Best Recommended Vacuum Cleaner Accessories Review 2018

Vacuum Cleaner Accessories


Now a days carpeting is must for houses, offices, hotel, hospital and other public places. Carpets not only enhance the beauty of buildings but also make them more comfortable. Simply it has become our basic requirement. As the demand of carpets is increasing, the carpet industry is growing day by day. A large variety of carpets is available, having different quality, size and styles. Customer has opportunity to select the best one that suits him. Beside carpets beautiful rugs are also available which further increase the beauty of rooms. They have so many colors, designs and sizes. Rugs are mostly used to enhance the look, these are spread on the carpets with matching colors and having a contrast. The carpets increase the beauty of rooms but it is very hard to keep them clean for ever. Carpets are made up of wool, which definitely absorbs dust very frequently. Due to absorption of dust it may create breathing problems. So the carpet cleansing is must. Wet carpet gives very bad smell and rough look so it is not good to wash it with water. Moreover it takes a lot of time to be dry. Vacuum cleaner is a good option for the cleansing of carpets. It works by sucking all the dust from the carpet, this dust has been stored in a vacuum bag inside the vacuum cleaner which afterwards thrown away. This take less time and gives perfect results. A large variety of vacuum cleaners is available having different prices and functions. These vacuums are to some extent a little expensive but their working quality is superb. Furthermore the accessories of these vacuum cleaners are also available which increases their ability.

What is unique in Vacuum cleaner Accessories?

Now the question is that why should we use these accessories, first and the most important thing is that these accessories increase the working ability of the vacuum cleaners and secondly these accessories make them more durable. The unique things in these accessories are,

  1. Replacement accessories:

These accessories are the replacement for the existing parts of vacuum cleaner, if any part got damaged or not working due to any reason, it can be replaced by these accessories. These are compatible for all the well-known brands of vacuum cleaners. These are very easy to install and their working is excellent.

2: Durable:

These accessory kits are having an excellent quality products which make our vacuum cleaner more durable and its working ability increases. These kits are having different high quality brushes which excellently clean the carpets.

3: Portable:

They are amazingly portable in terms of carrying it along. You can even carry these lights on your outdoor events as well.

4: Usage:

They can be used in outdoor as well as indoor events or places.

5: Easy installation:

All these accessories are very easily installed to the vacuum cleaner, there are screws present in the kit, these screws are used to install the brushes and the damaged parts can be replaced. These accessories are fit to all the mentioned brands of vacuum cleaners.

Most recommended brands of Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Here we are going to discuss the specifications of the most recommended brands of vacuum cleaner accessories which make it easy for the consumers to choose the best option for them.

1: GBSELL Accessory for Irobot Roomba 600 610 620 650 Series Vacuum .

GBSELL Accessory kit is compatible for IRobot 600 Vacuum series. This kit contains 3 pieces of bristle brushes, three filters, one cleaning tool and one beater brush. These brushes are made up of high quality plastic which is protected from environment. These are suitable for cleaning small areas, from the corners of the room and from stairs. The price of each kit is very reasonable. Its price ranges is in between $ 16 – $ 25.

2: Universal Vacuum Attachments Accessories Cleaning Kit Brush Nozzle Crevice Tool for 1 1/4 inch& 1 3/8 inch Standard Hose 6pcs

The universal attachments accessories cleaning kit contains six pieces, four brushes having different sizes and shapes. These brushes are compatible for both wet and dry vacuum cleaners, these brushes have 1 1/4 inch nozzle used to attach the brushes with vacuum cleaner. A small brush is for cleaning dust from tables and other furniture items. These brushes are perfect for sofas, stairs and small areas. This kit is only useful for the vacuums having 32mm and 35mm inner diameter. The price of this kit is in between $ 15 – $ 22.

3: YOMEKOLY accessory replacement kit.

YOMELOKY accessory replacement kit is fit to iRobot vacuum 600 and 500 series. It contains two filters, four corner brushes and two rollers. These brushes work excellently in the corners and edges. They are made of good quality plastic and are very durable. They are very easily installed and easily removed by one screw driver. For good results these brushes and rollers should be removed from the vacuum after every use and keep it clean by removing dust and hair from them. The price of this kit is in between $ 11- $ 20.

4: HEPA Filters for Irobot Rooma Replacemen kit.

HEPA Filters replacement kit contains eight filters and one cleansing brush, these filters enhance the working quality of the vacuums. These filters are fit ti IRobot Rooma 860, 870, 880, 960 and 980 series. The brush is for the cleansing of these filters after use. These filters keep the air clean from dust and help to reduce pollen allergy and dust allergy. For best results the filter should be replaced after a month. The price of the kit is in between $ 14 – $ 22.


At the end of above discussion we may conclude that the vacuum cleaner accessories enhance the efficiency of the vacuum cleaners. The cleansing of carpets is no more difficult by the use of these accessories with our vacuum cleaners. By having a look on the features of different brands we can see that these accessories are not very costly and everyone can easily afford them. The old vacuum cleaners having some damaged parts can work again by installation of these accessories. So the buyers must buy any of the above kits for extra cleaning of their carpets. Therefore, this article is worth considering in terms of the best recommendations.

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