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Sonos Playbar


Everybody has a busy life and very scarce time to relax. But when it comes to relaxing people prefer staying at home as they get tired by spending their whole day out of their homes. But what are the ways people like to relax in? Well some like to sleep, some love to play with food by cooking themselves, some like cleaning, gossiping with friends at home, others like watching a good movie or just switching on their TVs and watch their favorite or interesting TV show. Everybody has a different taste and mood according to which they function. So for those who like to switch on their TVs and relax on their sofa here is an amazing tool to bring the best sound and video experience. Here are these Sonos Playbars which is an esential part of home theatre for best sound output. These are bar shaped speakers which have impacting sound quality. This speaker is specially designed to complement your TV’s sound for more better and clear sound output. As the speakers of TV are not of that high quality and the sound produced by them is not crisp and clear which makes watching TV boring but unlike that this playbar is amazing and has an amazing sound quality that will surely soothe your ears and will help you relax.

Playbar Vs Playbase

There is a wide range of speakers that can help you and a huge variety is also their. Sonos have playbars and playbas as well. These both are speakers and specially mend for TV system. However the point of difference here is this that playbar is specifically designed for the TV which is mounted on the wall whereas the playbase is the speaker which is specially designed for the TV that sits on the stand on fits in the divider as playbase can easily slide in. Moreover They have different shape, that is, playbar has a shape of bar as its name suggests while on the other hand playbase is a super-slim speaker which can slide in compact spaces and produce good sound. Moreover there is a little difference in their sound output as well as playbase has 10 drivers whereas playbar has 9 drivers speaker system but both have amplifiers to match the sound quality. Thereby both are great in their own places and it is best to have one that goes according to your need.


Sonos Playbar has a really amazing and unique design, the color, the shape and the structuring, everything is different and unique. Playbar has a long bar shape which looks sleek and stylish. It has very less weight which makes it a perfect match for wall mount TV. The color in which this playbar is available is black and dark silver which looks quite attractive. Furthermore there are buttons featured for assistance like play, pause and for volume adjustment. Moreover this playbar has two Ethernet ports in the center along with an optical audio input and a power supply port that also in the back of playbar. This looks amazing addition to your home theatre if your TV is mounted on the wall along with its whole system.

Sound System

Now coming to the real business that is the sound system or the sound output of these Sono playbar. The playbar has a unique design and has 9 driver speaker system in which it is made of six mid-woofers and three tweeters and these are accompanied with nine Class-D digital amplifiers that give amazing sound. The playbar does not support HDMI which means that you require a Tv which has an optical audio output and also a broadband connection to operate fully. Moreover the setup of this Sono playbar is another task as you need Sonos Bridge to make the entry of your Sonos playbar into your home’s wireless network as you dont plug it into the router directly. Then you need to download the Sonos app onto your smartphone or any other device like tablet to go through the setup sizard to complete the process. Later this will help you as it may replace your TV remote and you may control it with your smartphone and even T V as well.

Best Recommended Sonos Playbar with Their Key Features

To help you choose the best Sono playbar for your home theatre here are few of the recommendations that will help you even more to understand the product and its key components.

Sonos 5.1 Home Theater System with PLAY:3 (Pair), PLAYBAR, and SUB (Black). Now this is a whole package of sound system from Sonos that includes playbar, Play:3, and a SUB wireless subwoofer. Playbar gives the best sound for your TV. This whole package is available in just $1996 only.

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV and Music Speaker. This is the only playbar of Sonos which syncs wirelessly and even supports the wireless streaming of all your favourite music. this also has the feature of Night Sound which actually enhances the quite sounds at lower volumes and reduce the intensity of louder sounds. This can be bought in just $699.

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar with $40 Amazon Gift Card and 6-Months Free of Amazon Music Unlimited. This is yet another piece of playbar by Sonos that works amazingly. Well it comes with an exciting offer of unlimited music with amazon card. It is a great tool to enhance the sound quality of your TV system.

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar Bundle with PLAYBAR Wall Mount Kit. This playbar comes with the whole kit for mounting it on the wall easily. It saves space as it can be mounted on the wall without any hassle. This whole package is available in just $738.

Sonos 5.1 Home Theater System with PLAY:1 (Pair), PLAYBAR, and SUB (White). Here is again the whole package which consists 4 things a playbar, a pair of Play one speakers and one wireless subwoofer to produce the best sound output. You can grab this whole package in just $1796.

Sonos 3.1 Home Theater System Bundle – PLAYBAR, Wall Mount Kit for PLAYBAR & Wireless SUB (Black). This is again a whole set of sound system in black color that looks flawless and attractive.The kit is even included for installing playbar without any hurdles. You can get this in just $1437.

Final Verdict

Sound matters a lot as it defines the tone and mood for you. The words said and the sound produced with them is what we function according to as our brain regulates these as signals and respond accordingly. Thereby for the best output it is very important that we have the best sound producing system like Sonos Playbar which is full of extensive features as mentioned above that would surely complement your TV system. The best ones are mentioned hence grab the opportunity and have one for your home theater.

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