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Self-Defense KeyChain

Your Combat Partner Self Defense Keychain


The Self Defense Key chains are one of its own kind of creation as these were made to provide you with an apparatus that could help you keep yourself secure and protected from outer world. It as unique design that gives you edge over others and locks the element of surprise when not in use. These are amazing and meticulously crafted to fulfill its purpose.

The Inception of These Key Chains

Interestingly the idea of these self defense key chains evolved from the Japanese culture from their Japanese Yawara Stick which is five to six inches long and is used as self defense weapon in Japan. They behold many adavantages as their outlook is beautiful rather then a weaponary look hence it is easier to carry. It is strong and durable. And this Kubotan, other name for self defense key chain, is most legal thing to carry as it is just a simple piece of metal in big cities. Hence these self defense key chains were created by getting inspired from these sticks to make a tool to combat difficult situations and incidents.  

Best Recommended Self-Defense Key Chains with their Key Features

  1.  Mengde is a brand that makes amazing and extremely useful keychains that can lend a helping hand in the dire need of it. They make key chains that can help you keep yourself safe from any uninvited and harmful incident. It is a pack of 6 keychains in one package that offers you cost effectivity. This keychain is full of such extensive features that are highly attractive firstly it has the alarm which has loud sound that can easily draw other peoples attention towards you to provide you help. This is best for those as well who go for adventures as if you are lost in wild forest or any place the alarm will blow up and the sound of the alarm will gradually increase causing no harm to your ears. Furthermore the design of this key chain is so fabulously crafted that it has beautiful floral print that is in black and white color combination. Hence it has a very beautiful and amazing outlook and to keep it working for long it has high quality battery that last for a longer time period and it can even be replaced easily as it is not disposable but reusable. This key chain is a best tool to have for self defense for any age group that is it is best for kids, adults and elderly people as well when they go out for different purposes respectively. Moreover this key chain is so small that it can be kept anywhere even it can be attached to your bags, beltloops, keys, dog leashes and even more and this key chain is highly portable as you can carry it along with you wherever you want to. There is a whole manual guide provided along with this key chain to provide you with best of knowledge of this key chain that how its amazing features could be brought to use. And if any damage to the key chain occurs due to any artificial reason then it would be repaired with out any extra cost to you that means free of cost. Hence Mengde keeps its customers its priority and take their problems as if their own and provide you with best of the solutions.
  2. Mengde is full of variety and has diverse collection of key chains. Thereby here is another key chain from its diverse collection and that is this amazing and beautifully crafted key chain which is full of extensive features. This is a pair of key chains that is offered in this package. These key chains have black color which looks very nice and can be attached to any of your bag packs, hand bags and to other things easily by complementing the thing you have attached it with. Moreover this key chain comes with a LED flash light that can provide you with light in deep darkness when you are all alone. To turn it on and off is quite easy. To add up more to its features it has a very sharp and loud alarm to create a loud sound for help in case you encounter any bad incident so that people in nearest surrounding could hear your plea for help and could come to you for helping you out. Thereby this feature makes it a very amazing key chain to have that could be given to kids, women, elderly people or any other person so that you can get to them as soon as possible if you hear the alarming sound of the key chain. The most amazing part of this alarm is this that this alarm can blow up for 40 minutes as it has a good quality battery inside it which can be even replaced giving you more cost effectivity. This key chain is a best partner for all age group people and can be used while you are traveling alone and going for hiking, camping or any other adventure. Hence it is the best thing to have with you as Mengde cares for its customers hence it provides 12 months warranty and after purchase customer services.
  3. Now here is another brand that makes self defense key chains to provide you with security and to do so Yoogo has created these key chains which are especially engineered and structured in such manner that they help you fight for yourself and defense yourself in any awful situation. Now this key chain is so smartly designed that it can be used for punching, hooking, stabbing, slashing or even breaking ice so efficiently that you dont even need to put all of your force as well. This key chain does not look like any weapon though it can help you in your difficult situations by adding the element of surprise in such situations. As it not a proper weapon you can easily carry it along with you wherever you want to by putting in keys or by attaching it to your bag, belt loop or whatever you like. Moreover it is designed so intelligently that it can help you have a firm and comfortable grip of it without any difficulty to hold it. The material used to make this key chain is extremely rigid non-toxic polymer and adhesive blend that makes it really strong and as it is made in Canada it speaks for its quality. And the ring attached to it is made of industrial grade metal which is very strong and concrete. And to guide you with the information that how to use it their are number of videos that explain the proper method of holding it and using it so that it gives its best shot to increase efficiency. And in case any problem occurs you can return it freely and securely with out any cost to you.
