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Vizio P65-C1


People have their own reasons for the things they do. Watching TV is one of the things that majority of people around the globe do. And to do so they have their own precise reasons. Some watch TV to relax after a long hectic day, some watch TV to connect with the other world through the programs or shows coming on the TV, some are the ones who are depressed and lonely, and to escape their this lonely world they switch to their television screens, whereas, some are those who want to gain experience from others who share their own while on the other hand there are few who just want themselves to indulge in the screen and unwind everything. It is the right of people to live with their own reasons with comfort and ease and to help them with that here is an amazing TV by Vizio which may offer them a good leisure time and relaxation.

Vizio In This Competing Market

There is a lot of competition going on in this technological world. People are coming up with new creative ideas and thoughts and due to intense research and hard work they are even developing their thoughts and bringing them to real life. They are not just thinkers but creators as well which creates a tough competition for different brands to counter each other. Brands like Samsung, Sony and LG are renounced for their durable and reliable products and appliances. To compete such brands Vizio is not lagging behind but giving a tough competition due to its creative editions of TV series and pricing strategies which are very smartly devised.


To get the best insight of the product here are the specifications of it that is what does the package behold. The color, design, shape, functions and much more things are the part of specifications. They help you understand the product more deeply and precisely and to do so following are few of the specifications that will help you understand this Vizio P65-C1 more clearly.


The design that is given to this Vizio P64-C1 TV is very unique. It has the metal frame that looks pretty amazing and elegant. There are no aggressive angles rather smooth curves. The Vizio logo is on the lower right corner of the television. It has textured sides and relatively thick body which makes it unique and durable at the same time.


This Vizio P65-C1 is a chain of Vizio P series. This series of TV are amazing and flawless. They have amazing picture quality which is why it is giving a tough competition to other brand TVs. The size of this Vizio TV is 65 inches which is big enough to make your own home theatre with best of the tools. Moreover it has the full array LED backlight with 16 active LED zones that produce the best picture rather excellent picture that is crisp and clear. Furthermore this TV has the ultra HD resolution with spatial scaling engine which is the new and advance technology used in this TV.


How does it work? This is the most prominent question in the whole discussion as people are eager to know that in what ways it can function. Well the best response to that can be this that it has dual band 802.11ac which gives you 3x times faster wifi connection allowing you to enjoy your online movies or shows. This is a smart TV that with ultra HD streaming support so that you can get the best in the least. Moreover it has a refresh rate of 120Hz which means it reduces the blurring of the fast moving pictures.

What is New?

Vizio has come up with new and unique idea and to upgrade its series of television here are the few changes it made. The very first change or creative idea it came up with is the change in remote that is there is addition to basic conventional remote.There is a 6-inch android tablet by Vizio for controlling the apps such as Netflix and Hulu on the big screen. This allows you the access to picture control and other settings as well. The second big change in the TV series by Vizio is this that it has omitted the antenna and tuner which means you need to invest separately on third party tuner box for over-the-air broadcast. Hence they call their new series of TV as ‘tuner-free displays’.

Best Recommended P65-C1 with its Key Features

Now here are few of them to help you pick one for yourself to fix it in your lounge or bedroom to relax and enjoy your time.

VIZIO D65u-D2 65 Inches Class UHD Full-Array LED Smart TV (2016 Model). This is amazing Vizio TV that can be mounted on the wall with great ease to give you the best home theatre effect. It has excellent picture quality and to enjoy that you can have this in just $849-$851.

Samsung UN65KS8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model). To compete Vizio here is a Samsung LED TV which has great functions and good picture output but it is very heavy on the budget as it may cost you as much as $2497-$3000.

Sony XBR65X900E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model). Well here is another brand that is Sony to make the competition even tougher as it has smart functions that allow you to have access to more options that bring you peace and fun. But this is attained at a cost of $1798 which is expensive then Vizio.

LG Electronics OLED65B6P Flat 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2016 Model). This is also a 65 inch LED TV b y LG which has great features and smart functioning. But the price it carries along wit it is $2899 which is very expensive.

Sony XBR65X930E 65-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD TV (2017 Model). This is another version of Sony TV which is full of extensive features but is so expensive that it is not affordable for the people. It costs you around $2798 to have this on your wall.

Conclusive Remarks

Television is the need of time as people need to relax and escape from this world for some time and to do so they need a medium and TV works as the best medium to join the world that is across the screen. You get to enjoy multiple things. Vizio offers a big screen of 65 inches to indulge in deeply and that also in a very cheap affordable price so that you can enjoy to the fullest.

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