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Backpacks are something that we use almost everyday, some people use it for school or college while other use it to go to office, on a meeting, for travelling and hiking. For all these purposes there are different kinds of backpacks. Some of them are designed in such a way that their main purpose is to carry books and laptops. Some of them are made in such a way that in which u can manage your clothes and travelling materials and some are made in such a way that with them you can put In your travelling or hiking gear and use them for outdoors and for picnics. Generally backpacks are waterproof but some are not. They are made with different materials, and they have different designs along with having different purposes. But their main purpose is to carry things.

Now because backpacks are a everyday use item and because of their such demands, there are many companies that produce them and choosing which company to buy from is a hard thing. Also because backpacks differ from one another in a lot of things, therefore determining the best bag for your needs can become tough too. We are here to make that choice of choosing the right and the best backpack easy for you.  Our review is based on a set of specifications, and 3 levels. In the first level we try to identify different types of backpacks, in the second level we try to identify the specifications and in the third part we determine which backpack is the best based on our specifications.

Types of backpacks:

There are basically multiple uses of backpacks. Some people use it for school or college while other use it for office work and such materials, on a meeting, for travelling and hiking. For every purpose, there is a different bag. For example there are laptop bags for carrying laptops and books, then there are travel bags which are used to put clothes and such stuff related to travelling in them and the last type are the bags which are used for outdoor sports and for hiking. Moving on to the specifications.

They are basically the abilities and the capabilities that a device, machine or a product have. They help determine what is in the box and which the uses of the product are. When it comes to backpacks, their specifications are, their quality, material, design, interface, durability, comfort, water resistant, type and lastly the warranty of the product.

  • Quality basically helps determine the overall durability of the product. A product with a great quality is not only going to be durable but it will also have a great performance when compared to low grade quality backpacks
  • Design of a product is very important. Some of the bags are designed in such a way that they are elegant while others are sporty. One must always have an idea about what design they require.
  • Size of a bag depends on the preferences of the customer and also their usage.
  • Two types of backpack are there, travel bags and school/laptop bags.
  • A backpack with warranty is generally better than a backpack having no warranty.

Based on these specifications, we have an articulated a review to help the customers determine which backpack is the best for them.

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack

No other company beats backpacks when it comes to Swiss gear. They have the most rugged and the most durable backpacks in the market. This backpack is a multi use bag. It can be used for travelling and for laptop and for college and school as well. It is extremely spacious and it is 18 inches tall. The price is reasonable and it can be bought for just 40-80$.
Kuprine Water Resistant Slim Business Laptop Backpack:

This is a unisex backpack which means that it is suitable for both genders. It is basically a laptop bag but it can be used to carry books and such stuff. It has a great size and its double layer zipper makes it anti theft. It can be bought in price range of just 21-41$.
Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking:

This is a travel bag. It can be used for hiking as well. It is made from extremely durable materials to make sure it lasts for long period. Moreover this bag comes in various vibrant colours to select from. It also has a very lightweight and it is just 0.7 pound and it is also spacious and can hold 35 litres of volume. It can be bought in a price range of 11-31$.
Samaz Anti-theft Backpack Travel Business Laptop Backpack:

This backpack has been getting a lot of attention on social media lately and why not? It is theft proof. It has a hidden design, that can only be accessed if you take the backpack off. It also can be used for multi purposes because of its spacious nature. And also it is waterproof and can be used by both the genders. It can be bought in a range of 15-45$.
Bolang Water Resistant Nylon School Bag College Laptop Backpack 8459:

This is one of the most elegant backpacks present in the market. It has a great design. It is basically a laptop bag but it can be used for travelling as well because of its design, and can also be used for school and college. It has a unisex design. Moreover it has the ability to fit in a 16 inch laptop which makes it extremely spacious. And this backpack also has a 1 year warranty which is a great plus point for any backpack. It can be bought in range of 31-71$

Product Description SwissGear 1900 Kuprine Backpack Venture Pal Backpack Samaz Anti theft
Type Travel and Laptop Laptop Hiking/Travel Laptop and travel
Unisex Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price 40-80$ 21-41 11-31$ 15-45$

There are different types of backpacks and choosing the right kind is user’s preference. And it depends on their needs. But before buying a backpack you must always check its specifications to make sure that you have got the right product and to make sure that your product will match your preferences and also you usage.



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