  4. JVC is another brand in the queue that makes these self defense key chains so that you remain safe and secure on the go as well. This is a JVC Black Metal Kubaton Keychain that is equipped with amazing features that lend you help when you are alone and caught in difficult situation. This whole key chain is made with black metal which makes it strong and durable product that is made to last long and the design of the key chain is so efficiently crafted that it has finger grooves on it to have a firm grip over it. The pair of these self defense key chain is so good that it increases the force applied and the pressure applied is also doubled due to its special design. This Kubaton key chain is amazingly made so that you can stay safe when you go out whether it is day or night but this tool can help you safe guard yourself from bad situations and battle with them bravely.
  5. Tanking is another renowned brand that makes tools to help you in your daily life. Here is its Tanking Pink Key Knife Key Chain which is specifically structured for your self defense. This is a key chain that has knife added to it which can fold in easily and opened up when in need. The color of this key chain knife is pink which is very trendy and can be a best tool to keep for girls, ladies, women and elderly people. The knife has 2 inch straight edged stainless steel blade so that it is durable and reliable. When the knife is folded it looks like an ordinary key hence you can carry it ehreevery you like with great ease as it does not have a look of a weapon. This is very handy it is small in size and can be brought into multiple purposes that is cutting or hiking, camping and even more. It has a unique design which makes it stand out and look just amazing. As everyone cares for his or her family you can even use it as a present as well for your mother, sister, wife or daughter or any other person on multiple occasions.
  6. Now here is more innovation and creativity which blends up brings up more interesting and useful products out. Here is this Sabre Red Kuros Pepper Spray Key Chain that is a tool that can provide you help when you are in dire need of it. This is actually a key chain that is so meticulously designed that it has a pepper spray attached with it and the key chain could be used for putting a bunch of keys. This key chain has durable case for pepper spray which has aqua color as it hides the spray under its beautiful color. Next it has finger grooves for a perfect grip of this while using it. The number of bursts it can give is 25 which is extremely good and effective. This type of key chain is a best tool for security and can be of great use to girls, women and people who have to go out for multiple reasons that is work, study and much more. This spray is so effective and strong that it is considered as number one out of most brands and is even recommended by police as well in cities like NewYork, Chicago etc to keep women safe from all kind of bad incidents whether it is sexual assault or street crime. Another impressive feature of this spray is that it can work from distance as well as if it is used in 3M range it will be effective and powerful. It does not blowback due to its powerful streaming. It is a great tool to have over all for best self defense and protection.
  7. Due to rapid pace of technology new version of every product is released of and on. MysticalBlades have brought innovation and creativity in key chains to blend the self defense factor in it. It has created these amazing key chains that can act as a weapon for self defense when you are on the go. This is a Street Smart Self Defense Spike Key Chain that is very reliable tool to have. It has a steel Key ring that is best to put your keys in and carry it wherever you want to. Moreover the color of this key chain is black and made of solid steel that leaves a more powerful impact. It is best to have when you go out or travel alone to keep yourself safe and sound.
  8. Langxun is a brand that has come up with this interesting idea of Key knife and key chain together. They have made this key chain that has a shape of key and with in it is a knife that is folded and when you need it can be opened up. This pack has a pair of it and these have black color which looks nice. The material from which it is made is stainless steel which is durable and reliable at the same time. It is a versatile and safe knife to keep as the lock technolgy gives you protection from any incident and provides additional safety. Furthermore this keychain key knife can be used for multiple purposes that are hunting, camping, fishing and above of all it can be used for self defense so that you can fight back any of the challenges faced while you are all alone. It offers limited lifetime warranty to provide you with satisfaction.
  9. Demarkt is another top brand that talks and thinks about creativity and unique ideas and implements them through making new products. Here is their self defense weapon key chain that is a two in one tool. This is a tool that can be used as a keychain along with a spiky tool that can be used for self defense. It has finger grooves so that you can a firm and concrete grip of the tool while you use it and you have to apply lesser pressure due to its pointed tip that can play a vital role. This black colored key chin is tool that you need when you go out and keep yourself protected.

Conclusive Remarks

Staying safe and secure is very important but to do that you dont have a guard 24/7 on job for that purpose hence it is very important that you keep yourself equipped with such tools that help you stay safe. These key chains are one of the tools that can help you safe as these key chains have special designs that are engineered to combat in such situations. It is very important that you have these while you are on some trip, adventure or even at home as it acts as your guard in tough times.

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