Best Lightsaber Chopsticks Review 2017

                                    Lightsaber Chopstick

There are many star wars fans out there who would die to get hands on to a novelty star wars item, or anything that would commemorate star wars in a way or another, chopsticks, well yes chopsticks have been designed in such a way that they would look like Lightsabers from star wars. Lightsabers are one of the most vibrant and visually excellent part of star wars, swords, light swords that would cut through anything without a trouble. Well they have been used to make chopsticks. Besides being novelty, the Lightsaber chopsticks function just like ordinary chopsticks. They are used to consume food and in brighter and a vibrant way. Because there are so many characters that have a Lightsaber in star wars, and because they come in different colours, therefore numerous brands are manufacturing them today, commemorating one or many of your favourite star wars character which use them. These Lightsaber chopstick, because of their everyday use, such vibrant design and being novelty, are the best gift you can give to anybody, irrespective of their love for star wars. And you yourself can use them, as they would look really cool when lit up and eating food with them is even cooler. Lightsaber chopstick concept is pretty old, but there have been innovations to increase the quality of light and the overall quality of the chopstick to ensure that it doesn’t do any harm to you. They are the best thing you can gift to your kid, as he would have a food fight with his sibling or partner and also enjoy his food while looking cool at the same time. But these Lightsaber chopsticks have an age restriction and they are for kids who are older than 12.

There are a lot of brands that manufacture them today, because of the high market of these Lightsaber chopsticks. Some of the companies try to manipulate the price of the products by manipulating the quality of the products, you must always be cautious while buying things from such seller, rather it is better to just ignore them and buy from another seller. The Lightsaber chopsticks differ from one another in size, shape, colours and the characters they are commemorating. Because of such variety of them, choosing the right Light saber is not an easy feat. But we are here to make that easy for you. For that purpose we have reviewed some of the best Lightsaber chopsticks and also compared them with one another to determine which product is the best. Our review is based on a set of specifications.


They are the abilities and qualities of a product. Specifications allow a customer to determine that whether the product they are buying matches their preferences or not. They also help the customer determine what lies inside the box. One must always check the specifications of a product before buying it because if they don’t, they can buy the wrong product and then they would have to get it changed. To save yourself from all that trouble, always go through the specifications of a product. In case of lightsaber chopsticks, its specifications are, the quality, design, material, interface, safety and lastly the warranty.


Quality is a really important specification. It helps the customer determine a lot of things, like the durability and the general outlook of the product. Because of such high market of Lightsaber chopsticks, there are many brands that produce them. Their purpose is not to commemorate star wars but to make a fortune from selling them. But because there are some companies that are so good and been in this business for so long and the quality of their products being exceptional, competing with such companies is not an easy feat. Therefore the counterfeit companies do two things, they either make something unique or they reduce the price. Because they can’t make unique products, they lower down the prices of their products and that only happens when they lower the quality of the product. One must always beware of such counterfeit companies and outlets that manipulate the quality of the product in order to make the product cheaper.


Design is another important specification. Because the lightsaber chopsticks are novelty items, their designs are unique and they commemorate different characters. If you are gifting this to your kid or someone closer to you, you must always be sure about the starwars character they like, because you don’t want to gift a darth vader lightsaber chopstick to a jedi fan. For that purpose there are various designs of these lightsaber chopsticks for you to choose from. Also they have different handles to make sure that they are used to consume food along with being novelty. So you must always be careful in picking the right design. Some of the chopstick don’t have a light up function and they are used simply. Always make sure that you are buying the right product as you don’t want to end up getting a non light lightsaber Chopsticks while you wanted a one that had a light up function. But that entirely depends on your preferences that which type of lightsaber chopstick do you want and which would suit your needs the best.



Interface is really important when it comes to electric devices. lightsaber chopsticks after all have batteries and work with electricity therefore they have an interface. Their interface is usually simple, a singular charging port, along with an on off switch. But there are some companies that have made the interfaces complexes and included new things like dimming light show and things like that. Choosing which interface would suit you the best entirely depends on your preferences.

There are different materials with which the lightsaber chopsticks are made. Determining which material would be the best for you depends upon your usage. For example, if you want to just place these lightsaber chopsticks on a shelf, then a glass material would be the best, but if you want them to use as a common chopstick then glass is not preferred. For that purpose most of the lightsaber Chopsticks are made with plastic to ensure that you have a durable product along with you being able to use them in everyday life and also using them as simple chopsticks.

