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Purpose of Wipers:

In harsh weathers like snow, rains and storms, when driving, we need wipers to clean our windshields. Also there are times, when because of dusty conditions, dust particles are accumulated on the screen, we then turn on the water jet and clean the front or back mirror with the wiper attached to it. Wipers also have other purposes as well, which include cleaning the car’s front or back mirror in case something falls on it, or some other thing happens. In most of the cars, wipers are attached to both the front and back mirror, but some only have front mirror wipers.

Need for new blades:

When after a few time, when the blades on the wipers wear out we need new wipers. It is really important to do so because the wipers get sloppy. Usually when in harsh weather, or under rainy circumstances when we use the wiper too much, its blades get sloppy and they wear out. After that the wiper doesn’t work as effectively as it is supposed to, it also makes an unpleasant noise when in contact with the windshield. Therefore there is a constant need to get it replaced as soon as possible. Because having a worked out wiper means a compromise on your life.

Buying the best wiper:

Because there are so many brands and companies out there that produce wiper blades, determining the best wiper gets hard at times. And also because there is a huge demand and a great market of wiper blades, the companies do everything possible to earn a fortune out of them, they even get as low as cheapening the price of the product to get its price lowered to attract customers and to make sure that their products are sold at a good price. In such conditions and circumstances, determining which the best product is really hard and nobody wants to be snugged by fake companies. For that purpose and to help you buy the product of your choice, we have reviewed some of the best products available in the market.

Our review is based on a set of specifications which need to be checked before buying the best wiper blades.

Specifications are abilities and qualities that a device, machine or a product have. Specifications tell the customers about the overall quality of the product along with having a general know how about the product. They also help the user determine the capabilities of the product in order to make sure that the product they are buying suits their needs and preferences.

Quality is the first and foremost specification that needs to be checked before buying wiper blades. Quality of the wiper blades determine how much durable they are along with giving an idea of their performance. If a wiper blade is made with exceptional quality of materials, and great engineering, it will not only last for long but will also have a great performance and easier and smoother cleaning and wiping process.

Because we have opted a different wiper blade than the one which came from the company, therefore we don’t expect them to last longer than the original ones, especially designed for the customer’s car. But in some cases, if the wiper blade is made with exceptional quality, it will be durable and it will or it might just last a bit longer than the original wiper blades that come from your car’s company.

In the adaptability section, two things are covered. First is that whether the product is going to fit the wipers of your car or not, and the second is that whether they can work the same during multiple kinds of harsh weathers, like snow, hailstorm, dust storm and rain. A product having both these qualities must be preferred over others.

Warranty is the last specification but it is surely not the least. Warranty determines the credibility of the seller and also the overall quality of the product. Only a product with a great quality and a seller who is confident about it, will be warranted. Therefore one must always choose a product with warranty and a good customer service over the ones which don’t have these.

Based on these specifications, we have reviewed some of the best products to determine which is the best wiper blade.


Michelin 8024 Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Flex Design, 24″:

This is one of the best wiper blades available in the market today. It has a great design which allows it to fit all wipers and also to give the best wiping experience. It has easy lock connector system for quick and easy replacement. It can be bought for just 5-15$ range.
ANCO 31-Series 31-13 Wiper Blade – 13″, (Pack of 1):

Its DuraKlear exclusive rubber compound provides a consistent streak-free wipe. The Vented bridge and high performance polymer of this wiper blade ensures OE fit and function along with enhanced wiping experience. It can be bought in a price range of just 4-14$.
Rain-X 5079274-2 Latitude Wiper Blade, 16″ (Pack of 1):

This is one of the best wipers available in the market. It has different sizes for universal fitting. It has dual attributes, that is, it can wipe and also coat the glass to make it water repellent. It has an optimal price and can be bought in a price range of just 9-19$.
Bosch MicroEdge 40715 Wiper Blade – 15″ (Pack of 1):

This wiper blade is extensively designed to make sure that it lasts for long and gives the best wiping experience. It has Precision-cut natural rubber wiping edge for quieter operation. It also has Aerodynamic all-steel frame with clipped joints along with exclusive zinc dichromate primer for better performance. It can be bought for 4-14$ price range.


There is a wide range of wiper blades in the market. Determining the best wiper blade depends on the preferences of the customer. But they must always make sure that they check the specifications before buying it. We had reviewed some of the best wiper blades in the market and coming to a verdict that which is the best among them would be unjust, as all of them are the best and they fitted our specifications.

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