rubber handles which allow you to work under sweaty conditions. It has 11 implements that do 15 different functions which include 2.5″ Locking Blade, Nail File, Serrated-edge Scissors, Can Opener, Cap Lifter, Large and Small Screwdriver, wood saw, Phillips Screwdriver. It is crafted to perfection.
Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife:

Are you a fan of a knife that have the ability to do almost all your functions and has lots of tools that allow you to work with the minutes of the details? Then this is the right type of knife for you. This knife features 33 functions to equip you for everyday adventures. Which include a large Blade, a Small Blade, a Corkscrew, a Can Opener, a Small Screwdriver (also for Phillips Screws), a Bottle Opener with, a Large Screwdriver, a Wire Stripper, a Reamer. a Key Ring, Tweezers, a Toothpick, Scissors, a Multi-purpose Hook (Parcel Carrier), a Wood Saw, a Fish Scaler, a Hook Disgorger, a Ruler (in/cm), a Nail File with, a Nail Cleaner, a Metal File, a Metal Saw,a Fine Screwdriver, a Chisel/Scraper, a Plier, a Wire Cutter, a Wire Crimper, a Phillips Screwdriver,  a Magnifying Lens, a Pressurized Ballpoint Pen,  a Straight Pin, a Patented Mini-screwdriver and a Sewing Eye. Moreover the Stainless steel construction encased in polished red ABS scales provides sleek durability. Its weight is a little on the heavier side and weighs just over 6 pounds, but why not? This knife has so many functions to offer. This knife has a warranty of a lifetime against defects. It can be bought for 60-89$.
Victorinox Swiss Army MiniChamp Pocket Knife:

This knife from Victorinox is the smaller version of the Swiss Champ. It is one of the most light weight knives present in the market today. It weighs just 1.63 pounds. But do you think that because this knife has a lesser weight, it would have lesser functions? Well absolutely not. This knife has 16 different functions and features Blade, Scissors, Nail file with nail cleaner, Cuticle pusher, Screwdriver with ruler, Emergency blade (letter opener), Orange peeler with scraper, Bottle opener with magnetic, Phillips screwdriver, Wire stripper, LED mini white light (18,000 MCD), Retractable ballpoint pen, Key ring. It has a warranty of lifetime as well. Moreover it has a very low price compared to its specifications and it is 28.67-48$.
Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Multi-Tool:

The Classic is compact enough to fit in your pocket or hook to your key fob. And with its seven implements, is functional enough to save the day. The 2 1/4″ Classic SD is the epitome of Swiss Army Knife; functional, versatile and always there when you need it. Featuring 7 popular implements, stainless steel blades and Swiss Made precision, the Classic is the perfect companion for everyone. This small and nifty product can be bought at a very low price of just 6-26$. The handles of this classic knife are made with Cellidor and they are polished.

Product Description SwissArmy nail-Clip Victorinox Victorinox Evo grip 18 Victorinox Swiss Champ Victorinox mini swiss champ
Grip No extra grip Yes, Rubber Grip No extra grip No extra grip
Functions 7 implements, 8 functions 11 implements, 15 functions 33 functions 16 Functions
Weight 0,08 pounds 3.2 Ounces 7.2 Ounces 1.63 Ounces
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Price 10-30$ 23-43$ 60-89$ 28.67-48$


Final Verdict:

When it comes to buying a device that has numerous tools and has the best quality and endurance then Swiss gear is the best company. Choosing between the best Swiss Gear knife would largely depend upon the preferences of the user. For example if the user wants a lightweight product having some tools then he would select either the Evo grip 18 or the mini champ and even the nail clipper Swiss army knife. But if the user is looking for a knife that has multiple functions and has the ability to perform almost every feat then they should prefer the Swiss Champ from Victorinox. But there is no doubt that Swiss army is the best knife producers having the best knives in all of the world.


Best Star Shower Laser Light Review

                                Star shower laser light Review

Normal Humans generally have the tendency to like and be inspired by light shows. Be them be glittering lights on advertisement banners, or huge lights of restaurants or some other place or even party lights that come from the party where one specific person parties. Normal human beings have the tendency of liking these lights. And, there are occasions where all of this is done at home. Of them include birthdays or other smaller parties. When such occasions are around the corner people often decorate their houses to the best so that the expected guests can be impressed and also to make the expected guests that they are taking good care of them and the party that is being thrown is fabulous. So in order to decorate one’s home lighting is a very fundamental part of it. The market when researched has available in its heart many types of lights. But, when it comes in leading the market in the said category, no one can come close to classical laser shower lights but in the said category. The colourful light displays often used in clubs are also a step behind the classical laser shower lights. At present, there are many brands and companies that tend to give out good quality laser lights that are capable of lighting up one’s house and in giving out a beautiful outlook to one’s house. All around the globe, this thing has become something that does not come with a surprise since its presence is very frequent and the very same lights also have a good market as well. Since these things are demanded highly in the market, there are many brands that are expecting good profits as a result of the sale of these houses. In order to compete with their competitors, the firms try their level best to make the best devices qualitatively, but when that appears not to work, then they go and cheapen the prices of their products in order to catch the market. However, this cheapening comes with the cost of deduction in the level of quality and the durability of the product resulting in making it faulty and that of a less quality.  In order to save one of the trouble of finding the best one available in the market in the said category, this firm has reviewed one of the best laser lights and has presented its comparison with a few other models, that too in the said category. The extravagant brand that this firm will be bringing forward is Star Shower. It is a best-selling brand in respect of laser lights but the factors effecting it will be discussed hereafter. The answer to this puzzling questions is simple actually, that is that they are the best-sellers because they do not compromise on the quality of materials involved and also they give the best laser display. Even the label of best-selling brand is also not enough when it comes to weigh it in accordance with the amount of money given. Thus, in this regard a review of star shower motion laser light is given and it is also compared with other brands so that one can assess whether or not laser light is better than others or vice versa. These reviews are based on certain specifications. Those specifications are as follows:


These are the abilities and the qualities that this device contains. The checking of features is an important aspect that generally can be seen before buying a device or machines since it allows the user to check what the product actually comprises of. Together with it, it saves one the trouble of getting the device replaced if one has bought the wrong device. Quality, interface, colour combinations, weather resistance and safety are the specifications available in regard of the said products category.

Material of the Unit:
The first thought that come to the customer’s mind when buying such lights is the quality of the said product and the quality of the laser light display. Unlike its competitors, star shower motion laser light produces the best quality products in the said category. It is made up of hardened plastic of good quality thus making it durable. So, the quality of this device is not something that the customer needs to worry of.

Since buying a device with lesser or low quality colours can ruin one’s party and the preferred outlook, thus colours matter a lot when buying a laser light. Star show motion laser light does not disappoint its customers. It comes in red and green colours which are quite vibrant in the market, too. Hence, star shower laser light comes in 2 colours and the kind of quality that its competitor brands cannot provide.


This laser light comes with different static and motion colour combinations, thus allowing one to get many varieties through a single device and thus choosing the right combination for one’s gathering.

If one has a large house or a setting where he intends to install the said laser light, one needs a laser light that allows one to do so. This very star shower motion laser light can cover an area over 1066 yards or 3200 feet from a long distance. Since it can cover a larger area, thus the need to buy 2 or a few of them more is cut out since one is enough. This can cover the highest amount of area if compared to that of its counterparts.

If it is about electronic devices, interface is one of the most important things one needs to have an eye on. In the same category Star shower motion laser light has the best and the most easy to use and simple interface. What the person in question needs to do is just press the button once, and the laser light setting will change, then pressing it again and again will result in a change of colour combination. The sensor that this device brings along allows the device to turn off automatically during bright light thus saving energy.

Weather – proof:
Since most of the times these devices are used outdoors, so it is very importance to check whether these devices in the said category are weather proof or not. This device can withstand all sorts of weather conditions and outdoor environment since it is weather proof and water proof at the same time. It also saves one from the trouble of repairing it again and again since other devices unlike this one are not weather-proof.

A seller reliability can be checked at some occasions by the warranty as well as the customer service that they provide. If a specific customer buys a device with no warranty, it can cause the customers face lots of hurdles specially when repairing or changing it. One specific person can be saved from all of this if he or she chooses start shower motion laser light. Firstly, they provide the customers with the best quality materials and then in case if it does not go as scheduled then they provide their customers with a good warranty. Adding to this, a good customer support is also provided so that the devices can be repaired by the customers without much trouble.

A review of star shower motion laser light together with the analysis of other brands is provided as given below based upon the above specifications:

Top Most recommended star shower laser lights

Star Shower motion laser light:

The specifications and the durability of this very unit make it the top product in the said market. Best products are provided in cheapest price throughout the very said company. Guests are also impressed together with the joy of parties through the beauty of house that is increased through the red and other colours dancing 3D Holographic laser light. Since this unit is water proof than one does not need to worry about the weather outside be it be raining, storms or even if there are kids with water pots or even if the lights are placed near a swimming pool. Its water proof nature lets it satisfy the customer to much level. Quick setup mounting stake system and a very powerful power adapter are the things that are given along with this very unit. This system lets the user set up this entire setup within less time without causing many problems to the user concerned. The power adapter does not heat up due to its good quality material that does not cause it to overheat and thus it delivers good power supply to the device. The colour combination that can be made though this unit lets the user choose the situation that he or she likes. For example, the user can want dancing lights to let their guests enjoy off the situation. This thus is one of the most demanding light in the said market. If one has events or one wants to get good lights in occasions then this light lets one elegantly set up such lights. This unit can cover an area up to 3200 feet or 1050 yards and can also work from an area over 100 yards away which indirectly infers that this unit can lighten up larger areas with much easy without giving one much difficulty. As said earlier, since this unit is weather resistant thus the specific user does not need to worry about its function effectiveness. Since it comes with a light sensor that infers that it would turn off on its own when the light is brighter or it is day. Together with brilliant display it also saves the specific user’s money in contrast to other such devices of the said market as it is made with high quality electrical materials. Star motion official warranty is given along with this unit, that can be claimed if the specific user feels appropriate to do so. The  specific user in question also needs to take care of the person he is buying this very unit from as some sellers do not give this good warranty. The price of the above unit is from $ 29.99 – $49.99.

JD Laser Lights Landscape Projector Laser Beams:

This one is one of the finest available shower laser lights in the said category. Together with indoor use this is also very compatible with outdoors use.  This also has many colour combinations. The cost of this item is the same as that of its competitor’s. But the answer to the question of whether it is better than Star shower motion laser light will be answered hereafter by this producer of this article. Since it comes with an IP65 water proofing technology thus it will allow it to counter any type of water threats that comes after this.  As this contains a bullet proof casing as well, thus it will allow it to be weather proof at the same time. This also has auto off time amounting to four hours, that refers to the position where this device will on its on turn off automatically after the passing of four hours of usage. An area around 600 yards can be coated with this light available in the said market. This light gives out 1000 points of light. But still defeating the level of star shower motion laser light is not something that it gives. As said before, its light sensor lets it to be turned off automatically when it is day. Star shower motion laser light can also coat up an area around 1060 yards which is approximately two times that of JD lights. The price range of the above unit is from $ 29.99- $49.99

Product description Star shower laser light COOWOO laser light JD laser light
Effective area 1066 yards 600 yards 600 yards
Colour combination Red and Green, dancing and static Red and Green, dancing and static Red and Green, dancing and static
Weather-proof yes yes yes
Auto-off yes No yes
Warranty yes 1 year — — – — — — — — — –
Price range $ 29.99 – $49.99 $ 21.99 – $ 41.99 $ 29.99- $49.99


Many brands exist in the market to provide their customers with the best laser lights. Since the specific person in question does not over look the qualifications thus it can become very hard for the very same person to choose. After much review and analysis of several light in the said market, the producer of this article will come to the conclusion that star shower motion laser light is the most finest one available in the said category. After much analysis the producer of this article can say that it is the finest one based on its good display of light, fine quality and effective area coating.