When using electric devices, one is always concerned about their safety and why not? These lightsaber chopsticks if not used with precaution can become hazardous. There are some safety precautions that come with certain products, while some are worry free. For example, you cannot dishwash certain products as they have light plastic stickers, while others have a hard base for the batteries and are dishwasher safe. Because those lightsaber Chopsticks have a removable stick which you can screw back in after washing them. But anyway, you must always be concerned about your safety and always look at the precautionary measures of a product to ensure your safety.


Warranty is on the last of our list of specifications but it is certainly not the least. Warranty of a product or device determines the overall credibility of a seller and the product. There are many sellers that provide a good customer service and limited warranties for their products. It is a good thing to choose a seller over one which doesn’t. Because in case you have bought a lightsaber chopstick which is faulty or defective, then you might want to return it, but if the seller has no warranty or any return policy then your money goes to vain. Therefore you must always check for the warranty of the product before buying it to ensure that you don’t land in trouble.
Based on these specifications, we have reviewed and recommended some of the best lightsaber chopsticks available in the market.

Sabers Chop Lightsaber Led Light Up Chopsticks 2 Pair Red Blue:

These lightsaber chopsticks come in a pair of two, one red and one blue pair. They have a great design and are extremely easy to use as well. The seller provides a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee on the product to make sure that your deal is credible. They have new batteries and stoppers included in the package. The price of these lightsaber chopsticks is very low compared to their specifications and they can be bought in a range of 8-18$.

Kotobukiya Star Wars: Yoda Lightsaber Chopsticks:

These lightsabers are one of the best in the market. They commemorate the character Yoda of star wars. They have a great and a very rugged design to ensure that they are durable. They have a very vibrant green colour. Moreover they are extremely light and weigh just 0.5 ounces. Their price is optimal and they can be bought in a range of just 7-17$.
Kotobukiya Mace Windu Light Up Version Lightsaber Chopstick:

These lightsaber chopsticks have a bery bright purple colour. They have a very rugged design to ensure that they last for long. Moreover these lightsaber chopsticks have a detachable blade which makes it really for you to clean them and also in a really safe way. Moreover these chopsticks can both be used as novelty items and as everyday chopsticks. They commemorate the notorious and the very famous character mace windu from star wars. The price of this product is extremely low and it can be bought for just 4-14$ price range.
ChopSabers Lightsaber Led Light Up Chopsticks, Red/Green:

These chopsticks come in a pair of two. They have really vibrant colours and come in red and green chopsticks. They have a very bright light and are extremely fun to use, along with ease of usage due to their simple interface. They are made of plastic, so they are extremely durable and also can be used as simple chopsticks. Batteries are included in the package. These lightsaber chopticks have a optimal price and can be bought for just 8-18$ price range.

Star Wars Chop Sabers – Luke Skywalker Blue:

This is an extremely simple product having an extremely elegant colour. They commemorate Luke skywalker from star wars. They are simple because they don’t light up and are elegant because they have a great blue colour. They have the optimal size and it is just 23 cm long. The price of these lightsaber chopsticks is optimal and they can be bought for 9-19$.
Kotobukiya Star Wars: Darth Vader Light Up Chopsticks:

The most notorious and the best villain in the world is undoubtedly the Darth Vader, and his lightsaber is the best among others. Well, this chopstick is among the best products available in the market today. Just like Darth Vader’s chopstick, oh I mean lightsaber doesn’t break, this chopstick also has a very good endurance to harsh conditions. Also it has a detachable stick, which allows you to clean it without any trouble. Moreover it has a light up function, so with a push of the button, you can actually light these up and enjoy your food in a fun way. They are 9/1-2 inches long, which is a great size for a chopstick. They have a really optimal price compared to their specifications and can be bought in a range of 19$ to 29$.

Product Desscription Chopsabers Red/blue Kotobukiya Yoda Kotobukia Mace Windu Chopsabers Red/green
Colour Red and blue Green Purple Red and green
Dimensions 10.4 x 1.6 x 0.6 inches 0.5 x 0.5 x 9.5 inches 0.5 x 0.5 x 9.5 inches 10.4 x 1.6 x 0.6 inches
Price 8$ – 18$ 7$ – 17$ 4$- 14$ 8$ – 18$

Lightsaber Chopstick are a must have for every star wars fan out there as you are actually bringing all the star wars action onto your table, and also they look extremely cool in hand as well. Also these lightsaber Chopsticks are designed in such a way that they can be used as ordinary chopstick to eat food. So apart from being novelty they can also be used regularly. The prices of these lightsaber Chopsticks is not so high, compared to the passions of star wars fans and also the quality with which they are built. Choosing the right product always depends on the preferences of the customer, but beware of counterfeit companies. And also the safety precautions must always be on the mind of the users before buying such products that use electricity or current.


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