Find out The Best Dell XPS 8900 Review 2017

Dell XPS 8900 Review

Computers have played the role of a modernizing agent in today’s society. They made calculation and important hand done tasks related to information handling very easy. They were the invention of the century. They took the information world by a storm. Computers when given internet became a phenomena. They were used initially to store information and to transfer data easily without the use of wires. Then after a few decades, they became a common accessory. Almost every home started to have a computer. It was necessary for office work. Entertainment was made easier by the invention of computers too. Computers now a days are used in almost every electrical machine, cars, aeroplane, even dishwashers and loads of other things. The uses of computer are countless and they aren’t limited to a single particular feat or work. Now because of such high demands of computers, there were many companies that started manufacturing them. They started making cheaper models and more compact devices with the state of the art specifications. Dell too started manufacturing computers on a large scale. Dell today enjoys a niche over other brands in computers for over a half century now. They have the best computers with the best designs and best specification. Computers usually are of 3 type, which are stated below very briefly

They are usually small computer chips that are connected to the main server. They are used in machines in order to note their performance and to control them in a better way.

They are standing computers that are used with a monitor or an LCD display. They are used in almost every office and home.

They are smaller version of computers. They have a built in display and they can be carried anywhere with ease. Laptops have generally replaced desktops to a large extent. But desktops have their own perks. People with extensive work need desktops. Excessive gamer or people who use their computers more still prefer a desktop because it is more durable and it has the ability to extend its specifications without much trouble. But it needs constant power supply. Dell is one of the oldest brands in manufacturing dektops. Their desktops are known for their endurance, their durability and finally their quality. Dell has been providing its customers with state of the art desktop which apart from having the best quality are the fastest devices and are usually cheaper compared to their specifications. We here are reviewing one of the best desktop model from Dell, the Dell XPS 8900. This desktop is known for its specifications, its durability, its faster speed and its quality. Our review is based on some specifications.

Specifications of a device or machine are its abilities and qualities. When it comes to buy something we check the specifications to know what is inside our device and to check whether this is the right device for the kind of work we do or not. In case of computers its specifications are its ram, hard drive, graphics, rom, CPU, the speed of CPU and finally the quality of the materials used. It is very important to check the specifications of a device because buying a device or a computer that doesn’t fulfill your needs can be a huge trouble.

Quality of materials used to manufacture the computer is a really important thing. There are certain vendors which when trying to make their devices, they either use degraded material to make their computers or try to compromise on the internal processors and motherboard of the computer. This use of such degraded quality materials not only makes the computer faulty but also shortens its life and reduces its performance significantly. These products don’t last long and they have to be changed over time. Dell however doesn’t compromise on its quality in order to reduce the price. Instead they make their products from the best quality of materials in order to ensure maximum performance and prolonged life of the computer. Dell XPS 8900 is known for its top quality materials and its best motherboard devices.

Interface is the second most important thing after the quality of a computer. Interface is an importance specification to look in electric devices because it controls what would happen. The dell XPS has the simplest interface with USB, and audio panels in front and back as well. It also has monitor input and other important inputs in the back. Dell is known for its simpler and niftier interfaces. They make interfaces that are easy to use and moreover they are durable as compared to other brands. The dell XPS 8900 has hardened buttons in its interface for shutdown and restart which means that they won’t fall of like other brands.

CPU or the central processing unit is the main component of a desktop. It is the brain of the device that controls every function and every message sent to it is converted in the form of electric signals. There are different types of CPUs. Dell uses intel CPU, which is the best quality CPU. This intel CPU is of different kinds. Some have a single core, some come with dual, 3 cores 5 cores, 7 cores and even 8 cores. More number of cores mean that the CPU will do the required job efficiently. The dell XPS 8900 has a 7 core CPU which is super-fast and does the job in a fraction of a second.

The speed of a CPU is a really important specification because it determines the overall performance of your computer. Moreover if your CPU speed is on the lower side, it can lag behind while playing heavy games or watching HD videos. It can even stop responding during multi tasking. So buying a device with the fastest CPU is the best choice as it enables you to do so much from the computer. Dell has the ability to produce the maximum speed of CPU while using the smallest of size in the pc. They introduced more number of cores just to enhance the speed of the computer. Dell XPS 8900 has a super fast CPU speed of 4 GHZ, which does the required job in fraction of a second. Moreover you can do multitasking with this CPU Speed, open 100s of tabs in your browser, stream Ultra HD videos and play the heaviest of the games and still this CPU won’t lag and will give you the best performance.