Striiv Fusion; Your Digital Health Companion

Striiv Fusion

Striiv fusion is an activity tracker watch which controls all your activities that includes your sleep pattern, your daily goals to be achieved, your footsteps, running time, heart rate, stress measure, oxygen measure, water intake etc. It tracks your every step, distance, active minutes and furthermore it also tells us how much calories you have burnt or you need to burn? The best part of this smart watch is Notification status, via which we can receive phone calls, SMS and other social platform notifications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. The striiv fusion is available in three different colors such as red, black and blue. The box of striiv fusion includes swappable bands which is available in different colors and we can change it according to our matching clothes. This is the lightest weight smart watch and it weight is only 20 grams and we can easily wear it during whole day. The smart watch can track your sleeping pattern and set vibrating alarms for you moreover you can adjust your music player with it also.

Why Striiv Fusion?

The Striiv Fusion is your heart rate machine which calculate your every heart rate, heart beat and it works 24/7 for you. It takes your sleep quality, your daily walking pattern, your daily exercise and many more. Your heart beat is now a just one click away from you and its application records your heart rate for the rest of the time. We have compared its heart rate testing and it has given us 94% better and accurate results as compare to the other smart watches because it calculates your every active minute routine. This one is the best for all heart-patients especially. It has a special heart button which tells us the position of your heart beats, is it normal or not. If not, what precautions you should take and it also give us message “Don’t Move, be seated”. If you jog too much and your heart rate increases, it delivers us a message to rest for 15 minutes.


The striiv Fusion doesn’t have built-in USB charger, for charging it you must put it in a cradle and connect to it via USB charger. It will completely charge in almost one hour and in return it gives us 5 standby days of usage which is fair enough. Striiv fusion is the slimmest and light weight smart activity tracker which you can carry all day all night without any worry. It is the stylish device which gives the fashion statement because it has swapable bands that are present in many different colors. This activity tracker is only water resistant means we must take care of it during swimming, diving or rain. The heart beat calculator of this watch has performed way better than all its competitors. It doesn’t have built-in USB charger point that impacts a bad point because mostly activity trackers have that, other than that it has performed very well.


Specification Striiv Fusion Garmin vivo 3

Felis tracker watch

Garmin vivoactive Garmin vivosmart HR+

Egiant Tracker watch

Kobwa fitness Tracker

Luxsure Fitness tracker Felis Tracker Watch
Heart Rate Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
OLED No No Yes No Yes yes No No Yes
Battery Up to 5 days Up to 6 days Up to 7 days Up to 4 days Up to 5 days Up to 7- 10 days Up to 5 days Up to 15 days Up to 7 days
Quality Good Fine Good Good Good Good Good Fine Good
Slim Yes yes Not much No Normal Normal No No Yes


Recommended Striiv fusion:

Following are the top most recommended health companions for you known as Striiv Fusion

Garmin vivo smart 3:

Garmin vivo smart is the sleekest activity tracker watch which is packed with high resolutions and it is much better and 4mm thinner than Garmin vivo smart other tracker watches. It has given us the best possible display in which the best part is its hidden display which doesn’t allow to overweigh the style. Vivo smart 3 measures V02 Max which is considered as worldwide best measure moreover the watch provides us the full stress relief by giving us the opportunity to enables users to calculate the high-flown stress. It also monitors your stress furthermore the activity watch is your best exercise companion because it counts your every step, cycling, walking, rest time, remaining time etc. Briefly, it is one in all and the best activity trainer.

Felis Fitness Tracker:

Felis Fitness Tracker is a complete package in one watch. The tracker is loaded with so many excellent features such as distance calculator, calories burn calculator, sleep measure table, pedometer and so many more. It also provides us the SMS access also by which we can get SMS reminder even though we can receive reminders on our social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. With all these brilliant features, it has also some great options such as camera control via remote, find your phone, lost phone and full sports reminder. Felis tracker is so good for the heart patients because it works for wrist-band heart rate and tells you all on-going heart condition. The tracker is carried with trendy and stylish OLED high definition screen which looks so catchy plus its size is only 0.86 inch with brilliant colors and very well-balanced brightness. It clearly shows us the date, clock and remaining battery power. You can charge this fitness tracker anytime anywhere, you don’t need of any wire or cable because it has built-in USB plug which we should insert inside the USB port to charge. This is the best feature and we can charge it during our exercise time also furthermore its battery is long-lasting. It takes one hour to charge and in return it gives us 7 days standby time. It is compatible with android version 4.4 or above than that, if we come to IOS then it supports IOS 7.1 or above versions.

Garmin Vivo active HR GPS smart Watch:

The Garmin vivo active HR smart tracker watch carries dimensions of almost from 5.39’’ inches to 7.68’’ inches which is approximately 137 to 195 mm. It is packed with high resolutions capacitive touch screen moreover it is GPS enable smart watch that can also read the sunlight. This watch also works for heart patients in which it monitors the heart calculation of user’s whole day moreover it tells us heart rate day and night. These all heart activities are working without any additional strap plus hear rate doesn’t work while swimming. We can set any notification from our smart phone and paired with this smart watch to get its notification on time, this feature is known to be as SMART notification.

Garmin vivo smart HR+ Regular Fit Activity Tracker:

Garmin vivo smart HR+ regular fit activity tracker is one way ahead than its previous watches it is available with GPS integration that allows the satellites very quickly to calculate the accurate track where you do your jogging, exercise or any other health related thing even it works under the tree also. This watch calculates each step even though it fully records your distance, place and much more. It works during walking, running even in virtual pacer too. This Garmin vivo smart HR+ Regular Fit Activity Tracker tracks your whole routine of full day which includes your swimming, running, walking, biking etc. and you can manually also set the time of any exercise. It is also capable of calculating heart rate, heart monitoring whole day with full perfection. The new and latest feature of this smart watch is water tracker in which it tells us how many glass of waters should take daily, if we have taken half of them then how many are remaining. The size of this Garmin vivo smart HR+ Regular Fit Activity Tracker is varying from 5.4” inches to 7.6” inches which is almost 136 to 192 mm furthermore the regular size is almost 7.1” inches to 8.8” inches which is almost 180 to 224 mm which is bigger than the normal size.

Egiant Waterproof Activity Tracker Bracelet:

Egiant Waterproof Activity Tracker Bracelet is your daily calculator which calculates each step of your routine which contains your track steps, your every distance, how much calories you have burnt, sleep calculator and your daily exercise, jogging plan. It has some also latest features such as remote control, calling emergency phone if you lost your phone furthermore this watch has access of SMS notification moreover we can get notifications via our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. The Egiant Waterproof Activity Tracker Bracelet also monitors your heart rate, heart calculation and every measurement related to your heat. It has 0.9-inch LCD capacitive touch screen which allows the users to easily slide and change the screen function.  This device has also built in USB charging ability which is very helpful for the users to fully charge their device without any wire. It gives us 7-8 standby hours and charging time in only one hour and fifteen minutes. It is compatible with android version 4.4 or above than that and for apple users it supports IOS 7.1 or above versions.

KOBWA Fitness Tracker X9 Plus Smart Band Bracelet:

KOBWA Fitness Tracker X9 Plus Smart Band Bracelet, a perfect smart watch with quality. It is made with soft silicon body and full alloy case which makes its look more promising whereas its size is only 0.95” inches with the OLED big touch screen. The device is totally waterproof and you can wear it via diving or swimming. The battery installed in it is 100 mAh lithium polymer that provides us very long-lasting time. The KOBWA watch provides us heart measurement and oxygen measurement, so it is one step further from other watches. It calculates your heart rate and oxygen rate also whereas it also contains static and dynamic measurement if your heart or oxygen needs any help. The KOBWA Fitness Tracker X9 Plus Smart Band Bracelet also works as your sleep calculator in which it wakes you up with some soothing and peaceful sounds plus you can set alarm also with vibrating factor. This watch has access of SMS notification moreover we can get notifications via our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

Luxsure Fitness Tracker Watch:

The luxsure fitness tracker watch is multifunctional watch or we can say it has all main smart watch functions. It can record your sleep pattern, your calories full record, date and time notification, alarm, your music set up and everything is in your smart watch. You can control your camera also with the help of this luxsure fitness tracker watch. It has waterproof OLED super touch screen which protects you from rain and helps a lot while swimming. Battery life is very good because it takes only 30 minutes to charge completely and in return it gives us 15 days of standby. The device is super slim and the weight is only 28 grams.

Felis Fitness Tracker Watch:

Felis Fitness tracker watch has also all the features of smart watches such as heart rate calculator, sleep calculator, Call reminder, waterproof and it is compatible with android or IOS smart phones. The perfect OLED touch screen gives us the best display screen which shows us every desired notification furthermore it is your perfect partner while doing exercise. The Felis Fitness tracker watch is only 0.86 inches and it takes only one hour to charge completely. It gives us 7 days of standby power.

WFCL Fitness Tracker:

WFCL fitness tracker watch is just a perfect watch in every sense because it is packed with Bluetooth version 4.0 with the full protected waterproof screen which prevents the smart watch from rain, swimming and diving.

 LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch:

The LETSCOM fitness tracker watch is the slimmest tracker among all other trackers furthermore it has all main features such as pedometer, sleep monitor, jogging calculator etc.


We provides you with the best recommendation to find out your best health companion; a Striiv Fusion. This amazing companion helps you in maintaining your health and helps you in planning your daily routine life with the best health interventions. Therefore, if you are looking for the best Striiv Fusion to plan your health on daily basis, this article is worth investing for.







Find out Best SB6121 Here

SB 6121

If you are looking for the best modem then do consider this article as this is the key to select the best one for yourself. Therefore, find out more about the specifications of the best modem that will reduce your frustration.

You need to know about why your internet speed is affected most of the times. It is largely due to your modem. As your modem is the bridge between your computer and the internet. Therefore, choosing or selecting the right one is the most important thing. Because, your modem helps you in getting done with your job on internet well. It is not imperative to have best internet package until and unless your modem is good. If your modem is unable to provide you the best connectivity then cursing your internet connection package is of no use. Each individual have his or her own usage of internet depends upon their activities on social media and job requirements. In both the cases, your modem should be supporting you in order to enhance the level of output.

On the other hand, borrowing a modem on rent from your own ISP will cost you doubled each month. Therefore, buying your own will benefit you more in terms of paying cost at one time. Instead of paying rent each month, you can calculate your cost and benefit analysis and then look around for the best modem product reviews by the user to select the best one for yourself. Because, issues in connectivity keeps in hampering your performance, your social interactions and work continuously.

Important Points:

If you need to have the quality internet connection that do not interrupt your internet connection, you need to choose the best quality modem. This is the only way you can avoid interruption in your work and internet connection as well.


