Best Engrave Swiss Army Knife Reviews

 Engraved Swiss Army Knife

There are many brands that make quality knives having loads of functions but no such brand can beat Swiss army knives when it comes to compactness, loads of functions and a rugged quality. Many brands make Swiss gear knives but the most notable two among them are Wenger and Victorinox. Both these companies started functioning in the late 1890’s. They are known for making quality products.

Wenger recently integrated into Victorinox in 2013. So both these companies share the same profit and loss. But the name of Wenger Company still runs and they produce separate productsChoosing between Swiss gear and other brands is really easy as one tends to look at the set of specifications to determine which brand would be the best for you. So when we compared or even when a layman compares Swiss army knives with that of other brands than he determines that Swiss gear knives are the best. Why is that? Well the answer to that simple question is very simple. Swiss gear provides its customers with top rugged quality products which last so long that once you buy a Swiss army knife, you would not need to buy another one for a couple of years of constant use. Moreover it is the customer support and the warranties that Swiss gear provides, they give a lifetime warranty on Swiss army knives. And to top it all off Swiss army knives are designed in such a way that they catch every eye and also they can be engraved as well. So whenever you are in a tussle for choosing between Swiss gear and other brands, you will always opt Swiss army knives.

Due to the high demand of these knives there are many models under Swiss army title. They range from a singular blade to a multi-purpose knife having lots of functions and tools but the most important thing and the common thing is their top quality and durability. Now Swiss army knives in order to attract more and more customers towards them started producing Engraved knives. So what basically is an engraved knife? It is a knife which has either and engraved design to look good and to provide you with a handy grip. Or it comes with the option of writing something on the knife according to the choice of the customer. Engraved knives look good in every hand and they provide the elegance that every personality needs. A set of different designers are there so that they can please and satisfy every customer’s demand and make the knives in such a way that they give the best impression.

We know that choosing Swiss gear over other brand is really easy as every layman would opt Swiss army knife by just holding it in the hand once. But choosing a Swiss army knife can be really tricky. There are hundreds of varieties of Swiss army knives, all differing from one another on the basis of a few or lots of specifications. We have tried to review a few of the best engraved Swiss army knives to help the customers choose the knife of their preference. Our review is based on a set of specifications.

Specifications of a product indicate the abilities and qualities of a product. They are a set of different qualities and abilities that help determine the user to buy the product of their choice, moreover they tell the user about what lies inside of the box of the product. Buying a device without checking for its quality can lead you into trouble of getting a faulty product, and also the trouble to get the product replaced. Swiss Army knives have the following specifications that are really important to check before buying.

Before buying a product it is a good option to first check the quality of the product. Due to the high market value of Swiss gear knives there are many brands that are competing with the brand and producing their own knives. But as Swiss gear knives are made with top quality so these brands have to do lots of things in order to cope up with the market. The first thing they do is try to enhance the quality of the product but when compared to Swiss gear this quality is absolutely nothing. Then The second thing they do is that they try to cheapen down the price of the product which only happens when they lower down the quality. So you can imagine the trouble that these companies have to go through just because of the Quality and the market value of Swiss gear knives, which further determines and indicates the quality of Swiss gear knives to be top among every other brand so you need not be concerned about that.

Now because knife is made in such a way that it will serve the user in harsh outdoors conditions, it must have the endurance to sustain all that pressure from outdoors. An adventurer when working with such a tool may or may not be in harsh environment. So his work revolves around the overall durability of the product. Swiss gear knives enjoy a niche over other brands today because of two things, first is their superb quality and the second is the product life of their knives. The knives from Swiss gear are designed in such a way that they provide the user with the best experience whilst making sure that the product will sustain all sorts of harsh environments.

What good is a product that has a superb quality and can sustain every environment’s harsh conditions but has a bad design? Well absolutely nothing. But Swiss gear knives would not disappoint you when it comes to the design of the knife. Their knives are designed in such a way that they provide the best experience to the user and moreover they look really good in every hand. These knives are designed by a set of designers that you only one thing in their minds and that is to satisfy their customers. So having such great designs, it makes it really easy for the user to determine what knife they would be buying.

Swiss gear knives are made in such a way that they not only give the most elegant and durable knives, they are also known for the comfort they provide their users with. When you are working in outdoors and in harsh environments where it is sweaty then you have to make sure that your knife has an add on grip as well. Swiss army knives come in different models. Some of which have integrated rubber grips that allow you to work under sweaty conditions while giving you the best comfort. But in the end its up to you that how much you prefer comfort over other specifications.

