Best Leaf Blower Reviews 2017

Leaf Blower Reviews

Best Reviewed Leaf Blowers

Leaf blower cum vacuum cum mulching machine is an important technology that you are looking for. Before going to buy one, do read this article and find out the best tips and the most recommended blowers might suit fit for your yard.The leaf blower is significant when autumn falls in. It helps in getting rid of fallen leaves both wet and dry, from both hard and soft surfaces. It can get done this job in minimum time period regardless of the surface area. If you are planning to buy a brand new leaf blower than you are at right place. This review will help you out in learning about the best qualities of the leaf blower and the best one among all.  Therefore, read the following passage for further details.

Safety Measures

  • If you are using a gas blower for your garden which is larger in size then don’t forget to wear a face mask to avoid remains.
  • Keep this machine away from the reach of children
  • Protect your eyes from the dirt in air plus from the flying trash and wear eye mask
  • Keep this blower away when you are using it form animals and humans as it is dangerous for them. Keep everyone at least of fifty feet far while using it.
  • If you are alcoholic or on medications please do not use leaf blower
  • The models which contains smaller handle are beneficial for smaller gardens only but if you have a larger size garden than do purchase the one with larger power and handle. As smaller handled machines get overheated quickly.
  • Avoid using blower in worst conditions like poor ventilations
  • Do wear protected shoes and clothing
  • Always be cautious when you are using the gas blower. Read the instructions carefully and then mix the fuel.
  • Do not forget to wear the gloves
  • Avoid using it on weekends especially early mornings as its noise will create repugnance for your neighbors.

Different Types of Leaf Blowers

The type of the blower suits you depends upon your budget, the size of your garden and the speed of the blower. In the market right now, there are five different types of a leaf blower which are as follows:

  1. Electric and cordless with a battery: These are easy to carry as they are portable. You can charge and use it any far and anywhere you want.
  2. Electric with cord: They are comparatively lighter than that of the gas blowers but they needs the corded extension.
  3. Gas powered with bag pack: Although they are the most powerful and allocates the burden on your back and shoulders but are not recommended for the individuals with back injury or ache.
  4. Gas blowers: Undoubtedly, these are the most powerful but are the most costly ones plus they create noise pollution as well as are heaviest. Besides, fuel related maintenance ought to have considered in long term job. Few of its models are with two strokes that needs mixing of fuel and few contains four strokes that does not require mixing of the fuel.
  5. Wheel Blower: Most recommended for larger yards but they take more space for storage and are less user friendly.

Advantages of Leaf Blowers

Following are the advantages of using the leaf blowers:

  • They clean the light snow
  • They clean garages
  • They clean pathways and yards from wet leaves
  • They breaks the grass which is matted
  • Clear up farming material
  • They clear the gutters which comes out after rain

How to Select the Best Leaf Blower

These are the useful tips which help you out in selecting the best leaf blower for your yard:

  1. Heaviness: The heaviness of the leaf blower is the significant one. Do consider the type of work you intend to but blower for. If you are planning to buy a corded one or the one which contains the mulching qualities, you need to consider its weight first as handling becomes challenging with heavy weight blowers. Moreover, if you have the larger area to clear than you should consider the wheeled blower and if you have smaller area than do consider
  2. Sound: Leaf blowers are considered as the noisier and that’s true but that depends upon the type of blower you are purchasing besides, size of your yard that describes the time period of working with the blower. Therefore, choose your blower according to the size of your yard.
  3. Power: With smaller gardens only one battery is enough to get the cleaning work done but with larger yards one battery is not enough. Therefore, with the size of your yard, choose your leaf blower carefully.
  4. Level of Power: The level of power referred to as the voltage that is also the important thing to consider while purchasing your blower. Few models contains 20volts and few are with 56 volts. Therefore, do consider about the voltage of the battery as it will going to affect your cost. So don’t forget to analyze or calculate the product’s cost and benefit analysis.
  5. Bag packs: Bag pack is significant in case you have a larger area to clear the debris. Therefore, if you need to clear larger area than do consider the ones with bag packs and also with mulching qualities. The ones with bag packs ought to have consider while keeping the weight of the blower in mind.
  6. Two in One; Blower to vacuum: Always look around for that which contains the two or three in one capabilities. The blower which is easily convertible into the vacuum can done two jobs at a time. Therefore, always consider two in one option this will help you in getting done with two jobs and chores at a time,
  7. Speed of a Blower: The speed of a blower determines the time span in which a job or chore can be done. Therefore, do consider the speed of a blower before buying the one for your yard. Remember the speed of a blower determines the time span of job to be done. However, your choice should be dependent upon your requirements but not upon the famous one.
  8. Eco Friendly: Environment friendly are the ones with less powerful blowers but the gas ones which are powerful excretes out the fumes which contributes in the air pollution. Therefore, always consider the corded ones with batteries and chargers, they are environment friendly. But again that depends upon your requirement. Remember that gas blowers although are very powerful but they are noisier and the filthiest in excreting fumes to the environment.
  9. Fuel Combination: The gas blower requires the combination of fuel and oil that is a bit technical and the most carefully done thing to do. Besides, few models are with ethanol that does not require the mixing of the fuel
Requirements Check List
Fuel Combination yes
Eco Friendly yes
Weight yes
Sound yes
Power yes
Voltage yes
Blower cum vacuum yes
Speed of a Blower yes

Aforementioned are the important tips to choose the best leaf blower cum vacuum cum mulching machine for your yard. This will help in buying you the best fit for you garden or for your job.

