Find out Best Pocket Projector Here 2017

                                              Pocket Projector

Do you have a presentation soon and you are worried about the malfunctioned projector in the office, or school? Are you burdened to the thought of messing everything up in case the projector stops working? Or are you a multi-media enthusiast who wants to have the best gadgets? Well there is a pocket projector for all of these people and more. Pocket projector basically is an extremely small and compact device that enables you to run photos and videos and slides on a screen with its help. Moreover you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning or getting over heated during your presentation, and also you don’t have to worry about the soaring prices of normal projectors because it comes in a very affordable price, it also enables you to take care of things in a more easy way and also in a lot cheaper way. With this pocket projector you can not only give presentations but watch movies, watch pictures, play games and what not. You can connect it to your phone or your computer. Also, some of the pocket projectors are rechargeable so that means that you can use them for as long as you would want without worrying for the constant electricity supply.

Because there is a great demand of pocket projectors from both individuals and companies or schools or offices, there are numerous companies that manufacture them. And because there is a lot of competition among these companies, a person is always worried about the quality and the general outlook of the product. In order to make things easy for you and to help you choose the product of your choice, we have recommended some of the best pocket projectors and also reviewed them to determine which product will suit your needs the best. Our review is based on a few specifications. Specifications are basically the abilities and qualities that a device, machine or a product have. They allow the user to determine which device suits them the best and also help them ensure that the product they are buying is right for them or not.

The quality of the product is the first foremost specification, it helps determine the overall credibility and durability of the seller and also allows you to determine the overall performance. If the product has been made with top quality materials, it will have a great performance along with maximum durability to normal as well as harsh conditions. Therefore you must always overlook the quality of the product before buying.

Projectors come in different designs. Because they are pocket size, they tend to be small and compact but some are not. Some of the projectors weigh too much and are not a good deal to buy. Therefore always check whether the product has optimal weight and whether it has been designed to perfection and would give a classy outlook or not.

We have covered the performance in the interface section. The projectors have different specifications which allow them to work differently. They have different numbers of LED and different batteries. Determining which led capacity and which battery life projector suits your needs the best is really important. And also a product with a simpler yet useful interface is better than the complicated ones. Because one must always opt ease of access over anything else.

A projector having a warranty on it is usually better than the one that doesn’t have it because in case of malfunction or any other problem you can easily get the product repaired and also you can get it changed. So always look for products that have a warranty on them.

Based on these specifications we have reviewed some of the best pocket projectors.

Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector Home Projector:

This smart projector is the best for watching videos and for home entertainment. It comes with a free HDMI cable which allows you to connect to your phone or your ipad easily. It has a white colour which looks extremely elegant. It is 20% brighter than other Led projectors. Moreover the seller provides a warranty of 1 whole year In case of any faults or any other issues you can get it repaired. It can be bought in a price range of just 56-96$
Mobile Pico Video Projector Portable Mini Pocket Size:

This is one of the best pocket projectors available in the market. It has a very compact design and very lightweight. It comes with a wonderful 1080p resolution. It has 100 lumens brightness and also it is the same size as an iphone. It can be used at office for presentation or at home or studio for gaming and for what not. It can be bought for 248-288$.
RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector with 120 Inch Display:

It is one of the most smallest and most compact pocket projectors. It is just 2 inches cube. It has a great design and works perfectly in all occasions. It can be connected to any device and give a projection size of upto 120 inches. It can be bought in price range of 230-270$.
DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector:

This is a best selling pocket projector. It has a great design. But don’t get carried away by its small size, it supports HDMI, it has a maximum 176 inch projection size, and moreover to top it all, the seller provides an amazing 3 year warranty on the product. And the price of this product is extremely affordable, rather cheap and it can be bought for just 80$ to 100$

Product Description Crenova XPE460 Mobile pico Rif6 Cube DBPOWER T20
Projection Size 37-130 inches Not specified Up to 120’’ 32-176 inches
Resolution 1920*1080p 1080p Not give 1080p
HDMI cable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 12 Months Not Specified Not specified 3 years
Price 56-96$ 248-288$ 230-370$ 80-120

There is a tough competition in the pocket projector market. There are lots of companies that have produced quality products that can be used to serve your purpose. Choosing which is the right projector for you is an hard option. All the products mentioned above are the best projectors In the market and they serve you in the ways that you desire. But you must always choose the product carefully and always keep in mind the preferences and your usage before buying any product.


Best iPhone Ear Buds Review 2017

Iphone Ear buds

There is a great demand of iPhone ear buds in the market, not only in the apple using market but also in other phone community. But why? Why does a phone user from another company want iPhone ear buds? Well the answer is simple. That is because of the exceptional quality of the product along with the sound It makes and also its ruggedness and durability to stay longer than ear buds from other brands and companies. iPhone is the biggest company that produces cell phones and cell phone accessories. It is a global company having its outlets and its stores all over the world. And having the most number of users and having the biggest sales.

What makes the Iphone ear buds so special apart from the company’s name?  Well the answer to this question is answered in our review and it is all about them. Apple has a trend of producing quality material and for their flagship model and the only cellphone, the iphone, they have left no tables unturned to create the absolute best. The iphone earphones are the usual 3.5 mm jack ear buds, other than the wireless ear buds of iphone 7. They have a great sound and the ability of their microphones to handle the noise and clean it is amazing.

Types of Iphone Ear buds:

There are basically two types of iphone ear buds. The first one is the simple, wired and 3.5 mm audio jack ear buds. These are made with great quality and have the best sound quality. They are designed in such a way that they would fit in your ears nicely. A change of style of Iphone earbuds was done after introducing Iphone 5. The head of the earbud was basically changed to fit in even nicely. The traditional earbuds have a noise cancelling earbud which can be used for calls and for music. The other type of earbuds from apple are the wireless ones. They run with Bluetooth only as iphone 7 doesn’t have any audio jack. They have a great sound quality and a built in mic. They are really great and also look extremely good on the ear.

Both types of earbuds have almost the same specifications.

They are the abilities and capabilities that a device, machine or a product has. Specifications allow the user to determine which product will suit their needs the best and also it helps them determine the overall quality and the valuable product assessment. If you buy a product without checking its specifications, you can actually land in trouble and that trouble would be getting the product replaced in case you have bought the one which doesn’t fit your specification. In case of iphone earbuds its specifications are its quality, its design, microphone, sound quality and comfort.

