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Kidizoom Smart Watches


    The world is going through rigorous technological advancements and is transforming into the digital world at brisk pace. When you for yourselves buy and keep up to dated and latest gadgets then you must not expect younger generation then you to be lagging behind. But certainly children are not required to be equipped with the full access to technology. Keeping that in mind the smart technology companies especially Vtech has introduced these Dx Kidizoom Smart Watches for the kids which include variety of functions, which can keep the kids in line to develop the sense of technology only suitable to their age. These smart watches are for age group of 4 years to 12 years. Coming with different attractive colors these advanced smart watches have undeniably beneficial uses.

Why Kidizoom Smart Watches?

Today where every gadget such as smart phones, computers, radios and tablets are in gullible access to children and those new generation kids are quick to learn about anything. While using your devices they can come across to any kind of inappropriate content with respect to their age groups. In a solution to this VTech has introduced Kidizoom Smart watches which have no advanced access to the internet content. Rather these smart watches are blend of style, technology and obviously smartness. These watches contain cameras, microphones, interesting games for children, alarms and a very smooth touch screen. Kidizoom produces the best quality of smart watches in the market. Vtech is the name of quality, it is a symbol of standard and an efficient provisionary of technology.  Kidizoom also feature their watches with multiple colors range which are suitable for boys and girls alike. The price range is also another reason that for you must choose kidizoom watches and that is why they are best in the market.


Following are the top most recommended Kidizoom Smart Watch collection that you must consider before buying the one for yourself;

Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX Black:

 This enigmatic looking smart watch is the product of Vtech. With having broad range of specifications to its material of production, it has every reason to convince you to buy the Kidizoom smart watch for your kid. This Kidizoom Smart Watch Dx  has black color, its features include smart screen which is managed with touch of your fingers, alarms, digital time clock, cameras, microphones. These smart watches in addition to dates and alarms also feature with calendars which help your children to keep themselves updated with time along with the technology. This product has the age range for the children of 4 years to 9 years old. Having already installed amazing games which your children will love to play always, this device is loved by children. The 5 fun games are enough to entertain your children for the complete day along with the excellent camera. With camera your children can take many amazing photos. Its extensive memory allows taking your children hundreds and thousands of photos from every angle, as the watch name suggests the camera is also very smart. With taking out pictures this watch is also capable of recording videos for several minutes. With basic functions such as stopwatch, alarm and timer this watch also contains a calendar and a calculator for the ease of access of your children. The smart calculator can perform basic and some high level calculations within no time. It also has action and motion sensors which can record your footsteps also. What makes it longer for use is its Li-ion battery and a USB charger port so it can be charged several times and the port also ensures the safe transfer of the data from the watches to the Computer or mobile phones. With many colour options the above mentioned watch is specifically black in colour which gives it very stylish look. The price of this watch is $45.99

Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX-2 Pink:

This second generation smart watch is also produced by DX under the brand name of Kidizoom. The Kidizoom has already made its name in production of advanced and highly functional smart watches. The above mentioned is updated version of DX version as it is a second generation product. Possessing better and additional features this watch is genius and substantial. This updated version contains 2 cameras, one at front and the other at forefront which means that now you can take pictures along with some good selfies. This watch with a motion sensor also has a pedometer, which is additional feature. This watch also has fun sound effects which makes your gaming more interesting and active game challenges. This watch along with USB and other features include the facility of downloading extra files and contents such as games and wallpapers and digital clock faces. The above mentioned product also has a parental control system for limiting the play time and access to the content. The watch straps are made of rubber which is why this watch is not easily breakable. This watch with pink color is best suitable for girls, with other colours also suitable for boys. The age group of this watch is 4 years to 12 years kids. The price of this smart watch is $62.99 which is very reasonable and affordable. Vtech also provides warranty to the customers over their product.