The most important thing to consider while buying or selecting the best modem for your internet connection is the one that is the most reliable one among all. By reliability means that your modem ought to be adequate enough to provide you the best internet connection.


Your modem should be adequate enough to provide you the best internet connection. Adequacy of your modem should be measured with its compatibility with your computer. As long as your modem is compatible with your computer and internet connection, it will give you the best results.

Help & Support:

Always choose the modem and company which have sound reputation in terms of customer services. As most of the times your queries are transferred to the company which manufactures the modem and if the company is providing you unsatisfactory services, it creates huge mess in your life and becomes a headache for you. Therefore, in order to avoid this headache, choose the company with sound reputation.

User Friendly:

All modems are same in their working. But always read the reviews of the users in order to analyze the performance of the modem as you cannot see the interface of any of the modem.

Price Range:

Usually price is the measuring criteria for individuals, the more the higher the price; the more quality is the product. In case of modems, it is not the case. Always consider reading the modem product reviews and then choose the best one. Because most of the time, the expensive ones are the worst in working and performance. Therefore, don’t get pranked on seeing the high price modems. You can buy the best one in the most reasonable price range. Hence, so far the most recommended ones are that of the Arris. Arris not only provide you the best reliable, compatible, trustworthy performativity but all these features provide you in the most reasonable range.

Top Most Recommended SB 6121

Following are the most recommended, reliable, compatible and trustworthy in terms of their performativity, are the modems that you should consider while buying a new or before replacing your previous modem in order to get rid of the connectivity issues.


Arris / Motorola SB 6121 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem in Non – Retail Packaging (Brown Box)

The Arris / Motorola SB 6121 DOCSIS 3.0 is certified. And it is capable of up to 172 Mbps along with uploading speed up to the 131 Mbps directly based on the cable internet service provider in the area. The above SB 6121 is designed in such a way that it have the ability to support IPv 4 and IPv 6 networking system. And it can also support the Windows as well as Mac along with the linux computers. The arris / Motorola also have the 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps internet port that will help you to connect with router or computer which you have in use. It also requires cable internet service for use. And it is compatible with the major U.S. cable providers. And you can also contact to your ISP for confirmation of compatibility. The above Arris / Motorola is also assembled with the front – panel LEDs which is used for the indication of the status and simplify troubleshooting of the network that you are using. And here is some general tips for the using of the above Arris / Motorola SB 6121. The first tip is that you can reorient or relocate the receiving antenna for better network. You can also Increase the separation between the device and receiver that you have in use. With the above Arris / Motorola SB 6121 you can easily connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver of yours is connected. And for the installation of the above device you can also consult the dealer or an experienced radio / TV technician for help. The price range of the above mentioned Arris / Motorola SB 6121 is from $ 35.95 to $ 49.95.

ARRIS SURF board DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem (SB6121) Certified with Time Warner, Cox, Charter, Cablevision, and more (Black, Retail Packaging)

The Arris surf board DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem SB 6121 is designed in a very beautiful and amazing way that you can enjoy the internet connection with this device. And the above Arris surf device is compatible with Time Warner, Cox, and charter along with Bright House Networks and with the most regional Cable Providers as well. Similarly the above mentioned Arris surf board is not compatible with the Verizon FiOS or AT & T U – verse and it is no longer approved by Comcast Xfinity. For the better and smooth usage it requires cable internet service. And if you are not sure about your provider that it is CABLE or not than call them for confirmation about the service. And the BROWN BOX models are NOT VALID for this item when it is sold as a New than you should have to report to the Amazon immediately and also RETURN that to the Seller back. The above mentioned Arris surf board is wired modem only and it does NOT have WIFI Router or VOIP Telephone adapter with this. But it is assembled with the Gigabit internet port through which you can connect to the computer or Router for fast downloading’s. The Internet speed will be based on your Cable provider services. And it have the ability to 172 Mbps downloading and up to 131 Mbps uploading capacity. The arris surf board have four downloading and four uploading channels for the user facilitation. The price range of the above mentioned Arris surf board is from $ 66.99 to $ 86.99.

Arris SURF board SB6121 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem For Major Providers Excluding Charter (Certified Refurbished)

The Arris surf board SB 6121 is certified as a refurbished product and is refurbished by the manufacturer itself and it shows a limited or no wear including all the original accessories plus a 90 -day warranty with the product. The above mentioned Arris surf board also requires a cable Internet Service for the use. And if you are not sure about your provider that it is cable or not simply call them for confirmation. And the above Arris device does not work with the charter cable provider. Similarly the Arris device is compatible with the most major CABLE providers such as Comcast / Xfinity, Cox, time Warner, Mediacom and with bright house as well. The Arris device is assembled with the wired modem only and it does not have WIFI Router or VOIP Telephone adapter along with it. It is designed with the gigabit internet port for the connection to your computer or Router for fast and speedy downloads of soft wares. And the above device of Arris have the ability of internet downloading speed of 172 Mbps and also have the ability of uploading speed up to 131 Mbps which is simply based on your Cable provider service specially. The Arris device is also good for streaming of your favorite videos and gaming on multiple devices at a single time. The price range of the above Arris device is from $ 30.80 to $ 45.80

NETGEAR DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem (CM400-1AZNAS) Certified with Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Charter, Cablevision, and more

The above Net Gear DOCSIS device is designed in such a sophisticated way that it is compatible with the Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Charter, Cablevision, Bright house, and many others for more functioning. The above mentioned device is also a call provider which is not mentioned here. The above device of net gear also requires the Cable Internet Service for better functioning. Similarly the device is approved for the plans up to 340 Mbps. And the above device is assembled in a very good way that it is not compatible with the Verizon, AT&T and Century link net services. The above mentioned device also have a Cable Modem only and does not have WiFi router with it. And the device can also reduce your monthly rental fee of cable modem. And if your unit is unable to function properly than you will have to check your connection devices for better functioning of the mentioned device. And you have to ensure properly that each and every connection is secured and tightly plugged in with the adapter. And you have to try to refresh your cable connection by power cycling for your network system. And if your power cycling did not work than you will have to download the latest version of firmware of your router for the better and proper functioning. And after the downloaded latest version of firmware than you need to upgrade your routers firmware manually. Similarly if the above mentioned steps did not resolve your functioning issue than you have to reset your router. The price range of the above mentioned device is from $ 35.99 to $ 49.99.

Specifications Arris / Motorola SB 6121 DOCSIS 3.0 ARRIS SURF board DOCSIS 3.0 Arris SURF board SB6121 DOCSIS 3.0
Brand Name Motorola ARRIS ARRIS
Item model number P-10-23476 SB6121 SB121
Item Weight    1 pounds 1.5 pounds  1.5 pounds
Product Dimensions 6 x 2 x 6 inches 2 x 6.4 x 8.7 inches 2 x 6.4 x 8.7 inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H 6 x 2 x 6 inches 2 x 6.4 x 8.7 inches 2 x 6.4 x 8.7 inches
Color Brown Black Black
Warranty — — — — —  — — — — — – — — — — — –
Price range $ 35.95 to $ 49.95 $ 66.99 to $ 86.99 $ 30.80 to $ 45.80

The above table compares the best SB6121 modem which help you in selecting the best one after analyzing their specifications. The best modem is the one which meets your requirements; the most important thing is you should know about your requirements.


Conclusively, buying or replacing a modem to help you in getting rid of

this fatigue to complaint about your modem after every two days. Therefore, always consider the product reviews by the users in order to analyze its performance and working. We are providing you the best information to help you in getting learned about these products. This article is written with an intention to guide you through this frustration as well as to educate you about the important tips that you need to know before buying this product.

Always keep this thing in your mind that modem is the most important part in making your internet connection smooth and fast. Therefore, buying a best modem with warranty is the best deal with reasonable price range. This article contains rich information which guides you to the modem which contains the best specifications. The assembled specification of the SB – 6121 provides you the best back you want to use. So from the above detailed discussion one can easily remark that the SB – 6121 is the best manufactured product for the internet users.



What is a Lokai Bracelet?

  Lokai Bracelet Meaning

Life is an unpredictable journey, generally is referred to a surprise test with no syllabus given; the result of every test teaches us something that adds up in our experience book, and with the help of that book we tend to tackle the impediments that life throws in our way yet we are never fully prepared and we cannot expect ourselves to be prepared completely, for human beings term Perfection is nonexistent. There are inevitable ups and downs that a person needs to go through in order to progress in life, most of the time there is a missing element in people’s life and that is of hope and motivation. Sometimes all one need is a positive feeling in life in order to stand up again and accept the second chance that life offers. Lokai bracelet somehow refers to the similar dilemma that almost every human being on the face of this earth faces during their lifetime. This bracelet is made up of beads that are infused with elements from the highest point of the earth that is Mount Everest and the lowest point of the earth that is the Dead Sea. There are several white beads that are infused with the water from the highest peak on earth; The Mount Everest, and one black bead placed in the centre infused with the mud from the bottom of the lowest point on earth; The Dead Sea. The key objective of this bracelet is to give an idea of humbleness at the time when one has everything and feels at the top of the world as well as an idea of hopefulness at the time when the person hits the lowest point in their life, because the time never remains the same, it revolves like a cycle for everyone just like seasons in a year. When there is a good season going on for somebody, simultaneously there would be somebody who might be facing the worst fall of their life which can be metaphorically stated as a bad season, but during the course of that cycle, the conditions would change and it is not impossible that the both conditions may exchange their fortunes. Thus, as mentioned in the beginning that life is unpredictable and is changing its course of motion every second, so the balance in their behavior at the highest and lowest is eminently important for human beings.

People generally lose hope as soon as something unusual happens to them. There are millions of examples of people attempting suicide, getting into depression, becoming un naturally introvert and so many other that could be counted just because they think that the present situation is their fortune and they would have to deal with it for the rest of their lives, Lokai bracelet somehow acts as a reminder as well as a motivation to such people who lose hope In themselves and in their lives, and become pessimistic about the fact that any good thing could happen to them. This bracelet reminds them that every low has a high. Similarly, the people when they reach the highest point of their lives become arrogant and proud neglecting the fact that they are human beings. Some of them consider themselves standing God for what they have achieved and also start treating other fellow beings as their inferior. This bracelets reminds them that today you may are the water of the Everest but never forget that your foundation has always been mud and it will always be until you die. Thus, a person must never forget where he came from and where the life can take him since every high has a low just as every low has a high. So one must stay grounded and humbled in whatever condition life keeps them in.

The idea of this bracelet is by Steven Izen, who says that he got the idea of balance in life when his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer; an ailment where patients have problem with their brain, behavior, thinking and memory. He says that he was extremely heartbroken but at the same time he was glad for all the memories he and his grandfather had shared. That is when he realized that life does not remain same for anyone, it indeed changes.  He created this brand of bracelet on the basis of this idea that is quite appealing and is of grave importance for people to understand the reality of life in every aspect and phase.

The lokai brand, however has been doing wonderfully well as far as its sale is concerned. They have been on sale at more than 5000 locations in 170 countries.  A few stars seem to be obsessed with the bracelet as they have been seen wearing and carrying it wherever they go as in Ashely benson, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Christina Perri, Victoria Justice, Ashely Greene, Emma Roberts and many others. The main reason to the popularity of this bracelet is not just the great meaning behind it but a lovely and elegant look that goes out for everyone irrespective of their gender.

