Best Two Burner Hot Plate Review 2017

Two Burner Hot Plate

Whether you are a student who need to heat up food in dorm or if you are a workaholic who can’t find time to eat in cafeteria but desperately needs warm food, then the two burner hot plate is the paramount solution for you. From boiling water to melting chocolate this product has always shown incredible results in heating department. The 2 burner hot plate is a flat hot surface which can be used for either sautéing or smoldering food as per your requirement. The hot plate has always been an essential choice for many individuals due to its portability and multi-functional characteristics. It is also a great substitute for your larger kitchen operations or Bunsen burner at home. It will entail less space for storage and will assist your needs very efficiently. With this unit you can easily warm your food or even start your light cooking conveniently. The 2 burner hot plate is a very budget friendly product but you need to find out a perfect match of affordability and premium quality. After personal testing and evaluating a large number of customer’s reviews, this article is created to help you purchase top quality 2 burner hot plate available for your online purchase.  The 2 burner hot plates are available in very versatile designs so this article slender down some of the best ones so you could select any one of the following that suits your style and equips perfectly to your required tasks.

Top Most Recommended Two Burner Hot Plate

To make sure that you choose finest quality two burner hot plate, this article provides you the following most reliable manufacturers selling premium quality hot plates on internet. Now the task of purchasing product online will never be daunting for you because after hours of research and evaluation, this article will help you find perfect hot plates that will perform your required tasks easily and quickly.

Cusimax 1800W Double Hot Plate, Stainless Countertop Burner

One of the most rated product for online purchasing is this Cusimax 1800W double hot plate with a stainless counter top burner. This unit is highly appropriate for all types of cookware whether you want to use pots made of metal, woks, glass, aluminum, ceramics or stainless steel in diameter 7.4 inches and 6.1 inches. With this premium quality hot plate, you can warm your food anywhere with 120 v of electricity. It contains a full range thermostats knob that can easily help you control your temperature according to the requirement. You can use the two burner hot plate for warming your food as well as for boiling, frying or simmering any desired chow. Cusimax has excellently created two hot plates that you can simultaneously use for cooking. They have also provided overheating protection by equipping the unit with thermal fuse which will automatically control temperature by cutting off for few seconds and upholding its original state back to normal. To ensure your safety Cusimax has provided one-meter power cord and non-slip rubber feet that will help the hot plate stay in place for benign usage. Moreover, an individual indicator light is given that shows warning when the unit is under operation. They are very easy to clean and the stainless steel body endure frequent use with durability for many long years. Cusimax gives 30 days’ money back guarantee to its customers and a special warranty of each double burner parts and labor is specified for 18-months. You can easily grab this risk free two burners hot plate on a very affordable price.

Ovente Countertop Two Burner Hot Plate

If you are in need of an appliance that will provide you hot food at all times, then this is the best two burner hot plate for you. Ovente has used infrared technology in their two burner hot plate that boosts the unit efficiency and performance. Unlike the induction cook tops or Bunsen burners this hot plate has no restrictions to any kind of cookware. Any type of pots can be used whether they are made of woks, metal, glass, aluminum, ceramics or stainless steel. With the help this incredible Ovente creation you can easily warm your food as the plates heats up conveniently. It contains a full range thermostats knob that can effortlessly help you control your temperature according to your desire requirement. Ovente has equipped their hot plate with 1500 watts of power that generates heat and works perfectly just like any other stove top. The product weighs 5.2 lbs. that makes it very light weight and easy to carry anywhere and anytime. It heats up food very quickly and evenly without leaving any cold or hot spots. The left plate of this unit can be powered by 120 Volts and 1000-watts and the right plate will utilize power of 700 watts. Its lustrous crystalite ceramic glass and flat stainless steel covering makes it more stylish to enhance your kitchen interior. 212° F, 180° F, 155° F, 125° F and 105° F are the approximate temperatures that can easily be controlled with thermostat knob provided in this product. For your safety, Ovente has specified non-slip rubber feet that will help the hot plate stay in place for safe use and also an individual on/off indicator is given that shows caution when the unit is under working. A detail of operating instructions of this product is also given that helps in its maintenance and usage. You can easily clean this Ovente two burner hot plate with a damp cloth. This exception quality product comes with one year of warranty.


This article ensures value of your purchase. Whether you require an extra burner to your kitchen or you want to warm up your food in office, these two burner hot plates are just perfect selections for you. They are very functional as they provide you great features of adjusting time, switching power, setting temperature, or indicating power when connected. Furthermore, these hot plates are also very portable which means you can easily carry them during travelling. With this incredible kitchen appliance there is no need to switch dishes one after the other for warming your food, you can easily utilize these extra hot burner plates whenever needed. They will decrease your work load while increasing the operational time. All these suggested two burner hot plates will not disappoint you and will certainly conform to your budget and needs.


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