Quality is something that apple doesn’t compromise on in any of its products. They make their products with the best and the most durable materials present in order to ensure that they last for long period of time. Iphone earbuds are made with great materials and their endurance to harsh condition and even rain is better than those of other companies. And they last for longer durations of time.

Apple doesn’t change the design of its products much. When iphone 5 came, the top of the iphone earbud was drastically changed and improved and made in such a way that it would fit every ear. Recently apple announced its Iphone 7, which has wireless earbuds which work with Bluetooth for the ease of access of the user and also to make sure they don’t have to worry for the cords.

Iphone earbuds have a great and a noise cancelling earphone which is used to make calls without giving much trouble to the user. The old wired earphones had buttons on the cable and also the mic was to be hold near in order to get the perfect voice delivered. But the wireless earphones from apple have been designed in such a way that they user has the maximum ease of access along with having an easy time during calls and a great call quality because of the noise reduction.

The last and the most important question is that whether iphone earbuds are comfortable to use or not. Well apple doesn’t have a rubber or a plastic piece for the convenience of the user but they do have a great design that allows htem to fit anybody’s ear quite nicely and making sure that the earbuds would not trouble them much.

Based on these specifications we have reviewed iphone earbuds and also made a comparison chart between different iphone earbuds.

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic ME186LL/A:

Unlike other earbuds from apple, these iphone earbuds have a rubber head. Which makes them easy to fit in every ear and they increase the overall comfort of the user. They have a great sound quality and a mic as well. They can be bought in range of 9-29$
Apple iPod Earphones:

These earbuds are originally designed for ipods and other music players. But they can be used for iphones as well. Because they have the traditional and standard 3.5 mm jack. They have a great music quality and have no mic. They can be bought in a price range of 17-37$.
Apple Airpods Wireless Bluetooth Headset for iPhones:

These are the latest earbuds from apple. They are wireless and run with Bluetooth and with iphones having ios 10 or higher. They have a great music quality and a built in mic. They also have a charging unit which gives u 24 hours of music play. They can be bought for 150-200$
Apple MD827LL/A EarPods with Remote and Mic:

These earbuds from apple are the ones which came with iphone 5. They have a great design and they allow you to have a deep and full of bass music experience. The mic on these earbuds has been placed perfectly. The price is low and they can be bought for 9-29$

Product Description Apple ME186LL/A Ipod earbuds Apple Airpods Apple MD827LL/A
Microphone Yes No Yes Yes
Wireless No No No No
Price 8-28 17-37$ 9-19$ 150-200$

Final Verdict:

Iphone earbuds are a great product. They can be used by all phone users. The apple airpods only work with apple devices. But other earpods work well with other devices as well. Iphone earbuds are designed in such a way that they give the best experience to the user and also satisfy the user to the maximum extent. That is made possible only because of the exceptional quality of these earbuds.

Find out Best Back Packs Here

                                                     Best backpacks

Backpacks are something that we use almost everyday, some people use it for school or college while other use it to go to office, on a meeting, for travelling and hiking. For all these purposes there are different kinds of backpacks. Some of them are designed in such a way that their main purpose is to carry books and laptops. Some of them are made in such a way that in which u can manage your clothes and travelling materials and some are made in such a way that with them you can put In your travelling or hiking gear and use them for outdoors and for picnics. Generally backpacks are waterproof but some are not. They are made with different materials, and they have different designs along with having different purposes. But their main purpose is to carry things.

Now because backpacks are a everyday use item and because of their such demands, there are many companies that produce them and choosing which company to buy from is a hard thing. Also because backpacks differ from one another in a lot of things, therefore determining the best bag for your needs can become tough too. We are here to make that choice of choosing the right and the best backpack easy for you.  Our review is based on a set of specifications, and 3 levels. In the first level we try to identify different types of backpacks, in the second level we try to identify the specifications and in the third part we determine which backpack is the best based on our specifications.

Types of backpacks:

There are basically multiple uses of backpacks. Some people use it for school or college while other use it for office work and such materials, on a meeting, for travelling and hiking. For every purpose, there is a different bag. For example there are laptop bags for carrying laptops and books, then there are travel bags which are used to put clothes and such stuff related to travelling in them and the last type are the bags which are used for outdoor sports and for hiking. Moving on to the specifications.

They are basically the abilities and the capabilities that a device, machine or a product have. They help determine what is in the box and which the uses of the product are. When it comes to backpacks, their specifications are, their quality, material, design, interface, durability, comfort, water resistant, type and lastly the warranty of the product.

  • Quality basically helps determine the overall durability of the product. A product with a great quality is not only going to be durable but it will also have a great performance when compared to low grade quality backpacks
  • Design of a product is very important. Some of the bags are designed in such a way that they are elegant while others are sporty. One must always have an idea about what design they require.
  • Size of a bag depends on the preferences of the customer and also their usage.
  • Two types of backpack are there, travel bags and school/laptop bags.
  • A backpack with warranty is generally better than a backpack having no warranty.

Based on these specifications, we have an articulated a review to help the customers determine which backpack is the best for them.

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack

No other company beats backpacks when it comes to Swiss gear. They have the most rugged and the most durable backpacks in the market. This backpack is a multi use bag. It can be used for travelling and for laptop and for college and school as well. It is extremely spacious and it is 18 inches tall. The price is reasonable and it can be bought for just 40-80$.
Kuprine Water Resistant Slim Business Laptop Backpack:

This is a unisex backpack which means that it is suitable for both genders. It is basically a laptop bag but it can be used to carry books and such stuff. It has a great size and its double layer zipper makes it anti theft. It can be bought in price range of just 21-41$.
Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking:

This is a travel bag. It can be used for hiking as well. It is made from extremely durable materials to make sure it lasts for long period. Moreover this bag comes in various vibrant colours to select from. It also has a very lightweight and it is just 0.7 pound and it is also spacious and can hold 35 litres of volume. It can be bought in a price range of 11-31$.
Samaz Anti-theft Backpack Travel Business Laptop Backpack:

This backpack has been getting a lot of attention on social media lately and why not? It is theft proof. It has a hidden design, that can only be accessed if you take the backpack off. It also can be used for multi purposes because of its spacious nature. And also it is waterproof and can be used by both the genders. It can be bought in a range of 15-45$.
Bolang Water Resistant Nylon School Bag College Laptop Backpack 8459:

This is one of the most elegant backpacks present in the market. It has a great design. It is basically a laptop bag but it can be used for travelling as well because of its design, and can also be used for school and college. It has a unisex design. Moreover it has the ability to fit in a 16 inch laptop which makes it extremely spacious. And this backpack also has a 1 year warranty which is a great plus point for any backpack. It can be bought in range of 31-71$

Product Description SwissGear 1900 Kuprine Backpack Venture Pal Backpack Samaz Anti theft
Type Travel and Laptop Laptop Hiking/Travel Laptop and travel
Unisex Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price 40-80$ 21-41 11-31$ 15-45$

There are different types of backpacks and choosing the right kind is user’s preference. And it depends on their needs. But before buying a backpack you must always check its specifications to make sure that you have got the right product and to make sure that your product will match your preferences and also you usage.



