Best Flip Headphones Review 2017

Flip Headphones


Flips Headphones are another well-organized and structured creation of Flip as these headphones have dual function that is it allows the person to enjoy music separately and even with group of people as it has the built in speaker as well which gives quality sound with amplification. You can hear every beat and sound of every instrument used with clarity and precision.

Why Prefer These Over Other Brand Headphones?

Flip is the best brand amongst all the other brands as it takes care about the customer need. The features it has put up together in its headphones are just flawless like the built-in speakers, mic for attending calls and the rechargeable battery that works for hours. Flips take care of its customer even after the purchase of these headphones so that it can maintain its repute and customer loyalty.

Precautionary Measures

It is very important that you take all the precautionary measures while using any new product so that it does not cause any harm to you. It is very important that you take care on which mode you are using these speakers so that it does not damage your ears. And it is best that volume is kept on safe level so that you dont fall prey to any uninvited problem.

Best Recommended Flips Headphones with their Key Features

  1. Flip is a well-known brand in the world of technology. It produces quality products with intense care and precision to cater your needs. These Flips Audio XB Headphones are just amazing due to their distinctive features. Firstly it has the flip ear cups towards inside for listening personally but if you want others to listen as well it has the outside speakers as well and to make this happen is quite easy as you just need to flip the convertible ear cups towards outside to make this work in speaker mode with great efficiency and produce strong and clear sound with the best quality. These headphones are so handy and useful that it allows you to enjoy music individually and also turn it into a boom box with its speaker mode as it performs both the functions with great ease. After that it has very light weight which makes it easier for you to carry wherever you like to whether you are travelling or just sitting next to your window and enjoying a cup of coffee with good soothing music. The design of these headphones is engineered in such a manner that its over-ear design size is around 40mm with neodymium drivers that deliver sound with great perfection and amplication of it as these headphones have the built in high definition resonator for increasing the level of base with peculiar safety technology that amplifies the base sound only in speaker mode so that your ears your not damaged. To keep this going you need to charge it as it beholds lithium polymer battery that can be recharged with the help of USB cable as this would give you long hours pf play time of these headphones and you can enjoy your favorite music as long as you want. Furthermore it has mic as well which allows you to take calls as well so that you dont miss any of your calls and to add more to its diversity it even has the detachable cord feature as well which makes it even more sleek and stylish.
  2. Here is another version of Flips Headphones. This is the Flips Audio FH2815WH Collapsible Headphones and Stereo Spekaers. The color used to make these headphones attractive is white that gives the shade of ash white that looks very beautiful and trendy at the same time. This is diverse in performing in its functions as this allows you to listen to music as you like whether on headphones or on the speaker that is it even has the speaker mode built in as well that makes it a more handy and useful headphone to have. These headphones have the neodymium speakers that produce more enhanced and strong sound that is even amplified giving more louder and clearer sound to the listener. These headphones have specially designed ear cups that are custom vented to provide best support and sound to the listener and it even has the memory foam touchpoints so that it is not painful or damaging for you to wear it for long hours. These headphones have the rechargeable lithium polymer battery so that it gives you longer span to enjoy your music. It even has the folding feature so that it is easier for you to carry it with in the protective case that is provided along with it. Altogether it is very good.
  3. Now here is another model of Flip Headphones and that is Flips Audio FH2814BK Collapsible HD Headphones and Stereo Speakers that come in black color which is very trendy and outstanding. It goes along with all the fashions going around you. The most amazing feature of this headphoine is this that it has headphones and speakers together in one place which altogether saves up your money as you dont have to spend money on both the things separately that is on headphones and speakers. The neodymium speakers give amplified sound which totally mesmerizes you and leads you to you world of fantasy while enjoying the music. It has custom vented ear cups that are not harsh on your ears and the size of these ear cups is so on point that it easily fits on the ear and give you the best experience you deserve. The memory foam touch points are of great use as they help the headphones stay in its accurate position without being too stiff on your ears. Furthermore it has rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery that gives longer life to the headphones and better playtime which is not interrupted due to low battery problems. The folding design is just amzing as it can be kept anywhere you like as its compactly designed. The protective case provided along with keeps it safe and durable.
