Best USB to Micro USB Review 2017

USB To Micro USB


As time moves on, things are getting bigger and complex to understand. It is very important that we comprehend things properly to bring them in use to their fullest. Technology is developing day by day and bringing new ideas into reality to bring ease to the people. Hence here is another creation of science to cater your needs on the go that is the USB to Micro USB cable which is a need of every person who is used to gadgets. USB(Universal Serial Bus) is a tool that helps you to connect your device to other different devices, basically it is used to make connections to external hardware in the computer.This is a tool that helps you to connect your device whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, keyboard or what so ever to the host system that is a computer or any other gadget.


To understand and comprehend every product is essential to get the fruitful usage of the product. Thereby specifications of any product are the key features and qualities that are present in the product the brands are trying to offer. These are the technicalities and appearance of the product that is defined in the specification section of the product.


Moving to the very first and foremost feature that is design of the USB to Micro USB cable. Different brands shape their product in new and innovative manner to impress the customers and increase the feasibility of the product for them. These USB to Micro USB cables have unique design that helps to increase their feasibility by providing long cable that is as long as 6 feet. Moreover some brands make the receptacles of the USB as gold plated to increase their worth and value in the market for customers.


After that comes the compatibility of these USB to Micro USB cables. Well most of these USB to micro USB cables have universal compatibility with the major device brands namingly Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Sony and many more.

Life of the Product

When you have a vast range of products of in front of you it is advised to do a good cost and benefit analysis and then go for the purchase. Every expensive thing is not of high quality and and every cheap thing is of low quality, it merely depends upon the brand and its reputation. However going for cheap things always may damage your things in future thereby it is advised to pick the best thing fr yourself. Some brands offer 12 months warranty along with 24 hours customer care services for any help or queries.

Best Recommended USB to Micro USB with their Key Components

To help you make a smart choice here are few best quality USB to Micro USB cables presented by various brands.

Micro USB Cable – Zeal Tech. This is USB to Micro USB cable by Zeal-Tech to provide with best connections. It has a durable 3 foot cable that can be bent in different positions. This is a compact cable with heat resistant quality and to add up more to its features it has gold tip heads so that it can provide secure connection and fit in easily. This pack of 5 USB to Micro USB cables can be bought in only $9-$10.

Vanzon Micro USB Cable. Here is another USB to Micro USB cable from Vanzon which is a reputed brand that is trying to bring best to its customers. It has high speed and good charging performance. The cable used is highly durable and long lasting and it is covered with premium quality braided nylon jacket to keep it safe. This allows you to syc and charge your phone at the same time allowing you to do multi-tasking and saving up your time. This pack of 3 high quality cables is available in $10-$11.

KsmileĀ® 2 Pack USB 2.0 Micro USB is another amazing piece of innovation. This USB to Micro USB is compactly designed and full of quality features. This is a pack of two and these on the go featured USB to Micro USB is just amazing. They are convinient to use as they have no cable so its tangle free and carry wherever you want to. These can be purchased in $4-$5.

iXCC 10 Feet Extra Long Micro USB Cable. Here is another option that is great for those who have lots of things going on together. It has a long 10 feet cable which is a high guage low impedence wire which inturn enables it to give high performance. Moreover it offers a 24 month warranty so that their customers are satisfied with their purchase. It is available in the price range of $5-$6.

AmazonBasics Micro-USB to USB 2.0 Cable. This is another trusted option available for you which is offering a pack of 3 USB cables. It has a cable that is 3 feet long and made out of good quality wire. It has gold plated connecters that resist corrosion and gives signal purity. Furthermore it offers 1 year limited warranty. The price range it falls in is $6-$7.


UGREEN Micro USB is one of the best quality USB to Micro USB which is compatible to most of the brands. This on the go device is best tool to charge and sync it to other devices for transfering data. It gives high charging speed along with good performance. It offers a 12 month warranty along with lifetime services from the manufacturer. It can be bought in $5-$6.

Anker PowerLine Micro USB is yet another flawless USB to Micro USB cable that is meticulously designed. This cable is 6 feet long made with premium quality wire and offer a 18 month warranty to its valuable customers. It gives you faster charging and strengthened connections. It falls between $6-$7.

Micro USB Cable, Redlink. Market is full of different brands and this is one of the good brands that offers quality products. Redlink has made its cable as long as 10 feet which is made of high quality wire to keep your gadgets safe from any short circuit losing any charging. It is extremely durable and a long lasting product and they offer you a 12 month warranty. This pack of 3 cables may cost you around $9-$10.

Micro USB Cable, Rankie. This is another option available to you to ponder upon and get for yourself. It has stainless steel connectors that are heat resistant as well as durable. This has 3 feet long cable which gives quich transmission of signals. It is best to have for secure connections. You can have this pack of 3 cable in just $7-$8.

Cable Matters (2-Pack) Gold-Plated Retractable USB to Micro-USB. Lastly here is another brand in the queue that brings quality and innovation together. This is retractable USB to Micro USB cable which is compactly and wisely designed. The design provides you with tangle free connection and durable product. This pack of 2 can be bought in just $7-$8.

Final Words

It is wise to keep yourself updated and brace yourself for the shortcomings and stay calm to face them. Technology has brought solutions to your problems. Here you have a USB to Micro USB cable that can be used on the go and make things easier for you. It can charge and transfer data easily with great speed any where you are. This is so compactly designed that it can be placed in your bags easily. Some of the best ones are mentioned above on which you can contemplate over and have one for yourself at quite low rates.

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