Swiss gear knives are compact pocket products that usually have a 1-5’’ blade, which depends on the model. What is special about these knives is that apart from that quality blade they also put other functions and implements on the product which helps the user do lots of functions and jobs. These knives differ from one another on the basis of the implements or the functions. Swiss gear in order to commemorate the knives made a huge knife which had all the 79 implements on a single knife. This determines the focus and the determination of the company towards satisfying their customers. The functions of the knives differ from one another on the basis of their models.

A knife having many implements and those too made with high quality stainless steel tend to be heavy. But Swiss army knives are designed in such a way that they do not weigh much. Their weight depends on the number of functions and the overall size of the knife. The bigger the knife, the more the functions, the heavier will it be. But even the heaviest of them all is not so heavy and can be used easily to carry out any function that the user likes or wants to do. The weight ranges from a single ounces to a couple of them all depending on the model of the knife.

When working with sharp things one is always concerned about their safety. And why not? These knives can cause lots of damage to humans if used incorrectly. So these knives must be used with precaution. The important question is that what does Swiss gear do for its customer’s safety? Well the answer is simple, they make their knives in such a way that it does not break and snap. Secondly the blades of these knives are locked and patented, which means that there is no chance your finger can get inside the knife during cutting something.

Warranty is the last but not the least. Warranty of the product determines the credibility of the seller which in turn indicates the overall quality of the product. Swiss gear because they are such an old company and making products for so long, provide their users with a lifelong warranty against defects and other faults in the product, which enhances their credibility one step further and making them the best in the world.

Based on these specifications we have recommended a few Engraved Swiss army knives.

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife:

This is one of the best knives from Victorinox. It is called the classic because it has the same old 1.25″ blade, nail file with screwdriver, scissors, and key ring. Its stainless steel design makes it a rugged product and allowing the customers choose among 27 different designs or engraving. The best of which is the hammered sterling silver. It has a very light weight of just 1.5 ounces. It comes under the official lifetime warranty by Victorinox. It’s price is not very much and can be bought in a price range of 146$ to 166$. It is one of the best knives.

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Alox 58mm Small Pocket Knife:

This knife from Swiss gear has a wonderful design. It has an engraved olive green colour and is only a 2017 limited edition knife. It has a blade, a screw driver, scissors, nail file and a key ring. The handle is made with anodized aluminium and the body is made with stainless steel. Moreover it has a very light weight of 1.4 ounces which makes this a great knife. It has a lifetime Victorinox warranty against defects. It can be bought at a price range of 26-46$.

Personalized Victorinox Genuine Swiss Army Knife:

This knife from Victorinox has a large Blade, Corkscrew, Reamer/Punch/Sewing Awl, Can Opener, 3mm Screwdriver. Moreover it has a Bottle Opener, Wire Stripper, 5mm Screwdriver, Nail File, Nail Cleaner, Keyring, Toothpick and Tweezers. What is good about this knife is that the seller provides personalized engraving of one line upto 10 words on the product which is absolutely free. The warranty is not disclosed by the seller. This engraved Swiss army knife can be bought in a price range of between 22$ to 42$.

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife:

This elegant Swiss army knife from Victorinox has the best design and comes in different engravings. It has a total of 15 functions that include 2.45″ blade, corkscrew, bottle opener with screwdriver, wood saw and scissors and many more. This knife has a weight of 3.42 ounces. The product has a lifetime warranty on defects by Victorinox. Based on its specifications, one can pretty much imagine the hike in price of this product. And can think that it may be too much for a common person. Well it is not and it can be bought at 30-50$.

Dimension 9 9-Function Multi-Purpose Tool Knife

This knife from Dimension has a very light weight of just 2.88 ounces. It can be bought at 6 dollars. But when the user wants engraving on the product than it costs between 6-36$. It has a wonderful design and has 9 functions, which include scissors, two screwdrivers, corkscrew, saw blade, bottle opener, file, and two knife blades. It is made with gloss rosewood.

Product Description Victorinox Huntsman Dimension 9-9
Weight 3.4 ounces 2.88 ounces
Material Stainless steel and aluminium handle Stainless steel and rosewood handle
Functions 15 9
Engraving Different, material types and handle engravings Different, names and writings on the handle
Warranty Lifetime Not provided
Price 30-50$ 6-30$

Final Verdict:

Victorinox are known for their quality products. The Swiss army knives produced by Victorinox are exceptional. When compared with a simple brand, Swiss army knife stands out with more number of functions, better quality, better handles and even better design. Moreover the lifetime warranty acts as a cherry on top of every Swiss army knife.

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