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Galaxy S7 Mophie


Science and technology is moving at such a fast pace that if you don’t move along with it you will be left behind and will be marked as out dated. Science has come with new ways and methods to explore and gave rise to technology in such a way that it is getting advance and complex day by day. There is change coming in every single thing that has been invented or created. New features are being added to the things that are existing. Let it be appliances, vehicles or any other essential of life. The needs and wants are different of people in present times. It is hard to differentiate between your needs and wants due to excessive number of options available. The most trending and attractive appliance in present time is mobile phones. You witness new models of mobile phones every then and now from various re-known brands. The advancement is brought in these mobile phones through adding features to the mobile phones or by giving a new shape to it. The designs and features are updated basically. In the very same way Samsung introduced its new series of mobile phones by the name of Samsung Galaxy which created hype in the market and became a trend. Multiple designs and features were added to the phone when new model was released. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a classic mobile phone which beholds amazing features and that also in affordable price range. It has fantastic shape and design which looks elegant and unique as compared to other mobile phones by other various brands. But interesting part is this that these phones can be charged with wireless chargers. These wireless chargers are effective and cheap that it gives you much relaxation and ease of charging.

What Is So Different About It?

The conventional method of charging these phones is with the help of cable that is attached to adapter that works with electricity. But here is the new and better way of doing things for instance charging. If you have Samsung Galaxy S7 then you can enjoy it more easily and extensively by having a wireless charger for it because immense use causes drainage of battery. But not to worry because of this new and advance method of charging which is wirelessly. This wireless charging case by Mophie works extensively great and efficiently. This works on the very simple phenomenon of magnetic charging which actually means that you place your Mophie case with any charge force wireless power which has wireless charging base which in turn sends power to your device when it comes in contact to the Mophie case. These extremely useful charging cases bring a whole new meaning and dimension to charging by bringing such a useful technology. These cases provide you with more of power and protection at the same time. This case fulfills two purposes at the same time as it gives protection to the body of your phone and secondly gives life by simple contact with the case. These cases are highly portable as you just need to grab them while leaving for college, office or any other destination. While you are out and having fun with your friends and family and suddenly you see that you are running out of battery you just simply need to press the standby button that is present on the case so that it starts charging your phone. These cases have unique and trendy look which makes them even more attractive for the people and adults especially falling in their teens. These cases come in various colors that are classic and trendy that gives you elegance and quality style statement. These wireless charging cases are compatible with the Qi wireless charging technologies. As it allows you to mount these charge force wireless power at your home, car or desk even. These wireless charging cases allow you to have more perks except from charging that are it gives your extra battery life in terms of multiple things that is it gives you additional talk time of 11 hours,additional web browsing for 4 hours along with additional video playback time of 7 hours which sums up to 23 hours extra which means 60% extra battery from this extremely useful wireless charger. Such qualities make this distinctive from other chargers.

Specification Table

Battery Capacity 2950mAh
Weight 100g
Dimensions 3.02in x 6.09in x 0.69in
Compatibility Galaxy S7
Warranty 2 Years

Best Recommended Galaxy S7 Mophie with its Key Features

Here are few of the best ones discussed for your better and deep understanding.

Mophie Wireless Charging Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 – Black. Here is this black colored case that provides wireless charging for your Samsung Galaxy S7 in the most efficacious manner. It provides with the hard sheet to protect your phone from damaging in case it falls. The cost of this case is $79-$81 only.

Mophie juice pack for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (3,300mAh) – Black. This is another case by Mophie for your Galaxy S7 that would perfectly fit your phone giving it the best protection and outlook. It makes your phone shock resistant and protects in the best way it can. It has 3300mAh battery which makes it a more viable option. The cost of this case is just $43-$45.

Mophie juice pack РProtective  Wireless Charging Battery Pack Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 РGold. Here is another case by Mophie for your Samsung Galaxy S7 phone which provide charging to your phone even when you are on the go. It keeps you away from the heavy and cluttering power banks and wires respectively. It fits to your phone perfectly giving it protection as well at the same time. The cost of this case is just $62-$64 only and interestingly the color of this case is gold which looks elegant.

Bottom Line

It can be concluded quite easily that today people are always traveling and busy in their other tasks. They rarely have time to stop and charge their phones. While on the other hand leaving your phone on charge for the whole night can burn the battery of your phone due to over charging hence this wireless charging case by Mophie is extremely useful tool to have to charge your phone. It gives you more relaxed and tension free charging as you don’t need to carry heavy power banks and tangled wires rather just a case.

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