As the sale of the bracelet is quite well, thus owner of the brand Steven Izen has earned almost $7 million till date and gives 10% of the net profit to charity, which depicts that he himself believes and implements in his own life, what he sells; that is the idea of the bracelet to remain grounded and humbled when you have everything to live for. One should not only remain hopeful themselves but spread that among others and help as much as they can to make sure that the other person who might be at a point which is considerably lower than yours doesn’t lose the hope to live. Because one can never feel what the other person may be going through until and unless they have to step in to their shoes, because only then one can see where they hurt from.

Lokai Bracelets have the best design, they come in different colours and design and look absolutely stunning. The classic white or black lokai bracelet is transparent and has two infused beads. The beads are infused with water from Everest and soil from the black sea. They have a beautiful design, come in different sizes and look good on every hand. But apart from looking good and elegant the story and the moral lesson behind them is really touching and heart warming. They are better than jewellery and other bracelets made with expensive materials as their only purpose is to look good. But lokai bracelets are our daily reminder to have balance in life and to enjoy the details of life.

We tried to review lokai bracelet in order to see whether they are really worth it or not. Our review is based on a few specifications.

They are the abilities and qualities of a device or a machine or a product. It is important to see the specifications of a product before buying it as it saves you from lots of trouble of getting the product changed if you bought a new one. Moreover it allows you to do a cost and benefit analysis and to check whether the product is worth your money or not. In case of lokai bracelets, its specifications are the quality of material, durability, designs, moral meaning/lesson if they have any, sizes and lastly the ease of use.

Now even after the lokai bracelet is a moral bracelet that has a meaning attached to it, is it jewellery after all, which means that it apart from teaching you a moral lesson must lesson must also look good and cute on your arm. So lokai decided to make this bracelet in different colours, therefore this bracelet from Lokai comes in different colours. Each colour symbolises an important thing and has different charity schemes. For example the 10% money from the purple lokai bracelet is given to Alzheimer’s treatment organization. Similarly the amount from the red lokai bracelet goes to RED foundation. The amount from the coloured world lokai bracelet goes to workers who help refugees.

Quality of a bracelet is a really important thing as it determine a lot of things. If you buy a low quality product, it will get faulty and might even break. But Lokai bracelets are made with the best quality beads that can take a lot of pressure, and are water proof, which means that unlike some bracelets they won’t lose their colour and their texture which is a plus point.

How will it look on your arm? It is a very important question that is on the mind of every person that buys bracelets. Buying a product at is too shabby or has uncool colours and design can ruin your image and convey a bad image about your personality. But lokai bracelet is made in such a way that it looks elegant and enhances your overall outlook.

Durability of a product a product determines the time it will endure harsh or even normal conditions without breaking. Some companies in order to make their products cheaper use low quality elastic and threads which breaks eventually, causing the user a huge loss. But Lokai bracelets are made with hardened materials that have the ability to last long under all sorts of rough and coarse conditions. Moreover their elastic is pretty great and it won’t break unless you cut it with a pair of scissors.

Buying a bracelet that meets all your requirements, having the perfect size, the colour of your liking, an exceptional moral value, beautiful design and a good quality but it lacks comfort and cause irritation, moreover it leaves marks on your wrist, well what good is that bracelet for? Absolutely a waste of money. But lokai bracelet won’t disappoint you when it comes to comfort. It’s polished beads are easy on the skin, they don’t cause any rashes and not even marks after uses of longer period.

What good is a bracelet that doesn’t fit your arm. In order to solve that problem lokai bracelets come in 4 different sizes. The small bracelet has a circumference 6’’, the medium has 6.5’’ size, while the large has 7’’ size and the extra large has a size of 7.5’’. So this means that this bracelet fits on every arm, from adolescents to larger men and women, it will fit everybody.

Based on these specifications, we tried to review Lokai bracelet. Here is a detailed description of the product.

Lokai classic bracelet:

This elegant product from lokai is in white colour. It has several transparent beads and one white and a black bead as well. The white bead has water from mount Everest infused in it while the black bead has soil from the black sea. The white bead symbolizes greatness as Everest is the highest point on earth, it teaches us that no matter what great point we are in life, we must never forget to be humble. The black bead symbolizes hope, hope when we are at our lowest points in life and don’t have anything to look up to. The bracelet comes in 4 different sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large. The small bracelet has a circumference 6’’, the medium has 6.5’’ size, while the large has 7’’ size and the extra large has a size of 7.5’’. So this means that this bracelet fits on every arm, from adolescents to larger men and women, it will fit everybody. And it is not very expensive either. This bracelet can be bought between 13-33$ from trusted sellers.

Wear Your World Lokai Bracelet:

This elegant bracelet from Lokai is made with collaboration with Trip Advisor. The 10% charity from every bracelet goes to  International Rescue Committee’s work helping refugees whose countries and lives have been shattered by conflict and disaster. It has the same white and black bead that are meant to give a sense of balance to your life. The white bead has water from Mount Everest while the black bead has soil from dead sea. It can be bought between 13-33$.


Lokai Neon Limited Edition Bracelet:

This bracelet comes in the best colours from lokai. They  supports Make-A-Wish® in helping strengthen and empower children battling life-threatening medical conditions. Your purchase will help Make-A-Wish® come closer to achieving their ultimate vision- making every medically-eligible child’s wish come true. Moreover it has the same moral lesson of balance in life. The white bead has water from Everest and the black bead has soil from dead sea. It can be bought for a very good price of 13 to 33$. The price depends from seller to seller.

Lokai Purple limited edition bracelet:

This bracelet form Lokai donates 10% of its charity to the Alzheimer’s association whose purpose is the end Alzheimer’s and Dementia, moreover to improve the health and living conditions of those affected by the diseases. It has the same meaning. It has a white bead which has water from Everest and a black bead which has soil from Dead Sea. It comes in 4 different sizes of small, medium, large and extra-large. It can be bought between 8-28$.

Lokai Water limited edition bracelet:

663 million people in the world live without clean water. The 10% charity from every bracelet goes to water association whose job is to make sure that those people get clean water. This bracelet comes in 4 different sizes. Its white bead has water from Everest and black one has soil from Dead Sea. It symbolises the same balance in life. It can be bought between 8-28$.

Lokai Shark Bracelet:

Lokai has teamed up with discovery network in order to maintain the balance of marine and shark life in the ocean. The 10% amount from every shark bracelet goes to the channel which restores the balance in the ocean. Moreover the white and black bead which have water from Everest and dead sea respectively are there to remind you to have balance in your life. This bracelet comes in 4 different sizes and can be bought between 8-28$.

Lokai Breast Cancer limited bracelet:

After every two minutes a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer. Lokai has teamed up with breast cancer association to find a cure for this disease. So the 10% charity from this bracelet goes to breast cancer association. It comes in 4 different sizes of small, medium, large and extra large. And it can be bought between 8-28$. Moreover it has the same black and white bead which symbolize balance in life and have the same water from Everest and Soil from dead sea to remind you that you need to humble when at greatness and hopeful when at lowest.

Product Description Lokai classic bracelet
Colour White, transparent and a black bead
Size 4, Small, medium, large and extra-large
Comfort Yes, polished beads
Moral lesson Highs and lows in life
Charity Yes, 10
Price 23.00$


Final verdict:

There are two good things about Lokai bracelets, number 1 is that they have a great moral lesson attached to them and they are our daily reminder to have to have balance in life, number two is them the best bracelets in the market today. They are not that much pricy compared to their design and their specifications. Moreover they donate 10% of the money earned from every bracelet to charity organizations which means that you are not only maintaining the balance in your life, but in the world as well with this little you are actually doing the world a good thing by buying these bracelet as they are used to fund a lot of different charity organization which enhance the balance in the world.


Leaf Blower Reviews

Best Reviewed Leaf Blowers

Leaf blower cum vacuum cum mulching machine is an important technology that you are looking for. Before going to buy one, do read this article and find out the best tips and the most recommended blowers might suit fit for your yard. The leaf blower is significant when autumn falls in. It helps in getting rid of fallen leaves both wet and dry, from both hard and soft surfaces. It can get done this job in minimum time period regardless of the surface area. If you are planning to buy a brand new leaf blower than you are at right place. This review will help you out in learning about the best qualities of the leaf blower and the best one among all.  Therefore, read the following passage for further details.

Safety Measures

  • If you are using a gas blower for your garden which is larger in size then don’t forget to wear a face mask to avoid remains.
  • Keep this machine away from the reach of children
  • Protect your eyes from the dirt in air plus from the flying trash and wear eye mask
  • Keep this blower away when you are using it form animals and humans as it is dangerous for them. Keep everyone at least of fifty feet far while using it.
  • If you are alcoholic or on medications please do not use leaf blower
  • The models which contains smaller handle are beneficial for smaller gardens only but if you have a larger size garden than do purchase the one with larger power and handle. As smaller handled machines get overheated quickly.
  • Avoid using blower in worst conditions like poor ventilations
  • Do wear protected shoes and clothing
  • Always be cautious when you are using the gas blower. Read the instructions carefully and then mix the fuel.
  • Do not forget to wear the gloves
  • Avoid using it on weekends especially early mornings as its noise will create repugnance for your neighbors.

Different Types of Leaf Blowers

The type of the blower suits you depends upon your budget, the size of your garden and the speed of the blower. In the market right now, there are five different types of a leaf blower which are as follows:

  1. Electric and cordless with a battery: These are easy to carry as they are portable. You can charge and use it any far and anywhere you want.
  2. Electric with cord: They are comparatively lighter than that of the gas blowers but they needs the corded extension.
  3. Gas powered with bag pack: Although they are the most powerful and allocates the burden on your back and shoulders but are not recommended for the individuals with back injury or ache.
  4. Gas blowers: Undoubtedly, these are the most powerful but are the most costly ones plus they create noise pollution as well as are heaviest. Besides, fuel related maintenance ought to have considered in long term job. Few of its models are with two strokes that needs mixing of fuel and few contains four strokes that does not require mixing of the fuel.
  5. Wheel Blower: Most recommended for larger yards but they take more space for storage and are less user friendly.