Best Blu Ray Burner Review 2017

Blu Ray Burner

Previously Steve Jobs announced that Apple is eliminating optical drives from laptops a while ago have shocked many. Therefore, there comes a remarkable innovation from the critics known as External Blu Ray drives. These are introduced which are supposed to fill the gap created by the absence of optical drives. Nowadays, all laptops, home computers as well as in offices External Blu ray drivers both rewrites as well as burner are used to view and write to view a video. Blu ray is the best alternative that provides your private file with long lasting storage options. With this storage options you can store your files and data up to 1000 years that is more than enough for one life. Blu ray is designed to assist you in writing and reading your data as fast as you cannot imagine. Besides, it provides storage options for Android users as well. It is compatible with all Windows software starting from Windows XP (SP3). The best Blu ray option for you is the one that can do the writing and reading thing done within short span of time as well as which provides you with more USB interface options at a time. Besides, the best one id which can store data at faster pace and for longer time period. Lastly, the best option for you is the one which meets your budget requirements.

Top Most Recommended External Blu Ray Burner

Following are the top most recommended External Blu Ray burner that you must consider before buying the one. These are with best specifications as well as with best quality services. Find out which one suits you the best.

Pioneer Slim External Blu Ray Writer BDR-XD05B:

The price of this pioneering external blu ray burner ranges from 59 to 80 USD. This is engineered with a clamshell design that can read up to 3.0 USB. It is slim and the lightest in weight. It supports BDXL with a cyber link software attached with Silver retail. It is available in black color which is considered by all.

Pioneer BDR-XD05B Slim Blu Ray Bundle in Retail Box Bundle with Cyber Link Software and 1pk M-Disc BD:

The price of this amazing devise ranges from 87 to 107 USD. It is a pioneered External Blu Ray burner bundle that contains a 1 pack M-Disc BD. M-Disc are made up of non-volatile rock like data layer, which is more reliable as in comparison with reflective organic dye-based layers found in conventional DVDs. Writing with M-Disc on M-Discs provides you with permanent data storage that lasts for up to 1000 years. It contains the following operating requirements which are found necessary for rewriting;

  1. Mac OS X (10.6 or higher)
  2. Windows XP (SP3)
  3. Windows Vista
  4. Windows 7
  5. Windows 8
  6. Windows 8.1

CPU and RAM requirements:

  1. Core 2 Duo E6750 (2.66MHz)
  2. AMD Phenom 9450 (2.1 GHz) or faster
  3. 0 GB RAM (for Blu ray playback)

It writes up to the maximum level and read as well around 6x for BD-R. Simultaneously, its maximum reading and writing speed levels up to 24x for CD-R. It’s maximum BD Dual Layer (DL) burns speed at 6x and read at 6x. It’s maximum reading and writing DL speed to burn is around 6x for writing and 8x for reading. The size of its buffer is around 4MB and the interface of USB is ranges from 2.0 to 3.0 which makes it adjustable for all USB sizes. It is designed in black color which is the king of all colors. It is amazingly designed as an auto quiet device with power read and pure read. Both these features containing 2+ features that is two in one. Last but not the least it supports BDXL, Blu ray as well as DVD and also CD. Now you can easily write and read your CD to view a video with this amazingly designed Pioneered Slim External Blu Ray Burner. As it not only burns rather it burns fastly.

Pioneer Electronics USA Slim External Blu Ray Writer (14700365BDR-XD05):

The price of this amazing devise ranges from 88 to 108 USD. It is designed as a slimmest and the lightest of all the burners available so far. The USB interface is available for 3.0. It is a clam shell designed available in black color with thin and slim design.

ASUS Computer International Direct ASUS BW-16D1X-U Powerful Blu-ray Drive with 16x Writing Speed and USB 3.0 for both Mac/PC Optical Drive BW-16D1X-U:

It is amazingly super-fast with 16x Blu-ray writing that is complemented or supported by BDXL that stores the data for up to 128 GB. It is also equipped with the backup solution for Android devices. It is amazingly compatible for both Windows and Mac OS. The price of this remarkable thin and smart device ranges from 56 to 78 USD. It is engineered with a diamond shaped design that gives it a luxurious looks and provide this machine with clean and clear aesthetics. It contains Cyber Link Power 2 Go with 8 disc burning process that contains optional encryption that functions for extra private and secret files safety and protection. Its corner shines in a distinct color which is in blue color and which shines like a diamond.


Blu ray is the best option that have created after the elimination of optical drives from PCs. Therefore, this remarkable option have covered that gap and provides you with the best possible options to store your important data for longer time period. Blu ray contains several options with several amazing specifications. The best Blu ray option for you is the one that can do the writing and reading thing done within short span of time as well as which provides you with more USB interface options at a time. Besides, the best one id which can store data at faster pace and for longer time period. Lastly, the best option for you is the one which meets your budget requirements. This article is designed to help you in selecting the best writing and reading option for you through which you will be able to view high quality videos as well as through which you will be able to store your data for longer time period. This article is written after an extensive research on the product with the help of customer reviews and testing of the product.