Eoncore GPS/GSM/Wifi Tracker Smart watch:

Competition in market compels the makers to manufacture the goods which can compete other products and also match with the needs of time. Eoncore is another fabulous smart watches producing company which with its controls and designs urges the parents to equip their children with their watches. This Eoncore smart watch has GPS for the parents to enable them to know the location of their children about wherever they are. The GSM enables easy and smooth contact for the parents with their children whether they are in school or anywhere in camping or party. This watch also has a wifi tracker; this wifi tracker keeps the track of the kid and ensures their security and this tracker also alarms when the children go out of the range. This feature directly alarms on the phones of parents so they keep an eye on their children. Another amazing attribute of this watch is that it has anti shedding sensor which means that if the watch loosen on your wrist or is it about to fall, the sensor on watches will send an immediate notification to the parents and prevent it from falling. Although there is no camera or extra perks but for the safety concerns this the best watch to equip your children with. This watch is almost for all the age group children so an automatic selection for the buy. This watch has a talk time for good 3 hours. It comes in 4 colors blue, pink, black and dark blue. The price of this watch is only $37.99

Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX – Special Edition:

Vtech has continued to stun its users and others with its astonishing product. The Kidizoom smart watches are already the best watches around for the children with its extensive and entertaining range of features so yet here another watch is introduced with such a fancy and funky design for kids. This Vtech kidizoom Smart Watch DX- Special Edition has upgraded functions. The straps are made of very sustainable rubber which makes it long lasting for any kind of use either rough or smooth. The touch screen of above mentioned watch is very reliable and has a smooth touch, requiring no hard use or extra efforts for the selection of programs. This special edition has a facility to change the strap bands. This is extra facility provided to you by Kidizoom Smart Watch DX Special Edition. With all other features a feature that makes this product distinctive is the voice recorder with voice changing feature. You can change the voice of man into woman or a voice of woman into a man. Two cameras in it, provide you with opportunity to capture perfect clicks and high amount of storage along with it. This special edition watch also is water proof and also sweat proof. These are basic problems due  to that you lose your precious watches so kidizoom watch has been made water proof so you get yourself a long lasting partner. All the design which has flamed glare and royal blue back ground makes it perfect and smart. This is a sports kind watch which means it can work in any kind of situation and can bear rough use and sustain in unfavourable conditions too. This is an extremely light weight product of almost 1.1 lbs meaning very comfortable  to carry and wear on your wrist. The price of this updated Kidizoom Smart Watch DX – Special Edition is $49.99 which is a reasonable and affordable price.

Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX – Camouflage:

This is the smart watch production of Vtech Kidizoom, this smart watch is elegant and manly looking due to its camouflage colour, the boys and girls who have love for military this watch suits them the most. As this colour scheme has been designed specially keeping in mind versatility and the excitement and attachment for military equipments in your kids. Every kid once in his lifetime becomes fond of army or air force or navy at initial stage for his life, because the kids have really high sense of adventure and they love a life full of thrills. This color theme of camouflage fulfil that thirst in the children. This watch features with a belligerent touch screen, alarms, calendars, stop watch. This watch has a pedometer to count your steps so to give you information if your children is on exercise or you are health conscious. Watch has good quantity of games and other functions such as voice recording, camera for photo capturing, extended inbuilt memory and digital and analogue kids watch display. The price tag for this beautiful watch is just $45.99.


Vtech 80-171650 Kidizoom Smart Watch DX:

Repeatedly coming with all the features a kidizoom DX smart watch must have, this smart watch already possesses all the features. The features are revised in this watch. It has alarm, digital watch to tell the time, stop watch which helps you during any kind of race or exercise activity and along with that it is equipped with calendar. There is a reason that this watch is the best in the market. Along with all features what is new is that it is also an instructor it can kick start your kid’s educational activity plus it teaches your kids in unique and also in a funny way. It also has a quality of instigating creativity ideas in your children which means they can find new ways of doing things. This watch hence is best in the market with no one near to its competition. This watch has certainly age group more accommodating then its previous versions. This watch offers the use for children from 2 years and onward. The price of this kidizoom smart watch DX is $109.99

Attributes Kidizoom Smart Watch DX Kidizoom Smart Watch DX-2
Camera Single Camera Dual Camera
SIM Card No No
Sensors Motion sensor Motion sensor and Pedometer
Smart Tutor Yes No


The kidizoom smart watches are always on the lead for producing quality watches for the minors. With amazing controls, child lock, parenting control now you do not need to worry about the children that they might get access to any inappropriate content with respect to their ages. These Kidizoom smart watches ensure that also these watches tend to guarantee the security of  your children on the first priority as it is very necessary for the parents to keep their eye on their children, this products make that easier to do for the parents who are always busy in their business and other chores. These Kidizoom Smart Watches are worth your money so in the opinion of experts and market product users you must invest your money on an excellent product. With its long lasting life this product deserves your attention.

Therefore, this article is the best deal for you as it is designed to guide you about the specifications of the best Kidizoom Watch collections that you must consider before buying the one for yourself.

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