Advantages of Leaf Blowers

Following are the advantages of using the leaf blowers:

  • They clean the light snow
  • They clean garages
  • They clean pathways and yards from wet leaves
  • They breaks the grass which is matted
  • Clear up farming material
  • They clear the gutters which comes out after rain

How to Select the Best Leaf Blower

These are the useful tips which help you out in selecting the best leaf blower for your yard:

  1. Heaviness: The heaviness of the leaf blower is the significant one. Do consider the type of work you intend to but blower for. If you are planning to buy a corded one or the one which contains the mulching qualities, you need to consider its weight first as handling becomes challenging with heavy weight blowers. Moreover, if you have the larger area to clear than you should consider the wheeled blower and if you have smaller area than do consider
  2. Sound: Leaf blowers are considered as the noisier and that’s true but that depends upon the type of blower you are purchasing besides, size of your yard that describes the time period of working with the blower. Therefore, choose your blower according to the size of your yard.
  3. Power: With smaller gardens only one battery is enough to get the cleaning work done but with larger yards one battery is not enough. Therefore, with the size of your yard, choose your leaf blower carefully.
  4. Level of Power: The level of power referred to as the voltage that is also the important thing to consider while purchasing your blower. Few models contains 20volts and few are with 56 volts. Therefore, do consider about the voltage of the battery as it will going to affect your cost. So don’t forget to analyze or calculate the product’s cost and benefit analysis.
  5. Bag packs: Bag pack is significant in case you have a larger area to clear the debris. Therefore, if you need to clear larger area than do consider the ones with bag packs and also with mulching qualities. The ones with bag packs ought to have consider while keeping the weight of the blower in mind.
  6. Two in One; Blower to vacuum: Always look around for that which contains the two or three in one capabilities. The blower which is easily convertible into the vacuum can done two jobs at a time. Therefore, always consider two in one option this will help you in getting done with two jobs and chores at a time,
  7. Speed of a Blower: The speed of a blower determines the time span in which a job or chore can be done. Therefore, do consider the speed of a blower before buying the one for your yard. Remember the speed of a blower determines the time span of job to be done. However, your choice should be dependent upon your requirements but not upon the famous one.
  8. Eco Friendly: Environment friendly are the ones with less powerful blowers but the gas ones which are powerful excretes out the fumes which contributes in the air pollution. Therefore, always consider the corded ones with batteries and chargers, they are environment friendly. But again that depends upon your requirement. Remember that gas blowers although are very powerful but they are noisier and the filthiest in excreting fumes to the environment.
  9. Fuel Combination: The gas blower requires the combination of fuel and oil that is a bit technical and the most carefully done thing to do. Besides, few models are with ethanol that does not require the mixing of the fuel.
Requirements Check List
Fuel Combination yes
Eco Friendly yes
Weight yes
Sound yes
Power yes
Voltage yes
Blower cum vacuum yes
Speed of a Blower yes


Aforementioned are the important tips to choose the best leaf blower cum vacuum cum mulching machine for your yard. This will help in buying you the best fit for you garden or for your job.

Top Most Recommended Leaf Blowers

Following are the most recommended leaf blowers that we have reviewed extensively to help you in selecting the best leaf blower for your blowing job;


The price of this amazing leaf blower ranges from 145.99 to 165.99$ with 20V battery style. DEWALT’s this master piece is brushless that enhances the efficiency and efficacy of both motor and work. Besides, it makes the motor more durable. Its fan is designed innovatively that increases the time and the productivity of the axial fan on air. It performs 90 MPH and 400CFM with the speed lock technology and distinct triggers. The battery comprises of 20V with the maximum 5.0Ah containing Lithium Ion with a charger.


Toro 51621:

The price of this smart Toro lead blower ranges from 51.20 to 71.20$. The size of this blower is 250 mph with both blower and a vacuum capacity. It is a laboratory tested machine that helps in controlling the blow. This is as powerful as 250 mph degree. It can control the speed in both as a vacuum and a blower. It contains vacuum tube with bottom zip bag that is complemented with cord storage hook (you need to buy separately). This machine is equipped with all shred ring with the oscillations that saves time.


IVATION 20V Electric Cordless:

The price of this smart and innovative designed blower ranges from 49.95 to 69.95$ with full year warranty, this warranty includes all the components. It is powered by 20V 2.0Ah battery made up of Lithium ion with enhanced lifespan that is providing better charges than that of Nicad Battery. It contains the sweeper that is 130 MPH and is efficient in clearing the tough surfaces as well like garages etc. It also helps in cleaning the wet leaves which are challenging to clear. It is very light and user friendly. The battery of Ivation handled with Ivation Hedge Trimmer and Ivation String Trimmer.


Green Works 24012-The Best Selling:

Now you can save 61% on this bestselling blower, the price of which ranges from 9.44 to 20.99$. It is a single electric blower that get the work done in just 7 Amp motor. Its simple design makes this machine the lightest and the most convenient to carry along and use. This blower can handle the work up to 160 mph speedily. It contains the safety lock features that helps the user to lock the cord and prevent it from separation. This is an ergonomic designed blower manufactured to help this cleaning work done efficiently.



The price of this high performing three in one blower ranges from 36.52 to 56.52$.  This blower can be used as a blower, vacuum and a mulcher with 12 amp motor. It is a 250 mph blower that contains the speed controls with two options. This can shake up to 16 bags that can be easily be converted into the one only. It can easily be converted from blower to vacuum and vice versa. It creates noise only up to 68 decibels.


Husqvarna 125B, 28cc, 2STROKES:

The price of this high performance blower ranges from 129.95 to 149.95$. The fan of this blower is designed in such a way that its air stream remains in the line with the handle. This imparts less emphasis on the user. This makes it easier to carry and handle.  You can reset its stop button automatically to put it on start conveniently.            Even the speed of the fan can also be adjusted as well as the blowing tube’s length, which is adjustable to the extent that it can enhance its performance level.

Toro 51619- The Amazon’s Choice:

The price of this best among all the blowers ranges from 52.14 to 72.14$. The reasons so as to why this blower is the best and the most recommended one even by the Amazon are as follows:

  • It contains 250 mph power and two in one blower that is it can be easily converted into blower and a vacuum.
  • It is a corded blower plus a vacuum
  • It contains;
  1. Vacuum tube
  2. Power insert
  3. Concentrator nozzle
  4. Cord storage hook
  5. Bottom zip bag
  • Its speed can be controlled in both a vacuum and a blower with the help of speed control technology.
  • Its performance claims are authentic on the basis of its testing in the laboratory.
  • It contains the highly rated air horse power that is recommended for comparative analysis only


Specifications Toro 51619
User Friendly yes
Powerful Blower yes
Speed controls, low/high yes
Fit for small/large yards yes
Less cost effective yes


Therefore, Toro is the Amazon’s choice on the above mentioned and discussed reasons. It is not only suited for smaller yards but is also suited for larger yards as well. Besides, it is very affordable blower containing speed controls with two options both high and low. It is equipped with cord storage hook as well as bottom zip bag. These capabilities distinct Toro from other highly expensive with less capabilities. Precisely, this article is designed in a way to guide you about the specifications of the best Leaf Blower for your job. Now which suits you the best depends upon your requirements that includes the size of your yard, your job requirement and lastly you budget limitations.





KitchenAid Dishwasher Reviews

KitchenAid Dishwasher 

If you are looking for the dishwasher then surely you are at the right place as this article is designed as a guide for you to choose the best dishwasher for your kitchen.  KitchenAid provides the best range of dishwashers, each one of the range is distinct from the previous one in its specifications and distinct categories. They are made up of stainless steel which prevents the whole interior of the dishwasher from getting rusted. Kitchen Aid provides you the best dishwashers with the help of which you can get done with your whole day’s work in one day. It prevents you from pressing the button repeatedly for several times. Kitchen Aid get done your whole day’s dishwashing material in one go. Therefore, all the series of Kitchen Aid are worth relying on. Comparatively, other devices like Bosch and Frigidaire does have distinct features but Kitchen Aid is the one with the specifications designed to make your life easier. Although, Bosch and Frigidaire both have distinct features but KitchenAid is equipped with the specifications that provides you the ease and comfort. Following are the specifications that you need to know are important about the KitchenAid:

Pro-Scrub Washing System:

Most of the Kitchen Aid dishwasher series contains the pro-scrub and pro-washing system that is not available in other dishwashers. The pro-drying system in Kitchen Aid is found to be the best specifically in the interior material which is made up of stainless steel. This stainless steel prevents it from getting rusted.

Pro-Wash Washing System:

The pro-wash washing system helps in washing and cleaning with its excellent washing system. It is considered as the best among all washing cycle that make sure till the end that all the dishes get cleaned or not. This makes the Kitchen Aid more efficient which is the most reliable in getting the dishwashing job done with the more efficacy as in comparison to others.

Pro-dry Washing System:

KitchenAid contains the most amazing feature that is pro-dry system. Pro-dry system contains the capacity to dry the dishes. Before you need them, KitchenAid not only scrub, rinse, sanitize and wash but also dry your dishes in just one go. Therefore, KitchenAid provides you the best and the quickest solution for you to scrub, sanitize, wash and dry your dishes of all meals in one time a day.

Sani-Rinse option:

Kitchen Aid is equipped with the Sani-rinse option as well. During the cleaning off the food from dishes, this option heats the dishes up to 145 degrees. While heating it kills all the germs as well as micro-organisms with the cleaning of food from the dishes. This whole process is termed as rinse cycle. As the cleaning of your dishes is the most significant thing in your daily routine. Therefore, Sani-rinse option release your worry about germs and micro-organism. It kills all your worries and provides you the excellent solution.

Quietest Machine:

Kitchen Aid by now is considered as the quietest dishwashers manufactured while keeping in consideration your ease and comfortability. It produces the decibels from 3 to 44. Which is far lowest as in comparison to other dishwashing machines. This is designed to cater your comfort and ease at the optimal level. This is the best thing about KitchenAid that their designs are customer centric, they are the best architect of designing the best dishwashing machine to release your stress and to enhance your comfort level.

Cost-benefit Analysis:

Kitchen Aid is providing you the best solution for washing your whole day’s dishes in just one go. Now, the cleaning, drying and washing of your dishes is just one press away. Kitchen Aid with its distinct specifications provides you the best solutions in one machine. Therefore, buying the Kitchen Aid will not make you regret late. But if you miss this machine you will definitely going to regret as its pro-scrub, pro-washing and pro-drying kind of options are distinct from others. Its stainless steel interior makes it more reliable in terms of getting rusted. Moreover, spending money on those machines which are not reliable and contains less specifications than KitchenAid is not worth buying and relying upon. So, spend money upon the brand that is worth buying it. The brand which can never make you regret.


Specifications KitchenAid
Pro-Scrub yes
Pro-Washing yes
Stainless steel interior yes
Pro-drying yes
Sani-rinse yes
Noise yes
Options 5 to 7 options

The above table describe the best Kitchenaid specifications that you must consider before buying the one.

Recommended KitchenAid Dishwashers:

Following are the top most recommended dishwashing machines with their distinct specifications. All are discussed hereunder;


KitchenAid Stainless dishwasher is made up of stainless tube along with interior tubes containing nylon shelves enclosed in it. It contains six cycles for washing with seven distinct options. Over all this dishware has the capacity for fifteen (15) place settings. The whole machine is made while taking into the consideration the best washing system therefore, this is manufactured with the clean water wash system that keeps on removing the particles of food and other stuff continuously. The price of this dishwasher ranges from 1200 to 1225$.

Kithen-454ESS-39Db- Stainless:

This KitchenAid dishwasher is manufactured with the dimension of 23 7/8” X 33 ½- 34 ½ ¾”. It contains three shelves with third shelve that can be removable or replaceable. It contains six cycle that do the washing and cleaning stuff with five distinct categories. This dishwasher is distinct as in comparison to others in terms of its pro-scrub and pro-washing categories. The price of this dishwasher ranges from 1200 to 1222$.


KitchenAid with Hidden Controls and Stainless:

This dishwasher is equipped with six distinct cycle for washing with tall tube designed with nylon shelves. These tubes designs are made up of stainless steel that prevent it from getting rusted. This dishwasher contains hidden controls with pro-wash system that keeps on removing dirt particles until the washing cycle gets completed. Its dimensions are 23 7/8″ X 33 1/2 – 34 1/2″ X 24 3/4″. The price ranges from 1042 to 1062$.


