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                                     Bathroom Sink Faucets

Various brands are there with a capability to make a fortune out of all the faucets and washroom fixtures. Because of the growing standards of living, the substantial things that can represent better life styles also got improved. One of them is the washroom accessories. Modern households are lace up with modernized and stylishly designed washrooms. These washrooms are very much expensive in the making but they surely show the proper and hygienic safety of a person. There are lots of fixtures in the washroom, including the toilet seat, mirrors, the bathroom seat and much more. The most important of them are Bathroom sink faucets which are the one directly related to personal hygiene. These faucets have a lot of functions, which contains cleaning hands, teeth brushing and other purposes linked to personal hygiene. Because of the stylish design of the households, the washrooms were also much modernized. The sink faucets saw a turn towards stylishness. There are a lot of designs available in the shop today that visibly are extremely stylish and add much grace to the design of your bathroom.

Why are purchasing an elegant and a fresh sink faucet so vital? Even when the prior one is working. But as the fitness of the sink faucet is directly related to your health and your own hygiene as well. For instance, your sink faucet is very bad looking; you just wouldn’t even feel like wash hands daily under that sink tap. But if you have a stylish and casual sink faucet, then you would actually enjoy using it and your own bathroom looks so elegant just like a new place. Moreover you can show up to your guest that you are very much concerned about your hygiene, and they are going to amazed by watching these changes. They will be mesmerized by your new washroom accessories and you would be admired.

So the next step is to choose the perfect type of sink faucet. One that would be easily fit on your bathroom top and would also stylish. There are firm conditions for buying the best sink faucet, and certain very important points are there you need to know before buying a new sink faucet.

Precautionary notes:

First precautionary note for buying a sink faucet is that you have to check the quality and reliability of the seller’s products. The next thing is, you must be in contact with the work specialist before fixing the new sink faucet as it is a hard task and it would be better if your plumber would handle that. The final and the most important one is that, if you have kids, then you must fulfill all the safety requirements, so go for a faucet that has a long water projectile, also you have to check the edges of the faucet because its sharpness can cause an injury to your kid. So before buying anything, faucet, keep in mind these necessary precautions. Specifications are the second important thing after precautions.

The abilities and qualities of a device or a product are called specifications. In the case of sink faucets, the specifications includes: quality, size and weight, design, colour, knobs and finally the consumer support and guarantee on the faucet. Specifications are very important to be tested before buying. They allow the buyer to have a belligerent eye over what lies inside the box, and also it can make you to handle trouble in exchanging the device if you buy a wrong one. So its compulsory for each consumer to overview the specifications before going to buy it in order to know the credibility and quality of a given product.

now a days there are a lot of brands present in markets with a claim of giving the best quality products but the buyer is always concerned with the quality of one he is going to buy. And why not? I mean to compete in the global market; the brands and companies have to come up with something different. Something different may be either a new design or a lesser price. As there is already so much to choose from, they just lower the price of the product, and this can only be done when you compromise on the quality. Therefore one must not get influenced by seeing a product having cheap price tag because it shows the quality of the product is compromised. So the most important of all is to check the quality before considering buying it.

There are a lot of designs present in the market today and choosing the best suited design is a really hard choice. Well, let us make it easier. The ease of use must be the first priority; a faucet having a tough mechanism can irritate you, so always go for an easy mechanism product. The next thing is the ability to run water; some faucets designs are much complicated in such a way that they only run either cold or hot water. So, it’s essential to check the ability of the faucet to run both kinds of water. The final thing is that you should always go for an elegant colour faucet. A product with extremely vibrant colour can cause a mess in your life. So the colour is important and you should always go to choose something that can add elegance to your bathroom.

There are lots of faucets present  in the market made up of different kinds of material. But the most common ones are stainless steel, bronze and chromium. Choosing between the kinds of material be influenced by your usage, all materials are durable and elegantly colourful. The stainless steel and the chromium are rust proof, while bronze has a very rugged design and it look well in dark decors. Therefore a wise decision is needed to choose the right sink faucet. Make sure that you should be aware of scams and fake companies, don’t trust the description and always beware of such scams and frauds.

size of the holes also matters a lot, you should measure the size before going to buy the faucet so that it would fit in easily. Next thing is the weight of the faucet, if you have a delicate marble or a glass countertop then you should always go for a faucet that would have a lightweight. Next are the knobs, if the faucet has a single knob, it is a good thing, but some people prefer double knobs, one for hot water and the other for cold water. It all depends upon your preference.

