Best Mechanical Pencils Review 2017

Mechanical Pencils


This world is changing at a very rapid pace. people are switching from traditional methods to new and advanced methods. It is the need of time to upgrade yourself and get the best things assembled for yourself. The best you can do for yourself is this that you switch to more better and amazing methods which help you to get the best outcomes. Here are mechanical pencils which are extremely useful and great at work. They provide you with the best writing and drawing. These are not only great for writing but also for sketching or any other artistic purpose. These pencils are trendy and colorful and most importantly unique as they are environment friendly.

Conventional Vs Non-Conventional Pencils

Why is it better to switch to the new method or new tools is a question that comes to your mind when going for new opportunities. Well the best response to that can be this that world is changing and to upgrade yourself is the most smartest thing you can do to for yourself. It does not only changes your method but changes the whole outlook of the result that is these mechanical pencils are cheap and trendy as compared to the old wooden pencils. These mechanical pencils does not have a bad impact on your atmosphere that is it is environment friendly due to the material used to make these. These mechanical pencils does not need to be sharpened after every use rather you just click and there you go with sharp lead for working unlike the wooden pencils which need frequent sharpening for having a pointed tip for the best strokes. These mechanical pencils are amazing as they do not create any kind of mess. Moreover these mechanical pencils have different designs and shapes that look quite attractive for using. Another very significant point is this that these mechanical pencils can retract which keeps you safe from any harmful incident to take place when you are carrying it or using it as it retracts so there is no danger of it getting stabbed or when you are looking in pouch amidst the bunch of other pens and writing untensils.


These mechanical pencils have unique and amazing designs and colors that look pretty attractive. Some mechanical pencils are structured in such a manner that they have an eraser along with it on top of it. As these mechanical pencils dont need sharpening so there is no mess and if the lead is finished you can simply refill it with the lead refills from lead dispenser. And you dont have to worry about the eraser as well as those mechanical pencils which consist an eraser you can refill eraser as well which increases your feasibility of use of different things. These mechanical pencils compose quartz to some extent in number two pencils which makes it even more tempting to use. These standard mechanical pencils use some degrees of lead which keeps it confined. However many of the artists and regular users of pencil prefer having a mechanical pencil due to its perfect strokes every time.


There are different brands that offer these mechanical pencils in different colors and they have differen colors of the barrels. You can select from a wide variety according to your taste. Moreover these mechanical pencils are trendy and a good tool to have the best results.

Special features

Mechanical pencils are unique and creative invention as these allow you to have the best result and outcome. They do not need a sharpner rather a lead refill would do that. You just click and you have a sharp lead tip. It retracts which keeps you safe. Moreover the weight of these mechanical pencils does not vary as they are not sharpened unlike the wooden pencils which get sharpened and their weight changes. Thereby these are lightweight and attractive.

Best Recommended Mechanical Pencils with Their Key Points

To help you out to choose the best mechanical pencil for yourself or your children for multiple purpose that is writing, drawing or sketching here are few of the best mechanical pencils.

BIC Pencil Xtra Precision (Metallic Barrels), Fine Point (0.5 mm), 24-Count. These mechanical pencils give you sharp, precise and best lines that give a neat outlook of your work. It has metallic barrels which are durable and long lasting. these are the best option to carry along in any test. This pack of 24 pencils is available in just $3-$5.

BIC Pencil Xtra Strong (colorful barrels), Thick Point (0.9 mm), 24-Count. Here is another version of BIC mechanical pencils which are colorful and beautiful. They have the best mechanism for proper and smooth working. This pack of 24 pencils is available in just $4-$6.

Paper Mate Clearpoint Elite 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil Starter Set, 2 Mechanical Pencils. Paper Mate is another brand that makes amazing mechanical pencils which are amazing as these come with the technology that does not let the lead break inside the pencil. It has the convenient click button on the side. Moreover it has a comfort grip that allows you to work comfortably. This pair of mechanical pencils is available in just $5-$7.

BIC Xtra-Sparkle Mechanical Pencil, Medium Point (0.7 mm), 24-Count. These mechanical pencils are advance version by BIC which have these sparkling colorful barrels. It has eraser as well for neat and tidy work. This pack of 24 pencils is available in just $5-$7.

BIC Pencil Xtra Strong (colorful barrels), Thick Point (0.9 mm), 24-Count. Now this BIC mechanical pencils have 0.9mm size of the lead tip which is best for any of your purpose whether it is writing or drawing for a thick impression. This pack of 24 is available in just $4-$6.

Paper Mate SharpWriter Mechanical Pencils, 0.7mm, HB #2, Yellow, 12 Count. Here is a pack of 12 mechanical pencils which provide you firm grip and smooth writing. It even features the shock absorbing tip so that there is less breakage of the tip. You can get this in just $2-$5.

Pentel Twist-Erase EXPRESS Mechanical Pencil, 0.5mm, Assorted Barrel Colors (QE415LZBP4). These mechanical pencils are amazing at work as they give you perfectly straight and smooth lines and smudge free eraser keeps your work clean and tidy. It is lightweight with latex-free grip. These fall in the price range of $10-$12.

June Gold 72 Mechanical Pencils, 0.7 mm HB #2 Lead, 2 Lead Dispensers /w 220 Refills & 16 Refill Erasers, Convenient Side Click & Soft Non-Slip Grip. Now here is a whole jumbo pack with full accessories that help you refill these mechanical pencils. They are colorful and give crisp and sharp lines and can be used for drawing straight lines with ruler. They are available in just $19-$21.

GANSSIA Colorful Series Design 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils With Eraser Pack of 8 Pcs. These are beautiful mechanical pencils which have pastel colored barrels that look very attractive. They are best to gift it to your children or any other person who loves putting his imagination on paper. They are available in just $8-$10.

M&G Automatic Drafting Pencil Metal Mechanical Pencil, 0.5mm Lead Size, 12-Pack. This is another pack of highly efficient mechanical pencils which give your hassle free sharp tip for any of your work. They have contoured rubber grip. These elegant mechanical pencils are available in just $15-$17.

Final Words

Pencil is one of the great inventions as it lets you put down your imaginations and thoughts on a piece of paper so that you can preserve it. And to do so here are mechanical pencils which have sharp tip that gives smooth strokes that gives you the best results. Hence it is best to have one for yourself or to present it as a gift to someone.

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