This kitchenAid dishwasher is black in color that gives it an amazing look with price ranging from 1753 to 1774$. This dishwasher is made up of stainless steel that prevents it from rusting with six distinct cycle for washing containing six distinct options. It is equipped with the micro filter which is maintenance free. Moreover, this dishwasher contains the advanced pro-dry option that not only do the cleaning job but also do the drying job as well.  It consists of the dimension of 23 7/8″ X 34 1/2″ X 24 3/4″.


KitchenAid Energy Star:

This kitchen Aid energy star is equipped with distinct qualities. This is an architect II generation made up of stainless steel to prevent it from getting rusted. Besides, it is smartly manufactured in stainless steel color. The energy star considered as the quiet machine that can get your dishes work done without making noise.

Dimensions 23.9 x 24.5 x 30 inches
Volume 40 dB
Identification Number KDFE454CSS
Style Steel-Stainless

The above table describes the specifications that a best KitchenAid dishwasher contains;

Kitchen Aid 3rd Rack Dishwasher:

This distinct dishwasher is equipped with micro-filters containing free maintenance system. It contains distinct was arm along with four nozzles envisaged in bottle wash. This dishwasher is manufactured on the dimensions of 23 7/8″ X 34 1/2″ X 24 3/4″ with price ranging from 2242 to 2262$.

Kitchen Aid Architect Series- Panel Ready:

The price of this amazingly cleaning dishwasher known as architect series II ranges from 679 to 699$. It is made up of stainless steel that is made up of adjustable lines that can be adjusted with other electronic appliances too. This will help you in matching other stainless steel electronic devices. It contains the controls which are concealed in a way that is provided with the cleaning and dishwashing thing. The inner material which is made up of stainless steel is intolerable towards streaks, dirt, odor etc. besides this panel ready performs the phenomenal job of drying system for you. It contains the controlling system through which you can control and adjust the length of the rack according to the tall or short length shaped materials. All sizes and designs can easily be adjusted in the panel ready due to its distinct design and adjustable racks.

Kitchen Aid White Stainless Control Dishwasher:

This amazing white dishwasher ranges in price from 1041 to 1061. It contains interior tub which is made up of stainless steel with nylon shelves. It consists of six distinct washing cycles contains five distinct categories through which you can control the dishwasher. It contains fourteen place settings within it. White distinct dishwasher is different from others in its capacity of pro-washing cycle that depends upon the level of soil. This pro-wash cycle makes it ideal cycle.

Comparison between KitchenAid and Frigidaire 2400KS:

The Frigidaire is considered as the quiet dishwasher with one hour washing cycle system. This dishwasher has the capacity to control temperatures specifically at high. It contains three tubs with non-split able interior system of shelves. It is considered as the energy star qualified.

Comparatively, despite of being equipped with various distinct options, kitchen Aid has always remains to be a start in providing the best and the most reliable dishwashers by now. Its 3rd Rach Dishwasher as in comparison to Frigidaire 2400K contains the micro-filters which are maintenance free. It contains the advanced system of pro-drying with six distinct washing cycles complementing with distinct six categories.


Comparison between Kitchen Aid and Bosch:

Bosch in comparison to KitchenAid does contains the quietest solutions for dishwashing but comparatively KitchenAid specifically 354ESS stainless steel tub built in dishwasher. On the other hand, Bosch’ 800 series energy star lacks behind in specifications like Kitchen Aid 354ESS contains six distinct washing cycles with fifteen place stings while Bosch provides only nine distinct rack positions. Bosch is versatile in containing Aqua stop system that stops from damage from water twenty four hours a week. Except this Bosch is no more versatile as in comparison to Kitchen Aid. Kitchen Aid provides the best dishwashing series with distinct categories. Each range is distinct from the previous one in terms of its specifications. Besides, KitchenAid is considered as the brand of dishwashing which is the quietest one. This is due to the fact that KitchenAid is designed to create noise between 39 to 45 decibels but not more than that.



The KitchenAid is the best manufacturer so far that provides you the best quality with best and distinct specifications. KitchenAid has the capacity to get the work done of while family in one go. You don’t just have to keep on washing your dishes after each meal. Rather, you can wash your dishes at one time in one go. Because KitchenAid provides you the enough capacity to wash the dishes. Besides, it contains the rinse cycle system. This system works on the sanitizing jib as well. It heats the dishes up to 145 degree while removing the food from the dishes, it also kill all the germs and dirt from the dishes. Pro-washing cycle is complemented with the most amazing washing cycle that provides you the most reliable and trustworthy machine. Its pro-scrub system is providing you the best scrubbing of tough food from your dishes with pro-drying formula. Pro-drying formula actually get your dishes dry in only one go. Therefore, you can clean off the dirt, wash, sanitize and dry your dishes in only one go. KitchenAid is reliable in its specifications in all ranges. Besides, the micro-filter system that helps in free maintenance is unavailable in most of the other dishwashing machines. Moreover, it contains the capacity to cater the dishes of whole three meals of whole family. KitchenAid get this work done with just the push of a one button. In terms of cost and benefit analysis, KitchenAid is the most reliable one as it provides you the best range with the best specifications-manufactured for your ease and comfort. These specifications are not provided by other brands of dishwashing machines. Therefore, spending money on the machine that is worth buying is not bad. Besides, such machines cannot be purchased on daily basis. So, you should not get confused and move to the cheaper ones. Get the KitchenAid for your kitchen to get yourself rid of the laborious work of dishwashing within no time.

How to Clean Swiss Army Knife?

                                    How to clean Swiss army knives

There is a brand called Swiss Army knife, that brand has a few special things about it. First one is that Swiss Army is one of the best knife producers in the world. Their quality is exceptional and they have the best endurance to outdoor conditions, harsh environments and rough usage. These durable products are designed in such a way that they become the best. They today enjoy a marketing niche over all other brands in the world because of their rugged quality and an exceptional Customer Service. There are many brands that manufacture Swiss army knives but the notable and the best two among them are Wenger and Victorinox, these brands manufacture original Swiss gear materials. Wenger was recently integrated to Victorinox in 2013, but it still operates as a separate company and its products are sold under the name of Wenger. Wenger has produced the biggest pocket knives in the world, their Giant or the Wenger 16999 weighed an exceptional 8.75 pounds, it had 87 implements that carried over 140 functions. Both these brands have raised the quality standards and the name of Swiss Army knives up to the sky. So when you are buying a knife you would always choose Swiss gear over others as it would save you lots of money and also save you from the trouble of getting the local branded knife repaired. But once you buy a Swiss Army knife, after some period of time you have to clean it as well.

How to clean the Swiss army knife? This is the question that loads of people have been asking and there hasn’t been any review that would articulate the ways on cleaning the Swiss Army knife or the Swiss army Knife tool.

So we have tried to clean the knife by different methods and making sure that they would be easy to use and good. There are two methods, wet cleaning and dry cleaning. It all depends on you that which method would you choose for cleaning your traditional Swiss army knife or Swiss army tools.

Wet cleaning:

This process is given by Victorinox in how to take care of your Swiss army knife or Swiss army tool. So the process is that you have to get boiling or warm water, fill it in a cup. Then open the Swiss army knife blade and then dip it in the water and then close the blade, you have to repeat this step a few times until the blade is closing and opening easily. You can do the same process with all your tools. The next step is that you place the knife on a clean towel or a cloth, place the knife on it and then rub the towel on the surface and on the inside of the knife by opening all the tools. After that let the knife dry. Once the knife is dry, you have to put the special oil in the knife and on the surface as well, then open all the tools and put oil in it. Then you have to clean the access oil from the knife using a towel or a cloth. Once the excess oil is removed from the knife put the knife under the sun for a while or in the room temperature, let it soak all the oil. Once you are done with drying the oil, you need to Sharpen it. For sharpening you need to use a knife sharpener and rub it at 15-20 degrees with the blade. And there you go, the simplest way of cleaning your Swiss army knife.
Dry cleaning:

This process includes a lots of steps and it is not very easy as compared to the wet cleaning. But it is very effective method of cleaning the knife. Following are certain steps that need to be followed before cleaning a Swiss army knife.

  1. Brushing:

This is a simple and the first step, it involves a brush which could be either traditional soft brush or a steel brush. You have to open the knife and check for areas that have harder dirt reservoirs. Then you have to use the steel brush to remove that hard dirt from the surface of the knife and from the inside. Once you are done with this, you have to use a soft traditional brush to clean out the soft dust pores. This will remove all the dirt from the knife.  But remember, during the cleaning process make sure that you open all the tools in the knife for effective cleaning.

  1. Cleaning with toothpicks and paper towel:

This is a tricky step. It is used to remove the excess dirt that is left from the brushing process. With the help of the toothpick you have to reach the areas where the brush couldn’t, then use the toothpick to remove that hard dirt from the knife. Then you can repeat step one, cleaning with the soft brush. After that you should use a paper towel. Make cylindrical shape of the towel and clean the inside of the knife to remove any excess dirt stuck in between the tools.

  1. Cleaning with the cotton swab:

This is an important step and some people skip it. Cotton Swabs are used to clean the knife thoroughly and give it a clean glossy finish. You can use the cleaning liquids, apply some on the cotton swab and then rub the swab all over the knife and also rub the inside of the knife with the cotton swab. This process will give a clean glossier look to your knife.

  1. Oiling:

Using oil enhances the overall life of the knife, as it has important minerals that enhance the durability of the material used to make the knife and hence increasing the durability of the knife. There are special oils available for Swiss army knives and for Swiss army tools. You can buy them but traditional machine oils will do just fine. Now while oiling, you have to open all the tools of the knife, put oil in it and then close it. Repeat this process a few times to achieve the best performance of the knife. After oiling clean the access oil from the knife.

  1. Using oiled towel:

This step is not so important and can be skipped, but it is a good thing if one does this, as it is very important for the finish and the handles of the knife, which may get faulty over time. All you have to do in this step is to put some oil on the towel, place the knife on the towel, and rub the oiled towel on the surface of the knife. This process gives a clean finish to your knife and allows you to increase the life of the handle of the knife.

  1. Sharpening:

This is the last step of dry cleaning method. In this step you have to sharpen your knife with the sharpening tool. Doing it with hand is a better option than the machine, as the machine heats up the blade, which needs to be watered, this reduces the overall quality and texture of the knife. So in order to avoid that sharpen the knife by hand with a knife sharpener.

Dry clean or wet clean?

Both these methods are extremely effective in cleaning the knife. The wet method is an easier method and it doesn’t consume as much time as dry cleaning. But dry cleaning is a good option too, although it does consume loads of time of the user but still it is very good as it doesn’t use water and water may affect the overall quality of the knife.

Since you are here, we have recommended and selected a few of the best Swiss gear knives.

Recommended products:

We have reviewed a few of the best knives from Swiss gear in order to articulate this recommendation. Our review is based on a set of Specifications. Specifications are the abilities and the qualities of a product, they help user determine which knife is the best and what are the capabilities it has. When it comes to reviewing Swiss Army knives, its specifications are its overall quality, its durability, its design, its comfort, Safety and lastly the warranty of the product.

