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Technology makes you prone to its use conditionally or unconditionally and eventually you get fallen in love with it. The drones with little differences, these quad copters are the top entertaining invention been made in this last decade. Quad copters are highly functional products. They can fly anywhere, they can fly for longer time, and this can fly from a good range and good height. Quad copters are a fascinating attraction for younger ones these days. They have multiple advantages and wide uses range. With such uses it also possess wide variety of features also that makes its use easy, efficient, smooth and full of content. A 4 fans equipped beautiful flying device is one thing that you will like to add into your bucket list and it is one good thing to add into your bucket.

 Reasons and Recommendations for Hubsan X4 Quad Copters:

  Hubsan is the gamer and trend setter corporation in market with having already introduced many quad copters before. The machinery they make and the style they instigate becomes the foot setting for others to follow on to. Hubsan quad copters are equipped with technology and they possess a wide range of specifications that is why they are most liked quad copters among public. From being water proof to taking flight under water, going high up in the sky to going farther from you is its specialty. Giving you quality flight experience, capturing quality photos with certain different new angles. There is a lot more a quad copter can give you with its decent approach. Further these Hubsan X4 quad copters are the best drones we have researched and experienced from the market. So with all the innovation it comes with strength and agility. These Hubsan X4 quad copters are no doubt the best one in the market.

Here are certain recommendations for the customers about Hubsan X4:

Hubsan X4 2.4 GHz RC Quad Copter:

Hubsan are the leading drone producing company and they have successfully launched many copters in the market. They have a habit of satisfying and enchanting their customers with their products. The quality and the durability they give is unmatched when it’s up to a comparison they stand alone at the top. The above mentioned Hubsan X4 2.4 GHz RC Quad Copter is another feather in their cap this quad copter is specialized production of Hubsan, this copter is produced in one single frame and that is its first specialty, the one piece build means that it is not easily breakable and it can survive hard hits or falls in cases. There is a lot of attraction in this master piece instigated by LED’s installation at the 4 flying panels. These LEDs give you better night flying experience the other special feature is that those LEDs are separately connected the front and the one at back, means you can turn off the other and keep turned on the other one at any time. It is also equipped with soft pads for the concern of its safety in case of any malfunctioning or in a crash. More over the RC connection in the remote has enabled it to fly over the range of 100m instead of previous short range of 30m. This is one marvelous equipment to learn the copter flying on! After that you can upgrade your copter. It is produced with a high tech plastic that makes it reliable and durable and it cannot break easily. The price of this decent and smart machinery is only $31

Hubsan X4 (H107C) 2.4 GHz Quad Copter:

The quality of Hubsan is that it produces variants of its products so the customers may not feel saturated and get bored off by using same kind of things. With variations and improvements they constantly introduce new products. This product is made and designed by keeping the factor in mind that to attract the people and to bring them joy. This product has a 0.3 MP camera installed in it with a good quality video recording and that is supported by a micro SD card in it. The above mentioned product can make flips into 4 directions up, down, forward and backward that shows the agility and swiftness of the quad copter. This copter also enables its customer to enjoy smooth and serene flying experience the reason of this is that it has adjustable gyro sensitivity, that you can adjust the steadiness and response of the copter according to your controlling ability. The camera is the new update in this copter from the previous one. This is the additional feature that provides you with an option of aerial photography. This product is so durable all because of its very light plastic frame that in case of accident or crash does not let it break or prevent from getting damaged. With a high performance and ideal 2.4 GHz processor it gives you all of the best in flight experiences. Its remote and the copter are also USB chargeable they have a dedicated slot for charging. This amazing quad copter is best suitable for the kids of the age group of 14 to 15 years. The price of this Quad Copter is $38.99.

Hubsan X4 Cam Plus Quad Copter:

Hubsan is the name of style, elegance and innovation. The designs and the architecture of this company is very best suitable for the users. It can bear extensive flights and even rough flight experience. Hubsan has made quite changes in this quad copter than the previous ones. It has more different designs and better equipments. The design of this above mentioned products is much more sporty and ergonomic. The change they made is that the camera is placed on the fore front or at the fore head of the quad copter. Before the LEDs were on the base of propellers and now the LEDs are fixed on the legs of the propellers. It can perform 360 degree rolls in every direction, it can also flip into multiple directions. It has magnificent range of 100m and a battery of 520 mAh of Li-Po that is rechargeable in 30 minutes and can give continuous flight time of 7 minutes that is very efficient flight time for such an ergonomic device. The camera installed in this Hubsan X4 Cam Plus Quad Copter is high definition camera. It has resolution of 1080p and it can capture high definition videos upto 1920*1080p that is a revolutionary progress in the production and equipment of drone copters. A camera of such high definition gives the best flight experience with realistic captures of the sceneries and from multiple directions. It has an aircraft body that makes it alluring and due to that design its flight is smooth and the production material makes it very reliable, strengthened and sustainable.  The remote and the quad copter is rechargeable with dedicated USB slots. The price tag of the amazing Cam Plus Hubsan Quad Copter is $49.90 which is amazing and very reasonable and also affordable. This is the reason Hubsan is taking the lead on the market and this product is a must buy and try product.