Find out The Best Wire Cutter Review 2017

Wire Cutter

The wire cutter is the product that can be used in daily life routine. As the wire cutter is the unit that can mainly be used for cutting the electricity wires. Similarly the wire cutter is very useful for the people who are working with the electric cables, steel cables and others may use it for cutting the extra wires in the loan or yard of their house. The main purpose of the Wire Cutter is to cut the electric wire smoothly in the perfect length. In addition to the above functions the wire cutter can also be used to cut the upper part of the wire to bring out the copper from inside the plastic cover of the wire. And this is mainly done because of the connecting one wire with the other for the perfect result. By this one can also secures the wiring of the house from short circuiting. So that can only be possible because of the wire cutter and without the wire cutter the above task is impossible. Because with the wire cutter it is easily be done in a perfect way. As the wire cutter smoothly and perfectly cuts the wire in best and good length. So we recommend a wire cutter for the electricians as it is the best product for them and their profession as well. As the wire cutter makes sure the perfection in their work and job. The wire cutter is also available in the different colors for the attraction of the customer. And they can choose the color they want. As the color has the good impact on the minds of the user because with the favorite color the working ability of the worker will increase. The increased working ability of the worker is mainly because of the mental satisfaction and relaxation due to the desired color of the product. In this regard we have given a detailed recommendation and review regarding the specifications and features of the product for the best selection of the wire cutter for our beloved customer. Because of this detailed discussion the customer will be able to choose the best product for themselves.

Features of the Wire Cutter

The followings are the features of the good and best wire cutter.

  • First and most important is the quality of a product. As the quality has a direct relationship with the durability of a product. If a product is made from the best quality of materials, it will undoubtedly have the most durability to harsh environment. Also the quality of the product directly influences the price of a product, so if a product has been made with rugged materials, it will cost a little higher.
  • The second most important feature behind the best wire cutter is the design of the product. Because the design is the thing that allows the user to buy the product of their choice. There are different types of wire cutters, some are simple, some are complex multi-tools and some have compact designs. Choosing the right type of design for your wire cutter mainly depends on your needs and your preferences.
  • The third most important feature of the good wire cutter is the safety of the product. And the wire cutter is usually made for safety purpose. So in this regard you should always take precautionary measures to ensure the safe usage of the product.
  • The next most important feature for the selection of the product is the warranty provided by the manufacturing company. As the product having a warranty is better than the product which doesn’t have warranty. Because warranty determines the credibility of the company, along with giving you a free hand of getting the product repaired or replaced in case it is faulty.

Top Most Recommended Wire Cutter

The following are the top most recommended Wire Cutters for our beloved customers. As we have discussed the features and specifications of the wire cutters along with the best available prices. The recommended products are given as under.

328 feet Green Multi-Function Sturdy Garden Plant Twist Tie with Cutter/ Cable Tie / Zip Tie / Coated Wire 100m (1 PACK GREEN)

The above wire cutter is highly recommended because of its design and shape. The mentioned wire cutter is assembled with the best features in a very reasonable price. The unit is known for its multi – functional ability. Similarly the material from which the unit is made makes it highly durable and reliable. The main material of the above unit is plastic and iron wire. The one reel of the unit has 328 feet / 100 meter length of wire in the package. In addition to the above the unit have the plastic coated and that is for the gardening and outdoor use as well. The above unit can also be used as the garden twist tie for the perfection of the securing plants to trellis, stakes, or other supports as well. The price range of the above mentioned unit is from $ 5.55 to $ 13.55.

Stanley 84-105 6-Inch Diagonal Cutting Plier;

This is one of the most rugged pliers in the market. It has a 6 inch diagonal cutting edge. Which is made from steel, hence ensuring its durability. It is rust proof along with having a nickel finish to make it even more rugged. It can be bought in a range of $2 – $10.
Zoto Cutting Pliers Tool for Industry 10-24 AWG Stranded Wire:

This is a multi-purpose tool from Zoto. It is one of the best wire cutters present in the market today. It has three functions, a wire cutter, a wire stripper and a cable cutter crimper. It has a comfortable handle to ensure that you use the product smoothly. It also has a 12 months warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee as well. It can be bought in a price range of $9-$19.
Electriduct Wire Stripper, Cutter, Crimper Multi-Function Hand Tool:

This is a multi-purpose tool. It can be used as a wire stripper, a cutter, and a crimper. It has ergonomic handles to make sure that you can use the tool in sweaty conditions without much trouble. The price of this tool is low and it can be bought in a price range of $5 – $15.
TEKTON 8-Inch Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter | 3386:

This is one of the most easy to use wire cutters. It has a great design which allows u to cut wires and bolts, and steel chains easily. It comes in different sizes. But this one is 8 inches. It has rubber grips to ensure that the tool doesn’t slip. It can be bought for $4 – $10.
Stanley FatMax 89-874 8-Inch Curved Jaw Cable Cutter:

This tool has a curved jaw, which allows you to cut wires smoothly. It also reduces the effort by 45%. The edge is hand made and also it has a alloy finish to make sure it is durable and also serve you the best in all conditions. It can be bought in a range of $10 – $18.
IRWIN VISE-GRIP Multi-Tool Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter, 2078309:

This is a multi purpose wire cutter. It has a wire cutter, a wire stripper and a wire crimper. It also has a bolt cutter as well. The cutter works on 10-22 Awg cables. It also crimps insulated and non insulated cables. It can be bought in a price range of $8 to $13.

Product Description Zoto Cutting Pliers Stanley 84-105 TEKTON 8-Inch Electriduct Wire cutter
Multi-tool Yes No No Yes
Handle Plastic-Cushion Grip Plain handles Rolled steel, rubber grip Ergonomic handles
Price $ 9 – $ 19 $ 2 – $ 10 $ 4 – $ 10 $ 5 – $ 15
Warranty 12 months No Yes No


Top Most Recommended Cheap Mechanical Keyboard Review 2017

Cheap Mechanical Keyboard

If you are looking for the new and latest version of the keyboards than you are at the right place. The game lovers can enjoy their games with the new and latest keyboard that is Mechanical Keyboards. The Mechanical Keyboards are very special in their design and shape. And the latest Keyboards are assembled with the best features in a very reasonable prices. Here we have given a detailed review regarding the latest version of the Mechanical keyboards. The person who is searching for the best Keyboards can enjoy game as well as work with this Mechanical Keyboard. As the Modern Mechanical Keyboards have the latest technology. The keyboards are durable and reliable because of its material. As the Mechanical Keyboards are manufactured with the best quality. Similarly the Mechanical Keyboards are also provided with the LED lights in different attractive colors. That LED lights has enhanced the working ability of the Keyboard at night as well. Mainly the old keyboards were slow in functioning but the latest technology in the Mechanical Keyboards have also removed the queries of the customer regarding the speed and response of the unit. With the Mechanical Keyboards one can easily do his or her work with the speed they want. The Mechanical Keyboards are highly responsive and versatile in nature. As the Mechanical Keyboards are provided with the different switches in this regard.