Random-access memory is a form of computer data storage which stores frequently used program instructions to increase the general speed of a system. Usually some computer manufacturers don’t make their devices compatible for more ram. So in such a case, their computers are stuck with less amount of ram. Ram is basically the storage that stores the program data. Some functions and some apps require large size of ram. So this means that a computer with lesser RAM would not be able to run that. So only a device which has ample amount of RAM can run it. DELL XPS 8900 has not ample amount of Ram but it has more than ample. It has a 16-32 GB ram. With which you can do all sorts of programming and run every game without much trouble of deleting the cache or restarting the computer again and again. With this computer you can not only play games but do multi tasking effectively and even watch movies at a higher bit rate.

It is the total storage of a device or a computer. Computers are generally built with a built-in hard disk which can be extended by changing it. Having a computer with a small hard disk is not a good thing. As when you want to store lots of data or install extremely heavy games, your computer will run out of storage. And when it does that, not only will its speed decline but its performance will also do the same. So a computer with  a large hard disk is usually the best option. As with it you can store more data and install more games. Dell XPS 8900 has a 2 TB hard disk, which is 2000 GBs of data you can save in it. This hard disk has the ability to store lots of data in your computer. You can store 100s of movies and songs and you can even install 100s of games as well in your computer. Dell has gone a step further in making their computers the best and in such a way that they can beat any competition.

A graphics processing unit (GPU), occasionally called visual processing unit (VPU), is a specialized electronic circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display device. Graphics of a computer matter a lot. As devices with larger graphic card allow the user to have a crispier display along with sharper images. Moreover computers having low graphic card or no graphic card can mess up with the general performance of the game or the video you are playing. Some heavy duty games require large graphic cards as they are designed in such a way that they require more memory. Dell XPS comes with a NVIDIA graphic card of 2 GB with which you can actually do all sorts of things and play almost all games without trouble. Moreover you can enjoy movies at crispier and sharper displays and an increased color quality too.

Warranty of a product determines the authenticity of the seller. If the product has got not warranties this means that it is not from a credible source as big brands usually provide their customers with warranties and a good customer support. Dell too is well known for providing warranties for its products. It provides its customers with the best customer support and warranties for many years. So before buying a device it is important to check the warranty of.
Based on these specifications we have reviewed dell xps 8900. Its detail description is as follows.

Dell XPS x8900-8756BLK Desktop (6th Generation Intel Core i7):

This maestro from Dell has a 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor. Which is the latest technology and one of the fastest processors present in the market.  Which does the required processing in less than a fraction of a second. The speed of this processor is up to 4 GHz which allows the user to enjoy fast working, a multi tasking and high quality video streaming along with without trouble game loading. Moreover it has a 8M cache which allows the processors to control even the smallest of details and they also make the processor more stable as compared to other brands. It comes with a 2TB 7.2k HDD + 256GB M.2 SSD hard disk which allows the user to store as much data as they want. It can store hundreds of movies along with numerous songs and it can also install hundreds of quality games in it. This hard drive not only has a super storage but also a super-fast speed as well which allows the user to move and save files easily in the computer. It comes with a 32GB Dual Channel DDR4 2133MHz (8GB x 4) Ram, with which multi tasking is the easiest. Moreover with the use of this Ram the user would not have any trouble whatsoever in loading games. This processor comes with the latest windows 10 from Microsoft which has the best interface so far among other windows by Microsoft and it is the fastest as well. This computer has a NV GTX 960 2G DDR Graphic card which shows crispier Images along with a beautiful display. And with its help the user can play all sorts of games.

Product description Dell XPS x8900-8756BLK
Processor Intel core i7, 6th generation
Processor speed 4.2 GHZ with 8M cache
Ram 32 GB, DDR4, 8’4
Graphic card Nvidia Geforce 960, 2 GB
Hard disk 2 TB
Price 1498.59$


Final Verdict:

This is one of the best computers present in the market today. Dell has left no brick unturned in making this one of the fastest computers in the world. This computer has the ability to do all sorts of work without lagging. Its price is a little bit high, but this is after all a super computer which can do every task and will never disappoint you.


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