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Harry’s Shaver


The need for maintaining yourself is very important and a dire need of the time. The moving dynamics and dimensions of trend and fashion provoke you to maintain yourself and boost up your personality. Men and women do different things to look good from head to toe by having a haircut, manicure and pedicure and even cleansing and whitening facials. These all procedures make you look good and fresh. For men it is very important that they have a clean face by having a good shave. Shaving is one of a difficult and complex task to get done. Men are very particular about having the best shaving sets which include different things like shaving creams, shaving gels, after-shave balms and above of all shaving razors. Getting the best shaving razor is a big thing as it has to perform the most difficult task of cleaning your beard. You need to take care multiple things while you are getting one for yourself. The razor has to be sharp enough to get you a properly clean shave so that you can give the best impression in the very first look and meeting with anyone.

Special Features

There are certain factors that we look up for in the best razor. Harry’s shaver has a huge market and customer loyalty in North America. However since they have launched their product in UK as well, there also they have proven their quality and standard of product. Harry’s Shaver is fully equipped with other necessary accessories that combines up to make a set which is best for men. These shaver kits consist of most significant things like shaving razor, shaving gel and a cover for razor so that it does not get damaged or harm your other valuables. Talking about the Harry’s Shaving razor which is creatively designed to fulfill the needs of all the men with different skin types and needs. First talking about its handle which is uniquely designed. The handle is clean and uncluttered which gives you a firm grip so that you can shave properly and easily. To be specific about Harry’s Trueman razor amongst its wide collection of razors it is made of polymer coated with zinc alloy which gives you good feels while it is in your hands. From its collection you can also get the Polished Aluminum razor which is even better than this one. The reason is quite certain that as the price goes up the quality and features of the product advance more so that you get the best for yourself. Next coming to its razors which play the vital role of shaving thick and hard hair from men’s face. These razors are shinny and have a glossy look. The large head of the razor consists of 5 blades that are closely packed for best results and to enhance shave there are little fins as well at the bottom to lift the small hair to clean them as well to give a proper shave. Most importantly these Harry’s shaving razors are very sharp however they do not cause any kind of irritation after you are done with the shaving. The blades of Harry’s shaver come in a pack of 4,8,12 or 16 which offers you economies of scale that is as the quantity of blades increase the cost per blade decreases. After that the shaving cream by Harry’s is great which gives you the best results and does not harm your skin. Their shaving cream provides good lubrication for shaving and the mix of ingredients is free of parabens and sulfates which is a positive point. The mixture of their shaving cream consists of menthol which gives you cooling effect after shave so that there is less irritation after shave. Overall the cream by Harry’s works good and gives off a pleasant smell as well.

Best Top Recommended Harry’s Shaver with Its Key Points

There is a wide range of Harry’s shavers that give you access to best shave hence some of them are mentioned below as you can choose according to your need.

Harry’s Men’s Razor with 10 Razor Blades (Blue). This is the Harry’s shaver with a pack of blades so that you don’t have to buy them separately. These blades are long lasting and durable ones. They offer you close shave which gives you fresh look. They cost you $54-$56.

Harrys Mens Razor Set with 6 Razor Blades (Navy Blue). Here is another Harry’s shaver with a pack of 6 razors in it for your ease and comfort. These blades are sharp and come with lubricating strips for a smooth finish of your shave. It has textured and rubberized handle for firm grip. And most importantly it comes with a cover for razor so that you can carry them along when you are traveling. It costs $39-$41.

Harry D Koenig Safety Razor Boxed Set, Chrome. Well here is another shaver with razors that comes in a form of set in chrome color. It even has a cleaning brush so that you can clean the hair from the razor easily. This takes care of hygiene and cleanliness which keeps you safe from any kind of infection or disease. This costs $27-$30.

Harry D Koenig Blade Safety Razor Boxed Set Gun Metal, 5 Count. Here is another shaver that gives you best shaving experience as it is made with gun metal that gives it amazing outlook and it is best for taking along while you travel. This is available in just $20-$25.

Harry D Koenig Fusion Blade Shave Set with Soap Chrome Handles, Blue, 4 Count. From numerous shavers here is another shaver that is a whole set of different things that are shaving brush, fusion blade razor, mini bowl and a stand that altogether looks beautiful. The color of its handles is swirl blue and chrome that simply looks amazing. This whole set costs $74-$76.

Bottom Line

Harry’s had a very impressive line of products which are competitively priced in a highly competitive market. They have managed well to bring quality and standard to masses in a very affordable price range which impresses most of the men. It is surely a choice of wise men who love to get best for themselves in the very first go. The men who are very particular about their looks and personality statements they definitely choose Harry for its quality and standard.

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