Best Staple-less Staplers Review 2017

Stapleless Staplers


       The world has seen many revolutionary changes in every field, since the older times when the work was done it had to be done the harder way not the smarter way. As the times went by the technology developed but yet it had to be friendly. The technology was quite human friendly but not so environment friendly. Let us take an example of staplers, not so long before when people used to attach up their papers together they used pins or even thorns from trees as with the passage of time a pin punching machine that could bind all of the papers together in a single punch was developed which we know as staplers. This tech proved to be a massive breakthrough but now it has been a serious concern for many. So innovators have shaped an idea of stapleless staplers into reality, a punching staple machine that would bind papers by themselves without any iron or any other metallic pin but just with papers themselves.

Why Stapleless Staplers are necessary?

 Besides they are environment friendly there are several other reasons to be using them. First of all is you always replace older tech with a new one, when new one is smarter and more reliable. Second is you need to reconsider which one is less costing and consuming, which obviously stapleless staplers are! Third is these stapleless staplers are also environment friendly, easy to use, leaving no garbage behind, no paper damage or any other problem you can think of. So with following this trendy product many companies have just jumped in to produce and gain a name for them in the market. So these stapleless staplers are smart worker and also harmless to you and the kids

Swingline Stapleless Stapler:

Swingline the American brand has introduced the trendy product in their market with some different style. This swingline stapleless stapler is unique in its design and efficiency; it is much smarter and less time consuming machine. These manually operated products works on same old punch and tuck principle but the difference is it is more efficient. Unlike its predecessor it does not require any kind of staple pins and works without it. This not only handles and attaches papers neatly but with a strong bonding, folding the papers into each other without harming or wasting the paper and tearing or shredding of any minute piece. This is quality built stapler, with an neat and clean white color. This whole stapler is made up of plastic as it requires no iron or steel pins. With that it also has the capability to bind together 5 papers at max with complete strength. This stapler has a decent making. Looks and design and it is also convenient for children and parents/adults to use it a-like. The swingline has the best thing is that they offer 1 year warranty over their marvelous product engineered with perfection. The company not only ensures the satisfaction of the customer by providing a 1 year warranty but also provides it with a low price as much as $10.85

Kokuyo Harinacs Stapleless Stapler:

This product is produced by Japanese maestros and has earned a great deal in the market in these times. This Kokuyo Harinacs Stapleless Stapler is black in color and has a different design. It has a basic body with an extended leg to punch the paper together in between. It is a perfect sample or example for the work of cleanliness and tidiness. The special feature of this Japanese thing is that it works for long without even getting stuck and it does not stop functioning easily. when you tuck in a lot of paper to attach, there is always some extra tiny little pieces that keep stuck into the stapleless stapler. It comes in best colors as well. The above mentioned product is a light weight product weighing only 3.52 oz which means it is very easy to handle and control. It pretty easily fits into your hands and work smoothly. Being light weight means you can carry it to anywhere with you without any kind of surveillance or any other security issues. It is because this stapleless stapler by Kokuyo Harinac is totally harmless and there is nothing to be worried about. You can dump of the shredded and left off pieces from the previous stapling at any time you want. This ensures the smooth functioning of stapler. It has a transparent head that enables you to watch how it happens when you tuck off the two papers by the stapler. This stapler is different from others in many ways. The price of this decent and eloquent stapler is just $8.90 which suggests it is quite a reasonable price with compatible to its functioning and pretty convincing to buy the product.

Kokuyo Harinacs Press Staple Free Stapler:

This is another unique product in itself by Kokuyo Harinacs. This product has a design in its own type and this one is better product then the other one. Improved version of any product means certain changes in it, which this product definitely shows. This item allows you to staple papers without any extra or harder effort. It is as easy to use as anything else could be, a simple punch on the alignment you would like and your product is stapled. This is a real special product with a uniqueness and elegance. The strange thing that makes it unique than others is that it can bind or staple papers without causing any damage or tearing to the paper. How is it possible? In the method of functioning of this product, it presses the piece of paper into one another and then ties on one another at one place. It does not allow any harm to page or paper. Thus this property or functioning of this Kokuyo Harinac Press Staple makes it very special to use, as you do not have to worry about the wastage or tearing off the paper. It is overall an excellent product tot give it a go for to buy it. Since it does not bind paper by tearing it, you can open the binding by gentle procedure and can  regain or detach the pieces by your own self again and again whenever you want it. This product is equally good for the office use and equally good for the home uses as well. This is a light weight product with only a 2.1 oz. the price of this good piece of machine is just $10.06 which is a reasonable price for a good product. It comes in pink, white and green color.