Wenger 16999; the Giant, Swiss army knife:

This product from Wenger is a novelty product or a collector’s item. Wenger Successfully
manufactured the world’s largest pocket knife. It has a weight of 7 pounds or 112 Ounces.
It is 8.75’’ wide and has a total of 87 implements that serve over 140 functions. The functions include a 2.5-inch 60% serrated locking blade, Nail file, Nail cleaner, Corkscrew, Adjustable pliers with wire crimper and cutter, Removable screwdriver bit adapter2.5-inch blade for Official World Scout Knife, Spring-loaded, locking needle-nose pliers with wire cutter, Removable screw diver bit holder, Phillips head screwdriver bit, Phillips head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver bit, 2Flat head screwdriver bit 0.5mm x 3.5mm, Flat head screwdriver bit 0.6mm x 4.0mmflat head screwdriver bit 1.0mm x 6.5mm, Magnetized recessed bit holder, Double-cut wood saw with ruler, Chain rivet setter, Removable 5mm, Allen wrench, Screwdriver for slotted and Phillips head screws, Removable tool for adjusting spokes10mm, Hexagonal key for nuts, Removable 4mm curved allen wrench with Phillips head screwdriver, Patented locking screwdriver, Universal wrench2.4-inch springless scissors with serrated self-sharpening design, 1.65-inch clip point utility blade, Phillips head screwdriver2.5-inch clip-point blade and many more. The knife can be bought for 3800-4200$.

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife:

This engraved Swiss army knife from Victorinox has the best design and comes in different engravings. It has a total of 15 functions that include 2.45″ blade, corkscrew, bottle opener with screwdriver, wood saw and scissors and many more. It comes with a lifetime warranty against defects. It is an official warranty from Victorinox which allows its customers to judge the credibility of the brand. It has a total weight of 3.42 ounces which is not that much as compared to the number of functions this knife has. Itcan be bought for a price of 30-50$.

Victorinox Swiss Champ, Swiss army knife:

This beautiful knife can be bought for a price that ranges between 60$ to 90$. It is one of the most beautiful knifes by Victorinox. This knife features a total of 33 functions which include a large Blade, a Small Blade, a Corkscrew, a Can Opener, a Small Screwdriver (also for Phillips Screws), a Bottle Opener with, a Large Screwdriver, a Wire Stripper, a Reamer. a Key Ring, Tweezers, a Toothpick, Scissors, a Multi-purpose Hook (Parcel Carrier), a Wood Saw, a Fish Scaler, a Hook Disgorger, a Ruler (in/cm), a Nail File with, a Nail Cleaner, a Metal File, a Metal Saw,a Fine Screwdriver, a Chisel/Scraper, a Plier, a Wire Cutter, a Wire Crimper, a Phillips Screwdriver,  a Magnifying Lens, a Pressurized Ballpoint Pen,  a Straight Pin, a Patented Mini-screwdriver and a Sewing Eye. It weighs just a little over 6 ounces.

Wenger Evogrip S101 Swiss Army Knife:

Evo-grip S101 is one of the most light weight knives from Swiss army. It has a very light weight of just 1.94, and it is called the lightest because it serves a good number of functions as well. Apart from that, it has evo-grip rubber handles which allows the user to use this knife when their hands are sweaty or wet due to rain or such conditions. This elegant and stylish knife from Wenger has a very low price and it can be bought in a price range of 32-53$. This knife has a total of 11 functions that include a 2.5″ blade, a 1.65” clip point utility blade, a patented locking screwdriver. They also have a cap lifter, a wire stripper, a can opener, a nail file, a nail cleaner, a corkscrew, a reamer, an awl, a toothpick, tweezers and finally a key ring.

Product Description Wenger 16999 Victorinox Swiss-champ Evo-grip S101 Victorinox Hntsman
Weight 112 ounces 6.426 Ounces 1.94 3.4
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Functions 87 implements, 140 functions 33 functions 11 functions 15 functions
Engraving No No No Yes
Warranty Depends on the seller Yes, a lifetime warranty against defects Depends on the seller Yes, a lifetime warranty against defects
Price 3800-4800$ 60-90$ 32-53$ 30-50$

We tried to review some of the best products and we agreed on one thing which was that undoubtedly Swiss army knives are the best knives in the world, depending upon their Design, quality and the endurance we have come to this verdict. Choosing which method to use in order to clean the Swiss army knife depends on the user. Both methods are really good and effective in cleaning the knife.


Best Engrave Swiss Army Knife Reviews

 Engraved Swiss Army Knife

There are many brands that make quality knives having loads of functions but no such brand can beat Swiss army knives when it comes to compactness, loads of functions and a rugged quality. Many brands make Swiss gear knives but the most notable two among them are Wenger and Victorinox. Both these companies started functioning in the late 1890’s. They are known for making quality products.

Wenger recently integrated into Victorinox in 2013. So both these companies share the same profit and loss. But the name of Wenger Company still runs and they produce separate productsChoosing between Swiss gear and other brands is really easy as one tends to look at the set of specifications to determine which brand would be the best for you. So when we compared or even when a layman compares Swiss army knives with that of other brands than he determines that Swiss gear knives are the best. Why is that? Well the answer to that simple question is very simple. Swiss gear provides its customers with top rugged quality products which last so long that once you buy a Swiss army knife, you would not need to buy another one for a couple of years of constant use. Moreover it is the customer support and the warranties that Swiss gear provides, they give a lifetime warranty on Swiss army knives. And to top it all off Swiss army knives are designed in such a way that they catch every eye and also they can be engraved as well. So whenever you are in a tussle for choosing between Swiss gear and other brands, you will always opt Swiss army knives.

Due to the high demand of these knives there are many models under Swiss army title. They range from a singular blade to a multi-purpose knife having lots of functions and tools but the most important thing and the common thing is their top quality and durability. Now Swiss army knives in order to attract more and more customers towards them started producing Engraved knives. So what basically is an engraved knife? It is a knife which has either and engraved design to look good and to provide you with a handy grip. Or it comes with the option of writing something on the knife according to the choice of the customer. Engraved knives look good in every hand and they provide the elegance that every personality needs. A set of different designers are there so that they can please and satisfy every customer’s demand and make the knives in such a way that they give the best impression.

We know that choosing Swiss gear over other brand is really easy as every layman would opt Swiss army knife by just holding it in the hand once. But choosing a Swiss army knife can be really tricky. There are hundreds of varieties of Swiss army knives, all differing from one another on the basis of a few or lots of specifications. We have tried to review a few of the best engraved Swiss army knives to help the customers choose the knife of their preference. Our review is based on a set of specifications.

Specifications of a product indicate the abilities and qualities of a product. They are a set of different qualities and abilities that help determine the user to buy the product of their choice, moreover they tell the user about what lies inside of the box of the product. Buying a device without checking for its quality can lead you into trouble of getting a faulty product, and also the trouble to get the product replaced. Swiss Army knives have the following specifications that are really important to check before buying.

Before buying a product it is a good option to first check the quality of the product. Due to the high market value of Swiss gear knives there are many brands that are competing with the brand and producing their own knives. But as Swiss gear knives are made with top quality so these brands have to do lots of things in order to cope up with the market. The first thing they do is try to enhance the quality of the product but when compared to Swiss gear this quality is absolutely nothing. Then The second thing they do is that they try to cheapen down the price of the product which only happens when they lower down the quality. So you can imagine the trouble that these companies have to go through just because of the Quality and the market value of Swiss gear knives, which further determines and indicates the quality of Swiss gear knives to be top among every other brand so you need not be concerned about that.

Now because knife is made in such a way that it will serve the user in harsh outdoors conditions, it must have the endurance to sustain all that pressure from outdoors. An adventurer when working with such a tool may or may not be in harsh environment. So his work revolves around the overall durability of the product. Swiss gear knives enjoy a niche over other brands today because of two things, first is their superb quality and the second is the product life of their knives. The knives from Swiss gear are designed in such a way that they provide the user with the best experience whilst making sure that the product will sustain all sorts of harsh environments.

What good is a product that has a superb quality and can sustain every environment’s harsh conditions but has a bad design? Well absolutely nothing. But Swiss gear knives would not disappoint you when it comes to the design of the knife. Their knives are designed in such a way that they provide the best experience to the user and moreover they look really good in every hand. These knives are designed by a set of designers that you only one thing in their minds and that is to satisfy their customers. So having such great designs, it makes it really easy for the user to determine what knife they would be buying.

Swiss gear knives are made in such a way that they not only give the most elegant and durable knives, they are also known for the comfort they provide their users with. When you are working in outdoors and in harsh environments where it is sweaty then you have to make sure that your knife has an add on grip as well. Swiss army knives come in different models. Some of which have integrated rubber grips that allow you to work under sweaty conditions while giving you the best comfort. But in the end its up to you that how much you prefer comfort over other specifications.

Swiss gear knives are compact pocket products that usually have a 1-5’’ blade, which depends on the model. What is special about these knives is that apart from that quality blade they also put other functions and implements on the product which helps the user do lots of functions and jobs. These knives differ from one another on the basis of the implements or the functions. Swiss gear in order to commemorate the knives made a huge knife which had all the 79 implements on a single knife. This determines the focus and the determination of the company towards satisfying their customers. The functions of the knives differ from one another on the basis of their models.

A knife having many implements and those too made with high quality stainless steel tend to be heavy. But Swiss army knives are designed in such a way that they do not weigh much. Their weight depends on the number of functions and the overall size of the knife. The bigger the knife, the more the functions, the heavier will it be. But even the heaviest of them all is not so heavy and can be used easily to carry out any function that the user likes or wants to do. The weight ranges from a single ounces to a couple of them all depending on the model of the knife.

When working with sharp things one is always concerned about their safety. And why not? These knives can cause lots of damage to humans if used incorrectly. So these knives must be used with precaution. The important question is that what does Swiss gear do for its customer’s safety? Well the answer is simple, they make their knives in such a way that it does not break and snap. Secondly the blades of these knives are locked and patented, which means that there is no chance your finger can get inside the knife during cutting something.

Warranty is the last but not the least. Warranty of the product determines the credibility of the seller which in turn indicates the overall quality of the product. Swiss gear because they are such an old company and making products for so long, provide their users with a lifelong warranty against defects and other faults in the product, which enhances their credibility one step further and making them the best in the world.

Based on these specifications we have recommended a few Engraved Swiss army knives.

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife:

This is one of the best knives from Victorinox. It is called the classic because it has the same old 1.25″ blade, nail file with screwdriver, scissors, and key ring. Its stainless steel design makes it a rugged product and allowing the customers choose among 27 different designs or engraving. The best of which is the hammered sterling silver. It has a very light weight of just 1.5 ounces. It comes under the official lifetime warranty by Victorinox. It’s price is not very much and can be bought in a price range of 146$ to 166$. It is one of the best knives.

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Alox 58mm Small Pocket Knife:

This knife from Swiss gear has a wonderful design. It has an engraved olive green colour and is only a 2017 limited edition knife. It has a blade, a screw driver, scissors, nail file and a key ring. The handle is made with anodized aluminium and the body is made with stainless steel. Moreover it has a very light weight of 1.4 ounces which makes this a great knife. It has a lifetime Victorinox warranty against defects. It can be bought at a price range of 26-46$.

Personalized Victorinox Genuine Swiss Army Knife:

This knife from Victorinox has a large Blade, Corkscrew, Reamer/Punch/Sewing Awl, Can Opener, 3mm Screwdriver. Moreover it has a Bottle Opener, Wire Stripper, 5mm Screwdriver, Nail File, Nail Cleaner, Keyring, Toothpick and Tweezers. What is good about this knife is that the seller provides personalized engraving of one line upto 10 words on the product which is absolutely free. The warranty is not disclosed by the seller. This engraved Swiss army knife can be bought in a price range of between 22$ to 42$.