Hubsan X4 H107L Propeller Guard Quad Copter:

This quad copter is another fine example of style and simplicity. This is a simple quad copter with certain limited features. This is a novice quad copter suitable for beginners. It’s easy and reliable. It gives a good constant flight time with smooth flight experience.  It is also equipped with a blade protection. Also it has propeller protection that keeps its blades from crashing up into the ceiling or any other structure. This quad copter is best recommended for the age group of 14 years and older. The price of this nice quad copter is $34.97

LPZ Hubsan FPV desire X4 Quad Copter:

Updating and wide variety production of quad copter is the landmark of Hubsan. This LPZ Hubsan FPV desire X4 quad copter is another product in the series of excellence. This quad copter is equipped with a lot of functions and has a different design than its predecessors. This quad copter comes with a built-in HD 720pixels camera that captures high definition videos and photos making your moments memorable. It has ergonomic design and has been designed to avoid the fast winds. This quad copter thus gives you the best of the flights. Also the remote control is also equipped with a smart and wide 4.3 inches LCD screen with the screen resolution of 640*480p which means it gives you clear and fine view of the scenery where you are hovering the copter. This feature is called First Person View. This drone is also equipped with a GPS system that makes it anti-lost and keeps it with you.  It has no head, means its plane and smoother design makes it easier to control and also enables the air frame to be lighter. This is why this LPZ Husban FPV desire X4 Quad Copter is so reliable and sustainable.  The Quad Copter additionally has the excellent control system, it has the system and ability to hold its position at one point in the air which is called altitude hold position and an automatic return to your position button so you do not have to make the effort to land it safely. Additionally this rotor has extensive range of 200m which is updated and enormous as compared to the previous quad copters. The remote also provides the information about the altitude, distance and GPS positioning of the rotor. Moreover this drone copter is equipped with much larger blades than the other ones. This is an eloquent and marvelous quad copter. Which such efficient features and high performance this is the best quad copter in the market. With extended 610 mAh battery enables a better and longer flight experience of 12 minutes with a nonstop flight. With an extensive battery and flight time it takes 150 minutes for charging. The price of this ergonomic and high performing quad copter is $185.99 which makes it a worth buying product. This product is for the kids of age group of 6 years and above.

Hubsan H107D X4 RTF Quad Copter:

The Hubsan has habit of giving additional advantages in every model they introduce each time. This quad copter is also another fine example of high level and performance. This is equipped with 6 axis gyro control which makes it very easier to control and have greater stability in the flight operation. This drone copter also has a HD camera equipped in it that can capture the photos or videos upto high resolution of 1280*720p. This rotor also has a wifi-FPV that enables the transmitter with an instant video review that gives you the ideal idea of the flight and angles you want to cover and capture. These is the smallest of the copters and have efficient design, its smaller size means that it has ability to fly better and can fit into any kind of room or can penetrate into any location with ease and comfort. With no specific head and nose it can fly into any direction. The recommended age for this copter is from 8 years and above. This product has quite reasonable price tag of just $77.45. It is also an unbelievably light weight product with a weight of only 1.1oz.

Comparison Table:

Attributes LPZ Hubsan FPV desire X4  Hubsan H107D X4 RTF
Camera Resolution 1280 x 720p 720p HD
Battery 3.7V 520mAh 610 mAh
Transmission Wifi-FPV GPS


The Hubsan has an art of producing products with excellence because they have expertise the art of production. Hubsan has never compromised on the quality, standard and provision. Their products are their reputation. When a company gives you such eloquent pieces with low or affordable prices with high ensuring high performance and standards it obviously deserves the purchase. The Hubsan has good post purchase marketing policy and they provide customer care service, so to guarantee your satisfaction and that shows their concern. The Hubsan Quad Copters are a must purchase products. They will make your moments memorable. The Hubsan Company is focusing on the demands and queries of the people and the employees are working day and night in this regard for the satisfaction of the beloved customer. The Hubsan has revolutionized the whole world with the best and high quality products in a very reasonable prices. The Hubsan drone is assembled with the HD cameras for the best quality results. And they can capture the maximum area with that camera provided in the drone.



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