Top Most Recommended Cheap Mechanical Keyboards    

The followings are the top most recommended Cheap Mechanical Keyboards given with their features and prices given as under.

Mechanical Eagle Z – 77 ten keyless wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches – DIY Replaceable Switches – Black

The Mechanical Eagle Z – 77 is the top most recommended keyboard because of its unique design and shape. The above Mechanical keyboard is assembled with the best features in a very reasonable price. The above mentioned unit of the mechanical keyboard is assembled with the innovative pluggable switch that facilitates you to replace all the switches by yourself. The above unit is assembled with the 5 PCS of switches that is Gaote switch / Otemu switch. The unit also have the anti – ghosting with 25 keys rollover and that keys allow you to work all the keys simultaneously with the high speed. With this facility the keys give you the faster response during playing the games. The above unit also have the custom mechanical switches and that is designed for responsiveness and durability of the unit during usage. The above mechanical keys of the device have the medium resistance, nice click sound, and tactile feedback. The keystrokes of the unit is tested for over 50 million times. Similarly the unit also have the ergonomic design for the better performance. The above unit of the mechanical keyboard also have the stepped keycap and that makes it sleek. The arc and slope of the device comes easily fit in your hands and prevents you from fatigue in usage. The unit also have the convenient multi – media keys such as FN + F1 ~ F12 which provides the window key for locking the gaming, multimedia controls for entertainment, email and calculator as well. The above unit is compatible with the windows10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows VISTA as well. The price range of the above Mechanical Eagle keyboard is from $ 20.99 to $ 40.99.

Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Brown Switches 104 – Key Double shot ABS Outemu Velocifire VM01 LED Illuminated Backlit Anti – ghosting Keys Full Size

The Gaming Mechanical Keyboard is highly recommended because of its design and unique shape. The above gaming keyboard is assembled with the best possible features in a very reasonable price. The mentioned mechanical keyboard is designed with the mechanical brown switches. Similarly the MX brown switches are the lighter version of the keyboard and the MX Blue switch is available without the audible click. The device is assembled with the tactile bump and that provides you the enough feedback for your fingers to detect when the switch of the keyboard is activated. The switches of the above mentioned product are manufactured with the highest quality material which has increased the durability and reliability of the product. The above mentioned device is highly perfect for the typing and gaming as well. The above product is durable because of the double shot ABS keycap and that is light in weight and impact resistant. The above mentioned unit is also provided with the anti – ghosting facility and that is used in place of the key rollover. The price range of the above Mechanical keyboard is from $ 35.99 to $ 55.99.

Plugable Full Size 104 – Key Mechanical Keyboard for Typing Enthusiasts and Gamers with Adjustable White LED Backlighting, Blue MX Style “Clicky” Switches, Double-shot ABS Keycaps, and N-Key Rollover

The Plugable mechanical keyboard is also highly recommended because of its sophisticated design and shape. The above mentioned product is available in full – size 104 – keyboard with the blue cherry MX style switches by Gaote / Outemu as well. And the each and every key of the above device is individually controlled by the chip inside the keyboard for the proper functioning. Similarly the unit keys are assembled with the white LED and the keycaps of double – shot and that has increased the durability of the product. In addition to the above features the unit is designed with the frameless minimal desktop footprints. The above product is compatible with the windows, mac OS, Linux / unix and all other modern USB hosts. The above unit also have the feature of the shortcuts for the multimedia / volume controls along with shortcuts to launch the calculator, email, and web browser apps as well. The price range of the above product is from $ 40.95 to $ 60.95.

Following is the table that shows the comprehensive analysis of the best possible keyboard options at low prices that you must consider before buying the one for yourself. 

Product name The Plugable mechanical keyboard


Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Mechanical Eagle Z – 77
Product Dimensions 17 x 4.8 x 1.2 inches 18 x 6.3 x 1.2 inches 15.1 x 7.6 x 1.7 inches
Item Weight 2.8 pounds 2.2 pounds 2.7 pounds
Shipping Weight 2.8 pounds 3.1 pounds 2.7 pounds
Price Range $ 40.95 to $ 60.95  $ 35.99 to $ 55.99  $ 20.99 to $ 40.99
Item model number USB-MECH104BW — — – — – – –   — – – – – 2004703


Find Here The Best Apple Watch Charger Review 2017

Apple Watch Charger


Apple is a renowned and most trustworthy brand when it comes to your technological needs. It gives you edge over other brands and most importantly defines your personality and keeps you ahead in your fashion statement. Whatever a person uses and accessorize himself with defines his personality and taste that is how precisely he looks at things and makes choices. To keep your apple watch charged it is very important that you have a good quality charger for your watch. Now the significant point here that rises up is whether you would like to go with the basic, premium or the combination watch/iphone docks. To help you with this here are few points that helps you understand and comprehend your need and make a sensible choice.


Color, Type, Power, Warranty and features such like these come under the heading of specification as specification of any product tells you about its appearance and hidden technicalities to understand the product and use it efficiently. This profoundly helps to become familiar with your product.


The most important and foremost thing is the appearance of the product and that is the design of the product. The Apple Watch Chager has the dock and cable as well. The docking system has amazing design along with unique features that enables it to stand out. The colors ranging from black to rose gold makes it look even more flawless so that you can fluant it in front of others.


Well manufacturers offer a life time services for the product that is if you need any help regarding its technicalities or have any query they are always there to help you solve it. Other then that they offer a 12-24 month warranty depending upon their respective policies and even to keep you satisfied they offer a replacement of the product as well if any problem is incurred.


Apple Watch can be charged in two ways that is with the help of a a Apple watch charging cable or with the help of the dock. These two have their significance in their own ways but a more stable and reliable method of charging your apple watch is with a dock. The reason behind dock being a more reliable and stable way to charge your apple watch is this that when you place your watch upon it for charging it sticks to its place no matter you use its buttons while its docked or use it as a nightstand. Nightstand is a feature of apple watch that allows you to set alarm for your next important meeting or waking up next day while it is on charging. As the nightstand mode displays the date and time on the watch along with the remaining charge in the watch. To turn this mode on you just simply need to put it on charging and the nightstand mode will turn on. Moreover the dock looks better then the cable.


Well it does not require batteries separately you just need to charge your watch to keep going.

Travel Cases

Some brands offer a travel case and some dont, but if you really need one then you can have one separately.


Most of the chargers are compatible with Apple Watch 38mm and 42mm Series 1 and 2 that increases feasibility for you.

