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Millennium Falcon Drone:

The time has a habit to pass quickly and certainly to stop for none. Keeping steps synchronized with the technology and time. So new innovations are continuously being introduced in the market. Drone technology is one such tech which was specified to military uses initially however since many technological advancements Drone technology has been opened for regular life uses too.

Drone gives you another dimension to see the world around you. It is always a fun to watch things from new perspectives so why not see it through the eyes of a drone? To fulfill your kind of wishes Millennium Falcon Drone is producing wide ranges of drones. You want to adopt more new ways to cover functions, marriages of your near and dear ones? You can get a drone. You want to maintain security? You can get a Millennium Falcon Drone with assuring high quality and best prices. The millennium falcon drones are the best drones in the market right now and they are easily available for you in the markets. These drivers are made in such a way that they have good flight times with very less charging duration. They have variations models for the quantity of rotors. Equipped from single to 4 rotors at a time Millennium Falcon Drone has distinction in producing high quality drones. Handling the device with 2.4GHz remote controller transmission you can move the rotor/drone in any direction and can also perform the flip. These drones are especially designed to give you quality flight and coverage experience. Some equipped with LEDs and a music system allow you to have a great LED and music shows. These drones are based on those copters shown in Star Wars, hence the music installed in it is followed by the movie drones but it is not like the R/C star wars copter but it is also a classic alternative of the old classic copter.

The Millennium Falcon Copter is equipped with latest technology and it is wish granting drone for star wars fans. Its smooth flight gives you almost actual spaceship flying experience. They gyro system in it allows you to enjoy this beautiful feature. These drones come in many sizes. The drone has the ability to adopt hyper speed, or hyper jump as exhibited in star wars. The colossal Falcon XL drone is the biggest of all. It is a quite huge drone but Air hogs have managed to power that monster up effectively. The XL falcon is one of the most reckoned drones present in the market.

When at a time so many companies are selling quite different drones with a lot of variety it becomes pain to choose one specific drone but due to types of Millennium Falcon drones it also becomes a headache to choose the right one. So here we will be reviewing the top millennium falcon drones along with comparison to few other models of it, to ensure your ease in making a choice

Reviews are totally based on different specifications.


Every device or machine has some attributes which earn them their name in the market and such Specifications help determine the user that what is in the box, what they are buying either they are buying it or not. It is really important to check before buying a product to ensure the attributes of a product. Buying a device that has not the desired abilities can land you into trouble; that is the trouble of getting the device changed in case you have bought a faulty product. Moreover if you buy the wrong product and the seller is not willing to exchange it, then it can cost you your precious money too. But when it comes to Millennium Falcon Drones, its specs are its quality, its design, the power it has, its durability, the battery life, the good total size and weight of the product and most importantly the warranty.


While there are several brands that manufacture the Millennium falcon drone, so it becomes obvious that their designs would differ from one another. Air hogs Millennium falcon drone has been built in such a way that it recalls the falcon from star wars. This is without any dispute one of the most stunning drones in the market, its beautiful camel colour of the drone makes it easily visible under the blue sky. If that is not the case then some models are built in such a way that they have LED shows along with music abilities as well making them vibrant and clearly visible. So Air hogs has basically left no flaws behind to make their drone the best in the market now.


A heavy battery ensures that a good and long flight must take place to fulfill the pleasure requirements of the flier, which is very essential in achieving the desired height and flight time. For this purpose there is a single and very powerful motor attached to the structure of drone that take care of good flight time and also the smooth running along with it. There are very competent rotors user that give good performance but Air Hogs has best rotors in the market that makes them distinctive among others. Some models come with a single and a very powerful rotor while other millennium falcon drones come with 4 rotors and are referred to as quads. But here quantities of quads take advantage as they give better flight time then their single rotor counterparts.


To get the specified power the Air Hogs has made special batteries, only for this product only in order to baffle up the power to the rotors. Some of Air hogs millennium falcon drones have 4 AA batteries while others can have up to 6 AA batteries. With charging time very fast of these batteries you can charge the drone with in less than 60 minutes and yes this actually is a feature of the powerful battery. The batteries are usually manufactured with lithium to maintain smooth running and also to make sure that the batteries would be long lasting. Moreover there are good results of tests that were conducted to see the durability and quality of the batteries.


Air hogs are known for their long range remote control transmission and so the drones run with a remote control, so in order to even put it in air you would need a remote control. Air hogs produces best quality of remotes or radio controls, the radio usually has a frequency of 2.4 GHz and the channels are either 4 or 6, which depends pretty much on the model you are using. It is assured that Air Hogs has the best transmission in the market and their long range ensures the usage of drone copters even from the very long  distances  moreover it works even during thunderstorms which can allow you to put a lightweight camera on the drone and take beautiful snaps as well.