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife:

This elegant Swiss army knife from Victorinox has the best design and comes in different engravings. It has a total of 15 functions that include 2.45″ blade, corkscrew, bottle opener with screwdriver, wood saw and scissors and many more. This knife has a weight of 3.42 ounces. The product has a lifetime warranty on defects by Victorinox. Based on its specifications, one can pretty much imagine the hike in price of this product. And can think that it may be too much for a common person. Well it is not and it can be bought at 30-50$.

Dimension 9 9-Function Multi-Purpose Tool Knife

This knife from Dimension has a very light weight of just 2.88 ounces. It can be bought at 6 dollars. But when the user wants engraving on the product than it costs between 6-36$. It has a wonderful design and has 9 functions, which include scissors, two screwdrivers, corkscrew, saw blade, bottle opener, file, and two knife blades. It is made with gloss rosewood.

Product Description Victorinox Huntsman Dimension 9-9
Weight 3.4 ounces 2.88 ounces
Material Stainless steel and aluminium handle Stainless steel and rosewood handle
Functions 15 9
Engraving Different, material types and handle engravings Different, names and writings on the handle
Warranty Lifetime Not provided
Price 30-50$ 6-30$

Final Verdict:

Victorinox are known for their quality products. The Swiss army knives produced by Victorinox are exceptional. When compared with a simple brand, Swiss army knife stands out with more number of functions, better quality, better handles and even better design. Moreover the lifetime warranty acts as a cherry on top of every Swiss army knife.

Best Coleman Screened Canopy Review

Coleman Screened Canopies

Screened canopies are best for those who love to go for camping or barbecues outdoor. So, if you are looking for the best Coleman canopy then you are at the right place. The type of canopy you should buy determined by your requirement. What kind of canopy you are looking for? And importantly the best Canopy must meet your budget requirements.

Characteristics of the Best Canopy:

In order to find out that which Canopy is the best one you need to learn the basic and the important things that a Canopy must have. Following are the characteristics of a best Canopy that you need to consider before buying a new Screened Canopy for your outdoor amusements.

  • The very significant thing is whether the Canopy is easy to carry or not. If it’s a heavy in weight than it’s useless to buy that one because if you plan to go for hike than it will be very obnoxious to carry such a heavy weight Canopy along. It will increase your fatigue and ruin your trip. On the other hand, the lighter the Canopy, the happier will be your trip.
  • It should be simple and can be easily fixed because in case you cannot fix it, it will create frustration which will ruin your whole trip and waste your time.
  • Besides, a Canopy should easily be folded, in case you need to hurry in folding this down, it won’t give you tough time.
  • Your Canopy should be large so that it can easily accommodate your whole family or friends. It should not be small that will only accommodate you. Such a Canopy will be less useful for you. Because hardly anyone plan a trip alone.
  • Above all, it should be manufactured with a reliable material. A reliable material will increase the life of your Canopy.
  • Cost and benefit analysis is a must thing to do. These characteristics will help you in calculating that as well because whatever you buy it should be worth buying for.
  • Your canopy should be durable, do look for that one which is manufactured with the best material possible
  • Its ceiling ought to have water resistant material that will make your trip pleasant when you enjoy rain while sitting in your canopy with your friends or family.
  • It should be protecting you from ultra-violet sun rays.
  • Lastly and importantly, your manufacturer must be providing you the warranty of minimum a year. This will help you in trusting your manufacturer and of course the model as well.

Therefore, in order to buy a good Canopy you need to look around the best Canopy manufacturer available in the market

Five Recommended Coleman Screened Canopies

Following are the top most recommended Screened Canopies

Coleman Instant Screen house

The above Coleman instant screen house canopy is designed in such a way that it can be set up or take down by the buyer or user with in a minute or less than a minute. The Coleman instant screen house canopy also have the ability to protect you from the sun, wind and bugs. Similarly it have two large T-doors by this you can enjoy the entry from back and front as well. The above canopy also have loops which helps in keeping doors open and have zippers which helps in keeping the doors to shut. The above canopy also have the ability of easy-pull carry bag which fits inside in most of the cars. The size of the canopy is 10 x 10 ft. The canopy also have the 1 year of limited warranty. The price ranges from 57 to 79$.

Coleman Back Home Instant Screen house

The Coleman back home instant screen house canopy is also one of the top recommended canopies. It have the ability to set up in three minutes and three easy steps. The above canopy is designed in such a way that it can give you protection from the sun, wind and the bugs as well. The Coleman back home instant screen house canopy has given with two large T-doors with help of these doors you have the facility of entry from back as well as from front to the canopy. The canopy also have the loops for keeping the doors open and have the zippers to keep the doors shut. The Coleman back home instant screen house is designed with vaulted ceiling which provides you more room for taller guests. The canopy also have the latest UVGuard™ technology which helps in blocking the sun’s harmful rays. The above canopy also have the comfort grips lock shelter into place with pinch-free adjustability. The canopy also have the ability of easy-pull carry bag which helps in fitting inside the cars. The size of the above canopy with Dimension is 12 ft x 10 ft x 100. The canopy also have 1 year of limited warranty. The price ranges from 129 to 150$.

Coleman 15 x 13 Instant Screen house

The above Coleman instant screen house canopy have the ability to set up or take down in a minute or less than a minute for the adjustment. The above canopy is also have the ability to give you protection from the sun, wind and bugs as well. The canopy is designed with two large T-doors which helps you to get entry from back and from front to the canopy. The above canopy is assembled with the loops for keeping the doors open and have the zippers which helps in keeping the doors shut. The Coleman canopy is assembles in such a way that it have easy-pull carry bag which fits inside most of the cars. The size of the above canopy is 15 x 13 ft. and have the 41.6 sq. ft. of shade. The canopy also have 1 year of limited warranty.

Price range is  from $ 115.85 to $ 125.85


Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent with Screened Porch Canopy 9 Ft x 7 Ft Fits Queen Bed

The Coleman screened porch canopy is designed in such a way that it have the capacity of 4 persons. The above canopy have amazing and spacious interior which provides the satisfaction. The canopy is assembled with WeatherTec System which guaranteed that it will keep you dry and will protect you from sun and wind as well. The above canopy also have the screened porch. The canopy also have the strong Insta-Clip attachments which adds rigidity to wind-tested pole structure. The canopy have the ability to set up within 15 minutes. The size of the canopy is 9 Ft x 7 Ft.

Price range  is from $ 129.95 to $ 149.95

Coleman 12 x 10 Instant Screened Canopy and Coleman Tent Kit

The Coleman screened canopy have the ability to be sets up with in three minutes and three easy steps. The coleman screened canopy also have the ability to protect you from the sun, wind and bugs as well. The above coleman screened canopy is designed with four 10-in. steel tent pegs with flat striking head which helps in securing your tent from damages. The above coleman screened canopy also have the rubber mallet which helps in comfortably secure the stakes of the tent on the ground. The size of the above coleman screened canopy is 12 x 10 ft. The above canopy is also provided with the nesting hand broom and dustpan which help you to keep dirt and debris off tent floor. The canopy also have the steel rod stake puller which helps you to easily pull stakes. And all of the kit tent essentials have the ability to fit inside along with the mesh carry bag.

Price range of the above canopy is from $ 137.37 to $ 157.37

Following are the comparisons between the most recommended Screened Canopies

Specifications Coleman Instant Screen house


Coleman Back Home Instant Screen house


Coleman 15 x 13 Instant Screen house


Color Grey/Green Brown Multi Colored
Item Dimensions 84 x 120 x 84 inches 10.24 x 13.78 x 48.03 inches 82.68 x 157.48 x 181.1 inches
Material Type Steel Steel Steel
Shipping Weight 17 pounds 51.4 pounds 22.35 pounds
Size OS 12′ x 10′ 15
Warranty 1 year limited warranty 1 year of limited warranty 1 year of limited warranty
Price Range $ 58.76 to $ 78.76 $ 129.00 to $ 149.00 $ 115.85 to $ 125.85
Quality ü ü ü
Space — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Sport Type — — — — — — — — — — Camping & Hiking

Comparison between Coleman and Clam

Coleman and Clam are two most top rated and best reviewed brands of Canopies on Therefore, this article is intended to compare both the brands in order to analyze the products of both the manufacturers. This comparison will help you analyze the recommended manufacturer. The cost and benefit analysis will be helpful in taking a decision that which one is the worth buying for. Coleman so far is the best and the most recommended brand due to its durability and the reliability on the manufacturer as well. On the other hand, Clam is also the most rated and reviewed but it cannot accommodate more people. Therefore due to its smaller in size than that of Coleman’s, it is less recommended. Besides, it is also the one which should be worth considering for.

Specifications Coleman Clam
Name of Model Instant Screened 9281-quick set escape
Width 120 square-ft 94 square-ft
Height from center 100 inches long 94 inches long
Design Hexagon-six sided Hexagon-six sided
Material 150D 210D and 600D
Doors 2 1
Shelter/Ceiling Vaulted Vaulted
UV Protection 50UV 50UV
Structure Steel Fiberglass
Walls Removable Removable
Bag ü ü
Adjustment Within 3 minutes Within 1 minute
Guarantee 1 Year 1 Year
Price Ranges 235 to 255$ 289 to 309$

Which of these to consider?

Now the question is that which one to buy because both the manufacturers are the most rated and the most reviewed ones on Amazon. Therefore, on the basis of specifications and instant installation it is clear that Coleman ought to have your foremost choice.

This is due to the fact that Coleman canopies are usually larger in size that is they accommodate whole family or friends. You don’t need to think before planning your outdoor trip with your friends or family with a Coleman canopy because it’s worth buying for. Secondly, with such a large canopy it will take you less than three minutes to install it and fold it back. It is easier to carry it along. Above all the manufacturers are the reliable ones and they provide you the warranty of one year. Within a year you can make your canopy fixed in case your canopy got any issue. You can easily contact your manufacturer online or post a review to let others know if you got any problem with that.


Precisely, buying a canopy is a onetime decision. This is something that cannot be bought on monthly or a yearly basis. It is purchased once for several years. Therefore, before buying a canopy identify which one is the best one. The best canopy is that which meets your requirements. Considering your requirements look around for the characteristics of the best canopy. Characteristics will help you find out the best one for yourself. Besides, your budget requirements also plays vital role.

However, the best fit canopy that you should consider before buying a new canopy, you should consider the Coleman’s Instant Screened canopy and so other editions as well. Because so far, Coleman is considered as the best manufacturer in manufacturing the best canopy for you. It provides you one in all facilities from frame to its water proof ceiling, from removable walls to its installation and folding back, it is all in one for you. Therefore, don’t look here and there give a glance at this perfect model of Coleman Canopy. If you are planing your trip and looking for the best one; then Coleman Screened Canopies are the best for you.

This article is designed with the intention to help our customer in guiding through the process of their selection of a best canopy. Before buying it you must be aware of your requirements as you cannot buy such things on monthly basis. This is a one time investment for your amusing habits. Therefore, do read this article carefully, which guides you with all the specifications that a best canopy must have. All these specifications along with your budget requirements are all the best possible solution for your canopy problem. Whenever you plan your outdoor trip or hiking tour, Coleman will always be there to provide you comfort during your tough hike session.