Best Recommended Apple Watch Charger with Their Key Features

It is very important that we look closely towards these chargers so that you can make a choice that whether you need a premium, basic or a combination charger for yourself.

Apple Watch Charging Cable by Eastern Collective is a compactly designed combination charger. Well the pack includes an apple watch charging cable along with Aluminum dock to accessorise you with best tool to charge your watch. It has a 5 foot long charging cable that is compatible to your watch. The magnetic Apple Watch Dock and non slip base makes it easier for you to put your watch on charging without any difficulty and the non slip base keeps it safe from falling. The base is perfect for using it to rest your iphone upon it. This amazing charger is available in $23-$25.

Apple Charging Dock Apple iPhone Watch Stand by Usee is another meticulously designed charger that beholds amazing features. Now this charger has a charging cable for your apple watch watch which is hidden so that your deskyop can have a tidy and tangle free look without any hassle. Moreover this charging dock has total four USB ports that can be used for charging your iphone as well. It is the best tool for taking along on the go. It is made of fireproof material which is of high quality. You can have this in just $19-$21.

Charging Station Dock for Apple Watch by Simpeak is another brand in the queue that offers a good quality docking station for charging your apple watch. It is made of aluminum It even has 3 other USB ports which can be used to charge your iphone or tablets. They offer a long 5 year warranty of the product to keep its customers satisfied. You can get this in just $27-$29.

Apple Watch Charger by OPSO is yet another brand that offers an apple watch charging cable. This cable is 1 meter long and compatible with 38mm and 42mm Apple watches. This has incorporated the MagSafe technology with inductive charging which is especially designed for Apple watch. It can be bought in just $27-$29.

Apple Watch 1M Magnetic Charging Cable, White. This is an original Apple Watch charging cable by Apple which is of white color and highly effective. You just need to hold the connector near the back of the watch and the magnets snap into the place automatically without any hassle. You can get this in cheap price.

Apple Watch Charger by Poweradd is another trustable apple watch charging cable that is best for your apple watch. It is made of high quality material. It has shock absorbption feature and high temperature resistant. It is durable and Apple certified. It is available in $28-$29.

IQIYI [ Apple MFi Certified ] Apple Watch Charger is another amazing quality charger for your unique Apple watches. It is Apple certified and holds the watch in place with the help of magnet. You can get this in just $25-$27.

Apple Watch Portable Charger by Oittm. Now here is another creative and innovative charger for your Apple Watch. This charger is so small and compactly designed that it is in a keychain that can be kept in pocket easily. This charger can be charged with the help of USB. It is best to have on the go. This allows you to have wireless charging. They offer 18 months warranty. You can get this portable charger in just $42-$43.

TomRich T50 Apple Watch Charging Station is another reliable charger for your apple watch. It is made from scratch free silicone material which is durable and long lasting. You can charge the watch with band open or closed very easily. This flawless black charger is available in $7-$9.

Final Verdict

Conclusively can be said this that you should not put your expensive Apple Watches on stake by using low quality charger for it. It is recommended that you use a high quality and trsutable charger for your Apple watch. Above detailed description of these chargers can help you make a choice for yourself. They are cheap and low on budget yet uniquely designed with creativity and innovation.

Top Most Recommended Logic Tech Wireless Mouse Review 2017

Logi Tech Wireless Mouse


Technology is reaching to new heights in todays’ time. Science is developing and bringing creativity to reality. New inventions are here to cater your needs. And such a product is a wireless mouse by LogiTech which is extremely innovative and professional at its work. This works so smoothly and seamlessly that you don’t feel uncomfortable or tired while working. It has amazing features that makes it stand out among all other brands mouse. This is a significant external hardware of whole computer as it plays a vital role. This is the sole thing that moves the cursor on the screen of your desktop computers.


Coming to the specifications of the product which is the utmost essential and attractive part of any product. Primarily due to the reason that specifications help you to understand the product inside out that is it describes the features of the product that the product beholds in it. From its appearance to its technological details and that how it works and tells us about its functionality.


Jumping off to the very first and very prominent feature of the product is the shape and design of the product that is the wireless mouse. The design of these mice is creatively engineered and it is structured in such a manner that it provides you with great number of options for having one for yourslef. The variety is so huge that it may put you in a perplex position that which one to buy. There are sleek and stylish mice that may complement your desktop computers outlook. There are some which have colorful and amazing vivid prints that look interesting and trendy at the same time. Moreover some mice from the collection have a right hand shape engraved that is the mouse has the print of your right hand to place upon it properly. Furthermore some of the mouse from LogiTech feature special buttons for forward and backward which is unique feature. It takes good care of the professional use but not to worry it has specially structured mice for gamers as well. There is another edition of mice for gamers as these behold 11 different buttons for programming so that you can play your games free of any hassle. The vast range of these mice from Logitech will surely inspire you to have one for yourself to bring some treat for yourself.


Appearance is another factor that plays a significant role as this is the most tricky feature of any product. Whenever you look for things you look at its outer look first then get into its technicalities. Whether it is eye-catching or not or does it go with moving trends or fashion or not. But not to worry as LogiTech has very amazing and attractive colors of its mice range. They have colors as bright as purple, silver, yellow and not only that it even has cute and eye-catching prints all over it ranging from monkeys to some vivid prints that look highly attractive and amazing. It even has black and silver color that looks classy and gives a more professional look so basically this is an all in one solution to your needs.


Logitech believes in keeping its customers in a relationship by providing them with best of the quality products and services. They provide you with their helpful service at the time of purchase that is which one to select and which one is the most appropriate according to your need and even after the purchase of the product that how to use it and help you with any of your query. For their different mice from their collection they offer different warranty that is for some they offer a limited 3 year hardware warranty and for some they offer a18 month life of the battery, hence it varies with different mice.


These wireless mouse work very efficiently and smartly but how does it work; the answer to this very simple question is this that a nano receiver is connected with the computer and as this goes into the USB port your mouse is ready to be used there is no need of installing any software for it prior to its use you just plug and play. The mouse has battery which can go a long way that is as long as 1 year but it may vary depending upon the user that is how frequently he uses it but still it has quite long battery life which needs less frequent replacements.


These mice are created so smartly and wisely that they do not create any kind of hinderence in your way. They connect easily and start funtioning. They are compatible with Windows 7,8,10, Window Vista and with Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher. This makes it a incredibly compatible and easy to use mouse at home or office or anywhere you like to.

