Best Automatic Needle Threader Device Review 2017

Automatic Needle Threader Device

Passing a thread through a needle hole is without any doubt one of the most time taking and irritating job. You require a lot of patience to carry out this task. If you are a kind of person who wants to do everything in a hurry or if you have other stuff to do and you cannot waste your time in putting a thread through a needle, then you are in a need of an automatic needle threader. You don’t need to put burden on your eyes anymore. You can easily afford a tiny product like this one to save your time. Give your eyes a break, stop stressing them! If you have an old grandma at your place or if your mother is in her old age this can be a handy tiny present for them. With automatic needle threader the task of passing a thread through a needle hole has become so easy. It can be done in four steps. All you have to do is purchase a good quality of automatic needle threader. This article is going to help you in selecting a good quality of automatic needle threader device.

Top most recommended Automatic Needle Threader Device

To purchase a tiny plastic-made item like this, the quality is always the first priority. If you are buying it for your personal use or for giving this as a present to your grandma, you would prefer a durable item. With the experience of personal usage and by collecting people’s feedback this article will assist you to purchase a good quality of Automatic Needle Threader Device.

Twelve Pieces Automatic Needle Threader Device

This automatic needle threader is one of the most durable product available online. If you are looking for an economical pack with durability as well, this might be the best option you can avail. This Automatic Needle Threader is a pack of twelve which consists on various colors. The plastic used in the manufacturing of this product is a long-lasting one. It is hard but light weighted. The measurement of this automatic needle threader is approximately 6.7 cm in its length, 2.2 cm in its width and 0.6 cm in its thickness. If you are using it for the first time the plus point you have is that this device comes with an instruction paper which enables you to use the product conveniently. A ring is attached along with this needle threader which makes it easy to carry. This product offers a very easy procedure for your use, you have to make sure that your needle eye is transverse to the hook when loading needle. Afterwards push the hook and tug your needle but make sure that hook catches your needle, this way you will be sure that your thread will be through needle eye rather along the side of it. Getting your thread into the needle can be done easily when you hold one end of your thread in the hand that is holding the threader device (you can use thumb on top of your device to trap your thread). Draw out thread over the hook with your other hand. It is designed for old age people or individuals having weak eyesight. With this automatic needle threader the task of passing a thread through a needle hole will be a piece of cake for you. This product is also a great present for occasions like mother’s day or grandparent’s day, you can gift this affordable pack to your mother or grandma.

Penta Angel 3Pcs Automatic Plastic Needle Threader Device for Senior People

Online purchase can be very frustrating if you don’t know meticulous places you can rely on, so far this is one of the best needle threader device. It is made of high quality durable plastic. This portable device is very easy to use and can be carried at all times. This Penta angel automatic plastic needle threader device is perfect for older folks or individuals who have low eyesight issue. It is also very convenient for individuals who have arthritis problem and hand tremor. It offers colors such as red, green and yellow. Dimensions of this product are 2.6 x 0.8 x 0.26 inches. Penta Angel needle threader is the best solution for your needle threading problems. It is not suited for large eye needle but it’s a perfect device for. tiny or medium eye needle. The measurement of this automatic needle threader is almost 2.6 inches in its length with 0.8 inches in its width and 0.26 inches in its thickness. For beginners this device comes with an instruction paper which permits you to use the product appropriately. This Penta Angel needle threader device can be used with two methods. According to method one you have to check the two holes then insert the needle eye into the hole of needle threader device. After that you have to press the yellow part until the little hook obtrude. Put the thread hang on the hook and release the yellow part automatically when you will remove your needle, the thread will be through needle eye hole. Similarly, in method two you have to turn out the yellow part of this device so the tiny hook can be seen. On the hook, place your needle eye after that lay the thread hang on this tiny hook and when you will pull out your needle the thread will be through needle hole mechanically. You can choose any method that is more suitable for you to handle. This needle threader device is great household invention that will aid you, your mother or grandma.


Never underestimate the importance of tiny things, this is what you will feel after using the Automatic Needle Threader Device. Sometimes carrying out small tasks can be extremely annoying because of their time taking nature. This article is based on an ample research on this particular product. The research is done by considering different factors. This product is very economical and highly recommended due to its significance. It will ease your desired task. These are very useful household invention to facilitate you or any other person who finds it beneficial. Now you don’t have to waste your time in putting a thread through a needle, buy this automatic needle threader give your eyes a break. As a result of comprehensive research these automatic needle threader devices are highly recommended and they will safeguard that you are investing your money on the best available options.

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