You can get into situation where the drone can run out of batteries, you are far away and the signal is lost and there is no source of transmission and can even fall out of sight. What to do in such times? Well no issues, you just have to worry about tracing the fallen Air Hogs Millennium drone and that is it. Thanks to the rugged and impact resilient design of the falcon drone, you don’t have to worry about breakage or anything else that can happen to drone or any physical damage. The drone is pretty tough and can withstand impacts in case it gets struck by a wall or falls down from a good height. The only possibility to make such machine is the state of art technology used to assemble the beautiful drones and the resilient stuff with which it has been made.


The millennium drones have variety of shapes and sizes. Their drones are produced by Air hogs with such mastery that that they have the ideal size and weight for smooth and best flight. To maintain the perfection its wingspan is kept perfect to ensure that the drone carries its weight effectively. To make it fit in any box it is made with fine design and less thickness. That is why it is so easy to handle it at anytime and anywhere. Also because of the outstanding design and the magnificent size of the drone, Air hogs has put in extra batteries, firstly to make that sure the quality of flight remains intact and secondly to make you less worried by the flight time.


Whatever product you are buying it is unreasonable to buy it without a warranty and to keep your trust on company and proving company’s loyalty to you, Falcon Millennium drones come with a good and satisfactory warranty. They are not one of those who charge you money and forget you afterwards, they are habitual to sell quality goods and take care of the concerns of the users. So for this purpose Air Hogs, unlikely other companies give limited warranty to their products with valuable customer care and support service.

Based on these attributes, we have tried to over view and compared the Millennium falcon drones and also we have compared them with a few other drones as well.

Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad:

This Millennium falcon drone from Air Hogs has 4 rotors which are powered up by 6 heavy duty AA batteries. It is available in the price range of 60-80$ which is quite reasonable price range for such a marvelous product in modern technology competition days. Its 2.4GHz communication and transmission lets you control the Millennium Falcon up to 200 feet away range which is actually very amazing compared to the size of this drone and perfectly up to what you have desired all this time. It also activates its hyper-drive stunt with just the push of a button.

DBPOWER UDI U842 Predator Wi-Fi FPV Drone with HD Camera:

The amazing drone comes with a 720p camera. Which is quite impressive as it can take stunning photographs with certain clarity and can help you save quality moments with from different angles than you would have only thought off your entire life? This amazing camera drone has 2 1000 mAh batteries which gives you a very decent flight time fron 6 to 9 minutes. It also has the ability to perform a 360 degrees flip. It is available in a price range of 100-130$

Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Millenium Falcon:

Flying for longer duration is the best specification of this amazing Millennium falcon drone. These drones come with a singular rotor that is powered up by superb 4 AA batteries. It has Gyro controller to ensure that you get the most stable and the best flight experience when working around with this masterpiece. It is available in very affordable range from 25-45 $.

UDI U818A HD+ Drone with Camera and Headless Mode -2.4 Ghz:

With a good 2 Mega Pixels camera, with which you can take high quality pictures and shoot amazing videos as well this drone comes with very amazing specifications. It comes with the ability to do 360 degree flips as well. It can be bought in a range on 70-100$. Go for a purchase as it one fo the best drone present in the market

 Air Hogs – Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon XL Drone:

This excellent drone from Air Hogs is one of the biggest size drones present in the market. It has a huge size of 27”x21”. It has 4 very strong and powerful rotors that assist you to have a very good flight experience with a complete feel as of a real flight. It has a lit cockpit which has the figures of Han solo and Chewie. Moreover this drone can be controlled from a distance of amazing 250 feet. It can be bought for the range between 35-55$.




Air Hogs Millennium Falcon XL Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Drone DBPower UDI U842 UDI U818A HD+Drone
Battery 4AA 4AA 2100mAh 2-LiPo batteries
Rotors 4 1 4 4
Price 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4Ghz 2.4GHz
Transmission 35-55$ 25-45$ 110-130$ 70-110$

Final Words

While wide variety of drones are present in the market and most of which are available in easy prices with good specifications, then among them it becomes difficult to make a choice. But when it comes to standard and quality with in the reasonable price, a lot of alluring specifications then Air Hogs Falcon Millennium Drones are the best in market with more than decent flight times, smooth flight experience and agility in flight. Furthermore they provide warranty of their products. What more could you ask from a company and what else a company can give better in such decent amount of money? You want to serve your dreams, it is better suggested to use falcon millennium drones to quench your thirst of having a star-wars fantasy drone product in your hands

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