Best Recommended LogiTech Wireless Mouse with Its Key Features

To help you comprehend better about these mice by Logitech here are few handpicked from their vast collection to have a brief look and understanding about them.

Logitech – M325c Wireless Optical Mouse – Teal Zigzag. This mouse comes with a nano reciever. It has a Teal colored zigzag design. And comes with owner’s manual. The price it has is $14.

Logitech – M325c Wireless Optical Mouse – Red Harlequin. It has 3 buttons with a tilting scroll wheel that eases navigation. It comes with AA batteries. It can be bought in $14.

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse, Black, 910-001822. It has a contoured shape with soft rubber for easy grip and all day long use. It requires a Logitech Set Point Software to get going. You can have this comfortable mouse in just $19-$20.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M185 – Swift Gray. Here is another unique mouse which gives you more control and comfort while using it. This mouse is available in just $12-$13.

Logitech M705 Wireless Marathon Mouse. This mouse by Logitech allows you to do fast scrolling and navigation. This marathon mouse uses half the battery then the other brand wireless mice. It has a sculpted right hand upon it for a firm grip. This can be bought in $19-$20.

Logitech 910-002974 M325 Wireless Mouse. This mouse from Logitech’s collection is amazing as it delivers high scalability, advanced optical tracking, micro-precise scrolling, and contoured shape gives it an edge over other wireless mice. This is available in just$15-$17.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M525 – Black/Grey. This compactly designed mouse is fantastic at work as this makes web scrolling easier and faster. This mouse can be bought in just $16-$18.

Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse, Silver. This mouse is yet another amazing piece from the collection. It has a movement resolution of 1000dpi. This falls in the price range of $12-$14.

G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse. This Logitech mouse is a gaming mouse particularly with 11 programmable buttons. It has features like power saving, high accuracy delta zero sensor technology, with movement resolution upto 2500 dpi. This can be bought in a price range of $22-$25.

Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse. This mouse is another meticulously featured mouse from Logitech with darkfield laser tracking feature. Gives you hyper fast scrolling and the contoured shape with stealth thumb control is amazing. This can be bought in $29-$31.

Final Words

Conclusively it can be rightly said that Logitech is a solution for all your needs. Whether you need it for professional use or for gaming here are all the best options available for you. These were the few of many Logitech wireless mice that can cater all your needs.

Find out The Best Canopy Tent Here

Canopy Tent

If you are adventure lover and looking for the best canopies than you are at the right place. Because we deal with the best Canopy tents. As the canopies provide you the shelter in the open air. And you will enjoy your trip with the canopies that are given as under. The review is based on the best Canopy Tents for our beloved customers. The Canopies are assembled with the good features in a very reasonable price.  Therefore, if you are looking for the best outdoor option don’t forget to consider our best picks and recommendations as they are found to have the best possible specifications that might suits you well.

How to Select the Best  Canopy for your Outdoor Activities:

The following are the specifications and reasons that why you should consider buying the best canopy and which one will suits you the best.

  • The first and most important specification is that it should be simple and can be fixed easily. As if you are unable to fix it than it will not only create frustration but will also ruin your whole trip and waste your time as well.
  • The second most important specification for the selection of the best canopy tent is that it should be folded easily. And in case you are in hurry for folding the Tent down than it would not give you tough time.
  • The next reason for the best Canopy tent is that it should be manufactured with the quality and reliable material. As the good material will increase the life time the Canopy.
  • Last but not the least reason for the selection of the best Canopy tent is that its ceiling must be made with the water resistant material as it will make your tour more pleasant when you want to enjoy the rain while sitting in the Canopy with your friends or family.

Top Most Recommended Canopy Tent

The followings are the top most recommended Canopy tent is given as under. These are the best options for your outdoor amusements that you must consider before buying the one for yourself.

10′ x 30′ Party Wedding Outdoor Patio Tent Canopy Heavy duty Gazebo Pavilion Event

The above canopy have the ability to set up or take down in a minute or less than a minute for the adjustment. The above canopy is also have the ability to give you protection from the sun, wind and bugs as well. The canopy is designed with two large T-doors which helps you to get entry from back and from front to the canopy. The above canopy is assembled with the loops for keeping the doors open and have the zippers which helps in keeping the doors shut. The Coleman canopy is assembles in such a way that it have easy-pull carry bag which fits inside most of the cars. The size of the above canopy is 15 x 13 ft. and have the 41.6 sq. ft. of shade. The canopy also have 1 year of limited warranty. The price range of the above product is from $ 115.85 to $ 125.85.

Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent with Screened Porch Canopy 9 Ft x 7 Ft Fits Queen Bed

The Coleman screened porch canopy is designed in such a way that it have the capacity of 4 persons. The above canopy have amazing and spacious interior which provides the satisfaction. The canopy is assembled with WeatherTec System which guaranteed that it will keep you dry and will protect you from sun and wind as well. The above canopy also have the screened porch. The canopy also have the strong Insta-Clip attachments which adds rigidity to wind-tested pole structure. The canopy have the ability to set up within 15 minutes. The size of the canopy is 9 Ft x 7 Ft. The price range of the above unit is from $ 129.95 to $ 149.95

12 x 10 Instant Screened Canopy and Tent Kit

The Screened canopy have the ability to be sets up with in three minutes and three easy steps. The screened canopy also have the ability to protect you from the sun, wind and bugs as well. The above screened canopy is designed with four 10-in. steel tent pegs with flat striking head which helps in securing your tent from damages. The above screened canopy also have the rubber mallet which helps in comfortably secure the stakes of the tent on the ground. The size of the above screened canopy is 12 x 10 ft. The above canopy is also provided with the nesting hand broom and dustpan which help you to keep dirt and debris off tent floor. The canopy also have the steel rod stake puller which helps you to easily pull stakes. And all of the kit tent essentials have the ability to fit inside along with the mesh carry bag. The price range of the above mentioned product is from $ 137.37 to $ 157.37.

Merax Patio Easy Pop – Up Canopy Tent 10 x 10 FT Portable Folding Canopy

The Merax Patio canopy is also one of the top most recommended canopy tent because of its unique design and features. As the Merax Patio is canopy with the best features in a very reasonable price. The above product is manufactured from the material which is very light in weight and it is coated with the steel frame of corrosion resistant powder. The product is designed in such a way that it have the 99% of UV protection from the harmful rays of the sun. It have the square shape roof which gives you the 96 square feet shade. It is very useful for barbecues, camping, events, weddings, outdoor parties and picnics. And the above product is not recommended for the use in rain or winds. The price range of the above mentioned canopy tent is from $ 56.99 to $ 76.99.