  4. From a wide range of headphones by Flip here is another one that is Flips Audio FH2815WH Collapsible HD Headphones and Stereo Speakers that is in white color that looks very beautiful and serene. This Flips Audio FH2815WH Collapsible 2 in 1 HD White/Red headphones have the dual function that is it has the headphone function along with speaker mode that turns you full of energetic and exciting with people. It is just great as these perfect 2-in-1 headphones allow you to listen to the music all alone or with a group of people, as this offers you much diversity. When you are listening to music individually even then it is very polite to you as the lightweight of these headphones dont over burden you and the over-the-ear design and plush memory foam padding allows you to listen and enjoy music for hours with great ease and comfort. While on the other hand when you are listening to the music with a group of people you just need to simply flip the earcups outward to transform the headphones into speakers that work and operate optimally due to its unique technology that amplifies the sound while it is being used in speaker mode so everyone can hear the music with clarity and lets you enjoy music together. Another eminent feature of this headphone is this that it safely disables the amplifier when speakers are pointed towards your ears so that they are not damaged due to amplified sound. Furthermore these headphones feature a 40mm neodymium drivers that deliver crisp, high definition sound no matter which way you listen that is individually or with group of people. The speakers use an internal rechargeable battery that is rechargeable via any USB port using the included cable. While you are getting ready to go somewhere the headphones fold up and neatly fit inside the carry case for easy portability and storage without creating any mess or tangle of wires.
  5. Flip does not fail to flaunt you with its amazing and good quality headphones. This Flips Audio FH2814BK Collapsible headphones are just amazing. The color combination used to make these headphones is black and green which is very unique and funky. These Flips Audio FH2814BK collapsible headphones are 2 in 1 that is it have the headphone feature along with speaker mode as it has the stereo speakers built in as well that offer much diversity and great experience. These brilliant 2-in-1 headphones are great for listening to the music alone or with a group of people that could be your friends and family while you spend quality time with them. After that when you are listening to music separately on headphones it is not that heavy as it is created and engineered in such manner that it is lightweight. Furthermore the over-the-ear design and plush memory foam padding on these headphones permits you to listen to the music for longer time period without any discomfort.When listening with a group of people you just simply flip the earcups outward to make the headphones into speakers that are exclusively designed and are full of extensive features. Prominently it has the unique technology that amplifies the sound while it is being played through speaker mode so everyone can hear the crisp and clear sound. While on the other hand it safely disables the amplifier when speakers are pointed towards your ears so that it does not cause any harm to you. Lastly these headphones have 40mm neodymium drivers that produce high definition sound irrespective of fact that whether you are listening on the headphone mode or speaker mode. To keep your music going the speakers of these headphones use an internal rechargeable battery that’s rechargeable via any USB port using the included cable. The headphone fold up easily into compact shape that take very less space that makes it highly portable and easy for you to carry it along wherever you want to.
  6. To give tough competition to Flips other brands are also present in the field. That is this Awolf Wireless Foldable Headphone Flip Speaker 2 in 1 Dual-use Bluetooth Stereo Headset High Fidelity Support TF Card FM Radio (Blue), is here to increase the competition with Flips. It also has much diverse and distinctive features that is firstly it has the HiFi wireless 2-in-1 stereo headphones along with speaker feature that allows you to listen to music as you like according to your mood and ambiance with deep rich bass that enhances the quality of music being produced. These headphones are foldable that makes it convenient for you to carry it whevever you wish to. There is even built-in microphone so that you can answer/end/reject/redial calls (long press the middle button to reject or redial call) and dont miss any important phone call and go on with uninterrupted with music and socialising. It even supports the voice tone as well. The audio cable that is provided along with it you can also use it as a wired headphone and speaker without any difficulty or hurdle. Amazingly it has the FM radio function which allows you to listen to top radio channels whenever you like to or get tired of listening to your music’s playlist. It even supports the TF card (the max is 16GB, and the TF card is not included) which you can use with it. The flip feature of the earmuff with the buttons makes it even more desirable to have as then the 2 earmuffs can be flipped to use it as a speaker, but keeping in mind that if you don’t flip the one with buttons, just flip the other one, it can not be used as a speaker.
  7. Another brand that is in the queue is Ncredible. This RadioShack Ncredible Flips – Black & Blue Over Ear Headphones are just fantastic as these headphones come with dual function that is it is headphone as well as has built in speakers as well. These Ncredible FLIPS are just revolutionary headphones that are created with deep research and great innovation as these headphones can be rotated out to become speakers. These are bluetooth headphones that provide easy connectivity. These headphones reborns the idea how you listen to your music. The NCredible FLIPS proprietary technology produces a powerful, amplified sound when flipped to Social mode. It even had the new volume control feature, located on the earcup that gives you full freedom to set volume according to your need. The high quality built-in microphone allows you to take calls as well.
  8. Autowings has these Headphones Wireless Infrared Headset which is full of extensive features that allure you towards it. This can connect wirelessly with your car audio system through infrared signal without having to worry about cables and getting entangles with them. these headphones have the pressure-relieving ear-pads that keep your ears safe. The adjustable headband ensures that it comfortably fits on your ears. These headphones have 3.5mm headphone jack that allows compatible use with iPhone/ipod/ipad and MP3 devices. Good way for kids to enjoy DVD/music during car trips. The Folding ear-cup feature allows easy storage and auto shut-off characteristic that saves the energy by saving the battery.

Final Words

Music is a medium that can be used for multiple purposes whether it is to convey a message or to settle your mind up. To listen to this music you need different apparatus and to help you with it Flip headphones are a great choice as these headphones are made with great research and creativity. They have good audio sound with amplifiers so that you enjoy every single beat of the music. They are so good that it leaves no choice but to have them.

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