Top Most Recommended Leaf Blowers


The price of this amazing leaf blower ranges from 145.99 to 165.99$ with 20V battery style. DEWALT’s this master piece is brushless that enhances the efficiency and efficacy of both motor and work. Besides, it makes the motor more durable. Its fan is designed innovatively that increases the time and the productivity of the axial fan on air. It performs 90 MPH and 400CFM with the speed lock technology and distinct triggers. The battery comprises of 20V with the maximum 5.0Ah containing Lithium Ion with a charger.

Toro 51621:

The price of this smart Toro lead blower ranges from 51.20 to 71.20$. The size of this blower is 250 mph with both blower and a vacuum capacity. It is a laboratory tested machine that helps in controlling the blow. This is as powerful as 250 mph degree. It can control the speed in both as a vacuum and a blower. It contains vacuum tube with bottom zip bag that is complemented with cord storage hook (you need to buy separately). This machine is equipped with all shred ring with the oscillations that saves time.

IVATION 20V Electric Cordless:

The price of this smart and innovative designed blower ranges from 49.95 to 69.95$ with full year warranty, this warranty includes all the components. It is powered by 20V 2.0Ah battery made up of Lithium ion with enhanced lifespan that is providing better charges than that of Nicad Battery. It contains the sweeper that is 130 MPH and is efficient in clearing the tough surfaces as well like garages etc. It also helps in cleaning the wet leaves which are challenging to clear. It is very light and user friendly. The battery of Ivation handled with Ivation Hedge Trimmer and Ivation String Trimmer.

Green Works 24012-The Best Selling:

Now you can save 61% on this bestselling blower, the price of which ranges from 9.44 to 20.99$. It is a single electric blower that get the work done in just 7 Amp motor. Its simple design makes this machine the lightest and the most convenient to carry along and use. This blower can handle the work up to 160 mph speedily. It contains the safety lock features that helps the user to lock the cord and prevent it from separation. This is an ergonomic designed blower manufactured to help this cleaning work done efficiently.


The price of this high performing three in one blower ranges from 36.52 to 56.52$.  This blower can be used as a blower, vacuum and a mulcher with 12 amp motor. It is a 250 mph blower that contains the speed controls with two options. This can shake up to 16 bags that can be easily be converted into the one only. It can easily be converted from blower to vacuum and vice versa. It creates noise only up to 68 decibels.

Husqvarna 125B, 28cc, 2STROKES:

The price of this high performance blower ranges from 129.95 to 149.95$. The fan of this blower is designed in such a way that its air stream remains in the line with the handle. This imparts less emphasis on the user. This makes it easier to carry and handle.  You can reset its stop button automatically to put it on start conveniently.            Even the speed of the fan can also be adjusted as well as the blowing tube’s length, which is adjustable to the extent that it can enhance its performance level.

Toro 51619- The Amazon’s Choice:

The price of this best among all the blowers ranges from 52.14 to 72.14$. The reasons so as to why this blower is the best and the most recommended one even by the Amazon are as follows:

  • It contains 250 mph power and two in one blower that is it can be easily converted into blower and a vacuum.
  • It is a corded blower plus a vacuum
  • It contains;
  1. Vacuum tube
  2. Power insert
  3. Concentrator nozzle
  4. Cord storage hook
  5. Bottom zip bag
  • Its speed can be controlled in both a vacuum and a blower with the help of speed control technology.
  • Its performance claims are authentic on the basis of its testing in the laboratory.
  • It contains the highly rated air horse power that is recommended for comparative analysis only


Specifications Toro 51619
User Friendly yes
Powerful Blower yes
Speed controls, low/high yes
Fit for small/large yards yes
Less cost effective yes


Therefore, Toro is the Amazon’s choice on the above mentioned and discussed reasons. It is not only suited for smaller yards but is also suited for larger yards as well. Besides, it is very affordable blower containing speed controls with two options both high and low. It is equipped with cord storage hook as well as bottom zip bag. These capabilities distinct Toro from other highly expensive with less capabilities.


Therefore, if you are planning to buy a brand new leaf blower than you are at right place. This review will help you out in learning about the best qualities of the leaf blower and the best one among all.  Therefore, read the following passage for further details.







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