Specifications Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent 10′ x 30′ Party Wedding 12 x 10 Instant Screened Canopy
Color Orange / White Multi Colored — – – – — – — – – —
Item Dimensions 10 x 10.5 x 28.5 inches 82.68 x 157.48 x 181.1 inches — – – – – – – – – – – – –
Material Type — — — — — Steel — — — — —
Shipping Weight 16.25 pounds 22.35 pounds — — — — —
Size 9 Ft x 7 Ft.            15  12 x 10 ft
Warranty — — — — — 1 year of limited warranty — — — — —
Price Range $ 129.95 to $ 149.95 $ 115.85 to $ 125.85 $ 137.37 to $ 157.37
Quality yes yes
Space 4-Person — – – – – – – – – – – – – – —  – – –  – – – – –  – – —
Sport Type — — — — — Camping & Hiking — – – – – – – – – – – – –


Best Bluetooth Receiver Review 2017

Bluetooth Receiver

In the modern era of Technology everyone is fond of using the latest and modern equipment. The Bluetooth Receiver is also one of the best product in this regard. The Bluetooth Receiver is manufactured make your life in ease. As the Bluetooth Receiver is the device that makes you free from your phone during the call because it gives you the facility to attend the call without touching your cell phone. And the device is very useful while driving a car or doing any other home chores. The Bluetooth Receiver is also enabled with the best features in a very reasonable price. By this it can also save your time and money.

Features of the Bluetooth Receiver

The followings are the best features of the Bluetooth Receiver given as under.

  • You can easily fix the receiver on the best position of the car during the driving.
  • You can also connect the receiver to the Aux – in jack of the car stereo system for listening the songs in the car.
  • It also have the feature that it can easily be connected with the receiver to the car charger for the charging the Bluetooth device.
  • You can also plug the car charger into the cigarette socket for charging the Bluetooth device.
  • It also have the feature that it can be paired with the receiver to your smart devices.
  • You can also adjust the car radio to Aux in mode.
  • With this device now you can enjoy your music through the car stereo system.
  • You can also answer or hang up call by quick press button.
  • You can also reject the call by Long press.
  • The device also have the feature of the double press that will help you in redialing the last call you received.

Top Most Recommended Bluetooth Receiver

The followings are the Top most recommended Bluetooth Receivers given as under.

Bluetooth Receiver, Otium Bluetooth Car Audio Adapter Wireless Hands-Free Car Kits 3.5mm AUX Output with Mic for Home / Car Stereo Music System Bluetooth Dongle

The above mentioned Bluetooth Receiver is designed in a very special way. The device is assembled with the best features. The above device have the best feature of the advanced CSR 4.1 chip by this chip of the Bluetooth Receiver you will get the high quality audio sound. The Bluetooth is assembled with the two versions that is 4.0 / 3.0 and you will be able to enjoy the streaming music and answering calls with both the versions of the Bluetooth. The above mentioned device have the wide compatibility. As the above Bluetooth device of 4.1 version is compatible with most smartphones and it is also ideal for home or vehicle audio systems as well. The above mentioned device also have the extra – long play time. And this feature is backed by the battery of the Bluetooth Receiver and that battery have the back up of 8 hours. Similarly the Bluetooth have the talk time of 200 hours with the stand by time. The above mentioned device of the Bluetooth will be fully charged with the only 1.5 hours. The device can also be used during charging as well. In addition to the above the device also have the ability of the easy control system. By this feature of the device one can easily answer the phone calls and can also control the music on the receiver as well. And with the help of the above feature of the Bluetooth Receiver one can enjoy the following functions as well such as changing the volume and can also play / pause / skip the music, answer calls along with the above the person can also redial the last called number with ease and comfort. The above unit of the Bluetooth Receiver is also assembled with the double link feature. With the help of the double link feature the device can be connected with the two Bluetooth devices at one time and you have the freedom to enjoy music or answer phone calls as well. The price range of the above mentioned Bluetooth Receiver is from $ 10.99 to $ 20.99.

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver, Hands-Free Car Kits / Bluetooth Audio Adapter with Dual USB Car Charger & Ground Loop Noise Isolator for Car Audio System(3 in 1)

The Mpow Bluetooth is also one of the top most recommended device due to its unique shape and design. As the above Bluetooth device is designed with the best features in a very reasonable price. The unit of the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver will provide you the wireless music. As with the help of the above unit you can turn your wired headphones, speakers, home stereo systems and audio systems into Bluetooth – enabled devices. The device of the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver also have the  Ground Loop Noise Isolator along with the Dual Port USB car charger and that will help you to enjoy the high quality wireless music from your phone / tablet / MP3 and Stream audio through 3.5mm input in car stereo. The above unit also have the feature of the APTX and NOISE ISOLATOR System. The above Bluetooth is assembled with the 4.0 of aptX codec. The Mpow Bluetooth receiver also provides you up to 30 feet operation range with the best performance. The Noise Isolator of the above device will make the sound clear by removing the buzzing noise of the surroundings. Similarly the above unit is also provided with the feature of the auto – on and auto – connect system. That system of the receiver will power on automatically when you start the car. And with this system the phone can also be connected automatically. The Mpow Bluetooth Receiver also have the Dual – connection and hands free call system. That system will help you to connect with the two Bluetooth devices at the same time so that you could switch the music between two phones easily. The above Mpow Bluetooth receiver also have the facility of the Mic which allows you to make hands – free calls easily while driving your car or bike. The above mentioned device also have the ability of the High speed charging ability. The unit have the 2 ports of USB output and 1A output for the receiver along with the 2.4 output for other devices. The unit can also charge your iPad at full speed. The price range of the above Mpow Bluetooth Receiver is from $ 20.99 to $ 35.99.

Product name

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver


Otium Bluetooth Receiver
Item Weight             2.6 ounces             0.3 ounces
Product Dimensions       2.4 x 1.9 x 1 inches        2 x 0.3 x 1.1 inches
Item model number         MBR2-USAA4                  BT09
Price Range        $ 20.99 to $ 35.99           $ 10.99 to $ 20.99
Wireless Remote                No  — — — – — — – – – – – – – – — – —
Media Playback Supported  MP3, MP4, Car stereo, Home stereo, Bluetooth 4.0  —– – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – –