Best Star Shower Laser Light Amazon Review 2017

Your Lighting Companion; Star Shower Laser Light


Star Shower Laser light is a laser light projector that projects red and green light on to the surface you wish and switches between different modes as you like that is whether you want it static or flashing. These laser lights can create a combination of effects as well. It is power operated that can be used for indoor small parties and even outdoor big parties. This lights up your house beautifully.

Why is it better than Others?

Star Shower is a well known brand that offers quality product that has longer span of life that saves your cost and proves a smart investment made. It has multiple modes which ever you like to put it on. It is safer to use. It even has weather resistance and is waterproof which makes it easier to use whenever you like whether its snow or light rain. It has long power cord for your flexibility of use. It is just amazing laser light.

Safety Precautions

It is very important that safety measures are always kept in mind to stay safe and away from any kind of danger. The humans and even pets should not look directly into the laser as it may cause harm to your eye sight due to intense radiation. Also these laser lights should not be used near airoplanes as it may cause danger while landing. It should not be used in heavy rain though it can sustain splashes of rainwater. Altogether it is a environment friendly laser light.


Power Electrically operated
Modes Multiple
Laser Light Colors Mostly Red and Green (Blue)*
Weather Resistant Yes
Safe to Use Yes

* Some may include.

Best Recommended Laser Light with Their Key Features

  1. Star Shower is one of the top brands that offers best quality laser lights. It has extensive features that makes it an outstanding product. This Star Shower Laser Light is capable of giving light for long hours and to keep you safe and to have a long span of life it even has a automatic turn off feature which shuts off the laser light after 6-8 continuous hours of remaining on. After that it has good quality red and green laser lights that have a long life. These lights are safe to use as they do not emit any kind of harmful rays. They cover a large area that needs to be furnished with lights as it could be your lawn, patios, courtyard or even your house as it can easily light up the house if kept at a proper distance and angle. This laser light has different modes which you can switch according to your mood. This laser light can be kept stationary or blinking which gives distinctive effects of light that lifts up your mood and gives an energy boost to your parties, weddings, Christmas or any other event. This laser light is not only for using outdoor but it can easily be used indoor as well for instance in your room or lounge wherever you like. Hence it is a good product from an established brand.
  2. This is the newer version of laser light which comes with more advanced features and quality that enables it to work even better. This actually combines the laser light with the LED landscape projector, Ucharge spotlight which gives amazing result in shape of mesmerizing light show. It even has the 10 pieces of slides which has 3 modes. There are images that are projected on the surface long with thousand of dots which move automatically. Furthermore it is waterproof which makes it a more reliable laser light to have to cater all your decor needs. It is actually 2-in-1 function laser light which has laser firefly light plus LED projector lights which are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. It is quite easy to carry it wherever you want to as it only weighs about 0.48Kgs. It is efficient enough to shut itself after a specific time period so that there is no harm to it and also it can perform better for a longer span of time. This laser light is best for using all year round for all your events and parties.
  3. This laser light is by LedMALL, which is of great quality and impressive features. This laser light is extensively easy to operate as it can be easily operated with the help of a remote control which creates much convenience for you. You just simply need to plug it in and play the light show as you want it. There is instant lighting show, laser decoration lights and LED path light 2-in-1 which gives you various options to play the light according to your mood. It has green and red laser lights which improves your ambiance and gives a highlight to your house or whatever surface it is projected at. Also it has white LED lights which gives a more serene and harmonious effect to your location. This laser light has firefly moving patterns and red and green laser lights which come in action and showcase a star shower effect which aggravates the party and makes your event even better. The material it is made is of good quality hence it is waterproof and resistant to rough and tough weather conditions. This laser light comes with a remote control to make it easier for you to use and it even has the option of timer to make your work easier in case you forget to shut down it will turn off automatically. It even has the sensors which makes it even more intelligent laser light to have to light up your place.
  4. Bo-Toys has an amazing laser light which tries to fulfill all your needs whether it is time of new years eve, christmas, wedding, valentine or any other occasion which needs a good decoration this laser light can help you and reduce your burden of decoration of your place with stranded lights which is a time consuming task to do. This laser light is certified by higher authorities like FDA, FCC, ROSH and IP65 test. It is specially designed to be used in your choice of place whether it is indoor or outdoor. It has red, green and blue laser lights which can be controlled with a remote control easily and brings convenience to you with smarter options. It has more than one mode, which ever suits your choice whether you like static or flasing mode of it you can play that one. This laser light even has a timer feature which can be set at 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours duration which is capabable of running in flashing mode. The body of this laser light is of metal which makes it waterproof. It even has the long cord for power to increase flexibility for you. Overall it is a good quality laser light to brighten your house and any place you like.
  5. Poeland is another brand in the queue that makes high quality laser lights and their laser lights are made after giving deep thoughts to it. This laser light includes star projector with red and green laser light with mesmerizing built-in blue LED accent light that gives amazing effect when turned on. It is extremely easy to put it up as it does not require any hectic manual work like ladders to climb up and set it up rather just power outlet to plug in and play it. It is made with intricate detail that it can be used indoor and outdoor whatever purpose you like for instance christmas to wedding parties or even celebrations and many more occasions. It is extremely amazing thing to have to light up your parties and events. This laser light comes with premium safety quality which is an eminent feature of this laser light and is waterproof that makes it a more reliable and even attractive option available to you as it can be used round the year whether it is raining or not you can see the lights dancing whenever you like and boost up your parties and enjoy your get togethers.
  6. Modern Home Laser Light Projector is another amazing option available to you to make your events colorful. This is a 3D holographic laser light projector that intensifies the impact and gives a more immense effect of light. It is very easy to use and to set up is a quick and an easy task to do unlike the stranded lights which needs much of your time, ladders, and man power to do so which keeps you safe from any kind of danger of injury. This laser light is weather resistant as wellwhich make it a feasible product to have which can be used all year round whenever you like. It is a matter of minuites to install this laser light and start off with your funfilled parties. It gives you a coverage of an area that is about 600 square feets big and it can easily cover your house and lit up your lawns, patios or even courtyards. This laser light has 4 modes which can highlight your parties. Hence it is a great quality product to have to give the best decor to your area with best laser light that can be used anytime and anywhere you like.
  7. MYCARBON is another famous brand that offers amazing laser light projectors. It is a muticolored laser light that is of red, blue and green which can present amazing show of lights which may mesmerize you and energize your parties. These laser lights can be played in different modes which ever you like. This can cover a huge area giving a better and amazing projection of lights. This is laser light through which you can flaunt your house and surroundings to the other people. It is a weather resistant laser light that can be used easily in different weather conditions and above of all it is waterproof which makes it a more accessible laser light to have as it can be used while rain or snow or any other time of the year. It is very easy to install this laser light as it can be rotated in any direction you like while setting up and to operate it there is a remote control along with it so that it is convenient for you. It even has a timer so that you can put it on timer and do your other tasks. This laser light is engineered to be used for your outdoor purposes and make your festive seasons even more bright and colorful.
  8. Sunsbell laser light comes with extremely amazing and extensive features that allure you towards it. It has a long and flexible power cord so that it is easier for you to set it up wherever you like. It is a multi-function decorative light that can easily lit up your place to give a mesmerizing look. It has specially designed 12 patterns that give you much variety to light up your place with light with different patterns being projected. The patterns it has include stars, hearts, christmax decorations, butterflies, birthday, women’s accessories, pigeon, four-leaf clover, halloween, snowflake, clown and mapple leaf. These patterns give multifarious choice to you to play whatever pattern you like. This laser light can give the best lighting decor to multiple events whether it is a birthday party, halloween, christmax, valentines, women’s kitty party or any other event you name it. The use of this light is diverse as it can be placed outside as it has a stake to anchor with the ground second it even has a stand along with it so that it can be used inside as well. It can be rotated 180 degrees as well while setting up to the proper and precise angle. This laser light is IP67 waterproof which makes it more attractive laser light to have. It can be used in cold temperatures as well. This is a high quality laser light with amazing effects and patterns that offer you much variety and options so that it can go with any of your themes and provide you instant decoration.
  9. Holigoo Pulse Laser Light is another innovative laser light with a list of distinctive features that amaze you and provoke you to have it. It has light-pulsed rhythms which is built-in programme that give beautiful plsing effect of light with music as it has HD bluetooth speakers along with it which makes this laser light attractive and its light weight makes it portable. The laser lights move with the beat which makes it even more dazzling and creates an atmosphere that casts its magical spell over everyone and gives a fascinating environment that lets you enjoy the moment. The speakers have rechargeable batteries giving long hous of enjoyment. It has two modes that will enthrill you and captivate you. This is the best product to have to enjoy your small parties, get togethers or any other event.
  10. Duafire 7 Color LED Laser Light Projector is one of its kind which tries to give best enjoyment to you and tries to sustain its relation withits customers by providing 18 months warranty. This laser light has ocean wave effect that may dance to different beats and enchant you. It even has the speed options so that you can make your parties a success. There are multiple color modes whichever suits you. It saves your energy as well as it is very easy to use with the help of a remote controlso that it is convenient for you to work with it. Its extensive features like mp3 player, voice-activated, self propelled, strobe, program conversion and many other features make it an outstanding laser light that makes your evenings more beautiful and ravishing according to your mood.

Final Remarks

Parties are incomplete without decorations and decorations are a big task to do and that all alone. From food to lighting and other arrangements has to be on point to make your party the best one amongst all. To ease you of from decorations these laser light projectors are here which can light up the house or any other place you like to decorate. These laser lights come with extensive features that highlight your party or any other event with different light effects, patters or might modes like stationary or flashing. Hence these laser lights are the best tool to have to brighten your events all year round what ever the weather.

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