Plus paper Stapleless Stapler:

Plus paper has something different and powerful to introduce. It has an exceptionally beautiful design and texture and it has an ergonomic design which enables it to be easily used. This product is simply amazing, with the blend of power and high functioning this is something of next level. It has color combination of  green which looks amazing and gives it a funky look, the other special thing about this product is that it has a grip above and a grip on lower bottom of the stapler so you may not lose the control of it and it remains in your hands. This is as easy to use as it seems. This stapleless stapler is capable of stapling 5 sheets of paper without using a pin or stapler. Its power assisting mechanism lets it use the minimum force to utilization for the binding. It is work efficient and also saves time and energy. Its compact design allow as many staples as you can make, through out the day and over dozens and hundreds of papers. This products residue is easily recyclable as you can collect the pieces of paper and set it to be recycled again and without any jamming it can work perfectly. The other great thing about it is that it can be used in many places shall it be your study room, kitchen, bathroom or office wherever you need to bind your papers you certainly can use this amazing product with no harmful effects to your surroundings. It is just only the size of a palm which makes its handling a lot more easier than any other stapleless staplers. The price of this content is about $18.99, it clearly suggests that you should go on for such a reasonable and affordable piece of art and architecture.

Ha Linux Press Stapleless Stapler:

Harinacs has had this stapler engineered quite well and this another simple product from them, yet very efficient. This punch stapler comes in a bit of traditional design which makes it very pretty and simple looking stapler. It works very economically and does not damage your sheets rather sophistically it binds and cling the paper together. This works on traditional mechanism that is you hold it in your palm and press it against the paper giving you the attached paper. This product is sold by Hoby One Japan and hence it is the name of a reliability and credibility. This above mentioned product with its design is best and sustainable product, it works efficiently and has enough strength to give you output and performance for good longer years. It is a light weight product which only has a little considerable weight of 2.1 oz and it can be your pocket machinery and you can take it anywhere you would like to. It does not work for more then 3 or 4 few pages and hence it reduces the bulk of your sheets and helps you keep it managed. The price of this astonishing product is also astonishing and which is just $10.50 and quite reasonable one. It is a one must buy product for the users as it is easy to use too.

MUJI Stapleless Stapler:

This product is one innovation after the other in the market. It has impressed the users with the mean of its use. It is probably one of the easiest to you among the other stapleless staplers available in the market. This stapler differently designed and it has been made in such a way that you do not need to carry it in your hands all the time as this can get really tiring for someone who is always at work and actually very busy. This stapleless stapler actually has no health and environmental hazards. This ensures the safety of users as there is no single chance of any mishap with the customer because it rules out kind of use of the metallic pins. This MUJI stapleless stapler has a lever on its back which is pushed when you want to have your documents stapled, which is quite very impressive. Just one single push and the papers are clinged. This stapler is indeed an amazing art and gives you all ease and efficiency you want together in a single machine. It has a power capability of stapling 5 papers at a time. No more than 5 papers document. MUJI stapleless stapler has the material type of Canvas which makes it very reliable to use and uneasily breakable. This is one good product for a purchase and it worths your money, the price tag of this product it $7.95.


In the modern time when you tend to save maximum resources and money and to gain maximal output you try new ways of doing things. This staple less staplers not only save your money significantly but also makes your work easier. First of all they do not require such great work force which a stapled stapler would require, secondly it is fast to use. The above mentioned products also rule out any kind of a mishap there is not a chance that you will clip in your finger tip or you could hurt your eyes or fingers with a stapler pin because there are not one of them, besides all the factors these are pretty easy to carry anywhere you like to, with no one objecting it. Following what is necessary one should buy this multi beneficial product and select the best option for your work.

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