The last thing on our list of specifications is the warranty. Warranty defines the credibility of the brand and also the quality of the product. If the seller is providing good customer support and the invaluable warranty, then you should always go for that as it indicates that the company is confident about the product and it can also show that the quality is excellent and the product is durable. If you buy a product with blind trust on the seller, without checking the warranty then it could be harmful and it can lead you into trouble. It can cause trouble for getting the sink faucet replaced or exchanged.

Based on these specifications, we have articulated a review and recommended some of the best sink faucets available in the market. Our recommended products are as follows.

Derengge F-4501-NB Two Handle Bronze Bathroom Sink Faucet:

This traditional sink faucet has double handle and it is suitable for the people who like double handled faucets. One knob is for cold water, and the other is for hot water. The faucet has an elegant dark brown finish with oil rubber bronze. It sits well in dark décor bathrooms and is a very stylish product. It has the dimensions of 14.3 x 11.2 x 3.3 inches and has a very good weight of just 3 pounds. It can be bought in a very low price range of 35$ to 70$.
360 Rotatable Kitchen Bar Bathroom Sink Faucet:

This extended neck sink faucet has been made with copper. It can be used swiftly both in bathrooms and in kitchens as well and that is only made possible due to the 360 degree rotation of the faucet, and this idea is very unique and not found in many faucets. It has a very low price of just 15$ to 35$. Moreover the weight of this product is very low and stands at just 1.2 pounds. But this sink faucet only runs on cold water, but it has another model that runs on both hot and cold water for your ease. The dimensions are                       15.8 x 9.4 x 3 inches.
Eyekepper Modern Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet:

This stylish sink faucet has very good colour with a chrome finish. It comes with single handle that helps you to control both types of water. It also has a very lightweight of just 2.8 pounds. The price of this product is very cheap and it just can be bought in a price range of 23-43$. Moreover the seller provides a lifetime warranty on breakages and in case you are not satisfied with the design or any other thing, you can return the product in 30 days.
Premier Faucet 126960 Waterfront Lead Free Two-Handle Lavatory:

This faucet gives a traditional look of the old-style sink faucets. It comes with double knobs that permit you to control both type of waters. It is made with nickel and also has a nickel finish. Which makes this product one of the most lightweight sink faucets and its weight stands at just 0.8 pounds. It can be bought in a price range of 27$ to 47$.
Decor Star BRG01-TC-U Single Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet:

This faucet’s design was overwhelmed by the contemporary European faucets; it comes with a single handle and very elevated design. It is made with brass and it is the best product in the market. It has a limited lifetime warranty by the seller, along with a US based customer service as well. Moreover it has a very low price and can be bought for a range of 34-54$.
Friho Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Vanity Sink Faucet:

This stylish sink faucet has a lifetime changing warranty. It has been designed in such a way that it would impress everybody. It has a rectangular water bud. Moreover it has a brushed Nickel finish. This product has a single handle and can be bought for 30-60$.

Product description Derengge F-4501-NB sink faucet Churun 360 Rotatable sink faucet Eyekepper Modern Single faucet Premier Faucet 126960
Material Bronze Copper Metal Nickel
Dimensions 14.3 x 11.2 x 3.3 inches 15.8 x 9.4 x 3 inches 7.3 x 3.9 x 5.7 inches 6.2 x 6.2 x 5.2 inches
Weight 3 pounds 1.2 pounds 2.8 pounds 0.8 pounds
Colour Rubber bronze Silverware Chrome Finish Nickel finish
Knobs/Handle Two knobs, both type of water Single-knob, one type water control Single handle, both type water control Double knobs, both type water control
Price 35-70$ 15-35$ 23-43$ 27-47$

Which Sink faucet to choose?

There are hundreds of brands that produce quality and trendy sink faucet, but choosing the right faucet can be done if one carefully studies the specifications of the product and after that determine which faucet is the best for them. All of the above products mentioned above are the best sink faucets present in the market today, because of their durability and their modern designs and their ability to enhance the overall décor of your bathroom.

Final Verdict:  Lastly, Bathroom Sink Faucets are very fascinating due to their designs and colors. Therefore, if you are looking for the one then you are surely at right place. Because we have designed this article to help you in the process of selecting the best Bathroom Sink Faucet for your bathroom. The article depends upon our extensive research on the product. Besides, it provides you with all the best possible reasons so as to why you should be selecting one of the best Bathroom Sink Faucets that we have recommended for you. This article also provides you with the best possible options online which you can consider for your Bathroom.  So, don’t forget to consider out most recommended list of Bathroom Sink Faucets.


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